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Fall Into Love (Simone: Part One Naughty Nookie Series) (8 page)

gay, Marina. 
. So what the fuck was last night about? Some kind of
experiment for him?” The words burst out with the staccato of a
machine gun.  Her silence after such exuberance is more
telling than any word she can utter. 

Eventually, she grits out, “What do you mean
he’s gay?  You had sex with him, right?”

Yeah.  I did. 
Lots of sex.”

Well, he can’t be gay
then, can he?  I suppose he could be bi, but how the hell do
you even know that anyway? You can’t just sense these things,
honey. Did he do something… weird?”

He’s a writer,” I croak
out.  “He told me his name early on in the evening and I’ve
just looked online.  His books are all LGBT.  He’s really
famous; he wrote a book that hit the mainstream and sold
millions.  He revolutionized the genre.”

That doesn’t mean
anything,” Marina retorts, a huff of relief to her voice.  She
obviously believes that she has the solution to my problem. 
“I know a lot of women who write gay erotica.  Gay erotica
about men!  It’s only fiction, Mona.  And anyway, he’s
only a one-night stand.  It doesn’t matter what he is. 
He popped your celibacy cherry and you can both go your separate
ways now.”

Of course, it
matters!  I liked him.  I wanted to see him

Oh, honey, that’s not how
these things work.”

I don’t care. 
Sometimes they work out the way they’re supposed to.  I left
him my card.  I wanted him to call me again.  I wanted to
meet up with him.” I suck in a breath.  “And he lied to me,
Marina.  By omission, but still, that’s a lie too,

Yeah, but he didn’t make
a solemn vow to you last night, Mona.  He just fucked
you.  He made you no promises.”

My mouth tightens as I glance at the picture
I found on a news website.  A picture of his wedding
day.   Zane dressed in a tux with a guy in a matching
suit at his side.  Two beautiful orchids, the color of
sunlight, fill their buttonholes.  My stomach churns at the
happiness on their faces. 

What went wrong?

Why did Zane spend the night with me if he’s
gay? Gay and married?

He told me that he had no
wife and kids, he forgot to mention that he’s in a civil

Shit.  He cheated on
his husband?”

Yeah.  With

Look, I know you,
Monie.  You can’t let this get to you.  If you do, then
it will be another four years before you have sex again.  You
enjoyed yourself, right?”

Feeling choked up and on the brink of tears,
I press the heel of my hand to my left eye, keeping the right
trained on a picture of Zane with his husband. 

His fucking

I don’t know what would feel

If it was a picture of him
with his wife or

I have nothing against gay people.  My
parents do, but I’m a full advocate of live and let live, because
life is way too short to be miserable all the damned time. 
That’s why I left Georgia and made a new start for

But this?

What the hell am I supposed to think?

Why would Zane do this?  And why did he
pick me to commit adultery with?

How could he do
that?  How could he do this to me?  What was I?  A
goddamn fag hag?  Or an experiment to see if he can still get
it up for women?  What’s he doing chasing skirt if he’s
gay?”  I start to cry again and it’s only because it’s Marina
that I don’t feel like a complete idiot.  This woman is like
my sister and I’ve never been more relieved to have her for a

No!  Stop it, Mona.
 Don’t be dumb.  Some men aren’t…”  She breaks off,
sucks in a breath and starts again.  I can tell she’s trying
to convince both herself and me. “If he’s bi, sometimes, he might
need a change.  He might love his husband but he just needs
something a little different, that’s all.  It’s a
compliment.  He picked you over all the other women in that
club.  And he was hot.  H-O-T!”

He made me a party to
adultery.”  My voice is high-pitched and nigh on close to
panic.  As I look at the man Zane legally bound himself to
five years ago, a great wave of guilt gushes through

I helped this man’s husband cheat on

We broke an oath together.

That might not mean a lot to some people,
but it does to me. I don’t live my life by my parents’ rules
anymore, but their mores are deeply rooted in my own belief system.
If Zane’s husband discovers what we did together, that will make me
a home-wrecker.

A fucking home-wrecker.

Me. Mona Barranquet. The only cleaner on her
boss’ lists who doesn’t steal cleaning supplies from the

I wish to God I’d never left my card there
this morning. 

What if he calls me?

What the hell will I do?  What will I
say to him?

I’ve got to go,
Marina.  I think I’m going to be sick.”

It’s a lie. If anything, I want to fall
asleep and pretend last night didn’t happen. Lying is the only way
to get my well-meaning best friend off the phone, though.

she snaps. “Don’t you dare put your goddamned phone down. 
Listen to me, do
be stupid.  You had sex with him; you didn’t make a
commitment.  If anyone’s in the wrong, it’s

She might be right, but
that doesn’t stop me from feeling used, jaded
degraded.  What had been a
perfect night, what had enlightened me to the way sex can really
be, has all turned to ashes. 

I’ve been burnt.  Badly.

But it won’t happen again. 

If Zane comes anywhere near me, he’ll draw
back a nub.  No more Mrs. Nice Guy.

That’s a vow, and unlike him, I don’t break

To be continued…

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Naughty Nookie Series


Simone Barranquet is in a rut. In fact, her
life is one huge rut. Until she falls into Zane Matthews' (The Zane
Matthews!) arms and unwittingly finds herself.

But even then, life can't hand Mona a candy
bar. There's always something bittersweet to spoil her happiness
and in this instance, it's Zane's husband.

Yeah. Husband!

Can Mona wade through the fallout to find
her own Happy Ever After? Or is she destined to lead a Zane-free
and love-free life?

If she can grab the bull by the balls, then
maybe, just maybe she can.

But does she have enough cojones of her own
to do just that?

Simone’s tale is told in four parts.


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Nate Conroy is the man to tame Marina,
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to terms with a side of her nature she didn't realize existed.

With a Sir to please, she has no time for
mischief, but like a magnet, she attracts it. While a spanking
(Several of them!!) has reaped miracles, it doesn't stop a murderer
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Marina’s tale is told in four parts.


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