Dwyer, Dixie Lynn - SWAT Team Two and Miss Robin Hood [The Men of Five-0 #2] (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Forever)

BOOK: Dwyer, Dixie Lynn - SWAT Team Two and Miss Robin Hood [The Men of Five-0 #2] (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Forever)
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The Men of Five-0 #2

SWAT Team Two and Miss Robin Hood


When tragedy strikes, Melissa is left responsible to care for a whole family. Desperate times call for desperate measures. As if working in a strip club isn’t dangerous enough, she decides to moonlight for the sake of the poor and needy in the community, including her family. Add in a persistent cop who wants her to snitch and a notorious drug dealer who wants to bed her and she’s in over her head.


Vince, Logan, Sunny, Frankie and Jake are wolves and SWAT team officers. While out at a club, they meet their mate, and she’s one sexy little dancer. She avoids them, but they remain determined. When they pick up her scent near a drug factory they raid, they assume that she’s a criminal in their current investigation. They locate, handcuff and arrest her, and then they bring her back to their place to initiate their version of interrogation. By the time they’re finished, she’ll be begging for their touch.


Note: Each book in The Men of Five-0 collection is a stand-alone and can be read out of sequence.


Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Paranormal, Vampires/Werewolves
66,187 words



The Men of Five-0 #2

Dixie Lynn Dwyer


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SWAT Team Two and Miss Robin Hood

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To my readers, your continued support keeps my fingers on the keyboard and my creative mind flowing with more and more ideas each day. I hope to create heroes you will dream about long after the book has ended and heroines you can empathize with and ultimately adore.


The Men of Five-0 #2


Copyright © 2011


The beat of the drum, the sound of the music, and the rumbling of the bass appeared to be Lilly’s sole focus. Lilly loved to dance. She loved music, but she didn’t like showing off her body. Melissa knew that as she watched her co worker strut her stuff. Melissa tended bar and that was good enough for her. She watched Lilly, mesmerized by her moves and desire to earn some extra cash. In her mind she imagined what Lilly was saying to herself to keep up the act. Lilly wiggled her hips. The crowd of men roared as the tassels on her nipples danced in sync to the music. Years of starving, not knowing where the next meal was coming from, gave her tight abs. Lilly told Melissa that herself. Her stomach had shrunk, and she had gotten used to that nagging ache and that rumbling inside her belly. Melissa knew that feeling all too well herself. Running on the streets, dodging cops and crooks, gave her muscular and toned arms as well as the definition needed to look athletic. The only parts of her body that weren’t so small were her breasts. Melissa was grateful for them, but also knew that her breasts made her a target for horny men.

The beat of the music increased, and so did Lilly’s dance moves. She gripped the pole, humped and ground against the steel bar, pretending it was a man’s body and she was riding his cock. The crowd roared as hard, masculine fingers shoved bills in the waist of her purple sequin thong. She had to twist away to the right before that one slimeball Jerry got a good hold of her.

“She sure can dance that one,” Chuck blurted out as he downed his shot of whiskey and looked at Melissa as she tended bar.

“Yeah, she sure can,” she replied then looked back at Lilly. Jerry was trying to get his hands on Lilly. Melissa hoped that Spike was close-by. She looked around the bar for the burly bouncer and caught sight of him. He was on top of it as usual.

Jerry flirted with just about everyone. He had been after her, wanting to show her that a pole was nothing compared to a real man. She dodged his slimy hands when she worked behind the bar, and Lilly would dodge his slimy hands now that she was dancing just about naked in front of a crowd of a hundred or so.

Lilly looked up towards the crowd and smiled. That brought on another wave of excitement. Melissa followed Lilly’s line of sight as Lilly wiggled her hips away and spotted Tom. Tom was loaded and most importantly was a fantastic tipper. He didn’t mess with leaving dollar bills. He dropped hundreds like they were dollars. The words to the music were sexy and filled with connotations about a woman blowing men’s minds. She had the body, she had the desire, and she had the motivation. Lilly was desperate to get out of the stripping business and settle down with a real man. It just hadn’t happened yet. Lilly squatted down low, practically pressing her pussy to the dance floor, which caused one group of young men, closer to Melissa’s twenty-two years of age than Lilly’s thirty, to roar with excitement and tumble over chairs to press money to her thong. They had fives and tens, but Tom had a fistful of hundreds as he pointed his finger for her to move closer so he could tip her well. Lilly placed the palms of her hands in front of her and did a slow body slide forward as she held Tom’s gaze with her deep brown, seductive eyes. She had told Melissa that she practiced the look for hours in the mirror. She was told that the look would make a priest come in his pants.

Her 34Cs pressed against the floor then up, practically in Tom’s face, but she didn’t release her look. She raised her ass up high, which caught a few smacks from the hands of brazen men until good old Spike, the bouncer, set them in their place. The song was ending soon, Melissa could tell. She looked at Tom as he tipped Lilly. He was an attractive man, a little overweight, and came to clubs like this to release stress and pressure from work. As a bartender, she learned her clientele well. Especially the wealthy ones.

BOOK: Dwyer, Dixie Lynn - SWAT Team Two and Miss Robin Hood [The Men of Five-0 #2] (Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Forever)
12.96Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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