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Cherish the Land

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Inherit the Sky

“…a well-crafted, beautiful book that I would recommend to anyone looking for a love story that takes courage.”

—Guilty Indulgence

“This story is beautifully, realistically handled.”

—Joyfully Jay

Chase the Stars

“I loved the opportunity to revisit Lang Downs… I enjoy the world and the characters enough to be eager to spend more time there.”

—Reviews by Jessewave

“Ms. Tachna has the talent to take everyday life and weave it into something special that leaves the reader sitting back just feeling good and wanting more.”

—Hearts on Fire

Outlast the Night

“Ariel Tachna does it again. Beautiful installment to a beautiful series.”

—multitaskingmommas Book Reviews

Conquer the Flames

“A great book, one of the best in this series.”

—MM Good Book Reviews

“Thanks, Ariel, for a great return visit to Lang Downs. I'm looking forward to the next story in the series.”

—Rainbow Book Reviews

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Character List


Caine Neiheisel – owner of Lang Downs (
Inherit the Sky)

Macklin Armstrong – co-owner of Lang Downs, Caine’s partner (
Inherit the Sky)

Seth Simms – Chris’s brother, moved to Sydney to get an engineering degree, Jason’s best friend

Jason Thompson – Seth’s best friend, Patrick and Carley’s son, just finished vet school

Chris Simms – Seth’s brother, year-rounder on Lang Downs (
Chase the Stars

Jesse Harris – Chris’s partner, year-rounder, mechanic (
Chase the Stars

Sam Emery – business manager for Lang Downs (
Outlast the Night

Jeremy Taylor – year-rounder on Lang Downs, Sam’s partner (
Outlast the Night

Thorne Lachlan – year-rounder on Lang Downs, former Commando (
Conquer the Flames

Ian Duncan – year-rounder on Lang Downs, Thorne’s partner (
Conquer the Flames

Patrick and Carley Thompson – year-rounders on Lang Downs, Jason’s parents. Patrick is head mechanic

Neil Emery – foreman on Lang Downs, Sam’s brother, married to Molly, father of Dani and Liam, Ian’s best friend

Kami Lang – station cook

Sarah Lang – Macklin’s mother, now married to Kami

Devlin Taylor – owner of Taylor Peak, the neighboring station, Jeremy’s brother

Nick Walker – former Commando, Thorne’s best friend

Kyle and Linda – year-rounders. Linda has a daughter Laura from a previous marriage.

Charlie White – year-rounder at Taylor Peak

Michael Lang – deceased founder of Lang Downs, Caine’s great-uncle



tossed his lunch bag on the counter as he walked into his apartment. Ilene would fuss if he left it there, but he needed a shower to get
the grease off his hands and out of his hair first. He’d deal with his lunch bag after he was clean. She wasn’t due home for another hour anyway.

As he stood under the hot water, Seth wondered, not for the first time, what he was still doing in Sydney now that he’d finished his degree. The job at the local mechanic shop paid the bills and let him root around under the bonnet of as many cars as he wanted, but it was work he could have done when he was sixteen without any of what he’d learned in his mechanical engineering courses. He and Ilene argued about it at least once a month, but looking for anything else would feel too much like making a commitment to stay in Sydney. He didn’t hate Sydney the way he’d hated some of the other places he’d lived growing up, before he and his brother Chris moved to Lang Downs, but it wasn’t home either. Lang Downs was the only place to ever have earned that designation.

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