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Finding Release



Eva desperately wants to explore new avenues of sex with her
mouthwatering husband but a secret keeps her trapped—after nine years of
marriage, she’s never experienced an orgasm with Justin. She feels broken and
lost. Taking her fate into her own hands, she buys some toys and tells Justin
the truth about her desires.

Justin knows Eva is keeping something from him. When he
returns from a business trip, his little angel has a wicked gleam in her eye.
Determined to discover her secret, he follows her on a trail of lust he may
never want to come back from. Who knew his angel could be so wicked?


Inside Scoop:
Eva and Justin try on some light BDSM—a
little tying up, spanking and name-calling.


contemporary erotic romance
from Ellora’s Cave

Finding Release
Debra Smith


Chapter One


Nine years of believing. Nine years of denying the truth. No
longer. The package would arrive, and everything could—no, would change. She
told herself over and over. Her therapist reasoned her feelings were nothing to
be ashamed of. Doubt still plagued her. What if what she needed proved too much
for her husband?

She couldn’t pretend anymore. Afternoon light spilled
through the window while she checked her driveway for what felt like the
hundredth time. A sigh rushed past her lips. Other options played across her
mind like a black-and-white movie. If she couldn’t convince him, maybe they
could try a special kind of therapist.

She brought her trembling hand to her side and formed a
fist. She needed to be strong. Tonight he would be home. Tonight she would ask
him for what she needed. Only praying he wouldn’t deny her. Was she wrong for
wanting this? Maybe. It didn’t matter.

Eva moved to sit on the edge of her couch, her heart
hammering in her chest.

She closed her eyes as heat pooled between her legs. Her
body wanted it even if her mind wasn’t sure. Time for something new in the
bedroom. Years of the same had taken their toll. She’d finally realized what
she wanted, what she craved.

Starting out slow, she’d ordered some new toys from the
internet. Her breath came out in soft pants as she pictured their uses. A
blindfold, an under-the-bed restraint system and a small, shiver-inducing butt
plug. A knowing smile crossed her lips at the last word. Something so
ridiculously named brought such warmth to her body.

She’d spent the week getting ready. Though tempted to find
her own release, she refused to give in. Afraid it would spoil the pleasure
with her husband.

Instead, she received a Brazilian wax from the local spa.
Something she was sure didn’t happen often in her small town. God, she hoped
the woman would keep her mouth shut. Later Eva would be bold in her newfound
sexual desires but now with them so new, so unrealized, she was worried, maybe
even afraid.

Nine years she’d lied to her husband. Minimal sexual
experience and misguided love had been the cause. Eva fought the stinging in
her eyes. How was she going to tell him the truth?

That in nine long years, he’d never brought her to orgasm.
That everything had been faked. Maybe something was wrong with her. She didn’t
know for sure but she craved sex with her husband. Centering in her fantasies,
his body was all lean strength, smooth, tan skin and solid lines. His
dirty-blond hair and compelling blue eyes held her under his brand of masculine

If he refused she would lose faith. Maybe, just maybe, he
would want the same. Sometimes he whispered dirty things to her in the throes
of lust, bringing her so frustratingly close to coming she wanted to claw and
scratch in frustration. He hinted about fucking her in the ass. Secretly
tempting and disturbing her.

It didn’t feel normal. Foreign desires brought her to this
place, a crossroads. Her gaze strayed to the clock above her flat screen. Two
more hours ’til he would walk over the threshold of their home. Seeming like a
lifetime away and mere seconds at the same time.

A knock sounded at the door, making her heart jump inside
her chest as if she were caught doing something wrong. Brushing her hands along
the tops of her jeans, she smoothed nonexistent wrinkles, buying time to calm
her wild heart. She opened the door, greeted the smiling deliveryman, took her
package and with that, the man strolled down the path and drove off. Eva
blinked as she realized she was still staring at the area where his truck once
sat. The box, a light weight and a heavy burden, rested on her hip.

Goodness, she needed to focus and find a way to pass the
time. Her gaze found its way to the clock again. One hour and forty-five
minutes ’til he was home.

Finding her way to the kitchen, she placed her future on the
table and busied herself with the normalcy of cooking Justin’s favorite meal.

Chapter Two


Everything seemed perfect. The aroma of baked macaroni and
cheese with bacon filled the still air. Her heartbeat accelerated at the sound
of a closing car door. He was home. Anticipation and fear formed a bittersweet
taste in her mouth as she readied to greet him.

The door opened with ease and his presence filled the room.
God, how she’d missed him. Two weeks, the scope of his absence, too long to be

A smile lit his face, causing her breath to catch. Her gaze
roamed his body, which was dressed down in his faded blue jeans and a navy
cotton t-shirt. Her mouth watered. Utterly delicious. The denim clung to his
ass like it knew the near perfection it rested against. Unceremoniously he
tossed his suitcase to floor, drawing the cotton of his shirt flush against the
hard planes of his back.

Clasping her hands together, she struggled to keep from
running them over his body.

“Hi, baby,” he drawled.

Her stomach clenched as she formed a smile. “Hi. I missed

He stepped toward her and slid his hands along her back,
caging her with his body and his passion. Her nipples pushed against the lace
of her bra, sending tendrils of lust snaking down her spine to rest deep in her
belly. The slightest touch made her body ache for him. His lips brushed softly over
hers, tempting, seducing. Then, with a seemingly wicked smile, he pulled back.

“Dinner smells terrific. You made my favorite.”

Breathless from his kiss, she blinked. “Yes, I did. I even
added bacon.”

“You spoil me.”

Grinning, she added, “Don’t you forget it.”

Stepping from his grasp, she motioned to his place at the
table. “Have a seat. I will dish you.”

Eva pulled his plate from the cupboard and spooned a large
amount of food onto the china. She grabbed the salt and pepper from above the
stove in one hand and placed the bounty in front of her husband. He never took
his eyes off her. She could feel the heat of his stare on her body as she
retrieved a fork from the silverware drawer to the left of the stove. She
returned to the kitchen in search of something to soothe her.

“Aren’t you going to eat?”

“No, I’m not terribly hungry.” She bent over to search for a
bottle of wine. Turning at what she thought was a groan, she looked behind her
and furrowed her brows while he shifted in his seat. Maybe it was nothing.
Hopefully the wine would help calm her nerves and give her the strength needed
to tell him of her sensual plans.

She paused for a moment, considering her options. She could
pretend that nothing was wrong. She could keep things the same. A pang of fear
echoed in her chest. If things didn’t change then she couldn’t see herself in
the same marriage for the next forty years. It was selfish but no less true.
She owed him a chance. He was so much stronger than she. He could handle it.

“What’s the occasion?” he asked almost suspiciously,
interrupting her thoughts.

Gently placing the unopened bottle on the counter, she then
reached for one of her cobalt-blue wineglasses. “I thought we could celebrate.”
She shrugged. After opening the bottle, she sighed as the deep-red liquid
sloshed into her glass.

“What’s in the box?”

“It’s part of the surprise. I thought we could try something
new.” She brought the goblet to her lips, drawing his gaze. Slowly she drank
the vanilla-and-currant-infused liquid.

“Oh, like what?”

Her face flamed and she felt the heat from her neck all the
way to her ears. Swallowing, her mouth dry despite the wine, she tried to find
the words to tell him the truth.

* * * * *

Something was up. He knew the moment he came through the
door. She’d made his favorite meal and seemed to be holding back. Fuck, he was
fighting the temptation to take her. The feel of her beaded nipples pushing
against his chest was almost enough to make him throw her on the couch and do
what he’d dreamed of for days. Two weeks without her—pure torture.

The chaste kiss of their greeting was designed to suppress
his raging cock. But when her scent reached his nose, all he could think about
was burying himself balls-deep in her sweet little pussy.

He needed to be careful. She wasn’t that type of girl. Fuck,
she’d been a virgin when they married. Pure white snow and he was the devil,
desperate to soil her. So instead he fought his desires. Painfully, sometimes,
he went slow and did his best not to harm the best thing in his life.

Beautiful. His gaze burned a route over her body, silently
marking her, claiming her. She didn’t have a clue about the way she affected
him. Her curves were generous, the way a woman should be. Her soft form molded
to his every time they touched. Perfection, a lock and key made only for each

His cock twitched, reminding him of just how well they fit
together. Her jeans hugged her ass while she bent over, searching for wine. He
tried to bite back his groan of frustration but in vain. Waves of chestnut-colored
hair fell to one side of her shoulder as she investigated the noise.

His hand tried to reform the shape of his stainless steel
fork. The innocent but seductive way she looked at him brought his control to
the brink. Almost ten years with her. Light-green eyes seemed to search his
face, coming up empty. Then when he asked her what
thing they would
try, her face turned red. His lips twitched as he fought his amusement.

“I thought we could try something different in the bedroom.”

His eyebrow rose in silent question. He tried to speak
smoothly but the words came out dry and gravelly, almost a growl. “Really, like

She finished the small amount of ruby liquid in her glass
and nodded toward the box. “Go ahead and open it.”

Trying to fake disinterest, he slowly reached for the box.
He used his pocketknife, slid the tip into the tape and removed the rest with a
pull. Pushing the tissue paper to the side, his eyes widened.

Holy shit.
Lifting one of the contents, he found it
was not what he expected. He fought his body’s urges. His angel wanted him to
use these things on her. He swallowed, trying to renew some form of moisture in
his parched mouth. She must have taken his silence for rejection because she
started to cry.

“Eva, baby, don’t cry.”

Moving in front of her, he pulled her into his body,
offering her comfort. “Whatever you need, you know I will give you. Is this
what you really want?”

She nodded against his chest and mumbled something he
couldn’t quite make out.

“I can’t hear you. What was that?”

Between sobs she managed, “I think there is something wrong
with me. I can’t come when we have sex. I think I’m broken.”

His muscles coiled with tension, anger and fear, readying
for the unknown danger before them. Primal instincts surged to the surface,
building his need to protect.
If she even considered herself to
be the problem, he’d failed her. He did his best to mask the anger and hurt
that she kept this secret from him for so long, but she was brave for telling
him. After all, he wasn’t above a challenge.

“Shh… We’ll figure it out.”

After gazing up with glistening eyes that seemed to shine
with hope, she dipped her chin in silent agreement. He held her for minutes,
hours, he wasn’t sure. She stepped away and her gaze locked onto the box and its

“I’m going to shower, then we will see what we can do about
fixing this.” Lifting her chin with the tip of his finger, he lavished her
mouth with soft caresses and deep strokes, both meant to reassure and heat her
body. He captured her escaping moan, which was almost a thank-you. He would fix
this, no matter what.

Stepping away from her warmth, he asked, “Are you ready or
is there something else you need to do to prepare?”

“Oh I’m ready. I promise.”

BOOK: FindingRelease
2.25Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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