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Chronicles of Eden - Act IV

BOOK: Chronicles of Eden - Act IV
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Chronicles of Eden
Alexander Gordon
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Chapter 1
Never Letting You Go

In the world of Eden there was very little that compared to the power of love. This feeling, this emotion, could bring out a side of someone that you never knew existed within them. It could be the driving force that helps motivate them to do the most extraordinary things in life. If the love was strong enough then nothing would keep them from those they desired. They could become a skilled swordswoman, dedicated to protecting the one they loved no matter what. They could see the good they had within themselves and pull away from a life of darkness and isolation. They could feel like they could do anything for the one they loved, even if it meant risking their own life in doing so. They could feel safer and happier with their loved one, so much that nothing could possibly turn them away.

Or they could be blinded by their love and become a dangerous monster.


Running along a trail stretching out over a few gently rolling hills Lucky was pulling the caravan at a brisk pace, with Triska and Falla sitting on the front seat while keeping a sharp eye out for the missing Luna and Emily. Inside the cabin Daniel was looking through his monster book while Specca sat next to him and Alyssa on the other side, both girls looking at the entries with curiosity and also gently holding onto the boy’s arms. Sitting across from them Squeak was watching the two girls with a dull expression, seeing as Specca’s tail started to slide back behind Daniel while Alyssa was snuggling up against Daniel’s arm. Next to the ant girl Jovian and Jacqueline were seated on pillows while leaning back against some more that were propped up next to the wall, both sisters remaining silent as they just slowly glanced around at everyone from behind their masks.

Up front Falla kept looking around nervously while her hands were fidgeting together in her lap, with Triska glancing to her and noticing the butterfly girl having trouble calming herself.

“Falla?” she asked with a small amount of concern for the girl.

“What if we missed her?” Falla whimpered. “What if she’s back there somewhere in trouble? What if… what if she got eaten by those damned monsters out there?”

Triska looked at her with a curious eye as the monster grabbed her hair and tried to steady her breathing.

“Hey,” Triska gently said. “Calm down, it’ll be okay.”

“You don’t know her like I do,” Falla insisted. “She can’t survive out there without me. She needs me.”

“You really do care about your sister, don’t you?” Triska asked softly.

“Of course I do!” Falla barked out at her. “Who wouldn’t care about their own sister? She is the
pain in the ass, and has ruined many chances for me to get pregnant by now, but dammit, she’s my sister, I love her. I really wish I didn’t at times, but I do. The stupid girl wouldn’t last a day out here without me, she needs me.”

Triska gave her a small smile while tilting her head slightly.

“Well, it’s nice to know that you do have an actual heart deep down inside.”

Falla glanced to her with a scowl then looked away while crossing her arms stubbornly.

“You speak as if I’m a Darker One or something,” she scoffed. “I’m not some heartless monster you know.”

“Well, not entirely anyway,” Triska replied before looking around the area again, only seeing passing trees and countryside as Lucky kept running along the trail at a steady pace.

‘Still, I guess you’re not so bad after all.’

Inside the caravan Squeak’s eyebrow twitched slightly with growing ire as she watched Specca slowly and gently resting her head on Daniel’s shoulder and Alyssa carefully holding onto Daniel’s arm while cuddling up against him. Daniel of course had at this point noticed that both girls were getting extremely close to him, however wasn’t sure what to say or do. He could feel Specca’s tail slowly sliding behind him against his rear while the nixie had her head resting on his shoulder, and felt a sense of comfort as the girl was trying to get as close to him as she could. He even felt some happiness in the fact that Alyssa was cuddling up with him like this, finding it to be both cute and affectionate as he tried to stay open-minded and see the girls in their own lights the best he could. Of course he kept his eyes focused on the book in his lap, trying not to glance at Specca in fear of his eyes drawing to her breasts which were pressing against his arm, or at Alyssa in fear that he might stare at her innocent and adorable appearance as she held onto him like a little girl, since he knew Squeak was watching them with growing irritation. The ant girl drummed her fingers on her leg as she watched Specca and Alyssa getting very close to Daniel, with the two girls appearing to keep their eyes on the book while their minds were clearly not.

After a while Squeak felt her patience come to an end and squeaked something while pointing to the two girls, with them and Daniel looking to seeing an annoyed expression on her face. Jovian giggled and tilted her head playfully while her sister tilted hers in the other direction.

“She says would you kindly give Daniel some space?” Jovian relayed. “You’re both crowding him.”

“What do you mean?” Specca defended while holding onto Daniel’s arm still. “I’m merely looking at the monster guide with him to check for any inaccuracies.”

“I’m just sitting here reading the book with him,” Alyssa asserted firmly. “There’s nothing wrong with that.” She then yelped with a jump before looking over to Specca with a growl.

“Except for when
tail caresses
butt. Get that thing away from me and Daniel right now.”

Specca blushed and glanced away as her tail quickly slid back over to her other side.

“I wasn’t trying to touch
,” she grumbled.

“Right, you were just trying to grab Daniel back there,” Alyssa shot back.

Specca merely remained silent as her blush grew, with her tail wagging a bit at her side. Daniel smiled weakly with a small chuckle as Squeak set her hands at her hips with a stern expression at the two girls. Specca and Alyssa glanced to her then reluctantly sat upright again next to the boy while letting go of his arms. Squeak nodded with a dull stare at the two girls while Jovian and Jacqueline looked at Daniel with puzzlement.

“Daniel, may I ask you a question?” Jovian asked. Daniel glanced up to her as the girl seemed to hesitate for a moment before continuing. “I don’t wish to pry into your affairs, but I’m just curious about something.”

“What is it?”

“Well,” Jovian said inquisitively. “You say you want to get closer to each of them one at a time in order to see if you feel anything like love for them, to give a chance for you and one of these girls to connect on a more emotional level, correct?”

Daniel nodded as all the girls looked at her curiously, except for Falla who kept a sharp eye out for her sister still.

“Yes, that’s right,” Daniel answered.

Jovian and Jacqueline looked to each other then back to him with curious smiles.

“Then, wouldn’t the easiest way of doing so be to have sex with each of them?” Jovian asked simply.

“What?” everyone cried out at the same time with surprise, with Squeak merely squeaking with a jump while Falla kept her focus looking for her missing sister. Daniel stammered something incoherently while all the girls stared at the sisters with wide eyes. Jovian smirked then shrugged while looking around at everyone.

“Well,” she reasoned. “It just seems like that would be the best and fastest way to determine how you feel about them.”

“What are you talking about?” Daniel asked shakily. “How would that be the best way?”

“Simple,” Jovian answered. “After you’ve mated with all of them, surely you would notice if any of those experiences were better than the others. You would be able to tell if you formed a real bond with any of them after you have sex with them.”

“Yeah,” Jacqueline giggled. “You could find out by tonight who you really love, just give it to each of them one at a time and see which one makes you feel the best.”

“Are you insane?” Daniel cried out. “We can’t decide something like this with doing something like that!”

“Hey,” Alyssa commented with a coy smile. “If that could really work I wouldn’t object to giving it a try with Daniel.” The boy looked to her with a nervous smile as the witch leaned closer to him while batting her eyelashes.

“What do you think, Daniel? I’m absolutely confident that spending a real night with me would help you make up your mind about which one of us to choose, namely by seeing me as I

Daniel tried to say something back, along the lines of ‘Isn’t this going a bit too far?’, but only a quiet whine escaped his mouth. Alyssa giggled at seeing the boy losing his voice from her offer before Squeak started squeaking with a stern tone and pointing to the witch. After she finished the sisters laughed together while having amused smiles on their faces.

“Oh, sounds like Squeak is up to the challenge,” Jovian mused playfully.

“Indeed,” Jacqueline added. “She said she would be the best lover for Daniel here, hands down.”

Daniel looked to Squeak with a jump as the ant girl winked at him with a sultry smile on her face, her arms gently pressing at her sides and pushing her breasts together to flaunt in front of him. Specca quickly shook her head then grabbed onto Daniel’s arm and pulled him closer to her.

“Now just hold on a minute,” she asserted with a flustered huff. “I would be the most suited to making love with Daniel, I’ve read more than enough books on how humans like to have sex to know what to do.” A mere second later she jumped with a gasp then held her hands over her face with an embarrassed whine as everyone turned to her.

“Haha, wow, Specca,” Jovian purred. “You dirty girl. Just what kind of things have you been reading about?”

“I never knew you had a perverted side to you,” Jacqueline giggled. “Guess you are a monster inside after all.”

Specca shook her head with a deep blush while lowering her head.

“Why did I say that, what is wrong with me?” she whined.

Daniel just stared at her with a stunned expression as the nixie peeked to him between her fingers then looked around at the other girls as words failed him.

“I mean…” Specca said softly. “I wouldn’t disappoint you… I hope.”

The sisters giggled then looked to Triska who was just staring back at the group with stunned silence.

“Well, sounds like they’re up for doing this,” Jovian mused.

“What about you, Triska?” Jacqueline challenged. “Think you can lay down with the best of them?”

Triska tried to speak as she looked from Daniel then to each of the other girls before she quickly shook her head then showed a stern glare at the group.

“Now hold on a minute here, we’re not going to have a sex-off to determine who can be Daniel’s! That’s just insane!”

“Sounds like somebody isn’t up for doing this,” Jovian giggled.

BOOK: Chronicles of Eden - Act IV
3.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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