Fall Black In Love 1: When Henry Met Millie

BOOK: Fall Black In Love 1: When Henry Met Millie
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Fall Black in Love


When Henry Met Millie




D. Camille



This is a work of fiction. Names, Characters, places, and incidents are products

of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. 


Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is

entirely coincidental.


Fall Black In Love – When Henry Met Millie

Copyright© 2016 D. Camille

Sable Sistars Publishing, LLC

All rights reserved. 


No part of this book may be used or reproduced electronically or in print without

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Author D. Camille





This book is dedicated to the awesome black god who first showed me

the love of a black man, my great-grandfather, Eddie Smith.

Rest in Power, Big Daddy.






I would like to give thanks to the Universe for provision, creativity and power.

To the Goddess Team for keeping me focused and on track.


L. Keith

Rere Danielle

Latasha B.

Alicia with a “C”


A special acknowledgement to Sharon B. for requesting this story.


Detroit, Michigan 1967


  Twenty-year old Henry Patterson walked slowly down Hastings Street. He looked at the debris and destruction caused by five days of rioting in this city where he’d come to find his dreams. On the surface, no one had ever thought that Detroit would be the scene of rioting and insurgence.

  Most blacks, like himself, had migrated from the tortuous South in search of jobs and opportunity in this prospering city, a city where blacks could obtain factory jobs and live in nice residential areas. Henry had heard the stories and after graduating high school and saving enough money, had made his way north to create his life.

  He thought about what he’d encountered upon his arrival a few months ago. Due to his intelligence and determination, he’d landed a well-paying job at the local Ford factory. He’d purposely sought out the Ford Motor Company because they were more open to hiring blacks than the other automotive companies in the area. Although blacks were still given the hardest working jobs, they were jobs nonetheless.

  Henry had moved out of the room he’d been renting at a local home and into his own very small apartment. He was grateful that his family back in Mississippi had contact with a family here in Detroit who’d allowed him to stay in their home until he’d gotten settled. Moving into his own space within a few weeks of being in Detroit had been a great accomplishment, but only one on his list.

  Henry had come to Detroit not to just make money but to also to make a life. He’d come to find a wife and have a family, but having a job, home and car were the first priorities. Henry found that finding a wife probably wasn’t going to be a problem. He was a young, handsome, smart and fearless young man. His six-foot three-inch height, athletic build and smooth brown skin attracted the females like termites to wood. His dark brown eyes and deep, soulful southern voice only added to the package.

  Continuing to survey the scene, he shook his head. People had died, mostly blacks and the racial tension was still thick in the city. Although this had not been what he’d expected, Henry never backed down from a fight around justice for himself and his people. He was here now and Detroit was his home. Their fight now became his and he wondered who he’d find to fight alongside him…

Chapter 1

The Sixties…

  Henry stood in the long line to punch his timecard before he left for the day from the factory. His co-worker Bill was in front of him. Bill and Henry had started working at the plant around the same time and had naturally formed a comradery of sorts.

  “What are you doing tonight Henry?” Bill asked.

  “After working on an assembly line for twelve hours, I’m going home to bed.” Henry answered taking a step forward as the line moved.

Bill smiled. “You should come with me tonight.”

  “Where?” Henry asked.

  “The girls at the community college have a softball team and they’re playing in the playoffs tonight,” Bill explained.

  Henry frowned. “Why do I want to see some girls playing softball? If I want to see girls, I want them to be pretty.”

Bill laughed. “Pretty girls don’t play baseball?”

  “Not any that I’ve seen,” Henry said taking another step forward.

  “Okay all of them aren’t pretty,” Bill conceded. “But there are some…and there’s one,” Bill began to fan his face. “Hot!”

Henry laughed. “You’ve got the hots for a girl ballplayer?”

  “Henry, man she plays like Jackie.”

  “Jackie who?” Henry asked skeptically.

Bill backed off. “Okay, maybe not Jackie but she’d give Toni Stone a run for her money.”

Henry smirked. “I doubt it.”

They reached the time clock and Bill quickly punched his card with Henry following right behind him. Both men carried their lunch pails in one hand and safety glasses in the other.

  “So what do you say? You coming or what?” Bill asked.

Henry narrowed his eyes. “You just want me to drive.”

Bill smiled baring white teeth against his midnight skin. “You do drive that fancy Lincoln.”

  “I work and pay for that fancy Lincoln too,” Henry told him.

  “Girls like guys with nice cars,” Bill pointed out.

Henry walked towards his fancy car parked in the lot. “But it’s not your car.”

  “She doesn’t have to know that.”

  “If she wants you because of the car you drive, Bill…she’s shallow.” Henry told him.

  “But she’s pretty Henry, so I don’t care.”

Henry laughed. “Okay, I’ll come see your pretty ballplayer. What’s her name?”

  “They call her ‘Honey’.”

  “Honey?” Henry frowned. “What kind of name is that?”

Bill smiled. “You’ll understand when you see her.”

Henry shook his head as they reached the car. “Do we have time to change?”

  “Nope, the game starts in fifteen minutes,” Bill said climbing inside the car.

Henry took his seat. “How would you have gotten there if I said no?”

  “No Plan B,” Bill said laughing.

  Henry looked at him then started the car. He drove as Bill gave him directions to the field. When they arrived the stands were filled and Henry turned to Bill.

  “I can’t believe this many people come out to see college girls play ball,” Henry commented.

  “They’re here to see Honey. I told you she’s amazing!” Bill gushed.

Henry climbed from the car. “Okay, this I gotta see.”

  The two men paid for tickets and squeezed in on the crowded bleachers. The players were now being introduced and when Honey’s name was called, the crowd went wild. Henry sat back and waited for the game to start.

  Bill’s eyes were glued to Honey as she walked up to the plate. Henry looked at the woman who was about 5’4”. Her uniform was an oversized jersey and loose knickers with socks and cleats. Her hat covered most of her face and nothing hung down from the back indicating that either she had short hair or had it pinned up. Henry glanced back at Bill, still trying to figure out his obsession with this girl.

  Honey took her spot at the plate and got in her batting stance. She lifted her bat high over her head and poked out her butt. Now this may be getting interesting, Henry thought. The pitcher wound up then threw the ball towards the plate. Henry heard the crack of the bat then watched the ball sail in the air over the heads of the outfielders and out of the park.

  The crowd went wild as Honey started around the bases. At each base, she pointed at the crowd and they erupted even more. She had showmanship, Henry had to admit. When she reached home plate she jumped on it with both feet before receiving high fives from her teammates. On her way to the dugout she stopped in front of the crowd then removed her hat and bowed gracefully as the cheering got louder.

  Henry sat mesmerized by the golden honey face as she lifted her head to the crowd. Their gazes connected and he finally understood why Honey was the main attraction. She was beautiful! Her dark hair covered her head like a feathered cap and the wicked smile on her face said she was not one to play with. She replaced her cap and jogged into the dugout taking a seat on the bench.

  “What did I tell you Henry?” Bill exclaimed. “And she smiled at me.”

  Henry was still recovering from all that was Honey. A woman had never caused him to be both impressed and enticed at the same time. Damn, Honey


  “Good job Honey!”

She smiled. “Thanks.”

Irma, the girl who played second base sat next to her. “I see your stalker is here today,” she teased.

Honey smiled. “He’s harmless. I think he just likes to watch girls play.”

  “I think he likes to watch Honey play.”

  Both women laughed and Honey tilted her head to look up at the bleachers. She easily found the guy who came to all of their games and yelled her name at the top of his lungs. Her gaze moved over to the new guy sitting next to him. Their eyes had locked when she’d done her signature bow and he’d held her for a moment with those deep brown eyes.

  Honey watched him until it was time for her to take her position in the field as shortstop. Running to her spot with her glove in her hand, she got into her stance and gave her glove a punch in preparation. The crack of the ball sprang her into action and all thoughts of the handsome guy in the bleachers faded away.

  When the game ended, Honey’s team had defeated their opponents 10-3 to advance to the next round of the playoffs. Honey had two homeruns and six runs batted in. The team waved at the crowd as they disappeared into the locker rooms to shower and change.

  Henry turned to Bill a few minutes after all the players had left the field. “Are you ready to go?”

  “We wait for them to come back out,” Bill explained. “To congratulate them.”

  Henry looked at his watch. It was now after eight and he had to be at work at five in the morning. “How long?” he inquired.

Bill smiled. “Until Honey comes out.”

  “Well unless Honey is going to punch in for me at 5 am, she’d better hurry up,” Henry told him.

  “I have to be to work at the same time,” Bill reminded him.

  “I prefer not running through the door at 4:59.”

Bill laughed. “One minute…ten minutes, I’m there.”

  Henry stood. “Congratulate your Honey and meet me at the car. Ten minutes and I’m taking off so you better think of a Plan B this time.”

  Bill frowned as Henry climbed down from the bleachers. Henry decided to stop at the restroom while Bill waited. Since the crowd that remained was still on the bleachers waiting for the players, the facilities were empty. Henry handled his business, then washed his hands and exited the room. He stepped outside and saw the star of the game sitting alone on a bench.

Henry walked over to her. “Uh, I think there’s a bunch of people still at the field waiting for you.”

She turned those pretty eyes on him. “I know.”

  “Then why are you out here?” he asked confused.

She shrugged. “Sometimes I just need a minute to myself.”

He nodded. “Then I apologize for interrupting.”

  “It’s fine.”

Henry turned to walk to his car then stopped and turned back. “Great game Honey, you’re really good.”


He raised a brow. “Excuse me?”

  “My name is Millie,” she said quietly in a raspy voice.

Henry approached her and extended his hand. “My name is-”

  “Henry Patterson,” she supplied.

  “And how do you know that?” he asked surprised.

  She smiled. “It’s on your shirt.” Millie pointed at his name stitched on his uniform. “And I guess you work for Ford Motor Company.”

  He smiled sheepishly and dropped his hand. He’d forgotten that he was still in his work clothes. “That would be correct Miss Millie.”

  “Are you coming to celebrate with the team?” she asked.

  “As much as I would like to, I have to be at work early in the morning,” Henry explained.

Millie got to her feet and stared up at him. “Well thanks for supporting the team.”

  “I enjoyed the game,” he supplied.

She chuckled. “You sound surprised. Let me guess, your first women’s softball game?”

Henry nodded. “Guilty.”

  “Well you get credit for coming.”

He smiled. “Thank you Miss Millie.”

  “If you’re going to call me Miss Millie, then I’d prefer Honey.”

“Where I’m from we address a lady as Miss,” he told her.

“Do I need to call you Mr. Henry?” she teased.

He studied her. “Why don’t you want me to call you Miss Millie?”

  “It makes me feel like an old lady.”

  Millie watched as Henry looked her over in her day clothes. Her white blouse was modest with short sleeves, and her jeans fit her petite frame perfectly.

  “I know you’re not old, Miss Millie.” He told her and his southern twang gave it a sexy tone.

  The crowd started cheering and Millie glanced toward the field. “The other players are out now. I should go.”

Henry nodded. “Have a good night.”

  “You too, Mr. Henry Patterson.” Millie gave him a big smile before Henry watched her walk back in the direction of the field.

  He walked to his car and sat inside checking his watch. He’d give Bill an additional five minutes, since Henry had held up his beloved Honey. Five minutes later, Bill climbed excitedly into the car.

  “Man, you missed Honey! She came back out looking like an angel,” Bill exclaimed.

Henry started the car. “An angel huh?”

  “Did you see her play? Isn’t she amazing?”

  “Yeah, she’s amazing.” Henry agreed as he began driving.

Bill sat back in the seat. “I wanna marry her.”

Henry frowned. “Who?”


  “Did you ask her tonight?” Henry inquired.

Bill shook his head. “Nah, I don’t even know her name yet.”

Henry nodded. “You might want to find that out before the ceremony.”

  “Hahaha, real funny.”

  “I’m just saying, you should probably know a girl’s name before you propose,” Henry explained.

  Bill looked at him. “Man, I know Honey probably has guys following her around everywhere she goes. I mean she’s a great player and she goes to college.”

Henry agreed. “She must be smart.”

  “Smart, beautiful and a ball player, she’s the perfect catch.”

  “Why haven’t you talked to her?” Henry asked. “You’ve been to a bunch of her games.”

Bill shrugged. “She probably doesn’t want a factory guy. She’s around college boys all day.”

  “Maybe that doesn’t matter to her,” Henry offered.

  “I’m just going to keep going to her games. Maybe she’ll notice me again.” Bill told him. “At least she smiled at me tonight when she scored her first run.”

Henry lifted a brow then turned to Bill. “Was that the first time you saw her smile?”

  “Yeah…” Bill answered smiling.

Henry turned back to the road. “Interesting…”

BOOK: Fall Black In Love 1: When Henry Met Millie
11.03Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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