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Claimed by the Greek

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Claimed by the Greek
By Lena Lettas
After arguing with her father for a week, Elena finally agreed to at least go to the interview he set up for her. She was upset with him for going behind her back and approaching his friend to hire his little girl, who seemed to be having a hard time getting a job after receiving her degree. Standing in the parking lot of the address her father gave her for the interview she thought, judging by the outside of the place the business must be doing well. The lot was clean, no garbage lying around and the building had a fresh coat of paint. She could see why the Stefanidis family is very successful, anything they invested in always did well for them, considering they are one of the richest families in the U.S. and Greece.

Breathing in deep through her nose and exhaling out of her mouth
, trying to steal her nerves for this interview; she opened the front mirrored glassed doors and walked into what looked like a waiting area to a restaurant. A little confused, thinking her dad had said this is a nightclub and assuming there was an error with the address she turned to leave just as a young woman came out through a door at her left.

Hello, are you Elena Dimitrakis here for the interview with Mister Stefanidis.”

Elena reached out to shake her hand,
“Yes, I am Ms. Dimitrakis.”

The woman reached over and shook Elena
’s hand and asked if she would follow her through the doorway she came out of to Mister Stefanidis office. Marching behind her she watched as the young lady knocked on the door at the end of the hallway and announced his next interview was here. She stepped away and told her she may go inside, closing the door behind her. Walking into the office and sitting at the beautiful cherry wood desk was a handsome older gentleman, he smiled and waved his hand for her to sit in one of the leather chairs in front of his desk.

It is nice to finally meet you Elena,” he said rather informally. “I apologize if this interview seems unprofessional to you but I have heard so much about you from your father and I feel as we already met, he is very fond of you and speaks highly of you.”

Not sur
e what to say, blushing at the complement, “Thank you sir, May I ask you a question,” he nodded at her to proceed. “I’m sorry, I thought that the position I would be interviewing for today is an assistant manager to a nightclub.”

Yes, I apologize if you seem a little confused, the nightclub is still undergoing some construction and due to safety concerns the interviews are being conducted at this location. My son will be in shortly, to meet with you also, but we both know you have the experience we are looking for.” He said.

“ I’m not sure what my father has told you but I absolutely have no experience in running a nightclub of this magnitude, I’m sorry if he gave you the wrong impression when you spoke with him and for wasting your valuable time, I do apologize.”


Elena was just starting to get up from her seat when she heard someone clear his throat from behind her. Startled by the noise he made she squeaked, turning to see a younger version of the man behind the desk, only his eyes seemed harder, calculating and what she expected of a man running a multi-million dollar corporation. He rounded the back of the chairs giving her a disapproving glance.

Ms. Dimitrakis, we are aware of your experience and as an assistant manager in training, we will teach you what you need to successfully manage the everyday business of a state of art nightclub. We believe you would be an asset to our company, we hire employees with excellent references and since our fathers are close friends, I believed in giving you the opportunity to prove your abilities. The club will not open for another month, but we will be using that time to train our staff including you on their required duties. I will personally be training the staff as to how I want the nightclub to run, our family is very hands on when it comes to running our business ventures.” He said, looking at her with a sly smile on his face, thinking to intimidate her.

Elena this is my son Chris, before he so rudely interrupted our conversation, as I was saying, the Job is yours and training starts next week. I believe this is something you are capable of doing even with your experience, the only difference is the scale of the business.”

They talked for a little longer
telling her what her job duties would consist of and giving the address to the nightclub along with a phone number if she had any other questions. Politely, informing her that they will be giving her a call at the end of the week as to her start date. Sitting in her car, shaking her head, she couldn’t even remember accepting the job offer and laughing a little thinking this why they were so successful. They muddled your mind; they made a great negotiating team together.



Elena's first couple of weeks at the club went by smoothly and Mr. Stefanid
is had been correct in saying everything’s the same, just on a much larger scale. Chris wasn't as bad as he first seemed, she thought he would be a pompous ass but he seemed more at ease working with her at the club. Arriving early this morning for a mandatory staff meeting at ten, Chris wanted to discuss some concerns he was having. The meeting was over in less than an hour, nothing to be too concerned over. Just some issues he had and some changes he wanted to make.

She stayed and
talked to a couple of employees after the meeting wanting to hang back and speak with Chris, she left the meeting room to find him talking to the most gorgeous man, she set her eyes on, her mouth hanging open, she could do nothing but stare. She would not throw her boss out of bed for eating crackers but next to this man, he paled in comparison.

A waitress named Maria, stopped beside her. "
Yup, that’s the exact same look I had on my face when I first saw him too. He's Chris's brother, he’s the honey in my baklava, and I don't even think the word hot does him justice. I had the urge to walk right up to him, climb him like a tree, wondering if he had a mighty olive branch between those legs, gets me wet just thinking about it. That’s not saying I didn’t have my share of fantasies of Chris in that suit." she said fanning herself.

Elena laughed so loud she had to cover her mouth. You could always count on Maria to say som
ething so off the wall like she just did. She noticed that they had gotten the attention of Chris and his brother, embarrassed by her outburst; she turned to head toward the other end of the bar, secretly admiring them from a distance.

turned his gaze toward Chris shaking his head, "Still intimidating the ladies." he laughed.

I doubt my employees feel intimidated by me and I don't think that had anything to do with us, we don't exactly inspire women to laugh. So, what brings you to the club this morning isn’t it a little early for you to be up and about." he asked.

"I w
anted to find out what this dinner is all about tonight at Mom's house, you seem to be the only one she shares her thoughts with lately." he stated

The dinner is to officially celebrate my engagement to Emily, which as my brother you cannot refuse to attend and of course, I'm sure our mother invited every available single young woman she found acceptable to introduce to you and Jimmy. His brother said with a big fat mischievous look.

Catching the grin
forming on his brother’s face, he knew his instincts were correct in thinking his mom would be up to something and tonight is going to be impossible. He would do everything and anything to keep from making a scene at this event, not that his mother wouldn't do her best to upset him, " Gamoto, What the hell do I have to do, to make her understand that I am not and never will be interested in any of the supposedly virtuous, well bred, Greek, simple minded idiots, she thinks I should Marry." he said with as much disgust in his voice as he could muster.

Elena needed to talk to Chris before she
left; she needed to take a half day off on Friday to take her dad to the cardiologist. She was a little nervous to ask for the time off since she didn't think Chris's reaction would be good. He already conceded much since he gave her the weekends off, informing her that the manager could cover those days since he paid him a hell of a lot more to run his club. She hoped he didn’t become too upset with her, before getting up the courage to interrupt the conversation Chris was having with his gorgeous brother; Mr. Stefanidis came up behind her, tapping her back.

lena what a surprise to see you, I didn't think you worked the day shift. How has working here at the club been for you, I hope my son has been treating you well", giving her a genuine fatherly smile.

Returning his smile with one of her own
Elena said," Mister Stefanidis, everything’s been wonderful, thank you for giving me the opportunity to work here. The club is doing fantastic and it is a joy to work here and your son's not so bad,” she said jokingly to him.

I’m glad to hear that and glad you’re getting along rather well, my sons can be difficult at times,” he looked up from her towards them.

Feeling a little awkward just st
anding there she said," I need to speak with your son Chris before I left but they seem to be having a personal conversation and I didn't want to interrupt them, glancing over to were his sons were sitting.

n't worry, let's go over together, it will also give me the opportunity to introduce you to my son Nikolaos" laying his hand in the middle of her back guiding them over to where they were sitting.

Pausing the
discussion Chris looked up to see his father and Elena walking toward them, “Dad what are you doing here this morning, wondering why he was bringing Elena over with him, lifting his eyebrow looking to his father for an answer?

I was coming by to see you to go over some details about tonight and ran into Elena at the door. I believe she needs to speak with you Chris and didn't want to interrupt the conversation with your brother. So, I volunteered my services to her since I need to speak with you both, it also gives me the opportunity to introduce her to Nikolaos. Turning to his son he said, “Nikolaos this is the daughter of a dear friend of mine Elena, Elena this is my middle son Nikolaos."

Taking a step closer, reaching out to shake his hand, it still
ed in the air frozen as Elena looked up into his eyes and was stunned speechless. Up close and personal, he is a dark Greek god, the image of every woman’s sexual fantasy. His eyes are the color of milk chocolate, he had this rugged quality about him and his very aura screamed sex, the way his gaze bore into her and the intoxicating cologne he wore had her heart beating fast. She could feel the moisture building between her legs, she momentarily fantasized of all the things his lush lips could be sucking and kissing. Blushing she looked down at the hands that engulfed her own and felt his rough, callused fingertips rub circles around the underside of her wrist causing her to shiver before she whispered. “Hello Sir, nice to make you acquaintance.”

Before he
could reply, Chris pulled her from his grasp and turned her away from him, "Elena you needed to speak with me."

Oh, Yes,” forgetting what she came to ask in the first place, "Sorry to interrupt again”, Chris waved his hands to let her know it was fine and for her to go on. “I need to leave early on Friday, I know it's short notice and I apologize, this will never happen again, but I need to leave by two, before you say anything I already spoke with Steve and he said he would come in early to cover, as long it was fine with you he didn't have a problem with it." fidgeting a little waiting for Chris's reply.

"Considering you have not been employed long asking for time off is frowned upon,
may I asked what is so important that it could not be changed to a day you had off,” he said sternly.

"Right, sorry kind of forgot to tell you that part, I need to take my dad to his Cardiologist appointment a
nd I know that sounds like a pathetic excuse, but it's not, if I don't take him he will find some way or excuse not to go and it will take me at least six months to reschedule the appointment with his doctor, I do apologize for the late notice, but I honestly forgot."

Mr. Stefanidis
obviously catching the conversation she was having with his son started to laugh, shaking his head he came up beside her and said," I remember your dad telling me the last excuse he used not to go see his doctor and how upset you were with him, it's fine Elena you can have Friday afternoon off, don't worry", he said.

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