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was said for some time as we sat holding one another. Lifting her head from my
chest with wet eyes, Charlie softly said,

was at the rehab facility.

thought it was a dream,

replied, in awe of the woman before. There she was being strong for someone
else in her life. Who was ever strong for her?

am so sorry you had to see me like that.



did not even hesitate.
God, I love you!
I felt that realization from the
tips of my blue hair to the very soles of my feet. I loved the very essence of
this person, from the girl she once was to the woman she had become.

called me,

she said,
interrupting my thoughts.

The doctor said your
depression was getting worse and they were afraid you would check out like you
had done before. So Locke thought since our seeing each other pushed you into
rehab, that maybe me being there would keep you there. But God, you were so
skinny. So sick.

tears sprang to her eyes as her hands cradled my face.

had dreamt of you so much those first few days, that I could not tell what was
real and what was a dream. It felt like an angel was by my side. How long did
you stay?

one day. When the worst was over and you started to come around I left because
I did not want to send you back to that dark place you made it out of. I wanted
you to get better,


am better now.

She nodded, but
the tears did not stop.

I promise. And if you give
me more time I can make us better,

whispered leaning in, pressing my lips to hers.

Tell me I can make us better. Starting. Right. Now.





Could he make us better? Did I even
want that anymore?
I came with him today to get the answers to the
questions that had plagued me for ten years. Now that I had them, what next? My
heart finally felt like it was on the mend. Until now, I never realized how
caged in I was; helpless to move forward and powerless to change the past. But
today changed all that. I knew I had the closure I needed to move on. But did I
want to? Did I want to ignore what I saw in his eyes when he looked at me?
Could those feelings transcend the pain of young love and grow into what we
both needed to be whole?

I took a deep breath, smelling Cage
and all his masculine glory that surrounded me. Did the new beginning I wanted
so badly begin in Cage

s arms? Was he the man to be at my
side or was he the boy I should leave behind as I took my next steps?

I don

t know,

I answered honestly.

Just give me a chance to prove I am who you need. I
can be that man. Hell, I am that man. I just need to show you.

Cage . . .

His lips crashed into mine
silencing my protest and my mind as I gave myself over to the kiss.


His whispered words danced
across my lips, as his tongue traced the seam of them.


That one word had me granting
him entrance as he took the kiss from gentle to ravishing in a matter of
moments. Deeper and deeper he dove, stealing my breath and my sanity as my need
for him grew. My core throbbed with each swipe of his tongue. I clenched my
legs together trying to soothe the ache he was building at a crescendo so
intense I knew I would never be the same after. He repeated my name as I broke
the kiss and stood up.

I want you so bad,

he murmured, taking my hand and rubbing it against the
growing bulge in his pants. Cage lifted his hips as he continued to push my
hand against him.


hissed through his teeth, picking up speed.

The need to take him in my mouth,
to see he if still tasted the same overrode any self-preservation instinct I
might have had. My other hand made quick work of his jeans as the quiet of the
room was filled with his rapid breathing and the sound of his zipper. Not
wasting any time, he stood letting his jeans pool at his feet, showing off his
commando preference.
So fucking hot!
His rock hard cock jutted out from
his body as if it were a heat seeking missile and I was its red hot target.

Oh baby,

he moaned as I pumped once,
twice. Cage threw his hips into it, extending my hold on him. His desperation
for me making me breathless. I needed to slow myself down or I was going to cum
from the sheer pleasure he was receiving from my touch.


t stop,

he gritted out as he pumped his hips again as I held
on tight. I took a deep breath to try and calm myself, but his masculine scent
bombarded me, only intensifying my desire for this man. Running the palm of my
hand up his shaft to his engorged tip, I moaned as the feel of silky smooth
flesh over steel made me wetter than I could ever remember being. His hands
came to cup my breasts as one of mine slid down my stomach and under my panties
to my swollen core.


so fucking sexy. Keep touching yourself,

he encouraged, as his precum
beaded. My tongue darted, eager to taste him.


His salty essence exploded
across my tongue. Not able to wait a moment longer I took him into my mouth
ever-so-slowly, wetting each inch of him a little at a time. My fingers mimicked
what I wanted his cock to do as I slowly slid them into me until they were
coated in my juices. I hummed in satisfaction as he howled in frustration at my
lack of movement. His control was slipping and I would do anything for him to
lose that last shred, as long as it was with ME, on ME, in ME. I did not care
as long as it was ME that he lost it on it and not drugs, or other women. JUST

Please baby,

he begged. Cage

s whole body, which mirrored my own, was strung so
tight. One heartbeat, then another before I hollowed my cheeks, easing his cock
out of my mouth before taking him to the back of my throat once more. On and on
I moved at this slow pace as his hips matched each hollowed pull and my fingers
mirrored every one of his thrusts. Cage

s growls grew in frequency when I
continued to draw out both of our pleasure, until it became too much for him
and the beast he was trying so hard to keep caged in came roaring out to play.



Please baby.


s playtime was about to be over if she did not pick up
the pace. I wanted to give her time to explore, but this slow and steady was
torture. The control I prided myself on since rehab was being laid to waste by
this stunning woman kneeling in worship at my feet. Each slide of my cock
across Charlie

s tongue and slip of her fingers
out of her wet pussy had another thread of that control tearing under the
weight of what we were about to do together.

I moved my hands from her breasts
to her hair, tugging on it until her gorgeous eyes cleared of their lust and
she focused on me. Her hollowed cheeks continued to work me as grunts and
growls fell from my lips. Almost as if that beast I sang about truly was
roaring to get out. But instead of my walls breaking, I let them crumble as
everything I kept bottled up came pouring out. I let Charlie see everything I
had in me. Not holding anything back I gave her all the frustration,
self-hatred, and pain, knowing she would dismiss them without a second thought.
A shadow of fear skated across her green-as-grass eyes before she shook it
clear, and all the emotion I knew she felt for me came shining through. In that
moment, I knew I was forever lost to this woman. No matter what happened after
this, there would be no others.

Needing to be in her like I needed
my next breath, I abruptly pulled Charlie into my arms. Stepping out of my
jeans, I made quick work of her cut-off jean shorts and tank top. The sight
before me made my heart thump wildly as I took in her matching fluorescent,
pink, barely there, lacy bra and g-string. My cock hardened to the point of
pain. Cupping her breast, I stepped closer as I took one lace-cladded nipple
into my mouth. The rough material tortured us both as I worked my tongue around
and around until a stiff peak poked through.


My name on her red, swollen
lips was something I never thought I would hear again. Our lips met in a flash
of teeth and tongue as our need for each other turned savage. Her bra and
g-string did not last long as I ripped them from her body, leaving her completely
bare before me. Any thought of gentle was replaced with a vicious demand that I
take her strong and hard.

Turning her around, I got the first
view of the sexiest back I had ever seen. Sharp shoulder blades bled into a
long, narrow waist that ended at two deep dimples right above her glorious ass.
I ran my hands up along her ribs to her shoulders and then back down her spine,
following every contour and curve, memorizing them. Charlie arched into my
touch, like a pussy cat begging to be touched.

fucking sexy,

I murmured, placing kisses across
her shoulders and then up her neck. Palming her ass, I worked my hands up her
back massaging every inch. A contented sigh or small moan came from Charlie
with each stroke until my hands rested where I started. Applying the slightest
bit of pressure, I pushed Charlie face first into the couch as I spread her
feet apart.

As she obeyed, I got the first view
of my tattoo on her lower back.

When did you get this?

I asked in shock, running my fingers over the same
symbol that lay over my heart. The very same symbol that I had drawn on her
back whenever she let my hands on her soft skin, whether we were in public or
having a private moment.

On my eighteenth birthday,

answered Charlie as she peered up at me over her
shoulder. A hint of nervousness showed when she bit into her bottom lip,
driving me over the edge. An urgency to make this woman bent over, ass up
before me MINE took over as she pushed her butt against me, willing me with her
eyes to take her. My cock came to rest between her folds as she slowly worked
me back and forth, covering me in her slickness. I pumped my hips in response,
eliciting a moan from her.

I want this . . . you so bad.

My voice deep from the lust this woman brought out in
me. No amount of dreaming could prepare me for the warmth that greeted my rock
hard cock as I pushed into her. Inch-by-inch her walls stretched around me as
her heat seared me.

Oh baby,

I groaned as her hips rolled allowing me deeper
access. My body took over as pure bliss clouded my mind. In and out, in and out
I pumped my cock into her building to a steady rhythm. When I felt her pussy
begin to tighten around me, I slid my hand around to her front, finding her
clit. Rolling it in between my thumb and index finger had Charlie screaming her
release. Stars danced across my vision as her pussy became a vice on my cock. I
felt the first stirrings of my orgasm at the base of my cock, sending me into a
frenzy as I rammed in her over and over again. Sounds of wet flesh echoed in
the room as moans of ecstasy filled the space between us. Her greedy pussy
sucked me so deep that my balls slapped against her clit with each thrust. My
name was on repeat from Charlie

s sweet mouth as I exploded into
her, sending her over the edge once more.

I caught Charlie as her knees gave
out. Reversing our positions, I pulled an equally sweaty Charlie onto my lap as
I collapsed onto the couch. It took some time for our harsh breathing to
normalize. When it did, I asked,

Are you okay?

More than.

A shit-eating grin spread
across my face when she gave me the same answer she used to when we were
younger and I asked. Charlie shared a knowing grin with me that had my cock
stirring for round two.


she teased as I stood, keeping her in my arms.


replied carrying her across the room towards the steps.

So where are we headed?


Bed. Now,

I grunted as I took the
stairs two at a time.

BOOK: Caged In
8.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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