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In one swift motion, Blake rolled on top of me, blanketing me with his hot body. His towering presence protected me from the cold flakes. The scent that emanated from his fiery flesh was an intoxicating blend of cologne and pure desire. I took a deep breath to inhale his manly essence in the invigorating, frigid air.

As I trembled beneath him with my legs spread wide, I reached between his legs and continued stroking his growing erection. Blake breathed faster from the excitement, and I could feel his heart pounding even through his sweater. His hot puffs of air warmed my face. And his fervent touch lit up my entire body.

My breathing accelerated. I shivered in anticipation as he slid his underpants down to expose his rock-hard cock.
Must act quickly, before the cold ruins our fun.
I used my hands to help slide him inside my welcoming haven.

I thrust my hips against him, pushing his manliness inside me. Instantly, he groaned as my hot, moist walls tightened around him. Blazing heat blasted through me. I let out a moan of pleasure. Excitedly, I raised my hips to pull him closer, his path eased by the rush of my warm fluids.

“You feel so hot,” he said.

“I like you inside me.”

Growing even larger, I could feel the length of his cock nearly pressing against my spine, sending pleasure pulsing through me. The frozen snowflakes showered on top of his prone body and all around us. For an instant, I lost perception of my surroundings except for his closeness. The only sounds were his rapid breaths and the wind that whistled.

In spite of the crisp air, my body was on fire with desire. Blake’s tongue danced with mine. The icy flakes poured in a steady flow and became a welcome relief from the heat coming from my boiling skin. Each snowflake seemed to sizzle on my face as if they were dropping on a hot skillet. I almost could hear the hissing sound and feel the zing as the flakes touched down on my flushed cheeks.

I moved my pelvis against him. He radiated warmth inside me as he thrust hard, creating burning heat from the friction. My loins felt tingly and hot under my skin, but the surface layer felt icy cold.

He drove his hard cock deeper inside me. The rhythm of his pulsating movements made me throb in ecstasy. The warmth of his touch reminded me that I was alive, and that was exactly what I needed. I closed my eyes and exhaled. “Blake, Blake . . . don’t stop,” I moaned eagerly, my voice barely a whisper.

My buildup of excitement caused me to clench my muscles, making my passage even tighter. I could feel the heat building with each of his thrusts. The cold snow pressed against my bare bottom, and his hot flesh pounded inside me. The cold air stung the outside of my body, but I was sizzling on the inside from Blake’s erupting passion. His tickling kisses brought every sensation in my body alive.

A moan erupted from the back of my throat, making him burn wilder with desire. His eyes flickered with excitement. He looked into my eyes. He breathed heavily in my ear. He groaned. “Oh, Lila.”

Electric heat shot through my body. I moaned his name, the sound of my pleasure driving him closer to the edge. My cry mingled with the pattering drops of snow, and both resonated through the night air.

I managed to gasp a single word in my excitement. “Yes.”

All at once, my body began to take over; my contractions of bliss came in a tidal wave of shuddering euphoric pulsations. My release was explosive; my paroxysm of excitement shattered the night air as I moaned in the darkness.

At that instant, he, too, began to burst in delight. I arched my head back as my body pulled tight in a spasm that clenched his manliness. I squeezed. And squeezed so hard he, too, came in an exhilarating explosion of energy.

My body took over—it just happened—I cried his name. “Blake,” my voice shouted. And my frenzied sounds drifted through the wind.

He groaned something in my ear as I came, but I could not distinguish his words over my moans of pleasure. Did he just tell me he loved me? Maybe my imagination was playing tricks on me.

And for a little while, we lay breathless in each other’s arms, covered in snow. I smiled, and neither of us said anything. With the soft pattering around us, we seemed alone in the universe.

He gently brushed the snow from my face and ran his fingers through my tangled hair. I wondered if anything could be better than what just happened, our passion more intense than anything I had ever felt.

I finally felt the nerve to ask him. “Did you just say something to me?”

He looked at me and smiled. “You make me very happy,” he finally answered.

Although we had just become reacquainted weeks before, I had a feeling like we had been together for years. We just fit together—perfectly.

Blake said with a conviction I had not heard from him before, “That was incredible. I feel like my world changed before my eyes.” His warm lips kissed my cheeks. “I have a renewed feeling of excitement for life, and definitely an insatiable hunger to make love to you. Thank you for inspiring me and helping me remember what it’s like to feel true passion.”

I was feeling the same exuberance. Our lovemaking was hotter than my fantasies—even on this, one of the coldest nights. My elation carried over in my words. “That orgasm was the most amazing feeling in the world. I didn’t want it to stop. And I never want our time together to end,” I said.

“Bliss,” he whispered. “Being with you is like finding a slice of paradise.”

“I agree.”

“And how many more orgasms can I give you before this glorious night ends?” Blake started to shiver. “We should get in from the cold. Come on, let’s get a drink to warm us up and see what other fun we can find this evening.”

I laughed. “I’m game.”

He slowly stood up. “You look like an angel spread out there . . . my snow angel.”

“I love that comparison, but this snow angel is getting cold snow on her bottom.” I giggled, trying to get up gracefully, only to slip in the attempt.

“Can I help you?”

“I got it.” I stood and dusted the snow off my skirt. “Have you seen my panties?”

I spun around, searching the ground, but only saw indentations in the snow.

He shrugged. “No, I think I just tossed them in the air in the excitement of it all. There’s no telling where that tiny sliver you call underpants went in this powdery stuff.”

I knelt down and patted across the snow, as far as I could reach. “The snow probably buried them an inch or two by now.” I shoved my hand in the snow. After a few futile minutes, I gave up looking. “I guess I’ll just leave them here.”

“Sorry I flung your undies. I wasn’t thinking.”

I mused over the thought of someone finding my panties once the snow melted. “Well, at least they don’t have my name printed on them,” I said in resignation.

Blake let out a gleeful laugh. “No, but they should read
hot, sexy lady

“But only the first two letters of ‘hot’ would fit, and don’t even go there,” I warned jokingly while narrowing my eyes to give my message added emphasis.

A loud delighted laugh burst out of him, followed by a roaring, “
I like you naughtier than nice!” He continued chuckling, rubbing his belly, giving me his best Santa Claus impression. Although his rippling stomach muscles didn’t quite have the same jiggling effect, he was nevertheless a cute sight.

He didn’t stop there with his jokes. “This is like a winter wonderland. And I feel like I just—unwrapped

some Christmas magic.”

“Very funny, Santa,” I said.

“And I’ll take some more sugar cookies, please. You are making me hungry for more tasty treats.” He let out a pretend growl like he was a hungry bear.

I let out a delighted giggle. “We need to get you back to the resort before someone gets injured.”

As we laughed together, I realized I would have to walk through the hotel without my panties. “Blake, you better behave when we walk through the hotel. I don’t have any panties on under this skirt.”

Trying to disguise a snicker, he said in a slightly more serious tone, “I won’t lift your skirt and embarrass you. But I might shout ‘commando’ when you walk by me.”

I looked at his smirking face while I twisted my skirt that was off-center. “You know I will be cracking up about all of this tomorrow, but right now I’m a little worried.”

“Yes, I remember you’re the kind of gal who will randomly start laughing about something that happened yesterday. I always liked that about you. You remember to laugh, and you know how to play.”

I smiled. “Being with you has reminded me how to have fun, because I think I’d forgotten how to let go and enjoy myself.”

“Well, you didn’t seem to have trouble finding your wild side in the snow,” he said.

With a sigh of regret about leaving our play spot behind, we trekked back in the direction of the resort. We emerged from the tangle of arched branches and walked toward the ridge that overlooked the lake.

Looking down, we could see the edge of the resort through the falling snow. It was picture perfect.

“Enchanting, isn’t it?” I sighed. “If I could capture this view and keep it with me somehow.”

“Maybe you can make a snow globe depicting the two of us playing in the glittery snow, encapsulated and captured in time, for all of eternity,” he said.

“What a great idea. Just think—our own personalized snow globe to help us remember this night.”

We turned toward each other and smiled, this instant frozen in time, forever, if only in our minds.

Blake reached for my shoulders. He looked deep into my eyes. “From now on, every time you look into a snow globe, I want you to think about this evening of hot and frosty passion. And when you shake the snow globe and the snow swirls, always compare that image to how we shook up the chilly night.”

“I might not put that snow globe down.”

Blake smiled. “I promise to remember this night forever. For me, these are memories to treasure for a lifetime.”

A sudden jolt of fear shot through me as I remembered my doctor’s words. Yes, these were memories to enjoy for a lifetime.
Tick, tick, tick . . . I can feel an imaginary clock ticking faster and faster inside me.
I shook that alarming thought from my head and smiled up at Blake.

We continued our journey back to the hotel, wearing satisfied expressions. As we began descending the steep hill, neither of us felt the need to speak. We just enjoyed the peaceful elements of nature. Blake pointed out things I hadn’t even noticed, like the beauty in the snow clustered in the treetops.

At last the downward incline began to level, and we reached the outer fringes of the resort. We plodded into the parking lot along the perimeter of the resort. Upon entering the lot, Blake saw something that really caught his eye. He motioned to a nearby sign, and we fixed our eyes on the large yellow cautionary diamond.

Laughter made his golden eyes sparkle while he pointed at the sign. Maybe we should have seen this warning before we ventured in the wild; he laughed out loud as he pointed. I looked up at the sign and read the words: SLIPPERY WHEN WET.

For a minute, I was not sure how to respond and finally found my words. “Yes, that warning sign has taken on a new meaning for me.” I shook my head and laughed.

Blake shot back, “I think it has a lot of meaning for us, all fun.”

“There’s no slowing you down.” I giggled.

“Let’s take it as a suggestion. How about we have some more slippery fun? How about a bubble bath in the Jacuzzi tub tomorrow morning? I’ll lather you. But first I have some other ideas for us. Are you up for another adventure?”

I hesitated and nodded. “Forget a sign as a warning. I need some of that yellow caution tape with you.”

“Hmmm,” said Blake. “Now you’re onto something.”

“Come on, comedian, let’s go warm up before this cold air permeates my bones and coagulates my blood,” I said, picking up my pace. Blake had me thoroughly heated earlier, but now I was freezing, despite all my layers of clothing.

I looked into the distant sky and saw the menacing, dense cluster of snow clouds approaching. The wind that had blown steadily now snarled like a roaring beast; a nasty storm was brewing. I shivered, thinking of the blizzard yet to come.

Fortunately, we quickly approached the entrance to the resort. Two women in ski jackets came out the main doors. One lady nudged the other as we crossed paths, as if the blanket he clutched and our flushed faces gave away our naughty tale. Or were they staring at Blake?

After a few steps, the glass doors slid open, and we swiftly stepped inside the warm hotel, shaking the last of the snow from our hair. I sighed. At that moment, I had no idea of the adventure ahead. Blake had promised a night I would never forget, and he intended to hold true to his word.



Chapter 11


Once inside the building, Blake took my arm. We walked across the lobby, admiring the décor. I gravitated toward the seating area beside the giant fireplace. We paused, gazing into the amber swaying flames, and thawing our nearly frostbitten, rosy cheeks.

A couple of minutes later, we left the warmth. I thought we were headed to our room, but Blake had other ideas. We made a quick detour into the dimly lit hotel bar.

The focal point of the room was a stone wall that was dominated by another mammoth fireplace. This time, I sat down on the stone hearth in front of the blazing flames and waited for Blake to get our drinks.

While Blake was away, two men sat on either side of me. The men between whom I was sandwiched began talking to me and eyeing me approvingly. As Blake approached, he turned his attention to the men seated beside me.

In an act of territorial assertion, Blake swaggered up to me with a broad smile. He placed his hand on my shoulders while kissing the top of my head. He handed me the glass of wine. Blake announced in a booming voice with a hint of humor, “Let the games begin.” I blushed slightly and had to avert my eyes from the other men’s view.

I looked up at Blake inquisitively. “What?”

“Have a good time, gentlemen. I know I will,” he said, smiling at the other men as he took my hand, somewhat possessively. He helped me to my feet. I watched Blake in amusement and blushed. I had to laugh inwardly and felt flattered that he had jealous feelings, even if they were unwarranted.

“What adventure are you taking me on now?” I asked.

“Let’s go entertain ourselves.” He whispered, “You know, I was just messing around with those guys back there. I wasn’t really jealous. You know how I like to joke.”

“Okay, lover boy. Are you a lover or a fighter? You just keep me guessing, which has me thoroughly entertained.”

Before Blake could reply, a blond man in top physical form, about our age, approached. “Hey there, buddy,” the new arrival said. He extended his hand to shake Blake’s and used his free hand to grab Blake’s arm.

“Ted, good buddy,” said Blake, reaching out to give the man a hug. “Imagine running into you here.” Blake smiled while greeting him, and turned to introduce me to his friend from Camp Lejeune. Blake made the formal introductions while I studied the two distinguished men. I liked the way they both carried themselves in a dignified manner with confidence, but not too much that they seemed arrogant. I was fascinated by them. Sleek
. Forget eye candy. These two are like eye caffeine. I feel energized just looking at them.

“You’re with a terrific guy here, one of the best,” said Ted. “We have served together in the same unit. I would trust him with my life.”

“Wow, that sounds like the highest compliment,” I responded. To hear such praise, my heart swelled with pride.

“I assure you, it is,” confirmed Ted, and we engaged in friendly conversation for a few minutes before he excused himself.

A moment later, we walked toward the dance floor. With a jazz trio playing in the background, Blake talked above the music. “Would you care to dance with me, my lady?” He bowed in a supplicating motion.

I chuckled, amused by his teasing gesture. “I left my dancing shoes back in Raleigh, but I’ll try. Don’t toss me around too much. Remember, I’m naked beneath this skirt.” In the next instant, he pulled my reluctant body toward him. Before I could make more excuses, he twirled me in a playful motion, and we glided across the floor. Thankfully, my skirt stayed in place, sparing me any embarrassment.

The music slowed. He draped his arms across my back. At the same time, I wrapped my arms lovingly around him and held him tightly. He pressed his cheek next to mine. We swayed and moved together, almost floating across the dance floor.

Blake smiled down at me, and his face sent a clear message that holding me close like this made him want to explore my body further.

We walked hand-in-hand, strolling out of the bar and across the lobby to find our room. After we rounded the corner, the fitness room sign came into sight. In the distance, we could hear the faint music drifting through the air. Blake pointed to the sign. “I have an idea I think the gymnast in you will like.”

Even though he nudged my arm with his elbow, I ignored his remark. Finally, I slowed my pace. “Isn’t it a little late for a workout?”

He stopped me, turned in my direction, and flashed that mischievous smile. “Let’s check and see if maybe the door is unlocked. And go in,” he said, with imploring eyes.

Much to our surprise, the door was slightly ajar. But I wasn’t sure if I wanted to enter. “Come with me.” He motioned me forward without any compunction. And with that gesture, my pendulum of indecision vacillated.

Before I could say no, he tugged the door open, and the musky smell of stale sweat greeted us, stinging my scrunched-up nose. “Whew, sorry I got a whiff of that powerful stuff,” I exclaimed, watching him peek his head in the door. “Wait, don’t go in,” I said, gripping my fingers around his toned bicep as the pungent smell spilled out of the room. “Are you sure you want to go in there?”

“I didn’t know you were such a squeamish girly-girl. Don’t worry about anything. Trust me,” assured Blake emphatically, without a qualm.

Peering cautiously into the darkened room, we found it to be empty. As we began to sneak inside, I hesitated. Before I knew what happened, Blake grabbed my hand, yanked it forward, and scuttled me inside the chamber. He smiled down at me reassuringly.

Thankfully, most of the stale scent had drifted into the hallway. The room was still; we were alone in the darkness. There was something in the eerie silence of the room that bothered me. Although I heard nothing, strangely enough, for some inexplicable reason, I sensed a presence
in the room

Did I hear whispering? Surely, I must be mistaken.
I tried to fine tune and sharpen my senses to figure out what was stirring me. I listened. There was nothing except for the slight ticking from the clock and my pulse pounding in my ears.

Nonetheless, I shivered despite the stagnant, warm temperatures and tried to glance into the murky recesses. I felt an uneasiness that Blake quickly picked up on; he sensed my hesitation and cajoled me forward.

“Relax,” he urged. But even with his coaxing, I could not assuage my internal trepidation. My inner alarms were blaring, but maybe that added to the intrigue and excitement.

It took us an instant for our eyes to adjust. When they did, we could barely make out our surroundings. We searched the dim room, and we caught sight of the mirrored walls and padded floors.

We were surrounded by fitness equipment, barbells, and medicine balls. These were all basic fitness room items, but there was something more, some kind of enigmatic energy in the room; it was a mystery indeed.

Without turning the lights on, Blake guided me to the mirrored back corner. There were slivers of light shining through the broken blinds. Looking at the yoga balls, Blake asked with a shadowed wink, “Ever try one of these?”

“Sure, I have one at home.”

Then Blake stunned me by saying, “No, I mean have you ever played on one of these?” He gazed at me, filled with eagerness. I could not conceal my surprise. My wide-eyed stare said more than words ever could.

“I have always admired your zest for living and I’m definitely open to trying new things, but this one has me second-guessing my feelings,” I said. His amused expression made me question his intentions.

With my voice barely above a whisper, I asked, “What do you want me to do?” My surprised reactions did not go unnoticed, causing further delight to dance in his eyes.

“I’ll show you,” he said, giving me a naughty smile. He stroked my cheek, threaded his large fingers through my hair, and pressed his warm lips on mine.

Although the room was quiet, Blake and I began to create our own music as our mouths danced to our song of passion. I longed for more. And I suddenly had this overwhelming desire to please him.

And before I knew what happened, Blake twisted my hands behind my back and gently pushed me over the yoga ball with a fluid transition move. After falling forward and landing in a splayed position across the ball, the air emptied out of me. I released a quiet sort of cry.

Taking a deep breath, I regained my composure. I wiggled on the ball. “Don’t get up,” he insisted with surprising firmness. As he maneuvered me slightly forward, his powerful body descended upon me and melded into my back. I was helpless. His stomach molded against me, and his body began to sink onto mine. He positioned himself so that he was resting slightly on top of me, but not with his full weight.

As he pressed against my bottom, I could feel his arousal; his excitement was obvious. His erection was making a statement, and I was listening.
I’m listening . . . hard.

Before I could get too excited, I just wanted to get my balance. I wobbled back and forth. I tried not to squirm. Most of all, I wanted to keep my arms from flailing and flapping.
Looking like a bird is not sexy.

Lying across the ball, I stretched out and straightened my arms in front of me. Even though I wore boots, I tried to point my toes daintily, as if I had become a graceful Superwoman flying through the sky.

I tried to keep my balance, but to no avail; I couldn’t keep myself from teetering and propelling forward. I pitched headfirst and began to slide over the ball toward my face, getting my long hair tangled under the ball. I cried out, “My hair is stuck. Help me.”

When Blake realized
what I was talking about, he lifted me enough to release my trapped hair, all the while nearly falling over in laughter. My giggles, however, were muffled against the plastic ball.

“Well, aren’t you dirty and fun, wrapped up in one?” I teased. Next, I stumbled and pushed myself back into position. But this time, I used my hands to grip the ball, and I clung to it.

Blake repositioned himself on top of me and slid his erect penis between my bottom cheeks. “I have wicked thoughts about how to bring you pleasure. I want you more than anything,” he whispered, his hot breath against my neck.

“Fair enough, but don’t even think about going in the back door now. I don’t have any lube with me. Another time, please. No ifs, ands, or buttttttts about it.” I chuckled, hoping Blake got my silly joke.

I was relieved to hear him laugh, but to my surprise he added, “I do intend to have my twisted way with you.” He lifted strands of my hair and began sucking on the nape of my neck, stopping only to say, “I can be very persuasive. Better yet, I’m going to make you beg for it,” he said with complete resolve.

He tapped a hidden desire I didn’t even know existed. I had always liked his commanding personality, and I was completely turned on by the power he emanated. And now, his demands were getting me hot.

Tonight, I realized that being dominated happened to be one of my secret fantasies. He wanted to take me to the edge and back.

My thoughts were interrupted by that sudden feeling of being watched. My gaze stretched to see beyond our physical bodies, seeking and looking into the darkness, only to see more shades of black.

Maybe my senses were in overdrive and spooked by the shadows of the room, but I still had this lingering suspicion that if I looked around a second earlier, I would have seen a figure moving in the shadows.
Enough of this silliness.
I need to chill and enjoy Blake.

While trying to relax and get back in the moment, I whispered in my most seductive voice, “Do what you want with me. Tonight, I’m yours to enjoy.” And I meant those words because I was his, for the taking, his for the discovery.

It wasn’t every day that I got tossed around like a “sex kitten ragdoll.” I loved every second of it. In my mind, I was a gymnast again, preparing to do a front flip or at least a somersault.

But that gymnastics routine was in my mind, and with my actual body, I didn’t flinch. I waited for my next instruction. Instead, he lifted my skirt, exposing my bare bottom. In one swift yank, he tugged off my sweater and tossed it to the floor.

Exposed and vulnerable, I felt a jolt of excitement shoot through me. My entire body shook and trembled in anticipation of what was next. Blake wove his fingers through the back of my hair. He twisted the long tendrils of brown waves around his wrist and pulled it gently, revealing my bare flesh. He leaned in to kiss and nibble the soft dent of delicate skin at my nape. In the next instant, he released my hair, and it fell softly over my shoulders.

As he lightly caressed the skin along my back, I felt a slight tickle radiate down my spine. Blake followed that path with his mouth. He gently sucked, kissed, and licked his way down. I shivered with each delicate butterfly kiss. Along the way, he inhaled my perfume now mixed with my natural scent; they blended together to create an intoxicating combination of fragrant spices mixed with the faint scent of sex. He inhaled deeply, drinking me in as if hungry for more.

When he reached the base of my spine, he gently began to massage my flesh in tight circles at the small of my back and hips with his strong hands. Blake dropped to his knees, knelt next to me, and began kissing the slight indentation where the curvature of my bottom merged with my back. I lay almost naked, spread eagle across the ball, defenseless against his desires.

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