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Authors: J. J. Ranger

Tags: #Romance

Dustin's Gamble (8 page)

Tension coiled deep in her stomach, an orgasm inevitable. “"

"Inside where?” His right hand spread her ass cheeks, and he inserted a finger deep into her puckered hole. “Here?"

"Oh, God,” she moaned and leaned farther forward, jutting her hips toward him, giving him better access. Pressure built from the tips of her nipples to deep in her belly and on to her throbbing clit. The finger withdrew. “No, don't stop."

Quickly, he stepped from the shower, and she heard him fumbling in the medicine cabinet, then the tear of foil. When he returned, his cock was sheathed with a condom.

He grabbed a bottle of shower gel and squeezed the liquid in his palm before rubbing his hands together to create a lather. Again he spread her cheeks. He smoothed the soap down her butt, between her cheeks, and slipped a finger into her hole for lubrication. She looked over her shoulder and watched through lowered lids as he rubbed the soap over his thick cock. Her mouth watered at the sight of him touching himself. He made her so hot. Shannon reached back and cupped his balls, squeezing and scraping the skin with her nails. Then she wrapped her hand around his and urged his motions faster.

"I thought you wanted me inside you,” he moaned with a crooked grin.

"I do, but you looked so fucking hot I couldn't resist helping out a little."

He bent forward and kissed her, trailing his tongue around the outside of her lips. “Turn around."

With one last tug on his cock, she did as told, spreading her feet further apart to give him better access. Unhurried and deliberate, he nudged his engorged cock into her tight hole, inch by inch, allowing her to get used to his girth and length. The slight burn turned to pleasure. She gasped and adjusted her hips to meet him.

Slowly at first, he pumped in and out. As he upped the pace, he reached around her hips and flicked a finger over her clit, then buried it deep in her core. Little squeals of pleasure filled the shower. Between him fingering her pussy and sliding his cock in and out of her ass, she couldn't hold back the skyrocketing orgasm surging through her body. Nor did she want to. Shannon cried out and grabbed his hips, urging him to go faster.

Dustin complied, pounding into her. Her breasts jerked back and forth with the impacts. Stars exploded behind her eyes as the orgasm hit full force. With a guttural cry, Dustin came at the same time.

Strong arms wrapped around her waist, holding her upright, keeping them joined. They were so good together, couldn't he see that? And not just sexually, but as a couple—always had been. What a shame he needed a woman who would be a stay-at-home wife.

When their breathing slowed, he slid out of her, ripped off the condom, and rinsed off. After she rinsed, he reached around her and shut off the water.

Toweled off, Dustin sat naked on the king-sized bed, watching as Shannon gathered her clothes from the floor. “You're not running off, are you?"

She flashed a guilty smile. She'd thought of it earlier, but now, she couldn't force herself to leave. “No."

He cocked an eyebrow. “Right. What's the matter, Piermont, you chickening out on me?"

She'd agreed to be with him for the night, and she wasn't going back on her word. Not this time. And damn if his teasing didn't make her hotter than Las Vegas in the dead of summer. The clothes she'd retrieved fluttered from her hands.

All inhibition gone, she dropped to her knees in front of him and spread his legs. His cock jutted from his body, still semi-erect and begging for attention. She looked up, met his desire-filled gaze, and winked. Her tongue poked out to lave at his tip.

Taking pleasure in his sharp intake of breath, she enveloped him fully in her mouth and moaned in satisfaction. She licked up and down his length, tracing the bluish veins, swirling around the mushroom-shaped head. Opening wide, she lowered her mouth to close around him, and then sucked hard. Over and over, she bobbed, slowly, never breaking eye contact with him. He swelled in her mouth to a rock-hard erection, releasing a drop of salty semen.

Again, she moaned low in her throat. His body jerked forward, and she smiled around him. She sucked him from hilt to tip, secretly enjoying the way he twitched with every pull of her deep throat. With her long fingernails, she teased his sac, tickling, massaging.

Dustin entwined his fingers in her hair and growled. Moments later, he tugged her away. “Enough."

He dragged her to her feet and kissed her savagely. Her nipples beaded into tight points, and moisture pooled at her thighs.

"I want you again,” she murmured against his mouth and lifted a leg over his thigh, putting her pussy in direct contact with his cock.

He raised her legs around his waist, lay on his back, and pulled her fully astride him, his hazel eyes naked with hunger. “Ride me."

Shannon grabbed a foil packet off the nightstand and ripped it open. With a slow, steady hand, she slid the condom over his cock and scraped his balls with her nails. She planted her palms on either side of his head and leaned forward until the tips of her nipples barely brushed his chest. Her hips lifted so only the tip of his erection was inside her, and slowly, deliberately she lowered. Over and over, she tortured him, savoring each pass.

"Tease.” Dustin pushed her so she was sitting up straight and thrust into her.

Shannon groaned, threw her head back, and rocked against him. She dragged his hand to her breast, and like she'd hoped, he squeezed. He captured the nipple between his thumb and forefinger, mercilessly pinching the tight bud. Through her desire-induced haze, she reached behind her and gripped then kneaded his balls.

Suddenly, he stopped thrusting and held her in place. Confused, she met his smoldering gaze. The thumb of his free hand stole up her thigh and brushed against her clit. His touch was like a jolt of electricity, and she jerked at the contact, rotating her hips again.

"No, don't move.” Again, he pressed his thumb against her engorged nub, harder and faster. He drew circles over heated skin, pinched, and pulled. “I want you to come first. Don't look away. I want to watch you.” His gaze never left hers. Challenging. Demanding.

She shifted her hips slightly forward to give him better access and met his stare. “Make me scream, Dustin.” She had no doubt he'd do just that.

Lifting his ass, he slid his thick cock into her. The rigid flesh felt like heaven on earth. As he teased her, she rotated her pelvis, matching him caress for caress. That familiar tingle burned its way through her core, igniting her clit into a frenzy. “Dustin!"

Again, he surged into her, pumping, sliding. She ground against him. The orgasm stole her breath and sent her soaring, but she couldn't stop moving. Clenching her muscles around him, she rode him for all she was worth. Dustin's hips jerked up and stilled. His cock-pulsing orgasm sent another shock wave coursing through her.

Spent, she fell to his chest. “Oh, my."

After all that, how could she even think of walking away from him? Yet, knowing he wanted a woman who would guarantee her career never got in the way of their relationship, how could she, in good conscience, stay?

Shannon woke, blinking the sleep from her gritty eyes. She rolled over to see Dustin gazing down at her. His eyes sparkled, and his hair stood up in random spikes all over his head. “Mmm, good morning."

A devil-be-damned grin split his face, and he pressed a kiss to her forehead. “Morning. I don't have to ask how you slept last night. You didn't move a muscle."

She snuggled against his solid chest and peeked at him. “First good night's sleep I've had in a long time.” His hazel gaze grew serious, and it didn't bode well for what she wanted to say to him. “Dustin, I—"

He laid a finger against her lips. “I know what you're going to say. I had a great night, too, and I'm sorry it can't be more. You've got your career, I've got the ranch, and it's not that easy to pack up everything and move to New York. I can't see the longhorns living on Park Avenue.” He brushed a kiss over her lips and climbed out of bed, giving her one last view of his gloriously naked body before pulling on his jeans. “It was great seeing you again, Shannon. I've got to get to work before Dillon kicks my ass."

The breath whooshed from her lungs as the bedroom door closed behind him. Her eyes narrowed, her lips thinned.
It was great seeing you again?
He wasn't even going to ask her if they could see each other again?

"You know what?” She threw the blankets across the room. “There is no way you're leaving like that.” She yanked on her clothes and ran down the stairs just as Dustin was walking out the front door. “Hold on."

He looked over his shoulder with a frown. “I really have to get to work."

"No, you pompous ass. You need to stand there and listen.” She stormed up to him and poked him in the chest. Standing toe to toe, she planted her hands on her hips. Her nostrils flared in fury. “I'm sorry that you've got a bug up your ass about women with careers. I'm sorry that I hurt you when I moved away. But mostly, I'm sorry you can't get over yourself long enough to hear that I love you and that I'm back in Bandera to stay."

His eyes widened in shock.

His surprise didn't deter her. She was on a roll and would get out what she needed to say before she lost her nerve. “Yes, that's right. I gave up New York to move back to Gran's ranch, but I didn't give up my career. I joined a design house in San Antonio so I can work mostly from home. Turns out, I am nothing like my mother. I am a strong enough woman that I
balance a career and a family, and I would like to do so with you.” She stepped back and gestured to the door. “But you're such a stubborn ass, you would rather walk away than try to work through our issues. So you go work with your brothers, Dustin. I hope you find a woman who lives up to your standards."

Blowing out a harsh breath, she pushed past him and stomped down the sidewalk.


Do not turn around, Shannon Piermont. Do
let him see you cry.

"Shannon, wait.” Boots pounded the cement behind her, and his hand caught her around the bicep. He urged her to a stop.

Chin held high, she whirled and glared at him. “What?” The word snapped out through clenched teeth.

"Why did you leave New York?” He searched her face, for what she didn't know.

She rolled her eyes.
Now he wants to talk?
“I told you, I wanted to take care of Gran's ranch."

"What if you decide you want to go back?"

"I made my choice. I spent fourteen years in the big city. I belong here, in Bandera.”
With you
, she wanted to add but bit back the words.

His expression softened, his hands cupped her cheeks. “You said you loved me.” His voice held a ragged edge.

Of course, she loved him. Hell, she didn't think she'd really ever stopped loving him. Her shoulders sagged. “It's not enough, though, is it? You want Sally Homemaker. I'm not her."

"I wanted
to stay in Bandera,” he admitted, the pads of his thumbs caressing her cheekbones. “I wasn't going to ask, though. I didn't want you to feel guilty for leaving again."

Despite the turmoil of emotions raging through her, hope swelled. “What about my career?"

Dustin bent and covered her mouth, kissing her breathless, making her chest heave. “Gran and I wanted you home, but you had to make that decision for yourself, not because we wanted you here.” He slid his hands down her arms to catch her fingers in a loose hold.

When she looked into his eyes, she saw right into his soul.

"I love you."

So, basically his
I hate career women
had been a bunch of crap? Her throat closed up. “I'm really confused,” she whispered. “You told me you couldn't be with a woman who had a career, now you're saying you love me. So is the career still an issue?"

"It was never an issue."

Excuse me?
“So why even bring it up?” A headache niggled at her temple. The man was more infuriating than anyone she knew. Was the conversation worth this frustration?

She knew the answer. Dustin loved her, and even though he drove her crazy, he was worth a lifetime of frustrating conversation.

It was his turn to roll his eyes. “If I had come at you with guns blazing, begging you to stay with me, would your first inclination have been to say yes and stay or run at the first opportunity?"

Heat flushed her cheeks. He knew her better than she knew herself. “Honestly, as much as I wanted to see if we could hook up, I was too afraid of being like Carolyn. I would have bolted."

The corner of his mouth kicked up. “Exactly. And no matter how much I wanted you or how much I knew you belonged with me, I could never ask you to give up your career. That's why I was prepared to let you go again if living in New York truly made you happy. But with you living in Bandera, I wouldn't have to. I took a gamble that you still loved me, and thankfully it paid off."

"Maybe I'm an idiot, but again I'm confused.” She pulled away and folded her arms over her chest. “What exactly are you trying to say?"

Dustin stepped close until they were belly to belly and cupped her elbows. “Yes, I'm an ass, and I know I infuriate you—your expression is still an open book to me. Shannon, I love you, you love me, and I think we would make each other incredibly happy for a very long time."

That wasn't enough for her. “So you've given me permission to keep my career and you'll visit me at the Rocking P for booty calls? Nice.” Not that the idea of booty calls with Dustin was a distasteful idea. Hope swelled beneath her breast.

He cocked his head to the side. “I want us to be together forever, Shay. Now that you're so close, I'm not going to let you go. The way I see it, you're going to be driving to San Antonio every day, so someone will need to run the Rocking P. I had already decided to sell my share of the ranch to Dillon. I'm currently out of work, and you are looking for a ranch manager. Who is more qualified than me? And when we have kids, we'll figure out the particulars. But I'm pretty sure their Grandma Dumen would be more than willing to watch her grandbabies."

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