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Dark’s Descent


Basil E. Bacorn




















Why am I here? How did this happen? One minute my life is normal, going to school and then home, and the next I am amongst witches, kings, and talking animals? This can't be real. It can't be. It just can't be.




















































































      The light from the knights' torches was her only way of knowing what direction to run. She flew through the woods, not knowing how to get out of this one. Evangeline knew she was doomed when the arrow pierced her skin and she fell to the ground. No magic could save her now. When her powers were suppressed at the castle she knew that she wouldn't escape, but she still had to try. She had to save her baby.

      The knight stood before her, and with a swift movement, ripped the newborn child from its mother's arms. “You can't do this!” the mother screamed, “She's my daughter!”

      The knight stopped, and turned to face the weeping witch. “Not anymore.” And with that, the knight hopped on his steed and rode back to the castle, cradling the child close to his chest.

      Evangeline, the once powerful enchantress, laid on the ground, trying to gain enough strength to heal where she was shot. “I will get my daughter back, and no one will get in my way,” she whispered, “and then my true work begins.” Eva then continued to weep, until sleep took her away under the full moon.


      At the royal palace, the king waited for the return of his men. In order to save their realm from disaster, he had to do as the oracles advised, and send the witch's babe far away, where it will no longer be a threat to the safety of his people.

      Just then the scrawny messenger boy came running in and bowed, “It's here sir, the knights are back.”

      The king gestured the boy to leave and ordered the baby to be brought before him.

      “Here is the child, your majesty.” the knight announced as he presented the girl to the king.

      “Very well Sir Arthur,” said the old king, “now fetch me Marley, we have some business to attend to.”

      The infant was put in a bread basket and Sir Arthur ran to the Great Tower to tell the wizard the king's orders.

      As he waited, King Oscar looked as himself in the mirror. Pretty soon it would be time to hand down the thrown. The king was grey, wrinkled, and very stout. He had to have specially designed clothing because the usual robes were too long and tight. Before he can retire, he must have a successor, otherwise all of the chaos might allow for an outsider to become the ruler, leaving his family as, ugh, regular citizens!

      Marley rushed in, “Apologies, sir, I am ready now”

      “Good,” King Oscar muttered, “do it!”

      As he was told, Marley twirled his hand three times, and a portal inches away from the baby took form. The King got a smug look on his face as he trotted over to the basket, and kicked it in the hole.

      “Where is it going anyway?” the king asked Marley.

      “Far away, where it should never be reached. It is going to the Realm of the Foretold,” Marley answered, “to a little place called Earth.”



      Somewhere in Central Park, a baby flies out from nowhere and lands in a nearby bush. The green-eyed babe began to cry as the gelid wind blew by. Having no blanket, the poor child got cold quickly.

      Hours later, a police officer notices the baby, and taken with the child's cuteness, decides to take her home to his wife. He picked it up and held it close. The kid must've been out here for hours! The man hurried home, with the baby tucked in his arms.


      The cop finally saw his apartment and hurried inside. “Susan!” yelled the officer, still holding the baby, “I'm home!”

      Susan Smith was a kind, and loving woman in her 20s, who always wanted a happy family of her own. She loved children, but hadn't tried to have any because her mom insisted she was still too young. Being the obedient girl she's always been, she'd listened to her mother. Up until now, that is.

      “Wel-” Susan froze when she saw the child, “Where did that come from?!” Susan never did like surprises, especially of this magnitude.

      After Susan heard the story, she whisked the babe from her husband and demanded they take the abandoned baby to the hospital.

      “When we get to the hospital, follow my lead.” Susan told her husband as they pulled out of the driveway, “We are keeping her, but I don't want anyone to know that she isn't ours.” Her mother wouldn't be as harsh on her once she saw the beautiful child, but she certainly didn't want to have the you-are-adopted talk later on.

      The Smiths pulled into the ER parking lot and rushed inside. “I just had a baby,” Mrs. Smith claimed to the receptionist, “We are both okay, but we need to fill out whatever paperwork is necessary.”

      The receptionist smiled and handed them some papers and motioned them to sit down.

      “James,” Susan asked her husband, “What are we going to name her?” James thought, and suggested some names. “How about Cassandra Alice?” Susan suggested, although she knew James would agree as always. “Sounds good.” James nodded and wrote 'Cassandra Alice Smith' on the paper.

      Once they were done, James handed the stack of papers to the lady behind the desk, and walked Susan out the door.


Shaping Good From Evil


      From that day forward, the Smiths tried to raise Cassandra to be a good little angel, although their little angel seemed different from their friends' children.

      When Cassandra was 5 years old, she went to a birthday party with her friends. They all wanted cake, but the adults were too busy to get any. Little Cassandra decided she should help the hungry children, so she ran in the kitchen with all of the kids, and kicked the table to get the cake. The leg snapped and the table tumbled over, covering everyone below with cake and icing.

      When Susan ran into the room, Cassandra was gone. Seeing the cake trail out the door, Mrs. Smith followed the trail. Once outside, she stopped, seeing her daughter sitting next to a pile of torn wrapping paper and opened gifts, smiling.

      From that point forward, Cassandra's parents kept a close eye on her, because it seemed that one step into the darkness was all it took to drag her in all of the way.

      Mr. and Mrs. Smith told their daughter to always hold good close to her heart, and be kind to everyone she met.

      On the first day of school, Cassandra was more excited than any other kid in NYC. She was up at 3:30 A.M. and jumping on her parents bed, shouting “It's time for school! It's time for school!”

      Susan and James sat up, seeing their daughter fully dressed for school with her pink and black backpack already on. Seeing the time, Susan got up and walked Cassandra to the living room to play.

      “School doesn't start until 8:00, but since you're already ready, you can play with your toys while I make a, really early, breakfast.” Susan sighed, grabbing the milk, “How does homemade pancakes sound?” Cassandra rolled around on the floor with glee. Pancakes were her favorite, especially when they were homemade. “I'll take that as a yes,” Susan assumed, “Now please stop, Cassie, or you'll mess up your beautiful blonde hair.”

      Cassie stopped at once. She was so proud of her hair. It was probably because her mom was so proud of it. She used three different shampoos and conditioners daily to make it long and silky smooth.

      They ate breakfast at 5 o'clock, and when they were done, Susan decided to walk Cassie to school. She figured they'd take the long way, since there was nothing else to keep Cassie occupied.


      Once at Abagail Elementary School, Susan dropped off her pride and joy and hoped for good news when she picked her up in about six hours.




A New Everlanon Prince


      Three weeks after Enchantress Evangeline lost her child, the King's son, Prince Albert became King and began the search for a wife. It only took a month for the determined king to find his queen. He decided to marry Princess Graciella of the neighboring kingdom, Deash, joining the two biggest kingdoms in all of Everlanon.

      On King Albert's wedding day, as the future queen walked down the aisle, not a single word was spoken throughout all Everlanon. Once the two kingdoms become one, King Albert and Queen Graciela will have complete domination over the whole realm.

      “Do you, King Albert Eindhoven Herald Rindenton take Princess Graciella Ann Diana Elizabeth Catherine Belle Lee Margaret Taylor Addams-” the priest took a breath, “as your wife and queen, to love and cherish until death do you part?”

      “I do.” answered King Albert.

      “And do you, Princess Graciella Ann Diana Elizabeth Catherine Belle Lee Margaret Taylor Addams, take King Albert Eindhoven Herald Rindenton as your husband and king, to love and cherish until death do you part?”

      “I do” answered the Princess.

      “Then I now pronounce you King and Queen of the new kingdom Celestinia,” the priest pronounced, “you may kiss the bride.”

      Cheers arose from all of Everlanon, as the royal couple kissed. Cheers, that is, from everywhere except for the Darkcloud Tower, home to the great Enchantress Evangeline.

      “How dare they!” Eva scolded, watching the wedding in her Seeing Cloud, “to celebrate weeks after ripping a baby from the hands of its own mother! After they threw it into another realm! All on its own!”

      She then had a wonderfully wicked idea.

“Throwing a baby into another realm, all on its own.” she repeated, eyeing the couple, “Perfect! The king and queen are bound to conceive an heir soon, and then they will know the pain they gave me.”

      Evangeline ran to her library, scanning books, throwing the unnecessary ones to the ground until she found what she wanted. She grabbed a book titled 'Family Spells and Curses'. Scanning through the book, she walked back to the Seeing Cloud. “Ah-Ha!” she yipped with glee, “To Conceive Overnight.”

      She read the spell over to memorize it and yelled, “Gob! Get the carriage! We are going on a trip.”

      “Yes Miss Evangeline,” the small green goblin answered as he scurried this way and that, “It's ready, where are we-”

      Evangeline interrupted, “Never mind you troll, you were too slow.” With her powers fully returned, she dispersed away in a cloud of green mist. In an instant, she stood before the couple as they stopped kissing.

      “Guards!” the king yelled, but Evangeline simply waved her hand and they flew back. “No need to worry, I have a gift for you!” Evangeline teased,


A young couple of newlyweds,

Tonight you won't need your beds.

For with this spell I grant thee,

A baby as perfect as a baby can be!


      Finishing up, she threw her hand at the queen, pointing at her stomach as lightning sprung from her finger and hit Graciela's abdomen.

      “NOOOOOOO!!!!!” the king shouted as his wife's stomach grew.

      Evangeline blew the smoke from her finger and said “I'll be back tomorrow when the baby is born to finish what you started. By the way, you don't get to name your prince.”

      And with that, the enchantress disappeared.

Miss Teacher


      Cassie ran to a seat right up front where she could see everything up close. At 7:50, a lady, probably in her twenties, with long black hair walked in the room. She was wearing glasses, a beige pantsuit, and black heels, exposing her lack of fashion sense.

      She walked up to the chalkboard and wrote 'Welcome to Kindergarten' in big colorful block letters and sat at the teacher's desk. A sign on the desk read 'Miss Teacher'. “That must be her name!” said a voice behind Cassie.

      Cassie turned around and saw a boy with black hair, blue eyes, and freckles.

      “Who are you, and what are you talking about?” Cassie inquired. The boy looked at her and replied, “My name is Charles Myers, and the teacher's name is Miss Teacher because that's what the sign says. What's your name?”

      “Cassie” she answered right before the announcements came on.

      “Please rise for the Pledge of Allegiance” said the loudspeaker. Everyone stood and said the pledge after Miss Teacher started.

      The announcements continued and welcomed everyone to school and said what was for lunch, along with some other things that Cassie didn't listen to.

      She looked around the room until the loudspeaker ended and Miss Teacher started talking.

      “Good morning everyone, I am your teacher, Mrs. Spencer. Welcome to your first day of kindergarten!” Mrs. Spencer continued, “Since it's the first day, how about we introduce ourselves. When it's your turn, say your name, and two things you like.”

      Mrs. Spencer looked around. “I'll go first” she said, “I’m Mrs. Spencer, and I like teaching and strawberries.”

      They went around the room, each kid saying their name and what they like. When it was Charles' turn, he stood and said “My name is Charles Myers, but you all can call me Charlie, and I like race cars and bubble wrap!” Everyone giggled and then it was Cassie's turn. “I am Cassie Smith and I like pancakes and reading!”


      Mrs. Spencer smiled. She loved having students that already had some knowledge of reading. “Okay class,” she announced, “let's each read a book from the Book Chest so I know where you are at with your reading skills. And don't worry if you can't read yet, just grab a picture book.”

      Everyone ran to get a book from the chest and Cassie followed. When she got there she was upset. All that was left were little books. She had an idea. Cassie ran up to Mrs. Spencer and asks “I brought a book, can I read that?” Mrs. Spencer wondered what was wrong with the books in the chest, and said, “I guess.”

      Cassie smiled and ran to her book bag. She quickly unzipped the bag and pulled out a textbook she stole from her mom's bookshelf. It was called 'Business and Accounting'.     

      Cassie ran back to her desk and dropped the book on top. Mrs. Spencer, seeing the book, walked over to Cassie. “Isn't that book kind of big?” she asked Cassie.

      “No, Miss Teacher, this is the kind of book I usually read.” Cassie replied joyfully.

      Mrs. Spencer smiled, “Everyone start reading, I'll be around checking your progress.”

She turned her attention back to Cassie and gasped. Cassie was whizzing through the book, looking very interested in it. She had to be reading at 10,000 words per minute. Mrs. Spencer dismissed the thought, and when Cassie was done, she took the book, went to a random page, and asked “Cassie, you were reading pretty fast, can I test your comprehension?” Cassie nodded.

      Mrs. Spencer looked at the page. “What is something that is true about the doctrine of commercial speech?” Mrs. Spencer quizzed.

      Cassie thought for a moment and said, “It states that commercial speech is entitled to limited protection.”

      Mrs. Spencer couldn't believe it, she was right! Maybe Cassie studied the book. Mrs. Spencer grabbed her own book that she wrote and hadn't published yet, and gave it to Cassie. Once she flipped through the book, Mrs. Spencer took it back and inquired, “Who was Jacob's third love interest?”

      Cassie smiled, “That was Kim, my favorite, she was so funny!”

      Mrs. Spencer just stood there. She really could read that fast. It's impossible! It can't be!

      “Cassie, who's picking you up from school?” Mrs. Spencer pried. “My mom.” Cassie responded, “Why?” “I would like to meet her, okay?” Mrs. Spencer smiled. Cassie nodded and returned the smile.

      “Miss Teacher!” Charlie yelled.


      “What's next?”

      Mrs. Spencer forgot about class. “We are going to do some math! That was enough reading for now, let's do some book work.”

She grabbed her work book and had the class open to page one. Do this page, and if -”

      “Done!” Cassie interrupted.

      Mrs. Spencer flew to Cassie's desk. “Let me check,” she demanded. Looking over the page, she whispered, “In all my years,” Cassie motioned for her to turn the page.

      “You completed the WHOLE BOOK!!!” she yelled as the class gasped. Mrs. Spencer called the office and requested that she have someone cover her class for a few minutes. “Sure thing, Charlotte” the secretary answered.

      A few moments later Mr. Braddock walked in and asked what was wrong, but she didn't answer. Instead, she grabbed Cassie and ran to the principal's office.

      “Mr. Miller! I need to talk with you!” Mrs. Spencer insisted. “Yes?” Mr. Miller pressed. “This child is gifted! I can't believe it!” Mrs. Spencer ranted, “She reads 10,000 words per minute, and completed the entire math book in seconds! Mr. Miller, I don't know what to do!”

      “How about prove to me that what you say is true.” insisted the principal. The principal took a fifth grade math book and gave it to Cassie. As he turned around to sit back in his seat, Cassie said “All done!”

      “This is insane!” Mr. Miller hollered as he flipped through the book, “Call her parents now!”

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