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Captured by Pirates

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Captured by

© 2013 A. Cross

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All rights reserved. No part of this
publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form for any
purpose without the prior written permission of the author. This
publication is a work of fiction and is intended for adults only.
The author assumes no responsibility for consequences of acts
depicted herein should the reader choose to re-enact them. All
characters depicted in this publication are over the age of
majority and wholly fictitious – any resemblance to real persons,
living or dead, is purely coincidental.


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Delia was a beautiful, smart, ambitious
young woman. To outsiders, it seemed the world was her oyster. She
had a prestigious job at a well-known accounting firm and lived in
a modern, luxurious apartment in the heart of the city. It would be
difficult for anyone to believe she wasn’t on top of the

For the past few years,
Delia had been bored beyond belief. The gorgeous blonde accountant
made good money but her work was incredibly dull. Since she spent
the majority of her waking hours at the office crunching numbers,
it didn’t exactly leave her with much to talk about. She hated that
she’d become such an unexciting, unremarkable person.

A couple months ago, Delia had made a
decision. She’d decided to use some of that holiday time she’d
accumulated. She also decided to dip into her savings and take a
once in a lifetime trip.

Most of Delia’s friends were caught up
in their own lives. While she was still single, many of them were
married and had babies. That meant Delia would be taking her trip
all alone. She didn’t particularly mind. In fact, it gave her the
opportunity to do something crazy and adventurous that was
completely out of character for her.

Delia booked a trip on a singles cruise
line. She did her research first, partly so she’d know what she was
getting into and partly so she’d have something to be excited about
in the months leading up to her vacation.

The cruise ship itself was massive and
had all sorts of amenities. It had a gym, a beauty salon, a spa and
a swimming pool. It also boasted a skating rink, movie theater and
stage for live performances. There was an entire floor dedicated
solely to shopping, full of boutiques selling fancy clothes,
purses, perfumes and jewelry. The things to do onboard the ship
were endless!

Of course, the real point of singles
cruises was to drink too much, flirt shamelessly and, if one was so
inclined, have random, meaningless sex with other horny singles.
The brochures didn’t say that but it didn’t take a rocket scientist
to read between the lines. That was what Delia was signing up

She wasn’t sure if she was planning to
have sex with a stranger, necessarily. She wasn’t a prude but she
wasn’t promiscuous either. She’d promised herself she’d take more
risks and live life to the fullest, starting with the cruise. If
that meant banging some sexy stranger, then so be it. She wasn’t
opposed. But if she just spent her week-long vacation getting some
sun, drinking daiquiris and flirting, that would be fine too. She
was open to anything, really.

On her second day of the cruise, Delia
noticed Tyler. Or rather, she noticed him noticing her. She was
wearing a barely there pink bikini and lathering herself up with
sunscreen on the sun deck. When their eyes met, he gave her a
lopsided half-smile and walked over, drink in hand.

“Need some help?” he asked as she tried
to smear sunscreen on her shoulders.

Delia smiled back at him. “That would
be great, thanks.”

One thing led to another and Tyler
ended up spending the afternoon on the lounge chair next to hers.
They talked, drank, laughed and flirted. The tall, tanned blonde
was a personal trainer and it showed. His body was incredible! When
he stripped off his t-shirt Delia nearly dropped her

They decided to have dinner
together. They contemplated grabbing burgers from the poolside
grill but then decided they’d rather check out one of the many
fancy restaurants the gigantic ship boasted. They agreed to each
head back to their respective rooms to get ready before meeting up
outside the restaurant.

Delia had packed a few fancy dresses in
addition to her bikinis, denim shorts and flip flops. She was happy
to have an opportunity to dress up. She took her time getting
ready, straightening her long blonde hair, applying mascara to make
her blue eyes pop and rubbing sweet smelling lotion all over her
smooth, supple skin.

She didn’t know if the night would end
with her in bed with Tyler but if it did, she wanted to be ready.
He was sexy and charming and fun. She knew nothing serious would
develop with him – after all, he lived on the opposite side of the
country! But a fling could be fun…

“You look hot,” Tyler said when he
spotted her outside the restaurant a short while later.

Delia couldn’t contain her
smile. “Thanks! You clean up pretty nice yourself,” she told him,
taking in his charcoal grey suit, white dress shirt and black tie
with approval. “Should we eat?” she added, gesturing to the
restaurant. “I’m starving!”

The restaurant was fancy. It
was one of the few places on the massive cruise ship that had a
dress code – no flip flops allowed! Thankfully Delia had worn a
simple yet elegant pink dress and silver kitten heel

The ambience in the
restaurant was delightful. The tables were set with crisp white
linens and tea light candles. Tiny white lights adorned the
ceiling, making it seem as though there were a million stars above
them. The large windows allowed for a breathtaking view of the

The food was to-die-for. They
both ordered lobster and steak. They drank far too much red wine
and then ordered a fancy dessert wine to go with their crème
brûlée. By the time they were ready to leave,
the Delia’s head was swimming and the sexual tension between them
was impossible to ignore.

It didn’t matter that
Tyler was kind of superficial and more than a little dumb. So what
if he talked about himself constantly? It wasn’t as though Delia
was going to
the guy. She was just going to have a little
fun with him…there was nothing wrong with that.

Her Catholic schoolgirl
guilt nevertheless threatened to wreak havoc on her conscience, so
Delia had to keep reminding herself that she was doing nothing
wrong. Casual sex was perfectly fine, after all…

Delia and Tyler made their
way outside, pausing on a deserted deck to watch some dolphins jump
and swim in the water near the ship. A light breeze tousled her
hair and made her pale pink dress dance seductively around her
toned, tanned thighs. The sunset was beautiful, lighting up the sky
with brilliant colors which were reflected in the

Tyler reached over to
brush a lock of hair away from Delia’s face. His hand grazed her
breast as he did so – perhaps not unintentionally. Their eyes
locked – and then so did their lips. His mouth tasted like the
sweet dessert wine they’d enjoyed at the

Delia pressed her body
against Tyler’s shamelessly as his tongue explored her mouth. She
wasn’t interested in being coy or playing hard to get. She wanted
to make it very apparent to him that there was only one thing on
her mind. The days of waiting for a man to make the first move were
dead, as far as she was concerned. If she wanted something, she was
damn well going to go after it!

One thing led to another
and the next thing Delia knew, her shapely leg was wrapped around
Tyler’s waist and he’d unzipped the back of her dress. His hand
slid inside her bra and his fingers stroked her nipples, causing
the tender buds to stand proudly at attention. As Delia ground her
hip slowly and sensuously against Tyler’s, she could feel the
personal trainer’s cock coming to life.

Before long, Tyler’s hands were
grasping at the hem of Delia’s knee length dress. He slid it up her
thighs, pushing the delicate material out of his way. She was
wearing white lace panties that matched her bra. He quickly pushed
them aside, exposing her smooth shaven pussy lips.

Delia looked around nervously, but the
deck was empty. Only the seagulls perched on the railing nearby
were witness to what was about to occur. If the seagulls knew what
a shameless slut she was, so be it. She could live with

Tyler’s fingers slid over her
soft flesh with ease, aided by her juices.
When had she become so wet?
pussy was positively dripping with desire. It had been a long, long
time since the pretty workaholic had been fucked. She wanted it so
bad – hell, she

Delia gasped when Tyler’s middle finger
delved inside her slick gash. He took a moment to tease her clit,
lightly rubbing the tender morsel until it became swollen and
engorged with lust. Delia gasped as her most intimate flesh was
manipulated. She was so turned on. It felt like her sex was on

She reached down and unzipped Tyler’s
cock, allowing it to spring free of the confines of his clothing.
She snuck a peek, wishing that she could push the shadows aside for
a better view. “I need you in me,” she whispered, the urgency of
her plea apparent. She couldn’t bear to wait another second to feel
her tight pussy penetrated by the sexy personal trainer’s stiff

Delia wrapped her arms around Tyler’s
neck and tipped her head back as he prepared to stick it in her.
Then she heard a noise nearby that prompted her to open her eyes.
Her mind went blank for an instant as she tried to take in what she
was seeing. Then she screamed.


Delia wasn’t one to keep up
with current events. But it didn’t take a rocket scientist to
discern that the cruise ship had been attacked by pirates. As
several young, tough-looking men jumped aboard the ship from their
motorboats, she froze.

Tyler took off running, leaving Delia
behind to fend for herself.

She forgot that her panties were around
her ankles and when she tried to make a mad dash inside, she
stumbled. Cursing under her breath, she quickly kicked the white
lace panties off. Then she hurriedly slipped off her shoes as well;
running in sandals aboard a ship that’s out at sea is never a good

She heard shouting behind
her as she scrambled for cover. She cast a quick look over her
shoulder. She saw crew members from the cruise ship emerge from
inside and engage in a heated argument with the pirates. Delia
half-expected machine guns to be drawn or something equally
horrifying, but thankfully that didn’t happen. The pirates, it
seemed, were retreating.

Just as she got to the sliding door
that connected the inside of the ship to the deck, Delia felt a
muscular arm close around her waist. Another one wrapped around her
neck, the headlock effectively choking her. She was so stunned that
she couldn’t even scream.

In the commotion, it seemed no one
heard or saw what was happening to her. Delia was half-dragged,
half-carried back out onto the deck. She was roughly tossed over
the side of the ship. Another pirate was waiting in a motorboat
down below. He caught her easily and quickly bound her arms behind
her back. He used the last of the rope to gag her.

The pirates’ ship was anchored near the
cruise ship. In a matter of minutes, the pirates had Delia onboard.
She didn’t know what they had in store for her but she knew it
couldn’t be good.

“They agreed to give us
food,” one of the pirate said to another. “But it’s getting harder
and harder to get cash from the cruise ships. Maybe we can hold the
woman ransom until we get what we want.”

Another, meaner-looking
pirate scoffed. “Unless she’s someone rich and important, who’s
going to care? We won’t get any money for her. Let’s just have our
fun with the bitch and throw her overboard when we’re done with

He eyed Delia’s body ravenously as he
spoke, his gaze lingering on her shapely bare legs. His intentions
were obvious. Delia desperately wished she could pull her skirt
down but her bonds prevented her from doing so. She felt like prey
about to be devoured and there was nothing she could do to defend

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