Breakaway - A Contemporary Romance Drama Story

BOOK: Breakaway - A Contemporary Romance Drama Story
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Kate Hopkins


































By Kate Hopkins

Kate Hopkins


Names, characters and incidents depicted in this book are

products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.

Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or

persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and beyond the

intent of the author.


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Chapter 1


A private jet slowly taxied down the runway and rolled to a stop. Kate opened her eyes and glanced out the window into the darkness. She saw a man standing alongside a limo and knew it was the new chauffeur.
If you only knew what kind of man your new boss is,
she thought.




Kate turned away from the window and looked up into her husband, Edward's piercing blue eyes. "Y-yes."


"Get up," he said coolly. "I don't have time for you to sit there and daydream."


Her hands trembling Kate fumbled with the latch on her seatbelt. She released it and got to her feet. "All right, baby girl," she whispered, removing the baby from the infant seat. "It won't be long now and we'll be in our new home." She picked up her purse and the diaper bag, sticking her arm through the straps. Cradling the baby, she followed Edward down the aisle.


"I hope you found the flight pleasant," the pilot said as Edward and Kate reached the door.


"We did," Edward said, extending his hand. "Thank you."


"It was a pleasure," the pilot said, shaking Edward's hand firmly. He nodded his head at Kate. "Mrs. Lewis."


Kate glanced at Edward out of the corner of her eye and saw he was checking his watch. She knew he was in a hurry and would be furious if she chatted with the pilot. Not wanting to appear rude she gave the pilot a brief smile and nodded in return.


"Come along, Katelyn," Edward said.


Kate slowly descended the stairs behind him. They made their way across the tarmac toward the waiting limo.


"Welcome to Savannah, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis," the chauffeur said as he opened the car door.


"Thank you-" Edward paused.


"Tom, sir," he said.


"Thank you, Tom," Edward said, getting into the car.


"You're welcome, sir." Tom gazed at Kate. "I was told you had a little one, ma'am, so I made sure to bring a car seat."


"That was kind of you," Kate said softly. "Thank you."


"What's her name?" Tom asked, looking down at the baby.


"Gabrielle," Kate said, "but I call her Gaby."


"It's a beautiful name," Tom said. "I'm sorry. You've probably had a long day and you want to get home. I won't keep you standing here any longer. Please get in."


Kate got into the car and then strapped the baby into her car seat. She had just finished and was settling back against the seat when Edward's cell phone rang.


Edward took the phone out of the pocket of his suit coat and flipped it open. "Hello?"


Used to Edward ignoring her Kate turned her attention toward the passing scenery and let her mind wander. Her thoughts drifted toward her best friend, Nathan and she smiled softly as an image of him popped into her head. Six years had come and gone since she last saw him. When they talked the night before they had spoke of their eagerness to see each other.


Edward ended the call sooner than Kate thought he would and slipped his phone back into his pocket. "That was father. He was just checking to see if our flight had landed. He sends his love."


I just bet he does,
Kate said to herself.
He's as cold hearted as you are.
"How is he?"


"He's well."


"I'm glad," Kate said, lying through her teeth. Truth was she wouldn't shed a tear if the old man dropped dead of a heart attack. It would mean one less bastard in the world.


Ten minutes later they pulled up in front of a wrought iron gate. It opened suddenly and Tom drove through. At the end of a tree lined gravel road stood the mansion. Kate's eyes grew wide and her mouth dropped open.


"Impressive, isn't it?" Edward said with pride. "It has six bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, an indoor swimming pool, a gym, a library and a movie theater."


"I-it's t-too much," Kate croaked. "We don't-"


"No it's not," Edward snarled. "I've worked hard for this." He grabbed her by the arms and squeezed painfully. Kate gasped. "I want you to shut your fat mouth. You ruin this for me and there will be hell to pay. Am I making myself clear?"


"Y-y-yes," Kate said with tears in her eyes.


Edward released her. "Good. Now get out of the car."


Kate quickly gathered her things and took the baby out of the car seat. Whimpering, Gaby opened her big blue eyes. "Shhh, it's okay, sweetheart. Mommy has you."


They stepped out of the car and headed up the front steps. As they reached the top step the door opened and an elderly man stood there.


"Good evening, sir," he said, moving aside to let them enter.


"Good evening, William," Edward said.


William shut the door behind him. "Your rooms are ready, sir. The staff is standing by waiting to be of assistance should you require anything. Shall I show you to your room?"


"No," Edward said. "I'll find it."


William bowed. "Very well, sir."


Kate glanced around the large foyer and a feeling of uneasiness came over her. Shrugging it off, she crossed the room and hurried up the staircase. She located the nursery with very little difficulty and was satisfied that everything was in place. There was a dresser full of baby clothes near the door, a rocker recliner in one corner, a crib in the other and a changing table by the window. The furniture was all white and the walls were a soft yellow. Dolls and teddy bears were placed throughout the room. Kate placed Gaby on the changing table to check her diaper. At that moment her cell phone rang. She dug it out of her purse and flipped it open. "Hello?"


"What are you doing?"


Kate smiled as she recognized Nathan's voice. "I'm checking Gaby's diaper."


"I'm looking forward to meeting her," Nathan said. "What time do you want me to drop by? I took tomorrow off, so anytime is fine."


"Anytime after nine," Kate said.


"I'll be over around nine then," Nathan said. "I'll let you go so you can take care of Gaby. Give her a kiss for me."


"I will," Kate said. "Good night, Nathan."


"Night', Katie."


Kate put her phone in her pocket. "That was mommy's best friend," she told Gaby as she peeled back the tabs on the diaper. Finding the diaper dry, she fixed the tabs and then picked up the baby. She carried her to the rocker and sat down, where she unbuttoned her blouse and began to feed her.


Once Gaby was full Kate rubbed her tiny back until she heard a faint burp, then laid her down in the crib and covered her with a blanket. "Good night my little angel," she whispered, smoothing the baby's fine blonde hair. "I love you." After turning on the night light she left the nursery.


"How is the little one?"


Kate turned around and found a short elderly woman in a maid's uniform. "She's fine."


"My name is Clara."


"It's nice to meet you, Clara," Kate said.


"Is there anything you need?" Clara asked.


Kate rubbed her forehead. "No, thank you. I'm going to take a shower and go to bed. Good night, Clara."


"Good night, Mrs. Lewis."


"Please call me Kate."


"All right."


Kate entered the bedroom next to the nursery and closed the door behind her. She felt along the wall till she came in contact with the light switch. When the light came on she stared at her room, not hers and Edward's, but hers. She and her husband had not shared a bedroom in nearly a year. Kate moved toward the bed and picked up the baby receiver, which had came with the monitor that was in the nursery, from the bedside table. She checked to make sure it was on and then set it back down again. She stepped to the dresser and took out a pair of pajamas and panties. Tired, she went to take a shower.


Emerging from the bathroom twenty minutes later, Kate switched off the light and slipped beneath the covers. She rolled over onto her side and closed her eyes.


Kate stood in front of the bathroom mirror the next morning, running a hairbrush through her shoulder length blonde hair. Nathan was due to arrive in less than ten minutes and she was running behind.


"Going somewhere?"

BOOK: Breakaway - A Contemporary Romance Drama Story
5.84Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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