Final Score: Part One (Game On #5)

BOOK: Final Score: Part One (Game On #5)
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Final Score Part One


Kyra Lennon

Final Score Part One © Kyra Lennon 2016

E-edition published worldwide 2016 © Kyra Lennon

All rights reserved in all media. This book may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form, in whole or in part, without written permission from the author.

All characters and events featured in this book are entirely fictional and any resemblance to any person, organisation, place or thing is purely coincidental and completely unintentional.




The Game On series has been a labour of love since the first word, though, if I’m honest, there were a few times when I felt like giving up. I didn’t because these characters have become a part of my life, and not finishing off their story was never really an option. However, there are two people who picked me up and carried me through the hard days. Annalisa Crawford and Clare Dugmore – I love you both more than I can explain. Thank you for your endless support and patience.
But the main thank you will always be to the readers. For waiting patiently for me to get these stories out, and for sticking with the series for this long. Words cannot say how much I appreciate you all.




Chapter 1 – This Never Gets Old

No sooner had the door closed, my back hit the wall. Radleigh’s hands my hips heated my skin through the thin material of my black dress as his lips came down to meet mine. Just like always, my body responded before my brain and I circled my arms around his back, pressing into him to deepen the kiss.

This never gets old.

A house to ourselves was rare, and this unusual situation had added to Radleigh’s enthusiasm to get my clothes off as quickly as possible. Usually we had to usher out a babysitter, check on the baby, and even if Jessica didn’t need anything, by the time we’d had a post night out cup of coffee we fell into bed, exhausted.

The joys of parenthood.

With the fleeting reminder that we still had some responsibilities, I reluctantly pulled back a little. “Hold on.”

The need in Radleigh’s ice blue eyes made me regret interrupting. “Why?” His voice was tinged with the same desperation I saw in his eyes, and I moved my hands around to his chest, gripping his blue shirt and pulling him in for another kiss.

“Because.” I brushed his lips with mine again. “We should call your mum and make sure Jessica’s okay.”

Radleigh groaned, momentarily resting his forehead against mine before moving back to look in my eyes. “Leah, come on. If anything was wrong, Mom would have called.”

“Yes, I know, but we’ve only left her overnight once before and… don’t you miss her?”

My heart flipped over in my chest as I thought of our nine-month-old daughter with her fine jet black hair and adorable giggle. Being apart from her never got easier.

“Of course I do. But how often do we have time to ourselves? Right now we have nothing to worry about. At all. It’s just us. Can’t we make the most of that?”

“We can.” I loosened my grip from his shirt and gently pushed him back. “After I’ve called your mum.”

With another groan, Radleigh threw his head back but before I could move he gently gripped my wrist. “Wait.” I looked up at him and he smiled. “I’ll call my mom. If you do it, you’ll be on the phone until breakfast time.”

A guilty smirk crept across my lips. I couldn’t help it if Deanna McCoy was easy to talk to. In fact, since I’d moved to LA she’d become one of my best friends and closest confidantes. But he was absolutely right. Deanna and I had been known to talk for hours, even at stupid times of the night.

“Fine,” I said, then smiled teasingly. “I guess I’ll just go and… wait upstairs.”

Another flame of lust lit in Radleigh’s eyes as they raked over my body. “Is this the part where you give me my birthday gift?”

I laughed softly. “Did dinner at one of the best restaurants in the city not do it for you?”

“It did, and it was awesome, but I have a feeling this part might be better.”

With a cheeky wink, I turned away from him and walked up the stairs, knowing he was watching me as I left. “Call your mum!” I reminded him without turning around.

Still smiling, I made my way to our bedroom and gave a happy sigh. As much as I missed my baby girl, it would be lovely to have a whole night alone with Radleigh, no interruptions. The only other time this had happened since Jessica was born was on New Year’s Eve. We weren’t used to being together without keeping our ears open for the baby monitor, and since it
Radleigh’s birthday, we planned to make the most of it.

I took off my shoes then reached behind me and unzipped my dress, stepping out of it and throwing it over the chair in the corner of the room. I heard Radleigh’s voice drifting up the stairs, and while he was busy on the phone, I walked over to the full length mirror, eyeing myself critically.

I’d chosen a bra and panties set made of black lace, with hot pink detail on the bra cups and along the top of the panties. It had cost an absolute fortune, but I didn’t care. I cared about looking and feeling sexy for once. I suspected Radleigh and I may still have had sex more than average first time parents, and he never once made me feel like the frump I sometimes felt, but when there was a special occasion, I wanted to not be “mummy”. I wanted to be Leah. My eyes took in my reflection – not bad. Actually, pretty good. That was a fabulous side effect of having a home gym. I’d always been petite, and I was lucky that I never put on an excessive amount of weight when I was pregnant, but my boobs weren’t quite as perky as they’d once been and I was sure my stomach would never be flat again. Even so, I wasn’t unhappy with what I saw in the mirror. In fact, I was thrilled to have maintained a trim enough figure. After giving myself a nod of approval, I made my way over to the bed and tried to decide the best way to greet Radleigh. After trying an array of – hopefully – sexy poses, I realised there was a very good reason I’d never got into modelling. I sat cross-legged on the bed as Radleigh walked in, and he stopped abruptly as his eyes fell on me.

I wrinkled my nose, feeling a blush creep over me as he stared. “Yeah. I was supposed to have found some kind of attractive position to be in when you walked in but…” I shrugged.

His famous smirk tugged on the corners of his lips. “You look pretty fucking sexy to me just the way you are.”

I lowered my eyes to glance down at myself before looking back up at him with a grin. “Get over here, McCoy.”

He didn’t need asking twice. He unbuttoned his shirt and shrugged it off as he stalked towards me, his eyes remaining on mine. As he climbed onto the bed, I uncrossed my legs and lay back as his body covered me and his lips claimed mine in that way that still made me gasp as much as it had the first time he’d kissed me. His hands slid down my arms to my wrists then lifted them, pinning them above my head as my hips pressed against his, already desperate to be closer. As he released my wrists, his eyes caught mine again and he smiled. The hungry glint in his eyes made me bite my lip in anticipation and I felt my heart begin to hammer in my chest.

Just me and him. No interruptions. We could do this all night if we wanted.

I hooked my arms around his neck and pulled him close. This time his lips brushed mine slowly, his tongue flicking into my mouth only briefly before he took my bottom lip and lightly sucked. My body tingled with need and I slipped my hands into his hair, my eyes closing as his lips trailed over my chin then down my neck. His kisses were as light as butterfly wings as they moved down towards my collarbone, reaching the swell of my breasts. I arched my back slightly as his lips grazed over my nipple, making them both harden beneath my bra as he continued to kiss down my stomach.

I couldn’t take my eyes off him as he lavished attention on my body, making me tremble in a way no other man had ever managed. A way I never tired of. Never would.

Radleigh glanced up at me, his eyes blazing, his head poised, ready to continue his journey down my body. My back arched again, already missing the feel of his lips on my skin, and he adjusted his position slightly, his hands resting on my hips. I lifted them, desperate for him to touch me and he teasingly circled a finger close to the top of my thighs, denying me what I wanted.

“Radleigh,” I murmured, my hands sliding down my waist to my hips, my fingers slipping inside the delicate material of my knickers. He pulled them down and my legs parted, slightly cooling the raging heat that was building there. I moved my hand between my legs, the slickness easily allowing me to slip a finger inside myself, and I raised my hips, my other hand moving back up and brushing over my breasts. I needed him inside me, but one look in his eyes told me he was enjoying the show I put on for him, and I moaned a little as my body grew hotter, more aroused with each stroke of my fingers.

Knowing I was getting close to release as he watched my body tremble and my movements become faster, he grabbed my hand, pulling it away, causing me to cry out in frustration, arching my back again, begging him to give me what I needed. He lowered his head and dipped his tongue inside me, so lightly I almost didn’t feel it, but then he pushed harder, farther, and I cried out again. His hands held my hips firmly so I couldn’t move them as he circled his tongue inside me, flicking it against the sensitive bundle of nerves that shot bolts of fire through my body. I slid a hand inside my bra, caressing my breasts as my nipples ached with the need to be touched. Again, just as I was about to fall over the edge, Radleigh pulled away from me. Before I had a chance to complain, he sat up, and pulled me up too. My body was weak with need for him, but he lowered me onto him then flicked the clasp of my bra, pulling it off and throwing it across the room. He took my breasts in his hands, replicating the way I’d touched them just moments before. His firm hands squeezed, rolling my nipples as I moved up and down on him with all the strength I had left in my desire-weakened body, my arms locked around his neck. I wanted to go slow, make it last longer, but the feelings rushing through me made it impossible, and I rode him hard, my movements faster as his fingers pinched my nipples, shooting sparks through me. Radleigh wrapped his arms around me, pulling me close to him, his mouth finding mine, kissing me hard.

“Fuck!” I cried out, as fireworks exploded inside me, bursting out from my core to the tips of my fingers and toes. My head tipped forward, my hair sticking to my face as it hit Radleigh’s shoulder but I didn’t stop moving until I felt him twitch inside me, a loud growl escaping his lips.

For a moment the only sounds were our breaths as we clung to each other, the air heavy with lust.

“Oh God,” I moaned, my heart hammering. I threw my head back, eyes closed, as waves of pleasure continued to roll through me. Radleigh’s arms tightened around me and as I raised my head again, he kissed me, his eyes still full of fire, but softer, with that look he only gave me. My lips curved into a grin against his mouth then quickly turned into a chuckle.

“What’s funny?” he asked, his hands stroking softly down my back, re-igniting my sensitive nerve endings.

I pressed up against him, kissing him again. “That was incredible.”

Radleigh quirked an eyebrow. “It’s not

“It is.” I laughed. “But that was… there are no words.”

He grinned. “We should really let my parents take Jessica overnight more often if this is what happens to you.”

I chuckled again, reaching up and pushing my fingers through his dark hair before linking them around the back of his neck and looking into his eyes. “I love you.”

Radleigh placed a kiss on the tip of my nose, then another lingering one on my lips. “I love you too. Are you tired?”

Laughing I said, “Are you kidding? I’m buzzing right now.” The aftershocks continued to spark in my bloodstream, my skin still tingling.

“Good.” Radleigh’s eyes darkened again as he kissed me once more. “Because I’m not done with you yet.”

I grinned. “I thought it was

He nodded. “It is. And my birthday wish is to spend all night doing this.”

How does he still do this to me?
The look in his eyes and the deep, husky tone of his voice still had the power to make my body come to life. I’d heard so many people say their sex lives died after having a baby, but for us? Okay,
didn’t happen as often anymore but things were still amazing for us. Still full of fire.

I pressed against him, my mouth just a fraction from his. “Well, who am I to argue with that?”











BOOK: Final Score: Part One (Game On #5)
10.73Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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