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Sara Hess





Evan’s Addiction Copyright @ 2016 by
Sara L. Hess



This book is a
work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents are a product of
the writer’s imagination or have
used fictitiously and are not to be construed as
real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, local or
organization is entirely coincidental.











Tuesday, September 28

     “So, lunch with your girlfriend, again?” I asked rhetorically.

     My two roommates, Nic and Seth, and I were exiting our Principles
of Business class. We were all business majors here at the University of Virginia so we ended up having many of our classes together. We were in the
fourth week of our senior year and the beginning to final stretch for our
Bachelor degrees. However, Graduate school was a noose looming in our future so
it wasn’t like we were anywhere near the finish line.

     Besides being roommates, we were also teammates on UVA’s lacrosse
team; starters, and three of the best on the team, if not the league. We had
two other roommates, Noah and Landon, and they were on the team as well.

     A grin took over Nic’s face at the mention of his girl. “Yep.”  

     Nic, the ultimate player, met a girl earlier this year and they
were now joined at the allegorical and corporeal hip. I never thought I’d see
the day that Nic would settle down with one girl, but it was like he’d taken
one look at Carrie and seen his destiny. She was a great girl; sweet, beautiful
as all-get-out, smart, and witty with a touch of shyness that was completely
enduring. So even though it was bizarre as fuck, it wasn’t utterly

     For me it would be utterly incomprehensible. I adored women, and l
loved fucking them, but I could only handle the same one for a short amount of
time. They could be sweet as hell, and an awesome lay, but after awhile they
made my mind go numb. I would never say it out loud, because it was totally
cliché, but it wasn’t them, it was me. My I.Q. was in the genius range so my mind
needed significant stimuli to stay engaged.

     The girls I hooked-up with knew the score. Like me, they were only
looking for some fun and utilizing college as a way to sow their wild oats, and
being an attractive lacrosse player I wasn’t hurting for hook-ups. I wasn’t a
six-four blonde god like Nic, but at six foot two with light brown hair and a muscular
physique I had no trouble drawing them in.

     My attention was snagged by Seth tapping away on his cell phone
with his large sausage-like fingers as we ambled in the direction of the
cafeteria. Nic was tall, but Seth was a giant at six foot six and loaded down
with two-hundred and fifty pounds of muscle on muscle. His dark brows were
pinched together as he punched at his screen…probably having a difficult time
hitting the correct letters with those enormous digits of his. He often
misspelled words in texts to me.

     “Who are you texting inaccurately there, Pit.” I’d given Seth the
nickname Bottomless Pit in our freshman year because he was always eating.
After time it had gotten shortened to ‘Pit’. He hated it.

     “Don’t call me that.” He growled.

     See, I told you.

     I jabbed at his bicep repeatedly, annoyingly, because that’s what
I did. “Come on, tell me, tellll meee.”

     Two attractive girl walked by giving us smiles which I returned
since Nic and Seth seemed disinclined.

     Eyes glued to his phone Seth shrugged me off. “Nadia.”

     Auhh, his latest, and possible next girlfriend. Not that he’d had
a lot of girlfriends, but he had acquired one over the summer and broken up
with her when fall courses started. The correlation between him meeting Nadia
and then breaking off the other relationship revealed a lot. Seth wasn’t a capricious
person, so this Nadia must be someone damn special. 

     I tried looking over his shoulder, but a four inch deficit didn’t
make it easy. Six-two wasn’t short but compared to Seth it was.

     “Are you sexting her? Please tell me you’re sexting her, and go
into extensive details.”

     He shrugged me off again and growled. “No, and no.”

     Besides being gigantic, Seth was also a chatterbox. It was just so
damn difficult to shut the guy up;
yap, yap, yap

     Another attractive, smiling girl strolled by, this one a past
hook-up. She raised her hand in the universal phone gesture to call her and I
gave her a return smile—I wasn’t adverse to a short reacquaintance—while at the
same time huffing in faux offense at Seth.

     “Fine, keep it a secret. I was only being polite pretending to
care about your life anyway. If your texts to her are anything similar to the
ones you send us then it’s not like I’m missing out on anything. A couple no’s,
a few yes’s. Titillating dialogue.”

     I got a succinct side-glare for that before he returned to
texting. He chuckled at something and I about stumbled over my feet. It wasn’t
unheard of for Seth to laugh, but they were rare. Nic’s brows rose on the other
side of Seth as he too marveled at the unexpected chuckle, but then his
attention focused ahead of us and his expression brightened in unqualified happiness.

     Wow! The dude was so far down the sappy rabbit hole he was
approaching China.

     Following his gaze I saw Carrie about a hundred feet in front of
us, standing near the entrance to the cafeteria. It was difficult not to be
awed by her natural beauty. She had some Latin ancestry and it gave her a dark
exotic look; nearly black hair, olive skin, two beauty marks by her eyebrow and
lip, but what really stood out was her ice blue eyes, they were almost

     I was accustomed to her looks after months in her presence, so my
focus switched to the female next to her she was in conversation with. My interest
was instantly captured.

     A red head, but not a run of the mill red head. No, this girl had
astonishingly, glorious red hair; different colored dark reds mixed with
unsystematic light reds. It was a rainbow of reds. But that wasn’t the only
amazing thing about it; it was also a mass of corkscrew curls. The only thing I
disliked about the whole ensemble was that it was confined in a huge messy bun
on top of her head.

     Hair like that was meant to be free and wild.

     The girl wasn’t dressed to impress; frayed jeans cut off at the
knees, flip flops, a worn t-shirt that hung looser than I liked, and no
make-up. But she had that young, wholesome, hot girl next door look that nearly
slapped you in the face…in an oh-so awesome way.

     “Who’s the ginger hottie that Carrie is talking to?” I asked Nic.

     “That’s Shaw. They met right after the news article came out about
Carrie.” Nic’s expression darkened.

     Yeah, I remembered that. Poor girl had a traumatic past. People
should have been overwhelming her with support and compassion, but instead
she’d been surrounded by fuckwads.

     “Shaw was…is one of Carrie’s strongest supporters; she reamed
anyone who dared to say anything negative to Carrie. I actually came upon them
one time and Shaw was giving some guy a verbal vasectomy for some shit he’d
spouted to Carrie. I let her take a break so I could take over.” Nic sneered
and his eyes darkened with murderous remembrance.

     I’d been there for several similar interactions last term. Nic had
torn anyone a new asshole that said anything bad about Carrie; to her face or
behind it.

     “They’ve become really good friends since then. Shaw’s her new
roommate.” Nic threw me a grin that held some kind of veiled meaning.

     If they were roommates then the girl could be the same age as
Carrie, nineteen, and a sophomore.

     I narrowed my eyes at Nic and then glanced back at the girl. “Why
haven’t I heard about her before today? And why hasn’t she popped up at the
house yet?”

     From previous experience I knew most girls would use any available
reason for a chance to get through our front door, and then our bedroom doors.
Yet this girl hadn’t.  

     Nic’s lip twisted again. “Shaw’s…different.”

     I rolled my eyes. “Please, tell me less. I don’t think that was
vague enough.”

     He snorted. “You’ll find out in ten seconds or less.”

     My eyes stayed glued on the red head as we walked up. The two
girls were so engrossed in their discussion that neither of them noticed our
approach until Nic wrapped his arms around Carrie’s waist. 

     She jumped slightly in alarm but then realizing it was Nic she
beamed enormously. “Hey.”

     Nic’s response was to lean down and devour her mouth.

     Ignoring them I gave Red my most charming and sexy grin. “Hello,
I’m Evan. What’s your name sweet thing?” Yeah, Nic had just told me her name,
but this was how you introduced yourself. I also wasn’t going to wait for Nic
and Carrie to come up for a breather so they could introduce us.

     My charm’exy smile was met with narrowed, vibrant green eyes, and
a scornful twist of plump lips. “Justa Leavin.”


     She turned to Carrie, ignoring me. “Carrie, I have to…” She paused
to eye Seth and me, disdain palpable. “…Be anywhere but here. I’ll catch you
later.” Then she walked away without a backwards glance.

     I stared after her with my mouth possibly gaping. After that epic
cut, and clever play on words, I should have at least had the consolation view
of an incredible ass to look forward to, but no, the t-shirt was long obscuring
it. Nice toned naked calves though. 

     Nic chortled behind me—that definitely wasn’t Seth’s
guffaw—drawing my attention away from the malcontent red-head. He had a
shit-ass smirk on his face.

     “What the hell was that?” I asked with a confused frown, but at
the same time I couldn’t help appreciating her smart-ass-ness. 

     Looking discomfited Carrie answered. “Shaw is just really blunt
and short with most people. She doesn’t mean anything by it…usually.”

     Nic snorted with humor in his eyes, squeezing Carrie tighter.
“Babe, she means everything she says. Don’t expect her to warm up to you any
time soon, Evan. It took her months to warm up to me; at least, I think she’s
warmed up to me. It’s difficult to tell sometimes.” He snorted again.

     Carrie slapped at his arm half-heartedly. “You know she likes you,

     “In her own feral way.”

     “Nic, be nice!” Carrie exclaimed.

     “That was nice.” He chuckled.

     Carrie frowned at him and he gave her a kiss that I assume was
meant to apologize. “Honey, you know Shaw has my undying gratitude just for
having your back. That she’s your friend, and she’s important to you; well,
that makes her one of us. Even if she wants nothing to do with us.”

     Carrie sighed, hugging him. “We’ve talked about that…”

     Nic nodded. “I know, she reminds you of you, and that’s another
reason why I have her back no matter what.”

     Smiling and cupping his face Carrie pulled him down for a kiss.
“You’re the best.”

     Nic deepened the kiss. “No, you are.”

     “Can we walk and eulogize at the same time? I’m hungry.” Seth
grumbled, and without waiting for a response he turned and lumbered into the

     What could we do but follow.

     “So, why doesn’t Shaw want anything to do with us? Does she have something
against lacrosse players, or athletes in general?” I inquired as we got in the
food line. Since our house consisted entirely of lacrosse players it was the
only reason I could fathom on why she wouldn’t want to hang with us.

     Carrie shrugged, looking uncomfortable again. “Shaw works a lot,
and here on a scholarship, which she takes very seriously, so she doesn’t have
much down time.”

     Nic offered up another grunt which had Carrie glowering. Wow, two
frowns in a row, she must hold this Shaw chick in high esteem because I rarely
saw Carrie give Nic the stink eye. Before I could ask anything further about
her I was interrupted.

    “Hey, Evan.”

     I looked behind me and smiled. “Hey, Tiff.”

     Tiffany was my current friends-with-benefits; shoulder length
blonde hair, brown eyes, curves in all the right places, and wearing the
clothes to show them off…unlike others. We’d been hooking up for three weeks
and it was getting close to that losing my attention cut-off point. She was a
great girl, but the spark only lasted for so long. I’d given her my estimated
four weeks heads-up before we started our thing so she wouldn’t be surprised
when I called it quits, and she said she was fine with that.  

     Sidling up next to me Tiff slid her hand up under my shirt to
trail her nails along the edge of my waist band, dipping one finger in to
tickle the top of my ass. “I’ve got a free hour and a half before my next
class…” She raised her brow seductively. “You free?”

     I actually was for the rest of the day, and the spark between us
wasn’t completely dead yet, so… “Let me grab some food to go and we’ll head

     Her smile brightened enhancing her beauty, but for some reason my
thoughts rewound to Red. I wasn’t certain if it was my imagination, or the
incongruity of the encounter, but her disdainful expression appeared to hold
more vitality than Tiff’s enormously pleased smile.

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