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Dongri to Dubai

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Dr Shabeeb Rizvi
Chandramohan Puppala
Mir Rizwan Ali




Introduction: Up, Close, and Personal

Part 1

1.  The Big D

2.  In the Beginning: Bombay 1950–1960

3.  Bombay’s Midas

4.  Madrasi Mobster

5.  Tamil Alliance

6.  Pathan Power

7.  The Original Don: Baashu

8.  The Star called David

9.  The
of Dons

10.  Of Young Turks

11.  David versus Goliath

12.  The First Blood

13.  A Seed is Sown

14.  Beginning of the Bloodshed

15.  The Executioner

16.  The Emergency

17.  Mill Worker-Turned-Don

18.  Pathan Menace

19.  Mastan’s Masterstroke: The Truce

20.  Dawood’s Smuggling Business

21.  A Don in Love

22.  Ageing Dons

23.  Death of a Brother; Birth of a Gang War

24.  Dawood’s Coronation

25.  Mumbai’s Hadley Chase

26.  The Fallout

27.  Mafia’s Bollywood Debut

28.  Pathan in Patharwali Building

29.  Typewriter Thief: Rajan Nair

30.  Pardesi Kills Pathan

31.  Circle of Revenge

32.  Rise of Chhota Rajan

33.  Enfant Terrible: Samad Khan

34.  Dawood’s Better Half

35.  Escape to Dubai

Part 2

1.  Making of an Empire

2.  Wiping Out Rivals

3.  Mafia’s Most Daring Operation

4.  End of Dawood-Gawli Alliance

5.  Shootout at Lokhandwala

6.  JJ Shootout

7.  Communal Strokes

8.  Surrender Offer

9.  Maal, Moll, or Mole?

10.  Developments in Dubai

11.  New D Company-HQ: Karachi, New CEO: Shakeel

12.  Rise of the Minions

13.  Shocking Bollywood

14.  Peanuts That Proved Costly

15.  Clandestine Coups

16.  Tech That

17.  Close Shave

18.  The Art of Survival

19.  Post 9/11

20.  Not so
Chori Chori Chupke Chupke

21.  ‘Judge’ Dawood

22.  Carnival of Spies

23.  Detained in Lisbon

24.  The White Kaskar

25.  Global Terrorist

26.  Salem Extradition

27.  Boucher’s Botched Attempt

28.  The Big D Makes the






first met S. Hussain Zaidi in the winter of 1997, when I had just begun writing a novel about the Mumbai underworld. I desperately needed help, and was lucky enough to have a sister who knew Hussain through their shared profession of journalism. So I met up with him at the cheerfully-named Bahar restaurant in the Fort area of Mumbai. I asked questions, and Hussain told me stories about greed and corruption, about shooters and their targets, and despite the chill that passed over my skin, I was aware of a rising swell of optimism—this guy was really, really good.

I didn’t know that day that S. Hussain Zaidi would become a friend, an extraordinary inside informant about matters relating to crime and punishment, and my guide into the underworld. But that is exactly what happened. Over the next few years, as I wrote my novel, Hussain generously shared with me his vast knowledge, his canny experience, and his host of contacts. I can say with certainty that I would not have been able to write my book without his ever-ready help and advice.

It makes me very happy that Hussain has finished his magnum opus,
Dongri to Dubai
, so that the general reader can now benefit from his expertise. This book does much more than narrate the saga of one man’s rise, it brings alive the entire culture of crime that has grown and formed itself over the last half century in India. And as much as we like to distance ourselves by pretending that the underworld exists quite literally under us, beneath us, the truth—as Hussain shows—is that we mingle with it every day. The influence of organised crime reaches into the economy, our polity, and everyday life.

Yet, our knowledge of the intentions and operations of the players on all sides of the law is mostly a mixture of legend and conjecture. Our histories begin with a few names—Haji Mastan, Varadarajan, Karim Lala — imbued with dread, and continue with still others —Dawood, Chhota Rajan, Abu Salem—haloed with matinee glamour. What we have lacked is a narrative that provides both detail and perspective, that lays out the entire bloody saga of power-mongering, money, and murder.
Dongri to Dubai
is that necessary book, and more. It gives us an account that is vast in its scope and yet intimate in its understanding of motive and desire. Hussain moves us from the small gangs of early post-Independence India to the corporatising consolidations of the eighties and through the sanguine street wars of the nineties; we better comprehend our present, with its abiding undercurrent of terror, if we follow the tangled, stranger-than-fiction history that puts an Indian gangster in a safe-house in Karachi, with a daughter married to the son of a national celebrity, and his coffers enriched by the bootleg sales of Mumbai movies to Pakistanis.

BOOK: Dongri to Dubai
8.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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