Double Alien: A Sci-Fi Alien Menage Romance (Reestrian Mates Book 3)

BOOK: Double Alien: A Sci-Fi Alien Menage Romance (Reestrian Mates Book 3)
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Double Alien

(Reestrian Mates, Book 3)


by Sue Mercury

Copyright 2015 by Sue Mercury


All rights reserved


No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of Sue Mercury. All names, brands, characters, and settings, etc. are purely from the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to real people, real brands, and real locations is a coincidence. Contact:
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About this book:


When Dr. Leann Walters is offered a deal to write a book about Reestrian culture, she jumps at the chance to travel to the alien planet and spend a whole month immersed in their society. Of course, finishing her research will be difficult with Taj and Dom trailing her every move and tempting her resolve to remain single. The huge, muscular Reestrian twins have been assigned as her personal guides and protectors during her stay in Galattak Clan. And protect her they do. When she finds herself accosted by a large Reestrian male, they fight for the right to claim her as theirs and whisk her to the safety of their mountainside home.

Though the heat of the battle causes Taj and Dom to finally experience their mating urge, they promise not to touch Leann unless she’s willing. Their first priority is to keep her hidden from other males intent on stealing her away. She’s now considered a “prize mate” and it’s only a matter of time before others arrive to challenge Taj and Dom…unless they mate with her first. She’s intelligent and confident, quite tall for a human female and deliciously curvy, and both brothers ache to join with her in a lasting mating bond. They were drawn to her even before their mating fever burned hot and believe she’s their perfect match. Problem is, their stubborn human ward still needs a little convincing…



After several minutes of circling Leann’s attacker and growling, Dom broke the silence. “We also claim this human female. She is to belong to us.”

Her heart skipped a beat. Was he serious? If Taj and Dom won this fight, would she truly belong to them?

Her attacker bared his teeth and snarled. “I saw her first. The female is mine.”

The hell I am
. Leann once again tried to edge into the crowd, but it was like trying to slip through a stone wall.

Taj’s gaze shifted to her before his eyes once again locked on his opponent. “My brother and I challenge you for this human female.” Confidence filled his booming voice.

Leann didn’t want any harm to come to Taj or Dom, but that didn’t stop her from worrying about what would happen if they won. Oh, how a stroll outside the palace walls had changed the course of her future drastically. She’d wanted to get some good material for her book, but she hadn’t intended to learn about Reestrian mating practices so up close and personally.

The air crackled with tension. Someone behind her yanked the branch out of her hands, and the crowd pushed her forward a few steps. Though no one behind her spoke, she understood their silent instruction.
You must watch

Her attacker roared and bounded for Dom. The two Reestrians threw punches while Taj positioned himself in front of her, catching her eyes for another brief moment. She gave him her most apologetic look. Didn’t he realize she hadn’t meant for this to happen? Didn’t they all know this was a terrible mistake?


Chapter One


Leann was amongst the first passengers to disembark the
, the massive spaceship that had taken her from Earth to Reestria. She walked halfway down the ramp before pausing. Blinking against the bright midday sun, she inhaled a deep breath and took in her surroundings.

The Galattak Clan City was as magnificent as she’d imaged. Hovercrafts zipped over the landscape, and tall, architecturally impressive buildings, many of them constructed of purple
stones, stretched to the ends of the bustling city. From the elevated landing site, she had a perfect view of the streets, all of which were lined by massive flowering trees. Best of all, two white moons floated above a distant range of mountains in a cloudless blue sky. She couldn’t wait to glimpse them after nightfall.

Her fellow passengers, all them stuffy government officials she’d spent the trip ignoring, hustled past her as she continued gawking at the impressive alien city.

A thrill jolted through her and her heart raced. She was finally here, and she would finally be able to finish her book about Reestrian culture. Too bad her publisher had only arranged for her to stay a month. As she moved down the ramp, she thought she could stay here forever.

A cool breeze whipped her hair around her head, and as she smoothed the locks from her face she breathed in the fragrant aroma of the nearby trees. Exotic vegetation flourished everywhere she looked, even alongside and on top of many buildings. Galattak held a beauty she’d never glimpsed in a city anywhere on Earth. It was as if a huge technologically advanced city had been planted seamlessly into a lush rain forest.

Clutching a heavy suitcase in each hand, she joined the small crowd gathered below the landing site. Unease crept through her when she didn’t see Princess Angie, the human woman who was supposed to escort her to the palace. Angie had mated with a Reestrian prince and now called Galattak her home, and Leann couldn’t wait to interview someone with such intimate knowledge of Reestrian ways.

Evening news specials about Reestria were wildly popular on television, and magazine articles, even tabloid stories, about Reestrians sold out the second they hit the stands. Humans were curious about Reestrians, and after she’d written several highly publicized pieces about Reestrian culture, which she’d researched through interviews with knowledgeable government officials and Reestrians involved in the construction of the first Human-Reestrian settlement on Earth, she’d been offered the book deal. She’d accepted, of course, and immediately took a sabbatical from her position as a sociology professor at Columbia University. While she loved teaching at the prestigious school, she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to travel to Reestria.

She enjoyed learning about other cultures, but only in her wildest dreams had she imagined she would one day walk upon an alien planet.

Scanning the crowd again, she frowned to see no one but tall, muscular Reestrian males, and a few tall and curvy Reestrian females. No sign of the petite human redhead she’d communicated with and arranged to meet through her publisher. As some of the crewmembers headed off the ship and joined their loved ones waiting in the crowd, she worried Angie had forgotten about the date.

Leann sat her suitcases down and squinted at the palace in the distance. She recognized it from pictures the American media had released, but even if she’d never seen an image of the structure she would’ve known what it was. Never in her life had she seen a building so tall or grand. The highest towers rose beyond the clouds and far above the mountain it was built into.

Could she walk there? It had to be at least several miles away. She eyed her heavy suitcases and a wave of panic threatened to rise. She suddenly felt alone and out of place. Here on Reestria, she was the alien.

Most of the Reestrians in the dispersing crowd hadn’t given her more than a passing glance, though. Perhaps they were used to seeing humans, and besides that, humans and Reestrians were similar in appearance, humans were just smaller. It’s not like she had three heads and tentacles for them to gawk at.

She watched as several of the government officials boarded hovercrafts parked in the street. She’d heard the crafts functioned like taxis. If she told one of the pilots she was a guest of the emperor, would she be taken to the palace? She reached down to pick up her suitcases, only to find them missing. Eyes wide, she spun around and gasped.

Two large Reestrian males stood in front of her, each holding one of her bags.

Compared to the other Reestrians in the crowd, they were giants. Her neck ached as she peered up at them. At six foot one, Leann wasn’t used to looking up at anyone, but these two males put a serious kink in her neck, and the vision of them standing so straight and tall with their muscles bulging beneath their uniforms left her short of breath. Royal uniforms, if she wasn’t mistaken.

Who were these men and why were they holding her suitcases?

The Reestrian with dark hair cracked a lopsided smile that sent tingles through her center, and her sex seemed to pulse with the rapid beating of her heart. She gulped and wondered what the hell had gotten into her. She had always been attracted to brains rather than brawn. But one glance at these men and she felt faint of heart.

Apparently alien brawn was her kryptonite. She hoped they didn’t notice the blush she felt blooming hot across her cheeks.

“You must be Dr. Leann Walters.” The dark haired Reestrian inclined his head a notch. “I’m Dom, and this is my brother, Taj.”

Dom and Taj
. Somehow their names sounded as delicious as they looked. She swallowed past the dryness in her throat and managed to return Dom’s smile. Taj, who had shoulder length blond hair, offered her a smile too, and his sexy dimples made her ovaries want to explode.

“Um, hello, Dom and Taj.” She tucked her hair behind her ears and wished her face didn’t feel so hot. They might not know she was undressing them with her mind, but surely they realized she was blushing.

“Princess Angie sent us to greet you in her stead.” Taj’s eyes glimmered a radiant shade of light blue. “Her sister-in-law, Princess Kira, has just given birth and Angie wishes to be with her during this time. She sends her regrets and hopes you won’t mind us helping you. The emperor has also asked us to watch over you during your time on Reestria as you conduct your research. Consider us not only your protectors but your personal guides, Dr. Leann Walters. My brother and I are at your service.”

Her pussy clenched and her mouth fell open for a second before she pressed her lips together in a firm line. A series of heated waves stole through her.
My brother and I are at your service
. Was it her imagination, or had Taj’s eyes flickered darker as he said that?

She wondered who was older, Taj or Dom? Looking at them she couldn’t tell. Both seemed young, probably younger than her, even. Had they experienced their mating urge yet? She wanted to ask but didn’t want to sound like she was propositioning them.

Can I lick your dimples, Taj, while I squeeze your brother’s biceps?

She glanced away from the hunky pair and gave her head a harsh shake. These two Reestrian brothers had reduced her to mass of quivering hormones.

“Are you all right, Dr. Leann Walters?” Dom asked. The sunlight glinted off his black hair, and his dark brown eyes clouded with concern.

“I-I’m fi-fine.” She gave an awkward smile and fidgeted with the camera that hung around her neck. “Please, you can call me Leann.” She found it adorable that they’d called her by her full name several times, evidence that even though they’d spent time around Princesses Angie and Kira, they didn’t know much about the nuances of human culture.

“Leann,” they said in unison.

She lifted her chin and tried to recover her wits. How the hell would she get all her research completed with these two perfect specimens of Reestrian manhood
at her service
during her whole month on Reestria? She couldn’t stop blushing and stammering in their presence, let alone think straight.

“Um, so, I…” Her words trailed off. What had she been about to say? For the life of her, she couldn’t even remember the color of the sky.

She gawked up at Taj and Dom. Flutters rose in her stomach, and warmth quickened between her thighs. She was in so much trouble.


* ~ * ~ *


Taj walked through the busy streets, holding both of Leann’s suitcases while she ambled ahead next to Dom. She was tall for a human woman, and so curvy it was all he could do to keep from grabbing ahold of her hips and pressing his hardness against her. Ever since he’d laid eyes on her at the landing site, he’d been one giant walking erection. Judging from the way Dom kept placing his hand on the small of her back, his brother felt the same attraction to Leann.

Little good their hard cocks did them though. Before their tenth birthdays, one of the emperor’s daughters had been promised to them. Princess Ewenna was beautiful enough, but Taj had always resisted the idea of having his mate chosen for him.
For them
. Not only did Reestrian twins experience their mating urge at the same time, but they shared and became bonded to one female for the rest of their lives.

Taj continued following Leann and Dom, pausing now and then when they stopped so she could take a picture or speak to one of the street vendors. She’d insisted on walking at least partway to the palace, wanting to get a good look at the city on her first day in Galattak Clan.

A month. She would be in the palace for a month, tempting him and making him question the mating agreement he’d entered into as a child. Taj knew the emperor had called him into his service, and Dom too, in order to keep them close now that they were of mating age. Any day now their mating urge would strike them, and the emperor wanted them close to his daughter for this reason.

The princess avoided them in the palace though, and seemed to want nothing to do with them. Mating her would be a challenge, and Taj detested the thought of forcing her, even if she would become deeply and lovingly bonded to them as they took her during the height of their mating fever.

Years ago Taj and Dom’s parents, who had renounced their royal titles after a disagreement with the late emperor, died as a rare illness swept through their mountainside village. The late emperor, having once been close friends with their parents, made sure Taj and Dom were matched with one of his granddaughters. When they mated with Princess Ewenna, they would each attain the title of prince they would’ve been born with had their parents not renounced their family’s royalty in the first place.

Taj, however, had no interest in being a prince or living in the palace. He felt like an imposter in the royal uniform the emperor insisted he wear. He was fond of the aunt and uncle who’d finished raising him on the edge of the city, and he was also fond of the cousins he’d grown up with, particularly Prince Joseph, but he detested the formality of Galattak Clan. He much preferred the mountainside village of Telin, where he could spend his days working the land and wearing simple trousers and a tunic, rather than a perfectly tailored suit adorned with the Galattak Clan royal crest and medals the emperor had awarded him for service.

Dom shared his views and wished to return to Telin as well, but breaking a mating contract was considered dishonorable, and whoever they eventually took to mate would be banished from the city along with any of their future children. Taj wasn’t selfish enough to banish the next five generations of his family from Galattak Clan. Those who were banished faced a life of hardship without access to education, medical care, and other essentials one had to leave Telin to find.

His fate was sealed, and so was Dom’s. One day, probably very soon, Princess Ewenna would become their mate and bear their sons and daughters.

But as he watched the light haired human known as Leann animatedly interact with a clothing vendor, he wished for something more.


* ~ * ~ *


Dom couldn’t stop touching Leann. Every chance he got, he put his hands on her, usually at the small of her back, to guide her from the path of an approaching passerby or food cart. Despite her excitement at exploring Galattak Clan for the first time, he sensed her growing fatigue and hoped they came upon a hovercraft soon.

They reached a residential street devoid of anyone or anything of much interest, and he took advantage of the stillness to engage the alluring human female in a bit of banter.

“We’ll take the next hovercraft we come upon, Leann. Before you fall over. I insist.”

She frowned up at him and quickened her pace. “No, we won’t. I’m enjoying the walk, and the palace doesn’t look so far away now. I’m certain we’ll reach it by nightfall.”

“Maybe if we start running, we’ll reach the palace by nightfall. Are you afraid of flying?” he asked teasingly.

Her face reddened. “No. I told you, I’m enjoying the walk. This is a large city. There’s so much to see and so many people to talk to, and I only have a month.”

“Your eyes are starting to look heavy, Leann. Would you like me to carry you?” He grinned at her, and she scowled and moved even faster.

“Stop teasing her, brother,” Taj scolded from behind. “Perhaps you should carry the suitcases and I’ll walk beside her for the rest of the way.”

BOOK: Double Alien: A Sci-Fi Alien Menage Romance (Reestrian Mates Book 3)
9.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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