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Authors: Tina Donahue


Carnal Takeover



During the day, she’s in
charge—at night, he’ll take command of her body, their desires.

Dominance and discipline. Alexandra
hungers for both from Daniel, the lead engineer on her Alaskan energy project.
She imagines him punishing then mounting her while his team watches.
Full-figured Alexandra hasn’t had much luck with guys, especially ones so
potently male. To change that, she invites Daniel to teach her submission to
his most carnal needs. She also invites his men.

For too long, Daniel’s craved
Alexandra’s lush figure and smarts. However, she’s his boss, it’s not wise to
mix business with pleasure, and no damn way does he intend to share her. After
one lusty night of her submitting to him and his men, Daniel claims Alexandra
as his sub. On his terms. No regrets. No strings.

Yeah, right. Tell that to their


Inside Scoop:
Alexandra and
Daniel set things on fire with a brief ménage. Lucky girl has several men to
fulfill her needs!


A Romantica®
BDSM erotic romance
from Ellora’s Cave


Carnal Takeover
Tina Donahue




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Sweet ’n Sexy Divas.
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Author Note


I love Alpha males, especially when a woman turns them
inside out. In Carnal Takeover, Alexandra’s the boss of an Artic energy
project, a decidedly male occupation. However, she doesn’t call all the shots
when it comes to Daniel. He’s the lead engineer and everything she’s craved in
a man. Commanding and protective. Dominant yet gentle. His and Alexandra’s tale
is one of the steamiest and most romantic I’ve ever written.


Chapter One


Lucius Waite barked into the phone, “What is this crap you
sent? Are you trying to ruin me? I thought only those idiotic green groups were
out for my blood, but now I also have you.”

Alexandra arched one eyebrow at her grandfather’s questions.
Him baiting her. Again. To Lucius, conversation wasn’t an exchange of ideas or
pleasantries. It was a one-sided lecture heavy on confrontation that he
intended to win, just as he’d always expected her to fail.

She kept proving him wrong.

Since Lucius didn’t like to lose, he’d really stuck it to
her this time. Putting Alexandra in charge of this remote location, hundreds of
miles above the Arctic Circle.

Relentless winds rattled the windows of her small office,
utilitarian to the extreme, everything gloomy and gray. Outside was hellishly
worse with a temperature well below zero, the atmosphere so cold and dry, spit
froze in midair. The sun had set two weeks ago and wasn’t expected to rise
again for another forty-nine days, which left an eerie sort of twilight during
daytime hours. Perfect for a vampire on the prowl.

Except for work, meals, and sleep, there wasn’t a freaking
lot to do here. Certainly nothing fun, even though the men clearly outnumbered
the women. Of course, she was in charge of the guys who worked on her
grandfather’s newest energy project.

“These figures are insane,” he continued to rant.

Alexandra pressed back in her chair and scrolled down the
screen of her laptop until she reached the photos of her environmental team and
their boss…Daniel Upton. The figures were his.

Alexandra’s desire belonged to her alone.

Her pulse jumped several notches at Daniel’s impressive
form, his rough good looks. A wave of warmth turned her thoughts reckless and
weak. Definitely pornographic. She pictured herself naked, hands bound behind
her back, face lowered as Daniel stood before her, taking in her tightened
nipples and juicy cunt with a right no one would dare deny him.

Least of all her.

She imagined his cock growing thick and long, his muscles
taut while he circled her slowly, saying nothing, his silence increasing her
tension as to what he intended to—

“Well?” Lucius snapped.

Beneath his gravelly growl, Alexandra could hear the rustle
of the Pacific Ocean. He’d called her from his yacht or his mansion in sunny
San Diego, while she froze her ass off up here.

Before she lost the last of her patience, Alexandra reminded
herself that Lucius was old. Set in his ways. He didn’t like or trust anyone.
She shouldn’t take it personally. “The reports are accurate.”

“In what universe? Why are parts of this project suddenly
costing so much and eating up months of my time when they took no more than two
weeks in the past?”

Several answers came to mind, including that little thing
called global warming. Added to that was environmental impact, the intricacies
of designing sustainable ice roads and pads, plus his outright lie about
anything having taken two weeks in the past.

Not wanting to waste her breath on reason, Alexandra went
right to the heart of everything dear to Lucius. His money and power. “If
anything fails and there’s a spill or explosion, those green groups and the
public will demand fines. Maybe jail time.”

“With all the lobbyists I pay and my connections on Capitol
Hill? What in the hell do you think those jerks are for?”

She mumbled, “Not what the founders of this country

“What was that? Speak louder.”

Alexandra hauled in a deep breath. “The projections are
based on sound engineering. The team lead can’t cut corners.”

Lucius answered with stony silence, then sniffed as though
he’d smelled something bad. “What is he, a pussy?”

She smiled. Daniel a pussy? Not in this life. At thirty-three
he was in his prime, one thousand percent male, more at home hunting and
fishing in the wilds of Alaska than he’d ever be in a boardroom with a bunch of
sissies in suits.

Just looking at him made her wet.

She ignored Lucius’ newest comments and scrolled to another
photo from a news story. In the shot, Daniel had propped his boot on the
fender, fin or whatever it was called of his snowmobile, his forearm resting on
his powerful thigh as he waited to join a caribou hunt. Sunlight glinted off
his black hair with the wind tousling those thick, silky locks.

Alexandra would have gladly given several years of her life
for the honor of smoothing them back.

Half Inupiat, Daniel resembled his Native Alaskan ancestors,
his potent virility calling to everything female within her. She imagined the
heat of his coppery skin, smelling its rich musk, his rugged features softened
with a welcoming smile, that pleasure reaching his dark-brown eyes. On an
impulse she couldn’t resist, Alexandra finally touched the screen, her
forefinger tracing his broad shoulders and lean, muscular form. The European
part of his ancestry showed in his height, at least six-three.

She trembled in desire and frustration, recalling the times
they’d spoken. Him towering over her, commanding and virile, but all business.
While he’d kept their relationship purely professional, Alexandra kept
picturing him on top of her, pushing her thighs apart with his knees, stroking
her pussy with the tip of his cock, burrowing deep inside her cunt in one
strong, savage thrust, his plump balls tapping her ass, his rich mouth quieting
her ecstatic cries.

All while his closest team members watched. Three other hot
guys who brightened the dreary landscape. With Daniel in the lead, they might
make the perfect group to brighten her crummy days.


Alexandra rolled her eyes at her nutty thoughts. Stuff like
that’d never happen to her unless she hired escorts to play the roles of Daniel
and his men. She’d learned early on that her family’s fortune was what
attracted guys. It sure as hell wasn’t her looks or her Harvard degrees. Too
competent, tall and full-figured, she had the mind of a nerd and a pleasant but
ordinary face.

Forcing herself back to cruel reality, she finally
interrupted Lucius’ endless harangue. “Mr. Upton’s one of the best arctic and
environmental engineers around. However, even he can’t change the laws of the
universe to suit you.”

“You mean he refuses to work harder, more hours.”

She made a face. Daniel and his crew were already putting in
twelve-hour shifts seven days a week. Her grandfather was well aware of their
rotation schedule, an accepted practice in the industry. The men had two weeks
on then two weeks off. Today had begun their downtime, which they absolutely
deserved. “Outside of eating and sleeping, he’s always working during his time
on the job. There isn’t much else to do here.”

“You just stated the problem when you said he works, but
during his time on the job. Change the damn schedule. Tell him and his crew
it’s now three weeks on with one week off.”

“Work them to exhaustion, you mean. So they can make
mistakes that could result in a spill or explosion or—”

“I thought he was supposed to be the best. The best don’t
make mistakes.” Before Alexandra could counter that with a laugh or a snarl,
Lucius said, “How much are we paying him? Offer a minimal raise. Something to
get him off his ass.”

She finally laughed. “Granddad, he’s half Inupiat. He grew
up in this village. He’s not going to screw up ancestral lands for you or
anyone else no matter how much money you throw at him. He’s an honorable man.”

“When are you going to stop being so naive? No one’s honorable.
Not deep down. If money doesn’t move him, something else will. Give him a
promotion. Another title.”

“He doesn’t operate that way.”

“Then use your womanly wiles on him. You do have some, don’t

She ground the heel of her hand into her forehead. “To speed
things up, you want me to come onto him? Seriously?”

“Why not? You’re a woman. What’s the matter with you? You’re
still not wearing makeup?”

Up here in Nowhereland? Alexandra’s only concessions to
femininity weren’t obvious, as long as she wore clothes. What she’d done to her
body wasn’t something she’d ever discuss with her grandfather.

When she didn’t answer him, Lucius muttered what sounded
like an oath. “Did you fall off your diet again?”

She pressed her knee against the bottom drawer of her desk,
thinking of her stash of Twinkies inside.

“I thought so,” he said at her silence. “I told you I’d pay
for a nutritionist and personal trainer if that’s what it takes.”

That he had, just as he’d paid for her nose job when she’d
been in high school, with him hounding her until she’d gotten the surgery.
Didn’t change anything. She still wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous. Mildly attractive
was more like it, which would never satisfy him. He demanded perfection. Her
dad—Lucius’ only child—had learned that sad lesson early on.

Unlike her father, Alexandra wasn’t going to let Lucius get
the better of her and force her to quit. Admitting defeat would give him what
he’d expected. Worse, he’d put a corporate goon in her place who’d worry
exclusively about profit, say to hell with the environment and fire Daniel and
his team. Alexandra couldn’t live with herself if that happened.

Or if she lost the chance to see Daniel again in the coming
weeks and months. He’d be out of her life soon enough when the job ended. “I’ll
do what I can, all right? However, the reports are—”

“Do what you can?” Lucius interrupted. “You make things
happen, Alexandra. How many times do I have to tell you that? If you want
something, you don’t wait for it to come to you. You never hope for the best.
You go after it with both hands. You don’t let anything stand in your way. You
get it, no matter what. Do not disappoint me again.”

Again? After nearly killing herself to do a great job up

Before she could respond, he cut off the call.

Alexandra’s hand stalled just before she banged the receiver
down and threw the phone across the crappy little room. It didn’t need to be
messed up more than it already was. Muddy footprints soiled the cheap
carpeting. Water stains marred the walls and ceiling with Rorschach-like
blotches. Printouts were strewn everywhere, along with several candy and
Twinkie wrappers. Her halfhearted attempt at decoration included a few silk
plants that looked as out of place here as a tiki hut on the moon. They didn’t
belong in this godforsaken spot and neither did she.

But she was here, with Lucius again backing her into a
corner and no doubt grinning about how she’d try to wiggle out of it.

Somehow, she would, because she always did. They both knew
it. However, right now, Alexandra gritted her teeth so hard her jaw hurt. A
growl caught in her throat. She was tired of defending herself to him and
working to the exclusion of everything else. Tired of never having any fun.
Tired of the screaming wind rattling the panes. Another noise joined it,
something howling in pleasure or anguish. Hard to tell which, although the
sound matched the tension building within her.

Go after what you want, her grandfather had said. Take it
with both hands. Don’t let anything stand in your way.

Her jaw tightened.

For a good half hour Alexandra studied Daniel’s photos in
the articles, her body aching, thoughts roiling. At last, she left her chair so
quickly it rolled across the plastic floor mat, its back hitting the wall.


Scents of pepperoni and garlic permeated the back room of
the lone pizza parlor in the village. One of only two restaurants in the
vicinity, both owned by Pete, a former oil worker. With tonight’s scant
business, he’d left hours ago, asking Daniel and the other guys to turn off the
lights on their way out of the building.

The group of four sat at a table in the snug room that
doubled as a storage area. Fishing poles, men’s boots, a rifle and harpoon
mingled with mixing bowls and dented pizza trays.

Nat Sterne, a quality supervisor, shuffled the cards with
the flair of a Vegas magician. Brawny, black and in his mid-thirties, he
projected an air of authority. Rumor had it the ladies loved his cocoa skin and
domineering style.

Daniel knew better. When it came to women, Nat was a real
sweetheart. Now, with men…

“Hey.” Nat punched Junior Merrill’s hand away from the beer
stashed in the cooler.

“What?” Junior complained. At twenty-eight, he was the
youngest of their crew, a quality inspector.

Nat turned to Daniel. “I don’t think he’s old enough to

Frowning, Daniel leaned back in his chair and regarded
Junior’s boyish features, blond brows, light-hazel eyes. Even with Junior’s
muscular body and shaved head—which gave him the look of a gangbanger—he seemed
so fucking young. The main reason no one ever used his given name of Joel.
“Card him.”

“Screw that,” Nat said. “It could be a fake. Drop your
jeans,” he ordered Junior. “Let’s see if you’ve reached puberty.”

“Doubt it.” Daniel squinted. “He definitely doesn’t shave.”

Junior smirked. “How about we compare lengths. Then you’ll
see who’s the man.”

He turned his laptop to face them.

Daniel expected to see a selfie of Junior’s cock, which
wasn’t necessary since they’d all seen each other naked in the showers.
Instead, the internet porn site showed a couple in the throes of bliss, their
mouths hanging open as they grunted or groaned. Impossible to know which since
Junior had turned the volume off. Each of the girl’s boobs was bigger than her
head. Together, they were larger than her torso. A mule had nothing on the
guy’s dong.

“Oh sweet mother.” Nat covered his eyes and spoke in a
falsetto. “Turn that off before I faint.”

Daniel’s shoulders shook with laughter. “Is that supposed to
be you?” he asked Junior. “The guy, I mean.”

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