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Authors: Virginia Wade

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Cum For Bigfoot 13



Cum For Bigfoot 13



By Virginia Wade



Copyright © 2012 Virginia Wade

All Rights Reserved.

Published by I Love Stacy

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Virginia Wade



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Dedicated in part to Nicholas Redfern.



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fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is
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Chapter One




I had never had so much sex in my life!
Leonard and Archie and I had been living in a tropical cave for
days now, after an attack by Bigfoot hunters. My routine lately
consisted of sex, bathing, more sex, eating, and lying around in
the snuggly arms of my Sasquatch lovers. The tribe had been forced
to separate, and I had found myself with Leonard, which wasn’t an
accident. He was sweet on me because I looked like my older sister
Porsche. She was at her new house with Daisy and her husband Mike,
while I was stuck out in the wilderness known as the rugged and
formidable Cascade Mountains.

I lay between Leonard and Archie who were on
their backs snoring softly, their furry tummies rising and falling.
We had engaged in a favorite Sasquatch activity: sex, and the
beasts were tired. Semen had dried all over my belly, and it was
beginning to itch. I got to my feet, naked, and emerged from
beneath a canopy of trees, which stretched out for a distance in a
long, rectangular pattern. Archie had discovered the cave, which
looked like an enclosed greenhouse. The ceiling had an opening, a
ragged length of rock that let in the sun and rain, which
encouraged the growth of the trees and grass. The oasis was warm,
being heated from beneath by a hot spring.

I hadn’t worn clothes in days; my things were
in a pile somewhere. The next chamber was cavernous, reaching up
hundreds of feet. Thin, cone-shaped stalactites pointed downwards
from the ceiling, while columns of stalagmites grew upwards,
creating a bizarre landscape that resembled what living on another
planet might look like. I ventured through the chamber, listening
to the howl of the wind outside. At the other end, I climbed
through a tight passageway that led to another room with a deep
pool of water that had been carved out of gray rock. It was
incredibly humid, and beads of sweat formed on my forehead. My
long, blonde hair had been a curly, tangled mess since I had
arrived, the moisture keeping it as frizzy as possible. Not having
seen a mirror since my captivity, I was oblivious to vanity, not
caring about makeup, zits, shaving my legs or using soap. Being
with the Sasquatches was freeing. I had hated it at first, missing
my parents, my friends, and the outside world, but, as the days had
progressed, another way of life had presented itself.

A source of daylight beneath the water
provided illumination, as reflections bounced off the rocks,
showering the ceiling with splashes of light. A small, waterlogged
tunnel led to an outer hot spring, but I hadn’t gathered up the
courage to investigate, although the apes had swum to the other
side often. They fished nearby, returning with armfuls of salmon
every day, thus keeping us remarkably well fed. The water was
drinkable, and I cupped my hands, taking a sip. Then I jumped in,
scrubbing myself clean and rinsing my hair. When I finished, I sat
on the edge, leaving my legs in the water, while I untangled
lengthy tresses. I spent most mornings this way, staring at the
walls and thinking about what had become of my life. I wasn’t
unhappy with my situation, but I knew I could not live this way
indefinitely. A short while later, I climbed through the tight
passageway and emerged on the other side.

I’d forgone the use of a flashlight, because
our batteries were running low and we needed to preserve them. Dark
corners were hidden in mystery, yet the greenish light from the
next room gave off enough illumination to guide my way. I hadn’t
gone three steps when something grabbed me, lifting me off my

“Shit!” It was a Sasquatch, but not the boys
I knew. “Let me go!”


His hearty growl bounced off the walls. “What
the fuck!” I kicked and struggled, knowing that Leonard and Archie
would appear at any second to defend me. Who was this ape? He did
look slightly familiar…

“Put her down, Tate,” said a female voice.
“All it takes is a naked girl, and they go apeshit.” I craned my
neck to see who had spoken. It was Leslie! Her smile was huge.
“Hey, Lena. How’s it going?” She held Wolfie in her arms. “Jesus.
It’s hot in here.”

“Omigod! How did you find us?”

“Bubba sniffed it out.”

The hulking Sasquatch leader came up behind
her, his black nostrils flaring. “Good cave,” he rasped. “Nice

I pushed against Tate, but it was like trying
to relocate a wall. “Let me go, buddy. Put me down.”

“Whhooaarrr…” That had come from Leonard, who
stood within the passageway looking frazzled, having just woken up.
The hair on top of his head stood on end. It took him only a second
to realize he was staring at members of his own tribe. He grinned,
flashing formidable looking teeth. “Leslie,” he grunted.

“Hi, Leonard.”

Two smaller apes rushed by. “Daddy!” Lendal
jumped on his father, the older Sasquatch grabbing him. “I found my

Bubba Jr. stared at me with his tongue
hanging out. I rearranged my hair, hiding my boobs, but the rest of
me was on full display.

Leslie winked. “I guess you guys have been
hanging around, huh?”

“Um…sorta. It gets really hot. I don’t know
how the apes stand it.”

“They’ve probably shed their winter coats.”
She scanned the space. “Do we get a tour or what?”

“Sure. Where have you been anyway?”

“We couldn’t find a decent shelter. We made a
hut, but it was a disaster. If it weren’t for the Sasquatches, I
would’ve frozen.”

“Aren’t we supposed to split up? Isn’t it
dangerous being together?”

“I don’t care anymore. I’m exhausted. The
kids are tired. I’m starving. You guys better have food.”

Archie appeared then, growling. Recognizing
the other Sasquatches, his protests died in his throat. He bounded
over, greeting Bubba deferentially. Leonard grunted and gestured,
his black eyes flashing. The three of them seemed to agree on
something, because they suddenly vacated the cave.

“They’re getting food. Come on. I’ll show you
the greenhouse.”

“The greenhouse?”

“This place is freaking amazing. You’re not
gonna believe it. It’s like a tropical paradise.”

“I’m so ready for a vacation.”

A short while later, a robust fire had been
lit with the aroma of grilled salmon filling the cavern. We sat
under the trees in an informal circle. Leslie had stripped down to
pants and a t-shirt. Wolfie crawled on all fours, eating grass and
playing with Lendal and Bubba Jr. The little apes had explored the
cave already, and they were damp from swimming, having splashed
around in the hot spring before dinner.

“We didn’t see any Bigfoot hunters,” said
Leslie. “I know more are coming. They’ll be searching for the men
that were killed. This could be a huge mess. Zelda has the
satellite phone. There’s no way to get hold of Dr. Haynes.” Her
look sobered further. “I don’t know what’s gonna happen. Killing
those men…it could come back to haunt us. It was in self-defense,
dammit! They never should’ve provoked the Bigfoots like that, the
dumbasses. We’re protected by the government and everything…but the
families of those men are gonna want answers. I don’t blame them

“Porsche told me about how Leonard and Dale
were kidnapped years ago by government people. They were kept in
some weird lab.”

“Dr. Haynes released them. He wasn’t supposed
to. He caught a lot of shit for that. He agreed to let the
government put tracking devices in the animals. They’re monitored
now, but only a few people in The Fallen Institute have access to
this information. I don’t know how the hunters found us. There’s a
leak somewhere. Too many people know about Sasquatches now. Nobody
wants this place overrun by the media.” She shrugged. “I think
we’re screwed.”

“Maybe the world should know about them. Why
keep it secret? They get along with humans really well.”

“You mean women,” she laughed. “They love

“That’s an understatement.”

Her look sharpened. “Leonard seems to really
like you.”

“I remind him of Porsche.”

“He’s partial to blondes.”

“You’ve been out here for years. How do you
stand it?”

“I go home often. My family knows I’m fine.
I’m just stuck in it now. It’s hard to explain. Once you’ve been
Sasquatched, you can’t go back.”


“It’s like Bigfoot reprogramming. It happens
over time. You get sucked into the lifestyle. These apes love their
women. They’d do anything for them. They’d kill for them. They’d
die for them. They’re the sweetest things ever, if you’re a chick.
If you’re a guy with a weapon, forget it. You’ll get your head
pounded in with a rock.”

“I really can’t live like this forever. I
have to get back.”

“I’m hoping Dr. Haynes realizes we’ve split
up. In winter, we always hunker down together. He’ll know
something’s wrong.”

“Do you think Pooky’s okay?” He was with
Dale, Kate, and Zelda. He had been wounded in the attack, and his
body had suffered a severe infection afterwards.

“He’ll be fine. These apes are hardy. An
arrow isn’t going to kill him.”

After we had eaten, we bathed together. The
hot spring had transformed into a Sasquatch spa with the smell of
wet fur lingering in the air. Lendal and Bubba Jr. swam under
through the tunnel to the outside portion of water. The sun had
set, and the light was dim, but that hadn’t prevented them from
journeying back and forth. Leonard and Bubba sat on a rock grunting
and gesturing. Their discussion seemed serious. Leslie was in the
water with Wolfie, who wheezed and splashed gleefully.

It was heartening to see everyone together
again. The boys were fun to watch because they were energetic and
enthusiastic about everything, no matter how trivial. They
extracted enjoyment out of every activity. Leslie was good company,
and I liked talking to her because I found her interesting. Her
dedication to her children and the Sasquatch way of life was
admirable. She had made her choice a long time ago, and her resolve
was firm.

Once everyone had dried off, we settled in
front of the fire, which had been partially lit. It was far too hot
for anything more. It functioned as a light source, because the
ceiling had darkened with nightfall. The little ones had been put
to bed in a portable tent, which Leslie had brought. For a snack,
we shared a granola bar, and the taste made my mouth water. I had
been living on fish for days, and I was sick of it. The granola bar
was crunchy and delicious. This made me long for pizza and
spaghetti and cream… My tummy began to flip over
in protest, growling hungrily.

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