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Authors: Erzabet Bishop



Erzabet Bishop


In the darkness of night, desire reigns supreme.


The sins of the past live on in the present…


Carefree submissive Linnet Adams is living the dream with a promising future, another semester of school under her belt, and best of all, the devotion of Master Gage. Her life at Crave, the city’s most exclusive BDSM club, is everything to her until she’s thrust into a living nightmare.


Seven years, seven murders…


Ryder, a male submissive at Crave, is devoted to the lifestyle and one very hard to pin down Domme. He is also a Doctor of Psychology specializing in BDSM related crimes. When yet another murder occurs, he is asked to assist Detective Linnet Adams. Sometimes the truth is hiding in plain sight, and all it can take is one kiss.


The whisper of the cane can bring them heaven or hell…


Gage still dreams about the sub who got away. Linnet was his fantasy girl and the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. As the new owner of Crave, he still can’t get her out of his mind.


A discovery is about to rock his world and bring the past and future colliding together. If only he has the courage to embrace it.

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Bound To Be Naughty Series

Copyright © 2015 ERZABET BISHOP

ISBN: 978-1-943576-51-7

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This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or business establishments, events, or locales is coincidental.

All Rights Are Reserved. No part of this may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever with out written permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.

First All Romance eBooks publication: December 2015


“I don’t care if he is the hottest thing in leather, it’s not gonna happen.” Linnet Adams wrinkled her nose in disgust and gazed out into the crowd. Crave was packed tonight, and she itched to find her Dom and have some fun. All dark wood, black leather and silver, the club was a sophisticated venue, and she loved being there. It was the only place she could really be herself and now that she’d found Master Gage, her life was pretty much perfect.

She remembered with fondness her first encounter with the lifestyle. When she took the job at Desires, the upscale fetish shop, it had been a dream come true. For weeks she walked by the shop window, peering intently at the corsets inside. Her panties moistened every time she imagined the sensation of pulling the laces tight. What would the constrictive binding be like? It just wasn’t enough to wonder. She had to experience it.

Trembling with hope and anticipation, she applied for the job and got it. The interview, being her first, had been especially harrowing. The shapely redhead who ran the store was model gorgeous and sported a different corset every day. To stand in the same room with her now, she wondered how she managed to get through the interview without flirting with her future boss. 

“How are you liking the job so far?” Laura smiled at her from behind the counter, her hair pulled back in a tight bun that reminded Linnet of Mistresses she read about in her favorite BDSM novels. The tight black leather bustier and skirt barely covered her at all, and Linnet’s body clenched in frustrated need.

Get over yourself, girlie. A corset may be hot, but you live in the real world, not in a novel. Ice water. Lots of it, too.

Linnet swallowed hard and turned to her new boss, smiling. “I love it. Thanks again for hiring me.”

Laura grinned. “Well, it was either that or get a bench put outside the window.”

Linnet lowered her lashes, a blush creeping up the back of her neck. True. Her folds slickened with want, and she had to do something about it soon. Her imagination was on fire.

“Get busy straightening. I need to go to the back to check in the new shipment. I’ll be off the floor for a few minutes.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Linnet sucked in her breath. “Sorry. Too many bondage novels. I’ll, um, get right on that.”

Laura narrowed her eyes thoughtfully. “Okay then. I expect all the displays dusted and straightened when I get back.” Linnet longingly watched as she made her way back to the store room. The short leather skirt left little to the imagination, and Linnet had to stifle a moan at the image that crept into the back of her mind. She wanted to be on her knees, with her head between those gorgeous thighs. Linnet sighed and snapped back to reality. Time to get to work.

She made her way around the shop straightening displays and fanning the clothing in the rounders. She tidied up the floggers and made sure the paddles remained all in a row. She didn’t much care for the latex items or the leather gear. Her eyes were on the corsets. Linnet made sure each one on the wall was perfectly positioned, and she found herself standing in front of the blue corset once again.

She reached out with trembling hands and took it off the hanger, letting her hands run all over the fine boning and lace. Fan-fucking-tastic. Her mouth went dry. She had to have it. Mentally cursing her lack of a bank account, she gave a side glance to see if her boss was watching and slipped into the changing room. She slid off her clothes and flung them onto the seat behind her. She had to try it on. Just once.

Linnet undid the hooks, slipping it over her breasts, pulling until the hooks closed. Well, mostly. It would take someone else to help her. She hadn’t thought of that.

“Damn it,” she whispered. She wanted to see what it would be like until she could afford one of her own. The soft fabric and elegant boning felt so good against the softness of her skin.

“You realize that’s a good way to get a spanking.”

Linnet jumped, letting the corset fall to the ground, as she yelped, “Oh my God.” Covering her arms over her chest, tears bit at the back of her eyelids. “Please don’t fire me.”

Laura narrowed her eyes. “Well, that just depends, now doesn’t it?” She pointed at the floor. “Pick it up.”

Linnet bent down, shaking, and lovingly retrieved the shimmering blue corset from where it had landed. Her nipples hardened into tiny nubs of desire, and gooseflesh sprung across her skin.

“I want you to bend over and put that ass out where I can see it.” Laura vanished from the changing room momentarily and returned with a wooden paddle. “Do you understand what this is?”

Looking back at her from the mirror, Linnet nodded. “Yes, Ma’am.”

“Good. Now, I think I reserve the right to give you a good spanking, don’t you?”

“You aren’t going to call the police?” Linnet stammered.

Laura paused. “No. You didn’t walk out the door now, did you? But you
earned five swats. Take it like the good girl I think you are, and I may just reward you after all.”

Linnet nodded, relieved, and braced herself. “Yes.”

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Excellent. I recognized you had potential, brat or not.” Laura raised her hand and let the paddle fly, connecting with Linnet’s ass. She alternated from cheek to cheek, Linnet wincing and yelping as each blow landed. She let out a sob when the last one connected with her sensitive and reddened flesh.

“Now, that’s my girl.” Laura rubbed the heat deeper in with every brush of her palm. “Such a lovely ass. Nice and pink.” Laura laid the paddle down and let her hands roam along Linnet’s curves. “Are you sorry?”

“Yes, Mistress.”


Laura stepped behind Linnet and ran her hand beneath her, tracing the edge of her mound with the tips of her fingers. “Do you think I should reward such a naughty girl for trying on corsets without me?”

“Oh, yes, Mistress. Please.” Linnet moaned as Laura slipped her fingers inside her sopping pussy.

“So do I, pet. So do I.”



God. Just thinking about her first Mistress really brought her into the present. Mistress Laura had been her inspiration and, in part, her salvation. Her stealing that corset, for just a few hours, had led her here and into the arms of Master Gage. She still saw her former Mistress from time to time leading a young man or woman around by the collar.

The main floor was comprised of the bar where she stood and branched out into small private seating areas perfect for an intimate drink and quiet conversation. The rest of the cavernous space was divided up into themes. A spanking bench rested in one corner with a wall laden with enough implements to keep a girl fantasizing for weeks. Currently Christine, one of the regulars, was stretched over the bench while her Domme, Rachel, administered a paddle.

In another part of the space was a wax play area. Candles flickered in the muted lighting, and a woman Linnet didn’t recognize was laid out across the table as a Dom poured hot wax over her naked flesh. She had never tried that one before, and the idea of it made her shiver. But still, the look of rapture on the woman’s face was something to consider.

Her gaze slipped toward the open St. Andrew’s cross and the public exhibition being performed, then down the hallway toward the themed suites. Those held a fascination for her. The club had just had them installed, and she was longing to try out each and every one of them. Medical play, Victorian, a playroom for age play, and a training area for pony play. The place was a submissive’s dream and, to top it off, she had Master Gage.

It had been a rough week, and her exams were finally done, freeing up more of her time to devote to Master Gage. Just the thought of her dark haired, muscular Dom sent shivers down her spine. The good kind.  “Master Gage said we had to keep everything low key until the semester was over. I just hope he’ll make it in tonight. He texted me he was going to be late and to help with the visitors.”

“Maybe he wants you to help the new guy feel at home.” Her best friend April grinned and spun from side to side on the bar stool, her feet dangling. “He’s supposed to be Master Gage’s special guest.” She polished off her cranberry juice and turned to slide the empty glass across the bar to Bernie.


“No problem.” The large black man smiled, his eyes dancing merrily. Everyone understood Bernie was the biggest teddy bear in the place, but if anyone threatened one of the subs, he would rival even the toughest Dungeon Monitor. “You girls be careful tonight. The boys upstairs are on another membership drive, and I’m not so sure they checked out everyone like they normally do.”

“Hmmm.” She eyed the charismatic blond man from across the room. He was surrounded by women, each one eager to get a taste. “God. It’s like a feeding frenzy.”

April laughed. “It is. I hope they leave more than the bones for whoever gets him tonight.” Her Domme Evelyn waved at her from the St. Andrew’s cross. “Look, I have to go. Mistress Evelyn is summoning me. You have a great time, honey, and give me a call tomorrow.”

“Will do.” Linnet picked up her ginger ale and took a small sip. She tugged down her frilly micro skirt and checked her corset to make sure everything was in place. It felt good to sit down. The new black heels she’d worn tonight were absolutely killing her, and it hadn’t even been two hours yet. 

Bernie narrowed his eyes, his lips turning down in disapproval as he gazed at the blond. “You be careful around that one, Linnet. There’s been talk.”

Linnet cocked her head. “What kind of talk?”

“The kind that makes me want to throw his ass out the front door and not care where it lands. I can’t believe he wormed his way in here.”


“Just don’t let yourself be alone with him, okay?”

“Point taken.” She swallowed the last of her drink and heaved herself off the stool and back onto the floor. Her feet still hurt, but at least it was a little better after sitting. “I’d better make my way into the fray. If Master Gage comes in and sees me sitting, I’ll get my backside warmed but good.”

Bernie chuckled. “You know you like it when that man paddles you. Hell, he could paddle

“Naughty, Bernie.” Linnet giggled.

“Don’t you know it, babe. Now you watch yourself, you hear?”

“I will. Don’t worry.”

She blew him a kiss in answer and made her way through the crowd. There were indeed a lot of unfamiliar faces in the main club floor, and she wondered what management was about not screening them. Maybe it was just a meet and greet situation. Then she looked around. Nope. When Crave was open to the public for one of the educational or recruiting programs, the boys upstairs kept everything tightly controlled.

It was probably fine. Bernie was just overreacting.


Either way, she had to get with it and do some smiling and nodding or Master Gage would be displeased. She wanted to tell him her good news about school, not have him upset with her for shirking her duties as the proper submissive. They had a standard agreement that left her in the hands of the Dungeon Monitors when he wasn’t present so she didn’t worry over much.

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