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Curves and Mistletoe

BOOK: Curves and Mistletoe


Curves and Mistletoe: A BBW Erotic


Veronica Hardy



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Curves and Mistletoe

Jenny shifted her weight from one leg
to the other and pushed back a strand of dark mahogany hair while
she waited for the President and CEO to take the stage. Every year
at Christmas it was the same thing, a party with free food, alcohol
and implied mandatory attendance. All so that the board of
executives could pat themselves on the back for another year of
bloated profits at the expense of the laborers. And were they ever
invited? Of course not, just upper management was ever in
attendance. Like Jenny.

Phillip Seymour was crotchety old man
who took his time doing what he damn well pleased, so it was no
surprise to the young creative director that he would leisurely
make his way to give the talk that everyone wanted just to get over
with. She was white knuckling her punch, waiting just like everyone
else. Trying not to look as impatient as she felt.

This is always the most
annoying part, isn’t it? Waiting for his majesty to get up from his
throne and address the serfs.” A handsome man with a chiseled jaw
leaned towards her, a smile of his face. His muscular stature and
youthful face was betrayed by his jet black hair that boasted a
small patch of gray at either temple. She couldn’t place who he
was, but he did seem familiar so she gave him a weak smile and
turned her attention back towards the stage.

Ah, a loyal subject, I
see. Well, forgive me, milady. I just want to skip the pleasantries
and get to the potent eggnog.” He kept chattering away at her while
she tried her best to ignore him. She wasn’t used to such friendly
banter at work, especially from someone so handsome, so despite her
best efforts a grin crept across her face.

I see that my efforts have
awarded me with milady’s attention, I shalln’t waste it. Is that
right? Shalln’t? Shall not? Well, whatever. In any case. Do you
want to listen to this old windbag talk or would you rather help me
find where they keep the booze stocked?” His grin was impish as he
winked at her.

She couldn’t believe his nerve, so she
let him know. “How do you put your pants on in the morning? Surely
fitting them over your balls is a difficult task.”

True. Very true. But that
is why they pay me the big bucks. To have the big balls. Are you
coming or not?” He seemed too confident for her not to know who he
was; he had to be in charge of something.

Jenny thought for a moment and then
nodded. She really didn’t want to hear Mr. Seymour give the same
exact speech for the fourth year in a row. Not to mention, she was
interested to see what else this mysterious coworker had in store.
He was way too handsome to be interested in her romantically, his
muscular stature just looked out of place compared to her lush,
rounded curves. He was definitely a fitness junkie. So why, out of
all of the people there, did he feel the need to pull her aside and
ask her to go out, alone with him. Especially when alcohol was
abundant at the end of a table.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her
away from the crowd of people, most of them looking directly at the
man, but avoiding her gaze. She couldn’t blame them, he was
seriously hot. Now that she got a better look at him she was even
more impressed. His ass, so tight in his pants, teased her, as he
led her away from the crowd of people. They left the social hall of
the hotel and continued down the hallway, towards what she presumed
was the stock room.

Jenny could see the snow clinging to
the windows. It was just starting to stick but she knew that when
it came time to drive home in the morning, the roads would be
plowed. Tonight, though, it would be far too dangerous to go

Which is why the hotel had been
booked. They had thought of everything in way of showing them a
good time. Which was precisely what Jenny was going to

Come on, I have supreme
confidence that the company stock is right here, through the

I don’t even know your
name.” She admitted as she followed him through the double doors
that led her into the kitchen and through to the back pantry. Sure
enough, cases of alcohol were there with Seymour Inc. written right
on them.

Bryce.” Her eyes
constricted. She now remembered where she had seen his face before.
At her hiring committee and just after her promotion. She was
looking at the back side of Bryce Seymour. Heir to the

Bryce grabbed a bottle of scotch, the
kind that these employees wouldn’t be seeing but that the
executives would be privy to later in the evening, and poured each
of them a glass. He seemed to know exactly where everything was,
the alcohol, the glasses. Like he had planned this.

I know your’s, Jenny. I
have been watching you for quite some time. Fought to get you hired
even.” Bryce pulled her into him, his arm firm around her back as
he pressed her body to his. She could feel his desire rock solid on
her belly as he whispered to her.

She was stunned, so stunned she didn’t
push him away or pull him closer. She was unable to do anything at
all. Why would someone like him be looking at her? She could name
at least ten women in the firm that were more beautiful, had just
as much talent and a better body.

Why me?” She asked as he
placed his hands firmly on her hips. She wasn’t fishing for a
compliment, she truly didn’t understand what was going on, why he
would even look at her.

Because you are talented,
more so than even you realize. You could be more than just the
assistant director over Creative. You could be a Vice President
over the entire creative operation, but you don’t know it. You just
push people to do their best. You are feisty. And beautiful.” Bryce
Seymour’s tone was just like she heard over a conference call
whenever he was being honest but forceful in what he wanted for the
company, so she knew exactly how sincere he was being. His dark
eyes sparkled as he tilted her face up towards him and regarded her
for a moment.

Jenny’s heart fluttered: he knew her,
respected her. One day he would run the entire company and he
thought she was talented. She had a good job there, for sure, but
she wanted to climb the ladder as quickly as possible. He believed
she could do it. She pressed her chest into his, her supple, full
breasts against his rock hard muscles.


Bryce understood the message she was
sending and reciprocated by swooping down upon her lips. His kiss
was soft but firm as he molded her lips to his. There was a power
in his kiss that she had never felt in another man. One that
radiated authority. He was going to have her, she knew in that
moment, and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Not that she
wanted to.

Jenny surrendered herself
to him, her lips soft and pliant against his as he forced them open
and invaded her with his tongue. At the same moment he reached over
and unbuttoned her blouse, each button coming undone with a
he moved to the next. When it was finally open he pushed into her
blouse and around her back, unsnapping her bra and pulling both the
bra and the blouse off one after the other. She was topless before
him, clinging to him as he deepened their kiss. Jenny wrapped her
arms around his neck, her hand threading through the hair on the
nap of his neck, holding tight as he slipped his hand around her
pert breast. He felt warm against her body as she clung to him. It
was nice hotel, but historic and that meant that there were nooks
and crannies that let in the air, creating a draft that left goose
bumps all over her body.

You feel amazing,” Bryce
whispered as his thumb found her stiff peak and brushed it, sending
chills up her spine.

He kissed along her jaw line and down
to her neck before he picked her up like she was nothing and placed
her firmly on the counter. Jenny grabbed his shirt and yanked it
off, revealing the handsome, chiseled muscles underneath. Her hands
ghosted over him before she looked up into his eyes.

I am going to take you
right here, Jenny. Against this counter.” His voice was rich and
velvety as he reached up into her skirt. There was no doubt in her
mind that he meant exactly what he said

She wanted this. So when he reached up
and pulled her panties off from underneath her skirt she wasn’t
surprised at how dripping wet her pussy was. She could feel her
creamy juices coating her pussy, waiting for him to touch her, to
delve inside of her.

Bryce didn’t waste any time, he bent
down and stuck his head up her skirt, forcing her legs open,
kissing her wet flesh before running his tongue up the entirety of
her. She fought back a high pitched scream that somebody would
surely have heard and instead allowed a soft moan to escape her
lips. His tongue hot against her sex, she almost jumped when he
pushed his finger into her, and lapped at her while he pushed into
her pussy. He was tight against her walls, pressing against her as
he thrust in and out of her. She was so close, she could feel the
tendrils of pleasure wrapping around her as he continued to lick
her. Only a little bit more and she would be pulled into

But he stopped cold.

Oh no, Jenny. You are
going to cum with me.” Bryce growled as he withdrew from her and
unbuttoned his pants, sliding them down so that he could access her
aching, dripping womanhood. After a moment she heard the subtle rip
of foil as he put a condom on. Jenny enclosed her hand around it,
stroking the shaft a few times before he grabbed her arm and
stopped her.

I need to be inside of
you. Now.”

He plunged into her, his girth filling
her in such a way that she gasped out, trying to make sense of it.
He was thick, thicker than she had ever experienced as he pushed
into her, his cock raging inside of her body. She loved the way it
felt against her innermost walls as it delved into her deepness.
She shuddered as he pressed all the way into her, his balls
slamming against her, hitting her in just the right way to elicit a
moan that was louder than she expected.

He pounded into her again, rough and
hard, almost like a punishment for her transgression as he gripped
her hips and thrust into her, over and over. She felt like a rag
doll, sliding on the counter with each movement, her body at his
mercy. It was delicious. Her limbs started to tremble as she
reached up and grabbed his shoulders, getting leverage to move and
buck against him, increasing her pleasure. It wasn’t long before
her body was out of her control, writhing and shaking as she felt
that explosion of pleasure wash over her. It forced her to move in
ways she never thought she could, creating a truly magnificent

She wasn’t the only one experiencing
the pleasure of orgasm. Her body was strong and forceful as she
milked every last drop from his cock, making him cum with her.
Bryce was more controlled in his release, his moans low and soft as
he pushed his last forceful thrusts into her.

I told you that you would
cum with me. You put on a good show.” Bryce slid out of her and
pulled his pants up, zipping them and looking her over longingly
before pulling down her skirt and helping her off the

I’m glad I could please.”
She grabbed her clothing and started reassembling her outfit,
putting on a piece at a time and saving her panties for

If anything, you have left
me wanting for more.” Bryce kissed her hard on the lips. He wanted
more of her, she could tell, but not right now.

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