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Clifford Irving's Legal Novels - 02 - FINAL ARGUMENT - a Legal Thriller (48 page)

BOOK: Clifford Irving's Legal Novels - 02 - FINAL ARGUMENT - a Legal Thriller

“A courtroom thriller, a mean streets thriller, a Florida cracker thriller, a gritty prison thriller, and an Everyman study of good and evil all rolled into one. And every part of it is terrific. What a wonderful piece of storytelling!”— Donald Westlake, 
The New York Times

“Only a handful of American authors have ever been able to transform murder and infidelity into poetry, and Irving is one of those writers . . . Not to be missed.”— Donald Porter, 
Mystery News

“Two cliffhanger trials, a moral crisis, violence, love . , , it’s all here.” — 
Mail on Sunday

The startling story of a district attorney who, twelve  years after sending a convicted murderer to Death Row, returns to the same courtroom to try to save that same man’s life. A masterly tale of murder, guilt, and infidelity, set in Florida and featuring that rarest of heroes – a lawyer with a conscience.

Can a lawyer represent a murderer he once prosecuted? The legal establishment insists he can’t.

Final Argument
 is the story of Ted Jaffe’s war – at the risk of his career, his marriage, his personal safety – to free a man he believes he has grievously wronged.

The London Daily Express hailed it as “a spellbinding courtroom drama.”



The Life of the Greatest Art Forger of Our Time

“The wild, true story of three men who raped the art world . , . one of the most sophisticated suspense sagas of our time . . . fantastic.” — 
Chicago Tribune

 is a delightfully vicious book, a joy to read and contemplate.” — Pablo Picasso

Elmyr de Hory was an elegant Jewish-Hungarian aristocrat whom World War II had stripped of everything but his genius at imitating Picasso, Matisse, Modigliani, Renoir, and other great painters of the 20

Fernand Legros was a ruthless Egyptian homosexual who decreed that museums, art galleries and millionaire collectors should finance his love of luxury and pretty boys. And Real Lessard was an Adonis-like Canadian youth who began as Fernand’s protege and in the end out-dueled even the master in cunning.

Set in Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, Texas, and the chic Mediterranean island of Ibiza, this is the tale of three rogues who bilked oil millionaires and movie stars, and turned the international art world upside down. It was the basis for filmmaker Orson Welles’ last major movie, “F For Fake,” which has become a cult classic.

The St. Louis Globe-Democrat called
“a story to remember and revel in.”



“Fabulous, big, rawboned wild-blooded adventure tale that gives the sights and sounds and smells of a turn-of-the-century world real enough to touch. Clifford Irving has written a novel to make any writer proud and many readers grateful.” — 
Los Angeles Herald Examiner

“Move over, Butch and Sundance, it’s not that I love you both less, just that I’ve come to love Pancho and Tom more . . . a high-stepping, swashbuckling romance inspired by the unassailable historical fact that in his greenhorn youth, before he became a movie-star cowboy, Tom Mix rode in the company of the peasant revolutionary Pancho Villa . . . Who among us has not wished he’d grown up as romantically as Mix does here?” — 
New York Times Book Review

“Raucous, galloping fiction.” — 
San Francisco Chronicle

“Intelligently conceived, rapidly paced, attitudinally wry, earthy – a well-written, cannily contemporary tale about the past.” —
Dallas Times Herald

It’s 1913, and Tom Mix, cowboy and future movie star, rides south of the border to fight for the charismatic Pancho Villa, Mexican revolutionary leader. Amid the violent beauty of war-torn Mexico a partnership is formed, and an epic is born.

Caught up in this sumptuous and panoramic novel are some of the most dynamic characters ever to come to life on a page: Hannah, Tom’s voluptuous Jewish fiancée; Rosa, the beautiful Indian child widow who loves Tom; Elisa, the sophisticated German who becomes Tom’s mistress; Rudolfo Fierro, “the butcher,” who lives to kill his enemies; Lieutenant George S. Patton, Jr., ceaseless hunter of both Villa and Fierro; and above all, the tempestuous Pancho Villa, a man of vast, ungovernable emotions.

Tom Mix and Pancho Villa
 is a story of romance and friendship, loyalty and revenge, politics and gold. Publishers Weekly called it “grand entertainment, full of wit, charm, and zest.” The Los Angeles Times wrote that “Irving spins a fantasy worthy of Mark Twain,” and the Houston Chronicle said, “Irving’s wonderful big new book is a rollicking, ribald tale.” The Chicago Tribune concluded that “[Tom Mix’s] exploits – on the battlefield, behind the lines, in bed – are told with riveting skill.”



A Legal Thriller

“A parable about aging and euthanasia that's spare of prose and thoroughly creepy; book discussion groups will love it. Recommended for all libraries.”— 
Library Journal

“Irving drives his narrative from the fantastic to the realistic and back again, playing a game that's sure and steady.” —
Publishers Weekly

Set in Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado, this is the tale of a snowbound mountain town with a remarkable secret to protect from outsiders – a secret worth dying for, perhaps worth killing for.

Dennis Conway, a New York criminal lawyer, has moved west to marry Sophie, the beautiful mayor of the 9,000-feet-high hamlet of Springhill. When his in-laws are charged with murdering two of their close friends, Dennis is shocked, and he defends Sophie’s parents at trial in Aspen.

What he learns in the course of his investigation is a stunning story of social contract in the interests of longevity – a love story, a murder story, and a skiing story with what may be the most remarkable avalanche scene ever written.

The Spring
 is a worthy follow-up to the best-selling 
Final Argument
.” – San Francisco Chronicle



The Campbell Murder Case, a Saga of Texas Justice

“All the elements to satisfy any true crime fan: parricide, incest, sexual enticement.”— 
Baltimore Sun

“Fascinating . . . Few writers could have pulled together so insightful a work.”— Austin Challenger

In 1982. James Campbell, successful Houston lawyer, and Virginia, his wife of 40 years, were found brutally shot to death in their bed. Despite allegations of family greed and sexual abuse, the murder went unsolved for two years. The most likely suspects were the victims’ youngest daughter Cindy and her ex-Marine boyfriend, David West. But they had an alibi the police couldn’t crack.

And then West fell in love with a sexy ex-stripper turned private investigator. She was paid to coax a confession from him.

Clifford Irving wrote: “I started out in Houston as a writer on assignment – but I became an investigator, a friend to the judge and many of the lawyers, and a trial witness. As a result, to my surprise and discomfort, I helped to determine the outcome of events . . .”

Daddy’s Girl
 – the story of Cindy, a tortured obese woman, and David, a man determined to do the right thing at all costs – is as exciting a true-crime courtroom drama as you will ever read.


A Holocaust Mystery

“Absolutely compelling . . . a totally engrossing thriller.”— Thomas Keneally, author of 
Schindler’s List

“Exciting, dynamic, and marvelously written.”— 

“Masterfully done . . . a powerful novel.”— 
Publishers Weekly

At a Nazi death camp in Poland, the mutilated body of an informer is discovered by the Jewish mistress of the camp commandant. Then an SS lieutenant is found, throat cut ear to ear.

The Gestapo orders the Berlin Criminal Police to solve these crimes.

The hunter is Paul Bach, Chief Homicide Inspector, a wounded combat veteran of the Russian Front, a man at odds with evil. And the hunted is the self-styled “Angel,” who always leaves a clue in the form of an enigmatic note.

As hunter closes in on hunted, 
The Angel of Zin
 offers an answer to the question all supposedly decent men and women must ask themselves: “If I had been a German then, and realized what was happening, what would I have done?”


“The most daring literary caper of all time.” — 

Immense wealth. Corrupt political power. Scientific genius. Sexual kinkiness. Howard Hughes, the legendary Texas billionaire, exemplified all these qualities.

Oscar-winning moviemaker and the shy lover of dozens of Hollywood movie stars, Hughes bought the favors of U.S. presidents and once tried to buy Las Vegas. In his twilight years, he became a recluse, hiding in shadowed hotel suites. By 1970 many believed that he had died and that his business associates had stolen his billions.

“I’ve known Howard Hughes since I was a boy,” Clifford Irving informed his publisher, “and he’s asked me to help him write the story of his life. He’ll name names.”

The book was called “a stunning hoax,” but many believe that Richard Nixon’s fear of the manuscript’s truth caused him to panic and order the doomed burglary of Democratic Party headquarters at the Watergate.

For writing the 
Autobiography of Howard Hughes
, Clifford Irving was sentenced to 2 ½ years in federal prison.

Clifford Irving’s PRISON JOURNAL (a/k/a JAILING) 

When the Nixon administration dealt Clifford Irving a 2 ½ year prison sentence for committing the Howard Hughes Autobiography Hoax, the 41-year-old author was unprepared to serve time. 

In prison, he learned how to jail and prevail. But then he was caught with contraband, moved to a three-star penitentiary, and accused of inciting a riot and conspiring to kill the warden.

This is the true story of how the author survived and won the battle for his freedom.


“High-powered political fiction.” – 
Times Literary Supplement (London)

A prophetic drama of international politics, 
The 38
 begins with a threat of nuclear war with China and ends with a desperate manhunt through the streets of Manhattan.

The world teeters on the brink when John Burden, an African-American, is elevated unexpectedly to acting Secretary-General of the United Nations. Burden soon finds himself in danger of going down in history as “the great black traitor.”

In the genre of the political novel, 
The 38th Floor
 stands out as a masterly blend of action, character, and ideas.

“Compulsive reading.” — 
Books and Bookmen


Clifford Irving’s most recent novel tells the story of Billy Braverman, a TV star and passionate rock climber, indicted in the Family Court on Eastern Long Island for murder. The victim is the father of his girlfriend, Amy.

Billy is the 12-year-old son of a prominent lawyer. Amy is the daughter of a garbage collector who believes he’s a descendant of William Shakespeare.

Set in the lush world of the Hamptons and on the dangerous streets of Manhattan, 
Boy on Trial
 is an extraordinary tale of a boy’s battle – against the adult world – to protect the life of the girl he loves.

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