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The Ilenian Enigma







Pedro Urvi


The Ilenian Enigma:

Book 1: MARKED


Book 3: TRIALS



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Copyright © 2016 Pedro Urvi

All rights reserved


Cover Illustration by Sarima


Translated by Christy Cox



This saga is lovingly dedicated to my wonderful parents, for all their love and unconditional support.








Darkness and evil have arrived in Tremia, bringing endless suffering and sorrow. An unstoppable host has landed on the coasts of the East. Yuzumi, the Dark Lady, Empress of the continent of Toyomi, has come at last. In order to avoid the Premonition, the fateful destiny that haunts her, she intends to personally kill the Marked and everyone else with him. She brings devastation, pain and death like they have never been seen before. She has come conquer, and rule the world. Nothing will stop her.

Manipulated by Isuzeni, the three great kingdoms of Tremia are already at war, and unaware of the Dark Lady’s arrival. Rogdon has been invaded, the Norghanians have taken the Fortress of the Half Moon on the eastern frontier and are advancing towards Rilentor, the Rogdonian capital.  From the south, the Noceans have taken Silanda and now their greedy eyes are also set on Rilentor. Both conquering armies are in a race to be the first to lay siege on the capital. The Rogdonians are fighting desperately for survival. They are forced to make their last stand defending Rilentor.

Komir learns from Amtoko that the time has arrived for him to follow his destiny. He understands now that the lives of thousands are at stake. A red tide of blood is marching over Tremia, and a devastating darkness is going to devour the entire continent. Komir must stop it, using his Gift, which he now fully accepts and welcomes. Following Amtoko’s guidance he goes to meet his destiny. Komir, Hartz and Kayti join Aliana, Asti, and Kendas. They realize they share the same path, in a way the same destiny. The Ilenian medallions show them the way, and they follow it. They cross the infernal deserts, and find the Temple of Fire. Asti, becomes a new Bearer as she is chosen to bear the Medallion of Fire.

Meanwhile, Yakumo goes searching for Iruki with Lasgol in pursuit. Iruki is trying to save her people from an epidemic that will kill them all. Lindaro, now recovered and eager to unravel the secrets of the Ilenians, joins forces with a new unexpected ally: Sonea the Librarian. The very driven young scholar has been expelled from the Great Library of Erenal, for tampering with Ilenian magic, and calls on Lindaro. During the persecution they find the Temple of Air and Sonea becomes the fifth Bearer as the Medallion of Air chooses her. The paths of these five cross at the Thousand Lakes.

And the five medallions have found their Bearers:

Komir: Medallion of Ether.

Aliana: Medallion of Earth.

Iruki: Medallion of Earth Water.

Asti: Medallion of Fire.

Sonea: Medallion of Air.


Komir and Haradin meet.

The Dark Lady and her army are challenged.


Two paths, intertwined, directing towards one Destiny.

The path of the Ilenians.

The path of the Dark Lady.

One final Destiny.



Do you want to know how the great adventure ends?

Then keep reading to find out.







Komir walked down the aisle of the stately Throne Hall, following Haradin, who was leading the way with Aliana at his side. The room was graceful, but with a certain aura of sobriety. The whole city of Rilentor had given him the same impression: grand and elegant yet avoiding the extremes of showiness
Komir had been awed by the spectacle of the capital of the Kingdom of Rogdon, not only for its beauty but for its size and number of inhabitants. Silanda had already impressed him with its size and beauty, but Rilentor was in every way a city of Kings, splendid and regal.

When the group had arrived from the Egia Lighthouse, they found a city simmering with activity, preparing for the inevitable confrontation to come. In front of the walls the remaining forces of the battered army of Rogdon were regrouping and taking on supplies. The officers were organizing new regiments with the men who had been arriving from all regions of Rogdon during the last few weeks. Soldiers, mercenaries, peasants, fishermen, men from the mountains: all were enlisted on arrival if they were over fifteen and could wield a weapon. King Solin had ordered a levy of all able men for the final defense of the capital, and the King’s orders were carried out without exception. Any man who refused and any deserter who was captured was immediately executed. King Solin did not tolerate cowardice, or treason.

It was said in the streets that Prince Gerart, with a masterly ruse, had saved the lives of five thousand men in Silanda: men who were now proudly defending the great outer wall of Rilentor. The blue and silver standards filled the battlements of the great wall. Komir wondered whether they would manage to gather together enough manpower to confront what was on its way. After what he had seen in Silanda, and given the size of the Nocean army, he had the feeling that sadly, they would not.

It was practically impossible to make any progress through the crowd of Rogdonians who had taken refuge in the capital, fleeing the devastating war. Komir and the group had taken nearly half the morning to reach the royal castle, such was the state of the busy thoroughfares and byways. While they made their way through the crowds, they had been party to all kinds of rumors and gossip which the frightened citizens let fly. One piece of news which had worried Komir spoke of an army of sixty thousand Norghanian Invincibles of the Snow coming from the west. For the sake of all those unfortunate refugees, Komir did not want to give credit to the rumor.

He brushed these thoughts from his mind as he went on down the aisle of the Throne Hall. He heard Hartz clear his throat behind him and turned his head covertly to look at the big fellow. He was walking beside Kayti, contemplating the royalty of the hall with an awed look on his face. The walls were decorated with rich tapestries in blue and silver, along with murals of epic battles of the past. Hartz could not take his eyes off them as they walked, and even Kayti tugging at his arm could not manage to bring him out of his bemusement. Behind them Kendas and Asti, smiling, brought up the rear on the crimson rug.

Why Haradin had insisted on all of them accompanying him to the hearing with King Solin was a mystery to Komir. On the other hand, the Mage was very sparing with words and could be extremely reserved when he so chose. No matter how much Komir had insisted on knowing why he had said they knew each other, and how he came to know the names of his parents, he had only managed a
when the time is right, Komir, you must be patient.
Patient? After all they had been through. This Mage, however powerful he might be, had better tell him everything he knew. He had not wanted to press the issue at the Temple of Ether out of respect for Aliana, but now he needed answers and he would have them, King’s Battle Mage or not.

They reached the throne, and Haradin stopped. Komir identified their Majesties King Solin and Queen Eleuna at once, sitting in two regal thrones of carved wood and lush velvet with fine golden embroidery. At the foot of the throne stood a young man with blond hair, tall and broad-shouldered, and an old gaunt man with white hair. Komir wondered who they might be. The young man wore full armor with a silver cuirass embossed with gold. From his shoulders hung an elegant blue cape with the emblem of Rogdon. Among so many Royal Guards, nobles in armor and colors of the Kingdom of Rogdon, Komir felt totally out of place.

Suddenly the young man broke with protocol and ran towards them, towards Aliana…



“You’re alive!”

The young man gathered the Healer into an embrace, which Komir noticed she returned heartily.

“A happy reunion, I can see,” Haradin said with a broad smile.

“I thought I’d lost you, Aliana… I thought… I’d never see you again…”

“And I was afraid something might have happened to you, Gerart.”

“I can’t believe you’re here, Aliana, it’s a miracle!”

The Healer smiled at the Prince.

“Will you ever forgive me, Aliana?” Gerart said, holding her by the arms, trying to keep his gaze steady, but without success.

“We’re alive, Gerart. That’s what really matters.”

Gerart shook his head, looking crestfallen.

“Will you be able to forgive me, abandoning you in the Usik forests that fateful day? I’ll never forgive myself.”

Aliana looked into the Prince’s eyes and said:

“I have nothing to forgive, Gerart, Prince of Rogdon. You did what you had to do. For honor, for service to your country, saving Haradin’s life was a state priority. Don’t regret your decision, it was the right one, and I want you to know that I understand and respect it.”

“And this Mage is grateful from the bottom of his heart.” Haradin said to Gerart with a deep bow.

“Kendas found me, and we managed to escape from the Usik,” Aliana said, indicating the Lancer.

The Prince turned to Kendas and greeted him affectionately.

“My friend, how glad I am to find you safe and sound. You’ve brought her back, as you said you would that ill-fated day by the river.”

“Your Highness,” Kendas said, bowing his head in respect.

There was a touch of annoyance on Gerart’s face when he noticed Asti. “And this Usik?”

“She helped us escape, her own people are after her. She’s now one of us, your Highness.”

“Her name is Asti, and she’s a true friend.” Aliana said.

Gerart looked at the Usik girl for a moment. There was distrust in the Prince’s face, but he did not say anything.

“Your Highness…” Kendas began.

“Go ahead, Kendas, speak freely,” the Prince said.

“Lomar… Is he in your service? Is he all right?”

On hearing that name the Prince’s expression changed at once, and a shadow of deep sorrow crossed his face.

“I very much fear, my friends, I have bad news,” he said in a broken voice. “Lomar fell in the defense of the Pass of the Half Moon,”

“Oh, no! Lomar, no…!” Aliana cried, and burst into tears. Haradin put an arm round her, trying to comfort her.

Gerart put his hand on Kendas’ shoulder. The Lancer controlled his grief with an effort.

“He died like a Rogdonian hero, and as such he will be remembered. You have my word. Were it not for his courage and determination Haradin and I wouldn’t be here today. We owe him our lives. His behavior was of unparalleled heroism. He died in my arms. A Royal Lancer to the end, a hero, and above all a great friend. I’ll never forget him, ever.”

“Neither will I, your Highness,” Kendas said, holding back tears with difficulty.

Gerart embraced the Lancer, sharing the pain they felt at the loss.

A solemn silence of sorrow and respect filled the hall.

“Your Highness, his Majesty awaits, and state matters cannot be delayed…” said the frail old man with snow-white hair.

“My son has forgotten that protocol must always be followed at Court,” King Solin said, looking at Gerart reproachfully.

“Excuse me, father, I allowed myself to be carried away by surprise. You are right, as is the wise Urien.” Gerart went back to the old man’s side.

As he passed Aliana the Prince glanced at her. She returned the glance, but then looked away as if ashamed. This small but significant detail did not go unnoticed by Komir’s observant eyes.

“You requested a hearing with the King,” His Majesty said to Haradin, “and I have granted it, my Battle Mage. To what do we owe this meeting you have requested so urgently?”

Komir watched the King of the Rogdonians with curiosity. He was a powerful, broad-shouldered man, with long dark hair in which a few silver streaks could be made out. Although he was seated, he gave Komir the impression of being very tall. His eyes were chestnut-brown, intense, with lightning in their gaze. He seemed an extraordinary warrior, a charismatic leader. Komir wished he could have seen him fight.

“Thank you, your Majesty. I know the situation of the kingdom is critical and that a thousand tasks await you, my Lord, but what I wish to say is important, and I feel that you should be informed of it.”

“I trust my Battle Mage completely. We’ve known each other for years and you’ve never disappointed me, my friend, not once. Your power and your intelligence are one of our greatest assets against the enemies of Rogdon; so they have always been. The Kingdom owes much to you, and I fear that in the days to come much of Rogdon’s future will fall upon your shoulders. I have absolute confidence that we’ll come out victorious once again, with your power and wisdom, my friend.”

“Thank you, your Majesty, I thank you for those words with all my heart.”

“Haradin, you come before us with a truly picturesque group of people. It’s been years since this hall has hosted such variety,” Queen Eleuna said, looking them over one by one. Komir was enchanted by the delicate beauty of the lady. It was as if a sublime aura enveloped her. Her hair fell half-way down her back, golden as the sun, straight and soft as silk. Her eyes were blue as the sea.

“Indeed, your Majesty. Two Norriel, a Healer, a Usik, a Lancer and a Knight from Irinel accompanying your humble servant. And it is precisely for this that I requested this hearing. It’s no chance at all which has brought together such an unusual and disparate group of individuals. In fact, chance had nothing to do with it. Behind it is a very powerful force which we mustn’t cease to watch, a force which might have the greatest significance for the survival or demise of the Kingdom.”

“You’ve lost me, my good Mage, what force are you referring to?” Counselor Urien asked.

“All-powerful Fate,” Haradin replied.

King Solin shifted uneasily in his throne.

“I’m not sure what you mean by that, Haradin, but I certainly don’t have any time for riddles and even less for fate. Leaders create their destiny and forge it with steel and blood. Of that I can assure you, my friend.”

“Indeed, your Majesty, you are correct. But let me tell you what has already happened, since it is of enormous importance, and you should know of it.”

“As you wish, Haradin. But remember that patience is not one of the King’s virtues.”

Haradin nodded and looked at Aliana.

“Would you be so kind as to tell his Majesty King Solin all about the incredible adventure you’ve just been through? Please.”

Aliana looked back at Haradin uncertainly.

“Go ahead, my dear, it’s crucial that his Majesty should know all the facts.”

A little nervous, Aliana began to tell the story of all that had happened to them, including what Komir had told her of the Norriel group’s adventures. The tale captivated all those present, as if the best bard of all the kingdoms were narrating the story of an epic adventure. Aliana explained in detail all the events, dangers, fights and discoveries they had shared. The royal family could not take their eyes off the Healer; even old Urien was barely able to breathe, so intensely was he following the story. Finally, Aliana told them of the journey through the portals and the meeting with Haradin. When she finished, a silence of absolute disbelief and awe filled the hall.

King Solin was the first to speak.

“What you have told here, young Healer, you must never repeat again, nor you, Royal Lancer. That information must not leave these walls.” His gaze turned to the others. “I ask the same of the rest. I am not your King, and for that reason you owe me neither obedience nor royal respect. But mark my words well: if you wish to save innocent lives, repeat nothing of this to anybody else. If it were to reach enemy ears…”

The members of the group looked at each other without saying a word.

“When my son came back from Usik territory and told me what had happened, including the discovery of the Ilenian Temple of Earth, I must admit I didn’t believe it could be true. But when you awoke at last, Haradin, you convinced me it was. What has been said here today, what these young people have experienced, is so unlikely that there must be some powerful motive behind it which we still don’t understand. That much I know. In the same way that I know that this knowledge must not fall into the hands of the enemy.”

“We must be cautious and hide these discoveries from the world,” Urien said. “Haradin, might we use it in our favor in the coming battle? We have so little chance of surviving…”

BOOK: Destiny
12.93Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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