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His hips anchored hers to the wall and she
wrapped her legs around his waist, the hard length of his erection
pressing against her. It was too late to hide her arousal from him.
She’d never been so wet in her life—her pajama pants soaked through
with her need.

“Yessss,” she hissed as his fingers slid
beneath her shirt and plucked at her nipple. The hand at her ass
flexed, and she felt the strength of him in the way his muscles
bunched and rippled, even as he held her gently.

“Yes, what?”

His breath feathered against her lips and she
could feel the orgasm building inside of her. She shook her head in
denial of what was happening to her body. No man had ever brought
her so close so quickly. It was as if everything she’d ever known
about sex was being turned upside down and inside out.

“I can’t, Cade. I can’t—”

“Yes you can, baby. Don’t ever hide yourself
from me. Now answer my question the way I want it answered. Do you
think of me fucking you like this?”

“Yes,” she screamed as his fingers pinched
harder against her nipple. Her body trembled on the brink of
fulfillment and her breath heaved in and out of her lungs. She
opened her eyes and stared into the black depths of his own, her
body and soul overwhelmed by the sheer force of him. “I think of
you, Cade. I can’t stop thinking about you. Is that what you want
to hear?”

“You have no idea how badly I needed to hear
that,” he whispered against her lips. “You always have to be honest
with me. Your body won’t deny me the way your mind wants to. I’ll
always know if you’re telling the truth. Don’t be scared of this.
Just close your eyes and feel.”

He didn’t give her the choice to do anything
feel. He took her mouth in a kiss that put the first
they’d shared to shame. Sensations exploded through her body and
pleasure rippled across sensitive nerve endings that all seemed to
lead to the tight bud hidden between her folds. His hands slipped
beneath the elastic waist of her pajama pants, and colors danced
behind her closed lids at the intimate touch.

“Sweet Jesus,” he panted, his fingers finding
the bare flesh, feeling the proof of her desire. “I’m going to
taste you, Bayleigh. Lap up every bit of that sweet cream that’s
drenching my fingers. Do you know how I’ve wanted you for the past
two weeks, driving myself crazy, imagining it was me fucking you
instead of that damned vibrator you use?”

She stiffened in his arms, mortification
filling her soul even as the blood rushed to her cheeks from
forbidden desire. Her head dropped to his shoulder and mewls of
pleasure escaped her throat from the sensations rioting through her
body, even as she tried to push him away.

“Don’t get all tense on me now, sugar. You
think I didn’t know what you were doing in that bed? Why do you
think I spent so much time on my deck? You’d push me out the door,
so turned on I could all but feel the sparks against my skin, and
then you’d go in your room and turn all the lights out and pleasure
yourself with that fucking piece of rubber when it should have be
me. I could hear you call my name every time you came.”

She breathed in sharply as his fingers slid
inside her in one smooth stroke, stretching her and driving her
crazy at the same time, so the pleasure-pain brought her right to
the edge. All thoughts of embarrassment disappeared and desperation
filled her.

“I need you inside me, Cade. I’m begging

“We’ll get there, sweetheart,” he promised.
“Listening to you come night after night made my cock so hard I
thought I would explode from wanting you. Did you ever watch me
from your bed? Could you see me unzip my jeans and wrap my fingers
around my dick? Did you watch me stroke it until I came all over my

“No,” Bayleigh cried, wishing she’d known to
watch him.

The thought of him taking himself that way
while she was lying in bed only a short distance away had her
itching to make the visions in her mind a reality.

“There’s no need to deny the desire between
us, but I’m not looking for anything serious here. I’ll always be
honest with you, just as you will be with me. Can you go through
with this, Bayleigh? I know you’re not the type of woman to have
casual flings.”

“Then why are you doing this to me?” she
cried out as he added a third finger, his thumb rubbing in gentle
circles around the taut bud of her clit.

“Because you want it. Just as much as I do.
And sometimes you just need to stop thinking about the future and
enjoy what’s right in front of you. Can you live with what I’m

She opened her eyes and saw the stark lines
of passion on his face, the determination in his eyes for her to
agree to whatever he demanded from her. But hidden beneath the
determination was the sheen of vulnerability—of a past that was too
painful to bear.

“I don’t know,” she finally said.

But her denial was like fighting a losing
battle. She didn’t have the strength to be around him and not want
him. The only thing she could hope for was that her heart wouldn’t
be too scarred when he decided to walk away.

“Do you want me to stop?” he asked, arching a
brow, a smug smile on his face as he brought her closer to

It was impossible to think with him
tormenting parts of her body that hadn’t been touched by a man for
almost three years. Could she do what he was asking? She wasn’t the
type to go to bed with a man just for the hell of it. She’d never
had a one night stand, and it had been weeks into her other
relationships before she’d agreed to go to take the next step. Of
course, look how that turned out. All of her lovers had been
disappointed anyway.

His fingers curled inside her and her eyes
rolled back into her head as new sensations assaulted her battered
system. Desire like this couldn’t possibly last. They’d end up
killing each other. Maybe the best thing to do would be to get it
out of her system. Just so she could function on a normal level

“Answer me, Bayleigh.” His voice was rough
and his drawl slurred with passion.

“I need to come, Cade,” she begged. “Please
let me come.”

“Yeah, baby,” he groaned, taking her lips in
another hot kiss. “I want you to come all over my fingers. All you
need to do is answer me.”

“Yes!” The scream tore from the pit of her
stomach. “I don’t care about anything else. Just fuck me.”

“Good girl,” he groaned. “I need to be inside
you, Bayleigh. I’ve never needed anything so much.” He withdrew his
fingers, drinking in her disappointed cries with a gentleness she
wasn’t expecting. “Just a minute, baby. I can’t fuck you out here.
I’m sure the neighbors have gotten more of a show than we needed to
give them as it is.”

Bayleigh tightened her legs around him as he
made love to her mouth with slow, sliding thrusts of his tongue,
and her finger tangled in the length of his hair, reveling at the
silky softness. She sucked at his tongue and ground her pussy
against the denim of his jeans, so close to an orgasm she thought
she’d probably lose it by the time he finally got inside of her.
The only time she’d ever been remotely close to orgasming with one
of her previous lovers, he’d changed positions and the feeling had
evaporated like mist.

Frustration clouded her cries as Cade
stumbled toward the door that led inside his house. He cursed as
stacks of boxes got in the way, and he finally set her down on a
dining room table she hoped like hell was sturdy enough to hold
their weight.

Cade unwound her legs from around his waist
and stripped the pajama pants off her legs, her panties following,
so she was completely bare to him from the waist down.

“Christ, Bayleigh,” he panted. “Look how
pretty you are.” He trailed a finger across her stomach to the bare
folds between her legs, slicked with her desire for him. “I love
that you’re bare for me. I’ll be able to taste every inch of you,
and you’ll be able to feel me completely.”

“Cade!” she screamed as his long fingers slid
inside her once again.

There wasn’t time to prepare or think about
the sensations bombarding her body. The thoughts that usually
plagued her at moments like this were absent—her wondering if her
lover was disappointed in her, or if she’d be able to come. There
wasn’t room for thought with Cade overwhelming all of her senses at

He lifted her shirt so it rested just above
her breasts and groaned as he bent forward to taste them.

“Oh, baby,” he said, licking her nipple with
the flat of his tongue. “You have the sexiest tits. Full and lush,
with nipples like little raspberries. And they taste just as

Her breasts were swollen and aching, and he
sucked her nipple with enough pressure that she could feel every
pull throbbing in her clit. Her eyes rolled back and her lids
fluttered closed as the force of his suction grew, his tongue
flicking across her rigid nipple, and his finger moving in slow,
steady thrusts in her vagina.

The spasms seemed to come from everyone and
nowhere all at once, her body jerking against him with
uncontrollable strength, and she begged him to stop even as she
prayed for him to continue. The sensations were more than she could
handle, and she exploded against him in a symphony of light and
color, screaming his name as shudders rocked her body.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Cade whispered, kissing
his way from her breast back to her lips. “My hand is soaked with
your come. Do you know what it does to me to know you wanted me
that much?”

Bayleigh’s body shook with tremors, and she
didn’t have the strength to do anything more than lift her eyelids
a fraction of an inch. She watched him straighten and unfasten the
button of his jeans, the rigid length of his cock causing her to
gasp in admiration and horror. All she could think was that she
hadn’t bought a big enough vibrator.

Chimes echoed in her head, and it wasn’t
until she heard his muttered curses that she realized the sound
came from the phone that sat on the butcher block island in the
center of his kitchen.

“Shit,” he growled. “I have to get that. It’s
the station.”

The transformation in him was amazing. His
eyes went from melted dark chocolate to cold fire in an instant,
and he left her open and exposed on the table as he stalked to the
phone, his body under rigid control.

“MacKenzie,” he barked into the phone.

Bayleigh closed her eyes in mortification.
She’d never lost control like that before. There wasn’t a hole deep
enough for her to crawl in. As if her lack of control wasn’t bad
enough, she could feel the wetness from her orgasm cooling beneath
her bottom.
had certainly never happened before either.
And she hoped to God it never happened again.

Relocating was the only way to get past this.
She’d never lived in Alaska. Or maybe she should be thinking

“Where did you find her?” she heard Cade

There was no way she was going to be able to
face him again today. Not after losing herself to him like that.
She found the strength to slide off the table, surprised her legs
were able to hold her upright, and she ignored his narrowed eyes as
she picked up her pajama pants off the floor and slipped them on.
She pulled her shirt down so her breasts were covered, and smoothed
her hair down nervously.

“Fine,” Cade finally said to whoever was on
the other end of the line. “I’m on my way now. See if the ME will
wait to take her until I can get there.”

Bayleigh had the door that led back into the
garage open and one foot out the door when she heard him toss the
phone back on the counter.

“Where the hell are you going?” He moved
quickly and silently, and he was so close she could feel his breath
on the back of her neck.

“You obviously have to leave,” she said,
refusing to turn around and meet his eyes. “I’ve got things to do
today, so I thought I’d head back home.”

“Don’t think for one second that this is over
between us, Bayleigh. I saw the look on your face when you came.
You have nothing to be embarrassed about, and I want you so fucking
bad my balls are aching with it.”

She let him turn her around and into his
arms, and damned if her body didn’t betray her with just one touch.
She arched against him like a cat as his hands ran down her

“I don’t know if I can do this after all,
Cade. It might be too much for me to handle. I’m not used to—this,”
she said lamely, encompassing them both with her hands. “It’s very

“Then you’ve been missing out, sugar. And
what we have is hot as hell. That asshole you were engaged to
obviously didn’t know a clit from a bellybutton. Don’t try to run
from me. Just hang on and enjoy the ride.”

She looked at him solemnly, the magnitude of
the promise she’d made to him weighing down on her. There was no
way she could give her body to this man as completely as she just
had and not give him her heart as well. Cade MacKenzie had the
power to do what Paul hadn’t. Paul had whittled away at her
self-esteem until it was in shreds, but Cade had the ability to
destroy her soul. There was no way she could let that happen.

“You’ve got a job to do,” she said, kissing
him lightly on the cheek in farewell. “I’ll see you around.”

She headed out through the garage, but she
stopped when she heard him call her name. The urge to go back into
his arms was so strong it made her want to weep, but she kept her
back turned and her steps determined.

“I’ll be back tonight, Bayleigh. We’re going
to talk about this.”

“I’m busy tonight,” she lied. “Goodbye, Cade.
Be careful.”

The trip back to her house seemed impossibly
long. She knew Mrs. Spillers across the street was looking out her
kitchen window and that Mr. Krentz was pretending to trim his
hedges as he watched her walk to her front door, but she couldn’t
think about her behavior yet. There was no way her brothers
wouldn’t find out what she’d been doing in Cade’s garage, but that
was a problem for another time.

BOOK: Dane - A MacKenzie Novel
12.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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