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Authors: Alexx Andria

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Dirty, Sexy, Taboo

BOOK: Dirty, Sexy, Taboo
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For the avid erotica reader, best-selling erotica author Alexx Andria has bundled all of her straight erotica into one large package for one-stop shopping. From the mild to the wild, there’s something for everyone in one big collection of sexy stories hot enough to melt your Kindle.


Dirty, Sexy, Taboo (The Ultimate Collection)

By Alexx Andria

Copyright © 2012 by Alexx Andria. All rights reserved.

*This collection of stories is intended for mature readers only. If you’re not 18 years or older, find something else to read.

The following collection includes stories formerly published as: Backstage Ass, Badge Bunny Gangbang, A Good Ol’ Country Boy, Banged By My Brothers, Banged By My Brothers 2, Hands Behind Your Back, Locker Room Gangbang, Santa’s Sweet Treat, Daddy’s Virgin Country Girl
, P.S. I Fucked Your Boyfriend, Daddy’s Little Porn Star
, Educating Daddy

*Titles previously available in another bundle, Oh, Daddy!

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Backstage Ass

By Alexx Andria

There’s something alluring about the rock and roll lifestyle that for some people, like me, makes us to do things that are, at first glance, completely out of our nature.

To most people, I seem a mild-mannered receptionist for a human resources firm in Silicone Valley. My brown hair is always tastefully and modestly tucked into a sensible hairstyle that is attractively functional but screams: I don’t feel comfortable walking on the wild side and I prefer the missionary style when making love; my brown eyes hide behind the fashionably-thin framed glasses I always wear and the ordinary color of my eyes rarely encourages anyone to stare and comment on how beautiful they are.

But the thing about first glances? They’re notoriously unreliable.

You see, the real me —
the woman my coworkers will never meet —
sleeps inside me until she’s awakened by the throbbing beat of a Fender bass guitar amplified to bone-jarring proportions as the musician gyrates and thrusts in concert with his fellow bandmates as they pound out their latest hit for a stadium (or club) filled with fans. She doesn’t even blink with sleepy awareness until the smell of leather, cigarette smoke, and booze hits the air, jolting her awake with the effectiveness of a five-alarm fire warning.

When the lights go up, blinding me with their brilliance, and the first chord rips through the air electrifying my senses, I come alive. Gone are the long, pencil skirts and demure blouses, sensible hair-do and kitten heels of a mild-mannered receptionist. When it’s my time to prowl, I grab the tightest, shortest, most obscenely slutty skirt in my closet and pair it with hooker heels and an equally slutty top. My hair and make-up goes from girly to glam and I step out looking for another notch on my bedpost in the form of a hot rocker with loose morals and a fat cock that needs to be fucked and sucked.

That’s right, the real me…is a rock star groupie.

And, I’m good.

My first rock star cock was when I was sixteen. Those rockers rarely check driver’s licenses and when asked, I lied through my teeth, assuring the long-haired, sufficiently drunk dude, “Yeah, I’m eighteen” which was all he’d needed before proceeding to bang my pretty little cunt until I was shuddering with every thrust, begging for more. Ahh, the first time is always such a treasured memory. He’d cum all over my perky tits and a couple hot spurts had actually reached my face. I’d shocked him when I’d flicked my tongue out to lick up the cream that’d landed close enough to my mouth. His man-juice had been…a bit bitter actually, but that was okay. I’d always heard that cum was an acquired taste and three years later I can certainly say that I’ve come to crave the taste of a good, hot load in my mouth.

I discovered quickly that getting fucked backstage was easy as long as the roadies noticed you. They always prowled the crowds looking for hot ass and seeing as I’m no slouch in that department when I get all dolled up, I always got picked.

I’d even gained a reputation for a certain something I liked to do more than anything.

I was the go-to girl for a little anal action. Ohhh yes, I liked to be fucked in the ass. In fact, I preferred it to being plugged in the pussy. I mean, don’t get me wrong, a nice chubby shoved in the pussy felt awesome, but nothing compared to the sensation of being taken up the poop chute.

So when a hardcore rock band came to town that I hadn’t had the pleasure of screwing yet (sorry, can’t actually tell you which band it was because those who kiss and tell aren’t invited back to the party next go ‘round) I didn’t waste any time getting my ticket.

What was even better was that the band was playing a small club in town, a place they used to play before they were more famous than God, and they were doing a favor for the club manager. The thing was, I’d gotten chummy with the club manager, Rick, (i.e. I’d banged his brains out on multiple occasions) and he’d kept my name on speed dial as a girl who liked to party and wasn’t picky about who she fucked as long as they had a bad disposition, a fat cock, and more money than they knew what to do with. Rick called me as soon as he got the green light that the band was coming so I could do a little prep work before the big show. Being a girl —
particularly one whose vaj gets a lot of frequent flyer miles — there’s a few things you have to do in the maintenance department to keep the garden nice and trim and free of…well, you know.

So, after a Brazilian wax for my pussy and ass, a nice massage to limber up, and a liquid diet to clear out the system, I bought myself some hot new hooker heels in fire engine red to go with my matching red bra and thong panties. I was ready for some action!

And tonight was the night.

The night air was sultry, heavy with the receding heat of the summer day, and I was wearing as close to nothing as I could get away with without being charged with indecent exposure. My big tits were pushed high, like an offering of two succulent melons waiting to be devoured by greedy mouths, and my tight skirt barely cleared my ass cheeks as I made my way to the back entrance. Donny, one of the three bouncers for Tequila Sunrise, nodded when he saw me, and even attempted to grope my ass as I swaggered past him. I didn’t mind, though. A nice, appreciative ass grab was a great way to validate that you looked hot enough to burn. I gave him a quick smile and blew a kiss his way. Maybe someday, he’d get to fuck me, too.

But not tonight.

The music was already thumping, bouncing from the crush of bodies jammed into the tiny club, and I felt a tingle low in my pussy as excitement started to build. My stare settled on the lead singer, Johnny Trash, a man-whore of the first-rate from what I’d heard. He liked it dirty and rough. And he loved to shove his cock up a tight ass.
My kind of guy.

I smiled and within seconds, a drink appeared in my hand. Rick always made sure his party girls were well-supplied with liquor to settle the nerves and get the party started right. It didn’t matter that I wasn’t quite twenty-one and looked all of eighteen; I had a fake ID and it had always gotten me through the doors, which was all they checked anyway. I downed my whiskey shot —
no sissy girlie drinks for me —
and relished the slow burn on my throat. I moved away from the bar and surveyed the competition. I wanted first dibs. There were plenty of rock sluts in the crowd; they were easy to spot when you knew what you were looking for. There were even a few faces I recognized. Some of us traveled the same circuit, fucked the same cocks. But I preferred to give everyone else my sloppy seconds, not the other way around.

By the time the band ended their set, I was nicely tuned and ready for action.

Rick tossed me an all-access backstage pass and I grinned before ducking into the band’s green room. Typical of most rock bands, the room was trashed. Alcohol bottles littered the floor in various stages of emptiness, and a stray pizza box could be seen tossed in a corner. On the table, a mound of condoms awaited for use. I grabbed a handful and stuffed them in my purse. The door burst open and the band, lead by Johnny filed loudly into the room. I could fairly see the adrenaline and testosterone in the air. It slicked my insides until I was almost dripping with the need to feel a cock inside me. This was the part I loved the most — the anticipation of the unknown.

“What have we here?” Johnny asked in a wicked drawl, his eyes raking my body and settling on the plump mounds of my obscenely large tits. His tongue flicked out to slide along his lower lip. His hair was slicked from sweat and I could smell the strong odor of his masculine body from where I stood. It was virile and distinctly male. There was nothing metro about this man. Likely, Johnny wouldn’t know the point of a mani/pedi unless he was fucking the little Asian woman tending to his feet and hands. Ohhh, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on him. Or more specifically, I couldn’t wait for
to get his hands on

“Rick sent me,” I answered, knowing I needn’t say more. “I’m Tiffani.”

“Good ol’ Rick,” Johnny murmured in appreciation, coming forward. His band mates, taking the hint that Johnny would get first crack at my ass, resumed their ribald and raucous conversations as more rock sluts started to file into the room, squealing and tittering as the tits and ass games began. “Well, let’s go then…” he said, his wicked smile doing terribly naughty things to my pussy as it clenched in yearning, tingling with awareness.

I took his hand and he led me out of the room and into his private dressing room. Rick always supplied his bands with a decent dressing room, particularly if they were a big name. For a small club, Tequila Sunrise was actually pretty bad ass. I knew there was a bed in this room. In fact, I’d fucked Rick on it plenty of times.

I watched as he began to strip, dropping clothes as he approached me. His green eyes, bloodshot from the smoke and the alcohol he’d consumed earlier and throughout his set, fairly glowed with the lust plumping his cock and tenting his leathers. He unzipped his fly and his cock sprang forward, jutting forward with an eagerness that delighted me. “Like what you see?” he asked. When I nodded, he palmed his decent-sized cock and grinned, saying, “Prove it. Get on your knees and suck the sweat from my cock.”

I didn’t waste time. I sank to my knees and drew his meaty cock into my hot mouth, sucking the tip and laving the thick shaft to slick it well enough to slide nicely between my grip. He grunted as I worked his cock, reveling in the strong male odor that was a combination of sweat, smoke and male skin. The sharp musky smells turned me on and made me suck harder, working his man-meat with all the technique I’d perfected on countless other cocks. Johnny Trash was going to remember my mouth if he remembered nothing else from this night.

“Ahhh, shit,” he groaned in appreciation, his hands going to my hair to twine in the strands. “Ahhh, girl, that’s it…”

I felt his ass cheeks straining as he fucked my mouth, hitting the back of my throat with each thrust. I was a master deep-throater and took it without a struggle. I cupped his balls, raking the underside gently with the tip of my fingernail causing him to shudder at the dual sensations and then just as I felt him ready to cum, he pulled away abruptly with a gasp, stumbling back. “Don’t wanna cum in your mouth. Not yet, anyway,” he said, groaning as he palmed his glistening cock, his face flushed as his hips made small thrusting movements. “Ahh, fuck your mouth is insane! I just wanna cum so bad!”

“If you like that…” I giggled and gave him a coy look as I flipped around and bent over to show him what was even better than my mouth.  “How about this?”

“Fuccckkk me,” he breathed, his tone harsh as he took in the sight of my plump ass cheeks and bare pussy lips, my clit peeking from behind my meat curtain. His hands covered my cheeks and jiggled them so the flesh moved like two golden orbs of carnal delight and my tits danced with the motion, too. He didn’t waste time and slid his rock-hard cock into my pussy, shoving it balls-deep and I grunted with the force. My eyes fluttered shut as waves of intense pleasure washed over me from the first thrust. Yesss! God, I loved a hard cock. I worshipped the feel of a cock ramming into me from behind! I’d never be able to get enough of this feeling! I grabbed my ankles while he gripped my hips and pounded my body, jarring me with each eager thrust until I could feel his balls slapping my bare thighs. His cock rubbed against a nice spot deep inside me and the delicious friction had me moaning like a bitch in heat. “You like that, huh?” he grunted, burying his bone and grinding against me as if trying to punish me with the force of his cock. Good luck with that! I was an insatiable little rock slut who could never get enough cock. A sharp whack sounded in the room as his palm found my ass cheek with a stinging slap and I gasped in delighted shock.

“Yes!” I pushed against him and swiveled my hips, inviting another hit, which he gave, warming the skin with the sharp contact. “Yessss! Give it to me, baby!”

“Damn,” he growled in appreciation of my enthusiasm. “You’re the best little fuck I’ve had in months!”

BOOK: Dirty, Sexy, Taboo
13.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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