Everything He Wants: Claimed by The Billionaire


Everything He Wants:
Claimed by the Billionaire


By Jade Maxwell

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All Rights Reserved

This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and incidents are either products of the writer’s imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locales or organizations is purely unintentional.


Chapter 1

stop. Please don't stop," Laila cried as Roderick continued to savor her, the nectar of her juices filling his mouth, as his firm tongue darted inside her again and again. Her thighs quivered as another rapturous climax threatened to erupt, sending waves of erotic pleasure throughout Laila's body. Roderick's dark head furrowed even deeper into her creamy folds and Laila shuddered at the orgasm's release, intoxicated by his sublimely powerful tongue. He lifted her hips and supple ass higher, to take even more of her into his mouth...

"Briiing! Briiiiing!"

Laila shot up in bed, pushing the tangle of tight black curls from her eyes.


The phone shrieked one final time then fell silent just as Laila seized it from the mahogany nightstand.


Returning the now quiet phone to its base, Laila fell back on the elegant Egyptian cotton sheets of the highest thread count. Only the best for the wife of a billionaire. The currently
billionaire. Gazing at Roderick's side of the bed, Laila noted that it was cold and unclaimed. Yet again. Laila tried to remember the last time she had seen her husband, save for the delicious dream she had just been enjoying. It had been

She vaguely recalled him saying that he had to fly to Tokyo to broker a business agreement with the CEO of a foreign telecom before returning to the states on his private Lear jet. He was probably smoking an imported cigar at that very moment, savoring yet another business victory. Roderick Channing was a man that was used to getting what he wanted. And he always did.

The first time she had met him, she was rather intimidated, which wasn't like her. Laila had grown up fast, having to take care of her four younger siblings after her mother died and with her father working double shifts at the factory to take care of his five children. With Laila being oldest, she was sister, caretaker, homework checker, owie kisser. Though she could never replace their beloved late mother, her love and devotion had slightly softened the bitter sting for her siblings, having lost a mother at age thirty six to a rare form of brain cancer.

Helping care for her mother at the end of her illness birthed a desire in Laila to help those who were ailing, to make them feel better. That desire drew her to nursing school. She had graduated at the top of her class at the northern California school she attended and had been working for a private nursing agency for the past six years. Then six months ago, she received the call that would forever change her life.

"Laila, Hi, I have an assignment that I think may be perfect for you."

"I was actually planning to drive up and visit my dad in L.A., take a long weekend?"

"Well, this assignment pays very well and it's with a very upscale client. Of course you are the best and that is what, what is her name? I have it here, “Daphne paused. Yes, Ms. Emerson requested our best RN, as well as discretion, naturally."

“Fine, I'll come in and we can talk about the particulars. But I'm not making any promises."

"Wonderful! I'll see you shortly, dear. Bye, bye."

With her younger siblings all adults now, the last two freshmen in college, Laila had poured herself into her work for the previous few years, with little social life to show for it. She was seriously considering returning to school to obtain her Master's degree and perhaps teach at the nursing school. It was always a possibility, at least, although deep down, she loved being around people so much that it would hard not having patients to care for.

When she arrived at the office, Daphne, her boss, advised Laila in strictest confidence, per usual, that the assignment was to be the live in nurse for the mother of Roderick Channing. Duration:

Roderick Channing
. Laila knew that name.
Who didn't?
Roderick Channing's face had been on the cover of Time, Fortune, Money magazine. The billionaire who had started and commandeered a now multibillion dollar media company before he reached the age of thirty. That had been five years earlier. According to the various articles written about him, he continued to augment his success as he created new companies while also donating generously to a number of charities. Laila had scanned the file, realizing to her surprise that she was expected to report to Whidham Bay, where Roderick Channing's home was located, the very next morning.

hat first morning when she saw Roderick Channing in person, she became momentarily speechless, her breath catching in her slender throat. The man was Beyond handsome.
. Dark, curly hair perfectly accented his green eyes, chiseled features and olive complexion. At six foot three, his broad shoulders and muscular physique epitomized the body of a former athlete. His gray silk shirt receded into tailored charcoal trousers. Staring at him, Laila felt a shudder emanate through her, a warm sensation that made every part of her feel as if it were aflame.

He had descended the winding staircase, crossing the gold and ivory Aubusson carpet to greet her. At six foot three, he was nearly a foot taller than she. His hand was warm, large and seemed to envelop hers.

"Roderick Channing. I normally leave personnel matters up to my assistant, Ms. Emerson. But since this involves my mother, I felt it best to speak with you directly. "

"Shall we?" He had said, extending his hand and after a brief hesitation, she followed him, as they wound through the foyer past his beautiful antique furniture, priceless oil paintings, high vaunted ceilings and Waterford crystal chandeliers.

She'd been in expensive homes before but this home was unlike anything she had seen before. Surely it must rival the mansion of Bill Yates, the iconic billionaire who was rumored to reside nearby.

As they sat in his study, Roderick explained to her that his mother, Sarah, had a congenital heart condition. That she wasn't as mobile as she used to be and was now using a cane, much to the independent seniors' chagrin. She would need to be monitored regularly, although she might be resistant.

"My mother hates to be restricted in any way. She's always been an independent woman. It pains her to even have to use a cane.”

Laila had recorded the information and requested to speak with his mother's regular physician as well.

"I'll need to follow up with her primary care physician, as soon as possible."

"My assistant, Ms. Emerson, will see to it."

Being confident in Laila's credentials and capabilities, Roderick had reviewed the very generous terms of the assignment with Laila.

“The position pays $20,000 per month plus any relocation fees. I trust that you will find this satisfactory? "

"It's very generous," Laila conceded.

"Well, I want only the best for Mother and you've come highly recommended, Ms. McKay." He smiled warmly and Laila tried not to find herself drowning in his eyes, green with flecks of grey that were so intense, completely captivating.
Stay focused
, she warned herself.

"Laila, she corrected him. Call me Laila." She hoped he didn't notice that she had been staring or at least would pretend not to notice. She wasn't used to someone having such an unnerving effect on her, stirring up such an incredible myriad of emotions.

“Before I make my decision, I would like to meet your mother, if possible."

"Of course. Please, follow me."

As he stood, Laila couldn't help but notice his well toned physique and ass. Whatever cologne he was wearing suited him. It smelled spicy, masculine, intoxicating. At that moment she probably would have followed him into battle, if he'd asked her to.

They returned to the foyer then continued to his great room, where Laila waited briefly before Sarah Channing appeared. Once she met her proposed client, it sealed the deal. With long silver hair wrapped in a chignon, high cheekbones and smooth unlined skin the color of amaretto, Sarah Channing was undeniably lovely and looked a decade younger than her sixty five years. She also possessed a wonderful sense of humor and an affable demeanor that immediately made Laila feel at ease. So Laila said yes, without equivocation.

She was to report the following week for duty after she returned to her condominium near San Diego. This would enable her to make arrangements for the assignment of indefinite term. Laila assumed that the assignment would be interesting. She could have never imagined just how much.

Chapter 2

she settled into her new assignment, Laila found that it wasn’t the elder Channing who presented the greatest challenge. Every time that Laila saw Roderick Channing, the attraction had been utterly palpable. Her heart seemed to quicken, her mouth suddenly dry. Yet her innermost parts felt moist.
Did Roderick Channing feel the sudden infusion of heat, too
? She wondered. But she dismissed such a notion. He was her boss, after all. Furthermore, Laila had never mixed business with pleasure. Nor she didn't intend to start.

Unbeknownst to Laila, Roderick Channing had felt the same irrefutable connection. He had felt it from the first moment that he gazed at Laila. At her shoulder length mass of long, sable hued hair, amaretto skin, pert nose, copper eyes and luscious lips. Her modest blazer, tank top and slacks couldn't hide her full curves and narrow waist. Her confidence, that too, was unmistakable. Roderick had seen many beautiful women in his day. Yet by far, Laila was the most exquisite woman he had ever laid eyes upon.

After they had discussed her qualifications for the job, he had determined to double the original offer he had submitted to the agency. She was more than competent for the job and he could sense that she would take excellent care of his mother. But he had also felt something in the lower region of his body. He felt an aching in his loins that made him want to do very naughty things to Laila McKay. But he stifled the thoughts for the time being and proceeded to make her an offer, an offer he hoped that she wouldn't refuse.


    Laila was experiencing a delightful time getting to know Sarah Channing. She regaled Laila with stories of her younger days as a model, of an international photo shoot in Toronto, where she had met Mr. Channing, he of French Canadian descent. After a whirlwind romance, the two soon wed. She later worked in a museum while her husband built a successful shipping business. After his tragic death two years earlier in a mountain climbing expedition, Sarah had moved into the opulent estate of her oldest child, Roderick.

“You know my son is very dear to me," she explained to Laila, soon after Laila began her employ. “He's my heart. Roderick has always excelled at everything he's done. School, sports, business. But he’s a good man, very devoted to myself and his sister."

"You must be very proud and your son has certainly accomplished alot."

"Yes, but I worry about him. Worry about when I'm gone. My daughter, his sister, Fallon, lives in Australia and Roderick is not particularly close to any of his cousins. Are you close to your family, dear?"

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