Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul

BOOK: Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul


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Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul
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“This book is full of heart-opening stories that truly capture the essence of what being Canadian is all about. They brought me to tears time and time again, providing me with new insights as to what it means to be Canadian. Definitely a book I want to share with my children. I loved these stories!”

Barbara Underhill
world champion figure skater, Canadian Olympian, TV
Colour commentator, motivational speaker, mom


“The soul is forever seeking expansion, fuller expression and positive reinforcement. This book delivers. You will enjoy every page. Pick any story and you’ll see. . . . It will make you feel better. I loved reading it.”

Bob Proctor
speaker, trainer and author of bestselling book,
You Were Born Rich


“How wonderful to have a book of stories like this to share with our young people as an inspiration to achieve their dreams—and live their lives as loving, compassionate beings. As you read these stories, share them with your kids, share them with your students, share them with your friends.”

Donna Leonard
chief commissioner,
Girl Guides of Canada


“The answer to ‘What makes a Canadian a Canadian?’ is finally clear. It’s in our stories. We now have something to pass on to our children and our children’s children and they to theirs. We can stand up and be proud of our accomplishments as Canadians.
Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul
gives us a legacy.”

Deane Parkes
writer, motivational trainer, speaker, mentor, businessman,
and creator, National Post’s HealthVenture


“Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul
brings to life the work of Canadians in shaping our nation into one of community heroes. From East Coast to West Coast, to the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, their inspiring stories capture our unique culture, historical heritage and our love of the land. This is a must-read for every Canadian.”

Ruth Ramsden-Wood
president, United Way of Calgary and Area


“My heart was touched and my soul was moved as I read the stories of some of our greatest Canadian heroes in their own words. But it’s the soulful and compassionate stories of the ordinary Canadians that weave the tapestry into a whole, providing a picture to the world of who we really are as a people. Read this book and celebrate what it is to be Canadian.”

Kathy Ryndak
psychotherapist and
cofounder, Transformational Arts College


“I’ve always suspected it, but never knew how much talent, courage and greatness we have in Canada until I read the wonderful stories in
Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul.
To finally have all these wonderful stories in one place will make this book one of our greatest literary legacies.”

Lynrod Douglas
Black Pages Canada


“Thank you for putting all these amazing stories together so that others can be inspired by these remarkable Canadians! All of us will be encouraged by the talent, courage and genius we have in this great land and the stories in
Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul
are a perfect source! This book is destined to become a beacon in our magnificent heritage.”

Frances Wright
president and CEO, Famous 5 Foundation
author, speaker, entrepreneur, proud Canadian


“What makes a Canadian, Canadian? It’s our love of the land, our courtesy and kindness, our saying ‘I’m sorry’ even when it’s not our fault. It’s our love of the CBC and it’s our steadfast loyalty. It’s our stories and it’s our story. Read this book. It’ll nourish your Canadian soul.”

Martin Rutte
speaker, trainer, president, Livelihood Inc.


“As a geologist, I’ve had the opportunity of knowing Canada and Canadians from Newfoundland to BC, and from Southern Ontario to the High Arctic. I read with great pride these wonderful stories that paint a remarkably accurate picture of our great nation, and offer the reader a rare glimpse into the very heart of Canada and its people.”

Dr. Donald H. Gorman
professor emeritus of geology,
University of Toronto


“Not everyone has a talent for music or art, but we each have the gift for story. And, as the words in this book so beautifully illustrate, our stories matter. They remind us of the many ways that the beauty of this land and the diversity of its people bring us home to ourselves and help us find our own place of the heart.”

Michael Jones
pianist, composer, recording artist, speaker and
Creating an Imaginative Life


“I enjoyed reading the diverse stories about my homeland, and this outpouring of simple humanity reminds me why I remain a Canadian citizen after many years of living away from home.”

Wayne Patterson
senior fellow, Howard University
vice president, Liberal Party of Canada, 1980–1984


“Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul
is an enormously inspirational book that will remind Canadians everywhere of the very best within us.”

Robin Sharma, LL.B., LL.M.
author of the worldwide
bestseller, T
he Monk Who Sold His Ferrari,
CEO, Sharma Leadership International




Stories to Inspire and Uplift
the Hearts of Canadians


Jack Canfield
Mark Victor Hansen
Janet Matthews
Raymond Aaron



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Deerfield Beach, Florida

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Chicken soup for the Canadian soul : stories to inspire and uplift the hearts of Canadians / Janet Matthews . . . [et al.].


        p. cm.
        eISBN-13: 978-07573-9994-7
        eISBN-10: 0-7573-9994-0
        1. National characteristics, Canadian—Anecdotes. 2. Canada—Social life
     and customs—Anecdotes. 3. Social values—Canada—Anecdotes. 4. Conduct
     of life—Anecdotes. 5. Canada—History—Anecdotes. 6. Canada—Biography—
     Anecdotes. 7. National characteristics, Canadian—Literary collections. 8.
     Canada—Literary collections. I. Matthews, Janet, 1951–


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Cover design by Lisa Camp
Inside formatting by Lawna Patterson Oldfield


rom our hearts to yours,
we dedicate this book to all those Canadians
who walked the endless forests and paddled the majestic
rivers before the Europeans came; to those Canadians,
our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents,
who braved the storms and crossed the seas
to find a better life in a free land;
to those Canadians who chose this country,
bringing cultures from other nations, helping
to weave our ever-evolving cultural mosaic;
to all those Canadians, then and now,
who by their choice to serve, in office or in uniform,
protect and keep this land glorious and free.
And for all those who love Canada,
because in so doing they have built a nation
that is more than worthy of the love
that is in our hearts, and yours.





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