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Authors: Joanne Sawyer

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Christian Romance: Heaven on Earth... [4 Beautiful Christian Romance Stories]

BOOK: Christian Romance: Heaven on Earth... [4 Beautiful Christian Romance Stories]
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Christian Romance:

Heaven on Earth...

4 Christian Romance

Joanne Sawyer

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Table of

BOOK 1: I Think I'm Falling For


An Awkward

Blessing in


A Trying

A Night



BOOK 2: You've Got a Way With


She Was

How is

They had talked and

“How can I help you

Catching a


BOOK 3: It's Only


The Dining


At That

The Next


BOOK 4: Giving The Best Of



The Heart of a Little

The Man’s Impregnable

An Opened

Epilogue: Karen

I Think I'm Falling For



Joanne Sawyer


Elise thinks she has everything she
needs, her business and her faith. But she realizes there may be
something missing when she meets Tristan Maine, a new hire who
comes to work with a confidence that borders on being cocky. She
disapproves of his carelessness, but there is electric tension
between them.

Follow Elise and Tristan as they
discover themselves and each other in this heart-warming Christian
Romance of two people lost in the word who manage to find each

An Awkward Encounter...

“Hey Elise, I’m going out for that
Sorensen Delivery and the new baker is coming in at 2:00. Is it
okay if you take care of him while I go?” said Aunt Jemima through
the open office door as she was on her way out.

“Sure thing, Aunt Jem. I’m almost done
with our reports anyway.” Elise replied. Her aunt was really busy
getting to know their customers and she was mostly in charge of the
office anyway. She liked being in control. She was co-owner and
founder of their booming business, Aunt Jemima managed the human
end, meaning getting in touch with customers and hiring new people,
she managed everything else. Ahh… Tabitha’s AngeliCakes, it was her
dream come true and a tribute to her mother, who died 4 years ago,
just when she was about to graduate from her course in business

Her mother had been her
rock. Tabitha Coleson was widowed when Elise was only 15 and it had
been hard for everyone. But Tabitha was a strong woman who managed
to put her and her 2 brothers, Noah and David, through school and
even college, juggling 3 jobs and fostering respect, love and faith
in God in all three of them. It was faith, said Tabitha, that had
helped her weather the storm of loss. Elise remembered her father,
who was a kind, gentle man who always read them Bible stories
before bed. A car had killed Malcolm Coleson, and it was a stroke
that killed his wife, who was only 53 when she died. Her father’s
death was hard, but the loss of her mother was devastating. Her
mother had always had such a great presence that Elise almost
thought her mother would live forever.
never got to see what I managed to build for her,
Elise thought now, looking at her mother’s
picture on her desk.

He brothers were both
doing well for themselves. Noah, the youngest, was in his second
year as a Literature teacher at the University, while David, their
eldest, was a workaholic architect. Neither of them had settled
down yet, and didn’t seem to want to any time soon.
It must run in the family,
Elise thought with a smile. She had had suitors before, but
she had never wanted to have a boyfriend. While she was in school
she always said that it wasn’t a priority yet, she wanted to
graduate before even thinking about things like that. But
It’s still not a priority I
When her mother had died, Elise
had been desperate to keep her mother’s presence close and her
fondest memories of her mother were always the cakes and cookies
she would give them after Sunday Mass, she called them her
angelicakes as a word play, and Elise had used it. She knew nothing
about baking, but Aunt Jem knew more than enough for both of them.
They had started with two bakers and a cake designer, catering
weddings and parties, and the beautifully designed and delicious
cakes made sure their customer list grew and grew. Now they have 4
branches in nearby towns and a main shop in the busiest street in
the city and they’d needed to start hiring again, which is why she
was waiting here for the new baker, who was already 15 minutes
Not a very good first

She turned to look at the
file Aunt Jem had left in her desk. Tristan Maine, 27 years old, 5
years of experience as pastry chef in Hotel Continental.
Elise, as she had tasted the food at the Continental, which was a
five star hotel in the business district.
Still, no matter what his credentials are, there’s no excuse
for tardiness.
Elise decided to continue
working on the cash flow reports as she waited. Elise did not
believe in wasting time.

Her secretary, Lou Anne, called on the
intercom. “You’re two o’clock is here Miss Coleson.” She had known
Lou Anne since they were little, and she had kept telling her to
call her by her name but Lou Anne insisted. She said it was more
professional that way.

“Okay Lou, send him in

The door opened a few minutes later
and a handsome man swaggered in. He had blonde hair and piercing
blue eyes, but what annoyed Elise the most was the cocky smile he
had on his face. It was the smile of someone who felt entitled.
Elise frowned upon entitlement. She had worked hard for everything
she had; she expected others to do the same, especially those who
worked for her. God helps those who help themselves after

“Mary Elise Coleson,” she said,
extending her hand. “Tristan Maine I suppose?”

“Yes ma’am. I’m so glad I finally got
to meet you,” the man answered, giving her a generous

“You’re late.”

The man looked like he was
going to choke.
It’s like he’s never faced
consequences in his entire life,
Elise, amused.

“I got caught in traffic…I didn’t
really think that…”

“I know this isn’t technically you’re
first day,” Elise said, cutting him off, “but I would expect
punctuality, especially for a chief baker. We are the main branch
and the bigger orders are going to be coming through here. We can’t
be waiting for when you eventually show up Mr. Maine, that’s not
how this works. We work hard here, that’s why this business is
growing so rapidly, and because this business is growing so
rapidly, we have to work even harder. Is this clear to

“Yes, ma’am. I’ll be on time in the

At 27, Tristan Main was a good two
years older than Elise, but she had learned to be direct and firm
when it came to business. She watched him, obviously flustered and
twiddling his fingers.

“That’s good to hear Mr. Maine. I hope
we get to develop a fine working relationship in the near future,”
she said, getting up and leading him to the door.

That was cold,
thought Tristan as he left his new boss’ office.
He had never had anyone talk like that to him and he had to admit,
maybe he needed it. He would have to get used to being an employee
and maybe get whipped into shape, so to speak. He certainly didn’t
mind if it was Miss Coleson. She was beautiful. Black hair, red
lips and her fair skin made him think of Snow White, but she was
all business, she was a truly guarded person. And he came here to
learn didn’t he? Tristan knew he had to keep his head level. He
knew he had to change, that’s why he left his old ‘job’ and came to
work for Tabitha’s AngeliCakes, the fastest growing cake shop and
catering in the state.

Tristan changed into his kitchen
uniform, rolled up his sleeves and went to work.

Blessing in Disguise...

It was 7:00 am when Elise opened up
the shop. It was something her father, who had owned an electronics
store when he was still alive, had always said, ‘You have to be the
first one in and the last one out,’ and she stood by it. She liked
to go through the whole shop in the mornings, going through the
displays, then counters, the desks and offices at the back and then
the kitchen. This was often the time she took to get closer with
God. She was so busy and life was so hectic that she made it a
point to talk to God and pray as she checked on the blessings He
had showered her. Tabitha and Malcolm Coleson had taught their
children many things, but the most important was to always be
thankful and have faith in God’s will, but Elise also believed in
hard work, that God could only do so much and you have to work to
achieve your dreams. This combination made Elise a hopeful yet
strict boss.

Kathy Miranda, a baker who had worked
with them for 2 years already, knew this and, as was evident when
Elise came to inspect her work area, Kathy had left her station
looking pristine and organized.

Tristan Maine’s counter, however,
still had some left over dough in the bowls that hadn’t been washed
when he left. There were confectioner’s sugar lightly sprinkled
over the table and some spoons on a glass filled with water. He
seemed to have left in a hurry. Elise shook her head and quietly
cleaned up his counter.

BOOK: Christian Romance: Heaven on Earth... [4 Beautiful Christian Romance Stories]
3.26Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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