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Authors: Em Petrova


Controlled Burn

Em Petrova


Book 2 in the Firehouse 5 series.


Fire Chief Pearce Johnson has been struggling with his
attraction to fellow team member and special ops guy Mitch Morelli. In the
sauna, long looks turn into a steamy self-love encounter. Pearce runs home and
tells his wife of fifteen years all about it—resulting in a five-alarm blaze
between them.

Ellie has always suspected her husband craves another
relationship with a man. When he brings Mitch into their fantasies, she
encourages Pearce to explore this newfound sexual link even as she longs for
the big Italian firefighter to visit their bed. But taming two firemen might be
tougher than she thinks.

Mitch can’t get enough of his rugged chief, or Ellie’s
femininity. But on the job, his boss pushes him away and purposely avoids
working with him. Wounded, Mitch is finished trying to see his lover’s point of
view, until one perilous event makes them all wake up and realize love is too precious
to ignore.


Controlled Burn

Em Petrova


Chapter One


At the familiar jangle of her husband’s keys in the lock, a
tingle shot down Ellie’s spine. She flipped open the satin flap of her robe and
let her thighs fall apart slightly, hoping to offer Pearce an enticing view
after a hard day at Firehouse 5.

His muscled shoulder appeared through the crack in the door
and the rest of his bulky form followed. Her libido kicked into overdrive. For
four days, he’d been working back-to-back shifts and she’d been out of her mind
with need. If tonight fell through, she was going to stow away in his locker
and pop out like a Wife Surprise.

She let him adjust to dim glow of the candlelight. His gaze
locked on her and immediate want flashed behind his hazel eyes. The heavy items
he’d been holding thudded as he dropped them to the floor.

His chest rumbled. “Mmm. I see I get dessert before the main

Her nipples bunched at that growl, eager to feel his mouth
humming against her flesh. “Baby, you get anything you want.”

Something dark slid behind his eyes and he dropped his
attention to his steel-toed boots. He bent to unlace them and toed them off.

Ellie waited, pulse racing. Damn, she hoped he was seriously
up to pouring himself into a night of lovemaking. She couldn’t wait anymore and
the collection of toys he’d given her to satisfy her bodily wants while he
captained the biggest firehouse in the city wasn’t doing the trick anymore. She
needed a real man between her legs—she needed Pearce.

He straightened up and met her gaze. Her breath caught half
in, half out as she noted that smolder in his eyes. Everything in her demanded
she get up and cross the room to him, throw herself in his strong arms and
seduce him right out of his tighty whities.

But tonight he was going to come after her. She deserved it,
after he’d made her wait.

A trickle of cream escaped her tight folds and oozed down
her inner thigh. She spread her legs farther to allow him a glimpse.

Right on cue, he groaned. He scrubbed a hand over his face.
“Damn, woman, you’ve been waiting for me.”

“Been thinking about you for days.” She crooked a finger and
he started forward as if on an invisible puppet thread.

Her heart raced faster as he neared. His thigh muscles
bulged beneath his snug-fitting jeans and the top two buttons of his shirt were
open, giving her a hint of man chest. Heaviness weighed in her core.

“Darlin’, I’ve been dying to get home to you too.” He
plucked her off the sofa and sank to the cushions in one swift movement. She
found herself cradled on his lap, legs dangling over one thick thigh and her
pussy against his bulging erection.

She wriggled and snaked her arms around his neck. Even after
fifteen years of marriage, he was all she wanted. She lived, ate and breathed
Pearce Johnson. Long ago, when she’d discovered she couldn’t have his babies,
she’d decided she’d been gifted with an amazing man and she’d make the most of
every minute. Lately, however, she’d felt a strain in him—a strain she hoped
was simply fatigue from working long, stressful hours.

Hopefully tonight would bring him some ease.

His arousal prodded her intimately and she rubbed against
it, loving the friction of his jeans on her bare pussy. He closed his hands
around her shoulders and angled his mouth over hers.

Immediately, she was sucked under the tide of his passion,
swirling out of control. She gave a quiet mewl and returned his kiss tongue
flip for tongue flip. Her nipples bunched up as hard as two gems.

As if sensing this, he slid his hands down the slope of her
breasts and palmed each mound. The robe slipped against her skin, enflaming her
further. She tugged at his lower lip with her teeth, urging him nearer, unable
to get enough of the hard planes of his body beneath her hands.

Gods, how she adored this man, from his closely cropped
brown hair to his size elevens and every inch in between. He rocked his hips
and she moaned as his cock poked her intimately once more.

She tore her mouth away. “I need you, Pearce. Now.”

His smile spread over her collarbone. She stopped breathing
as he tongued the hollow and continued down, parting her silk wrapper as he
went. When he reached her breast, he sent her a long look. That look had first
rocked her world years ago, when he’d visited the university where she was
gaining her master’s degree so he could teach an ROTC course to the latest
group of freshmen.

Spotting the hot Marine, she’d stopped in her tracks and
he’d given her
the look
.The one that set off the five-alarm fire
of her love.

He maneuvered her, positioning her so she straddled him.
“Let me take you to bed, Ellie.”

She melted in his hold. “Yes!”

Standing with her, he secured her thighs around his broad
hips. She clung to his neck, kissing the spot beneath his ear as he traversed
the hall to their bedroom. He bounced off the doorframe and they shared a quiet

Anticipating their romantic interlude, she’d lit a dozen
candles throughout the space. The bed had been turned down and the crisp white
linens beckoned.

In five steps, he bumped against the edge of the bed and gently
spread her atop the sheets. His eyes glowed, sparking with gold, green and raw
sienna. The fringe of his lashes cast shadows across his cheeks, creating dark
smudges that reminded her he must be exhausted. But the way he moved, she
thought he could go for hours.

Twisting her hand in his shirt front, she drew him down
across her, reveling in his weight and the feel of his thick chest pressing her

“Christ, I needed this, Ellie.” He claimed her mouth,
filling her head with his salty musk. Sometime during the night he’d drunk a
soda. She tasted the sweet residue on his tongue.

She fumbled with his shirt buttons. “I’ve needed you too.
Jack the Rabbit isn’t doing anything for me.” She gestured toward the
nightstand where her favorite vibrator lived.

“Mmm. Tonight I’ll give you so much more.” With rough hands,
he peeled her robe off, leaving her completely bare. Every hair on her body
lifted to the caress of his gaze. His wide lips tightened—an expression that
told her he was battling for control as much as she was.

Swiftly he popped the buttons on his shirt and stripped it
off, abandoning it on the floor with a whisper.

“Ohh Pearce, I’ll never get enough of this.” She traced the
dips and swells of his perfect chest—sculpted from carrying heavy hoses to the
scenes of fires and bodies out of burning buildings. Her hero.

Moisture gathered between her thighs and her nubbin throbbed
relentlessly. He bent to her breasts, scraping her sensitive skin with a day’s
growth of dark beard. “You’re delicious, baby. You used the body butter.”

Last time he’d worked a string of long shifts, he’d brought
home a pretty jar of vanilla-flavored body cream for her. He lapped a path
between her breasts and down to her navel. She sucked in her belly

“Vanilla pie.” He arched a dark brow at her and grinned that
crooked grin that sent her into paroxysms of desire.

Without another word, he reached the crest of her pussy,
nuzzling the top of the trim patch of auburn curls that covered her glistening
seam. She squeezed her eyes shut and waited.


When he finally swallowed her needy button in one big bite,
she shuddered from head to foot. He parted her with his tongue, gliding the tip
along her wet folds until he reached her channel. She sank her nails into his
shoulders, leaving crescents.

Prodding her entrance, he splayed his fingers over her inner
thighs, heightening the sensation. Just as she thought she could stand no more
of his sweet torment, he drove his tongue deep into her body. She rocked,
bringing her hips up to meet him as he fucked her with his mouth. She rode his
tongue, the burn in her core raging.

“Pearce, it’s going to be over too quickly.”

He shook his head, removing his tongue only long enough to
whisper, “This is only the beginning. I’m going to make you come half a dozen
times before you fall asleep, baby.” His words vibrated against her flesh.

Quivering, she let him part her pussy lips again, juices
flooding his lips and beard. She watched his handsome face working between her
thighs and for the millionth time wondered how she’d been lucky enough to catch
this ex-Marine turned fireman. He was everything a woman could want. He’d been
propositioned more than once by women on the street, waitresses, even by an
accident victim.

He also received a share of attention from men. He’d
admitted to having a love affair with a man before he and Ellie had met.

But he’d never strayed since the day they’d set eyes on each
other at the university.

He drove a finger into her pulsating channel at the same
time he sucked on her clit. Flames consumed her. She drew in a hitching breath
as she tipped over the edge of the world. He drew on her hardened pearl with
maddening pressure. Her pussy contracted violently and she bucked under his
mouth and hands.

Curling his finger, he located her neediest spot and stroked
it until she came undone a second time. Her release slammed her, raking her out
flat and stealing all sense of control.

For long minutes he continued to love her, slowing his pace
until she was able to gain her senses.

“That’s two to nothing. I owe you.” She reached for him,
aching to be filled.

“Oh you’ll pay, Ellie.” He rolled to the side. In a flash,
he’d kicked off his jeans and tighty whities.

She sucked in a breath as she gazed at his body. Each ridge
was seared into her memory. The veins running down the length of his straining
cock urged her to explore his shaft with her tongue.

She wrapped her fingers around him at the root. His face
crumpled with pleasure and all the stress she’d seen earlier fell away. His body
grew taut as she stroked him from base to swollen tip.

“Ff-f-fuck, Ellie.” He watched her with hooded eyes for a
minute and then tugged her hand away. “No more. I can’t— I’m going to blow.”

Flipping her beneath him, he positioned himself at the quick
of her. She gasped as his cock smeared her wet folds. “Please fuck me!”

“Like this?” In one solid thrust, he drove into her. She
cried out as he invaded her still-pulsing tissues. Her body hugged him and he
issued a harsh rasp.

“Damn, you’re tight.”

“And you’re huge. Now move!”

He held her gaze as he pierced her again and again, moving
them up the steep slope toward release. “I’m gonna fuck you all night, Ellie,
in so many ways. Here.” He jammed his cock deeper. “And here.” He reached
beneath her bottom and touched her rosette.

Dark need flashed through her.

“You like that? Imagine two men fucking you, one in each
entrance. Sliding in and out, ever so slowly…”

With a blinding burst, she shattered. A fist of ecstasy
struck her and she came around him, flooding his cock even as he stiffened and
poured his hot seed into her.

Their moans mingled and he continued to pound her. When her
limbs relaxed and she felt as though she were a puddle of lava beneath her man,
she stared up into his face. “Damn, Pearce, where the hell did that come from?”

He’d role-played before, whispering hotly that he was
fucking her in a restaurant bathroom or pinned against a tree in the park. But
adding a second lover to the mix? Never happened.

He tensed, his gaze flickering away. “I’m sorry—”

“Why would you be sorry? It was freakin’ incredible!” As if
punctuating this statement, her body contracted in a final shudder. His lax
cock slipped free and he rolled onto his side, flinging a forearm over his

Uh-oh. What did that mean?


His voice came out slow and tight, as if someone’s hands
were around his neck. “I know where it came from, Ellie. But I’m not sure you
want to hear it.”

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