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Authors: Zoey Thames

Tags: #billionaire, #menage, #werewolves, #erotic romance, #BBW

Curves for Three (Quick & Sexy Wolves Book 1)

BOOK: Curves for Three (Quick & Sexy Wolves Book 1)



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Curves for Three

Quick & Sexy Wolves Book One

Zoey Thames


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Curves for Three


Quick & Sexy Wolves Book One


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For J.J. and his beautiful husky.





Vicki Thompson’s stomach fluttered with nervous tension as she waited next to her limousine, watching billionaire Davidson Kenner’s private jet taxi down the runway. Tonight would be one of the most challenging of her entire life. Even so, she shouldn’t be nervous and she was annoyed at her how uneasy she’d been all night. She’d had over two years worth of training by Mirage Confidential Limo Service in how to serve the powerful and the rich, not to mention the ridiculously famous. Why should she be nervous tonight of all nights? She could drive through New York blindfolded. She was polite, discrete, attractive, young…and she knew she looked dead-sexy in her limo driver uniform. If she did a good job, Mr. Kenner would likely sign off on his bill with a huge tip for her.

So why was she edgy? Simple. Davidson Kenner was the hottest billionaire Vicki had ever seen. He had piercing ice-blue eyes, movie-star looks, and a body that—when she’d once seen tabloid photos of him on the beach—had made her knees weak. Tight muscle packed onto perfect proportions and washboard abs. In the picture, he’d been wearing swim trunks and walking out of the waves, so the suit had been clinging to him. Good lord, he’d had a sizable package too. She’d been so turned on while waiting in the grocery store line that she’d had to look away from the front-page photo fast. She’d felt her nipples tightening against her bra cups and her pussy starting that warm ache of sexual need that had her wet and yearning for a hard cock to set her right. And a grocery store checkout wasn’t really the place to be feeling that way.

She’d bought the tabloid magazine of course. Then, safely home, she’d hurried into the bedroom of her small apartment, pushed up her skirt, yanked down her panties, and finger-fucked herself until she came hard. The whole time she’d fantasized about Davidson Kenner walking out of the ocean, moving gracefully to her, and then bending her over a beach chair and fucking her until she was shuddering with pleasure. That had been one of the most intense orgasms she’d ever given herself…but self-gratification never compared to the real thing. And now she was waiting for the real thing.

The real thing would be in the back of her limo all night, and she’d be waiting on his orders. Heaven help her.

The private jet finished taxing into position. The ground crew moved the motorized stairs into place below the door. Vicki’s heart began to beat harder. She glanced herself over again, double-checking her presentation. The uniform that Mirage Confidential drivers had to wear was very well cut, black with long sleeves, dark gray gloves, jaunty cap, and slacks that complimented her bold curves. Black leather boots that came to mid-calve. She was curvy, not skinny like a supermodel, but she had good proportions, so she often got compliments from her clients on her appearance, from both male and sometimes even females. The key was self-confidence. That was what made a woman beautiful, and Vicki was confident enough to show it.


But as soon as Davidson Kenner stepped through the airplane door and began to walk down the stairs, all her confidence vanished in a puff of smoke. Damn, he was so attractive it almost hurt to look at him. It hurt because she didn’t want him to read her desire in her eyes, and that meant battling her own desires to keep them hidden.

Worst of all, Mr. Kenner was one of the Big Apple paranormal ultra-wealthy—a werewolf billionaire in fact. He’d been part of the big paranormal world-reveal that had brought all the supernatural creatures into human society peacefully. Vicki was human. If she got all wet and hot for him, his sensitive werewolf nose would scent her out right away. He’d know the sight of him made her want to lie down and spread her legs for his hard cock. Oh God, don’t think about his cock…

Davidson Kenner had reached the bottom of the stairs and spotted her. When his blue eyes found hers, it took all her strength to stay professional and not melt into a warm puddle at his feet. He smiled and started toward her. She smiled back, years of training giving her a bright, friendly smile no matter what kind of inner turmoil she was experiencing.

Another man walked alongside Kenner as if he were an equal. He was big, dressed in a good suit—not as nice as Kenner’s, but still high quality—with shoulders she bet they could land an airplane on. He was heavily muscled and had a shaved head. As handsome and friendly as Kenner was, this man appeared serious and focused as he scanned around the night-dark private airport runway that was used exclusively for VIPs. He must be the bodyguard…though she wasn’t sure. In her experience, bodyguards generally didn’t walk right beside the people they guarded.

Her attention returned to Davidson Kenner as he closed in on her. She stood perfectly straight, shoulders back, chest out as she’d been trained. She couldn’t help but bite her lip when Kenner’s gaze trailed from hers down to her chest and the rest of her body as if he owned her. It was such an alpha male thing to do, but she wasn’t annoyed. When he met her gaze again, she would’ve sworn she recognized the heat of desire in his eyes. It was a decadent and intense consideration, and his smile told her he liked what he saw. Her heart was about to beat its way out of her chest, she was so…so…what? Excited? Terrified? Turned on? All of the above? Davidson Kenner was even sexier in person, something that probably should’ve been illegal in all fifty states.

She’d always heard that sex with shifters was supposed to be life-changing. Nobody fucked better, according to Vicki’s best friend Samantha. Vicki had never indulged, even though she’d had offers and she routinely drove werewolves around the city. She had nothing against shifters, and God knew she was tense enough these days that she could use an orgasm to leave her poleaxed into relaxation, but she’d never gone through with it. She wouldn’t be fired for any dalliance with a client, as long as she was discreet and it was her choice. Mirage Confidential Limo Service specialized in catering to the unique needs of the rich, powerful, and famous paranormal clientele and as long as everyone went home happy…

So why hadn’t she indulged? Because she liked to play it safe. Safe driving. Safe with the clients. Sure, she might be passing up mind-blowing sex, but then again, it kept things simple. Uncomplicated. She loved simple and safe. Her whole life had been that way.

Safe. And boring.

Davidson Kenner had reached the limo. She opened the door for him and bowed slightly. “Welcome, Mr. Kenner.”

He dropped his blue-eyed gaze to the embossed nametag on her uniform, then flashed her a brilliant smile that made her feel like the center of the universe for a wonderful few seconds.

“Hello, Vicki Thompson. I’m really looking forward to tonight.” He glanced at the man she suspected was his bodyguard, though her dispatch from the office hadn’t said she’d be driving anyone but Mr. Kenner. “Isn’t that right, Mick? We deserve a night off, don’t we?”

Mick replied with a grunt that could’ve been amused agreement or disgusted disagreement, she couldn’t tell. The bodyguard looked her over, though his gaze wasn’t anywhere near as scorching hot as Kenner’s had been. He wasn’t bad-looking, shaved head or no, maybe a little scary in an imposing, tough guy way. It was simply that Davidson Kenner was so good-looking that he cast everyone else in shadow.

Mr. Kenner laughed. “Eloquent as always.” He grinned at Vicki. “He talks more once you get to know him.”

“Once I get you somewhere safe, you mean,” the man Mr. Kenner had called Mick replied, his voice almost a growl.

Mr. Kenner winked at her as he climbed inside. She held the door as the bodyguard Mick followed. Once they were inside, she walked briskly and professionally to the driver’s side door, opened and climbed in. She made certain her uniform was straight and her cap was on at the correct angle. Her nervousness had reached a plateau. She could handle it now. Sure Kenner was drop-dead gorgeous and probably a werewolf sex god if rumors were true, but she could keep things professional. He seemed like a surprisingly nice guy too. Many clients didn’t do much more than nod to her and give her orders about where they wanted her to take them—not that she minded, since that was her job. But Mr. Kenner was certainly friendly.

Well, at least tonight would be interesting. She’d seen all kinds of wild things going on in the back of her limo. Sometimes the clients put up the privacy shield, other times they didn’t bother. Mirage Confidential guaranteed discretion. Vicki was paid a bonus for keeping secrets and never going to the tabloids no matter what. So she’d seen some crazy-wild and sexy stuff on occasion. Blowjobs were common. Ménages every once in awhile, where some rock star or foreign ambassador would bring two girls along to fuck. One night a visiting VIP from Brazil had handcuffed a supermodel then opened the sunroof. He’d made the model stand there with her upper body buffeted by the night air while he hiked up her skirt and proceeded to lick and tease her pussy, eating her out like a starving man. She’d been screaming with pleasure as they’d cruised down 52nd Street in New York for everyone to see. The whole thing had been both over the top and so wickedly hot that Vicki had even replayed it in one of her fantasies with her vibrator. She’d imagined a handsome guy doing the same to her as
was chauffeured through the New York night with the skyscrapers towering overhead, while he flicked his tongue over her clit until she was half crazy with bliss.

Even remembering it was turning her on. Her pussy started to get wet, that familiar ache tightening her core down there, making her feel on edge. She glanced in the rearview mirror and looked right into the eyes of Davidson Kenner. Her heart skipped a beat and her mouth went dry. He smiled at her—a knowing smile that nearly had her overheating—and then he tilted his head and sniffed the air, as if scenting her arousal. She didn’t know whether to die of embarrassment or to come right then.

But when he spoke to her over the intercom, his deep voice was entirely professional. “Could you take us to Central Park? I need to spend a little time in the wild.”

Mick’s voice was gravelly and rough as the intercom microphone accidentally caught his words. “A park is a poor excuse for the wild.”

“I’d be happy to take you there, sir,” she answered immediately, pretending she hadn’t overheard the bodyguard. She’d taken plenty of shifters there for runs. Since the werewolves of New York had come out of hiding to the world and openly started running through Central Park as wolves, crime in the park had dropped to next to nothing. There weren’t many places for shifters to cut loose in their animal form in Manhattan, so the park was extremely popular.

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