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Flesh: Alpha Males and Taboo Tales

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Flesh – Alpha Males and Taboo Tales


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This work of fiction is intended for mature audiences only. All characters represented within are eighteen years of age or older and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. None of the characters engaging in sexual activities are blood related. This work is property of its respective authors and used with their permission. Please do not reproduce illegally.



Poor Little Rich Girl

By Scarlett


I had my very own credit card, I still couldn’t believe it.  That day had been one of the most liberating of my entire life.  Having grown up poor, I had never bought so many clothes all at once, and never from such expensive stores either.  All day I had felt like I was in a movie montage, drawing back the curtain of the dressing room and parading various outfits with my new friends.

At my old school I had to content myself with a life of near invisibility.  I wasn’t a geek or a cheerleader, or a sports star or anything that stood out.  I was just the poor girl that nobody paid any attention to.  I say I was content because I saw, in some of my classmates and ‘economic peers’, the alternative.  Suffice to say I was incredibly thankful to my Mom who, although she didn’t make much money, she at least made sure I was fed, clean and well-groomed.  I’d take invisibility over relentless taunting any day of the week,
cause high school kids are fuckin’ assholes, man.

Everything changed in the blink of an eye though.  My Mom, who worked as a receptionist, somehow caught the eye of quasi-celebrity billionaire and notoriously shrewd businessman Mason Alexander and entered into a crazy whirlwind romance.  Nobody could have guessed that it would lead to marriage.  I still found it hard to imagine, my Mom sitting there in her soul-destroying job at the front desk wearing clothes even cheaper than mine and nothing to brighten her desk but a picture of me when, all of a sudden, Mason Alexander strides in for his appointment with her bosses.

The next thing I knew, they were getting married and we moved out to California.  I was able to make a fresh start at a new school, totally reinvent myself with the help of all the make-overs and clothes that my credit card could fund.  It had a monthly limit of fifty thousand dollars, but I had been told that if I abused it then it would be taken away from me, if I spent fifty thousand dollars it had better be an emergency.  As far as I was concerned the limit might as well have been a squillion bajillion dollars, I was used to a budget of nothing and couldn’t imagine spending anywhere near that much.  In a

I didn’t have many friends at my old school but on my very first day at school in California, when I nervously walked into my home room, a group of girls noticed my designer clothing and I was almost instantly accepted into the coolest little clique, once they had determined that I wasn’t ‘rich but crazy’ at the very least.  They thought my small-town-girl sensibilities were
and, with their help I was quickly educated in the social hierarchy.  Basically even the
wanted to be us and it wasn’t long before the most popular boys in school were asking me out on dates. 

It’s safe to say I was pretty much floating on a cloud of delirious happiness, but when I turned eighteen things began to get a little…
at home.  Mason Alexander was a busy man, I guess you don’t get to be a billionaire by being a lazy asshole, so he was away a lot.  When he
around, I guess you could say he was a bit distant towards me.  Not mean or anything, just… careful with what he said I guess.  I tried to be as nice as I could, he had changed our lives after all, but I got used to the status quo I suppose, I stayed out of his way and he kept the credit card paid off.

So imagine my surprise when, about a week after my eighteenth birthday, Mason told me that he wanted me to start calling him ‘Daddy’.  My Mom, Mason and I were sitting around a table eating a nice dinner prepared by Mason’s personal chef when this little bomb was dropped.  I paused mid-chew, not knowing what to say, and looked towards my Mom with a raised eyebrow.  She looked back at me with a look of Don’t-You-Dare-Argue-About-This in her eye that reminded me of the time when I was six and had informed her about my intention to experiment with a lighter and the curtains.

What could I do?  I was just a teenager versus the two most powerful people in my life.  I chewed my food twice more, swallowed and turned back to Mason.


And so it began.  I saw that fire in his eye that very first time I called him Daddy, like I was a tasty piece of food that he was going to eat up in one great big gulp, but I couldn’t deny that it made me feel a bit hot and bothered… in a good way, like when the captain of the football team had asked
me out on a date earlier that day.  I’d said yes and that’s why my friends and I had gone on shopping spree, to celebrate.

That look on Mason’s face, though, I couldn’t get it out of my head.  The man had such
, such a powerful aura, that it was easy to see why he had done so well in business… how do you say no to a man like that?  Try as I might I found it difficult to even think of John, the football captain, and over the next few days I found myself searching out opportunities to use Mason’s new ‘Daddy’ title in casual conversation, just to see that look on his face again.  It became almost second nature to me very quickly.

“Do you like this outfit, Daddy?”

“Can I buy a car, Daddy?”

The thrill of Mason’s attention did wane a bit, though never completely, and eventually on a Friday night I managed to bring my mind back to the here and now, namely John and how the following evening I could very well be losing my virginity in the back seat of his car.  It was a perfectly normal thing for an eighteen year old girl to be daydreaming about and I was certainly having fun just lying on my bed thinking about it as I listened to some music.  What I most certainly didn’t expect was that I had been on Mason’s mind too.

My Mom had told me she was leaving for a ladies night out and left me with the cryptic instruction to ‘do whatever Mason says’ as if I’d made a habit of being rebellious or difficult.  I’d spent all afternoon after school with my friends at the mall, them helping me get ready for my date the following night.  They’d even convinced me to do something I’d never even considered before.

I’d been naturally apprehensive about getting my first ever full Brazilian wax, and rightfully so.  It had stung like you wouldn’t believe getting that done, but now I was glad I’d done it.  In fact, I’d been sneaking a hand inside my panties at every opportunity just to feel how silky smooth I was.  My friends had said that’s exactly what they’d done when they first got their Brazilians but they told me not to get too excited, to not get myself off, to save myself for John the next night so I’d be on the edge of my seat and ready to ‘go’.

Little did I know how difficult that would be.  My newly-bare pussy felt so different, so fantastic… and when my fingers were already right by my clit it was almost impossible to not give myself the occasional flick.  I forced myself to have a cold shower and go to bed early, hoping to sleep away as much of my horniness as I could, desperately trying to save all my sexual energy for my big date.

It didn’t help.  The cold water had made my nipples rock hard and the way they rubbed at the soft material of the white tank top I used for pyjamas was driving me wild.  I lay tossing and turning under the covers in bed, every move I made seemed to send tingling sensations from my bare mound to my clit and from there all over my body.  Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and slipped a hand under the elastic of the satin boxer shorts I’d discovered were
comfortable to sleep in.

My fingertips slid across the smooth surface of my pubic mound until I slowly pushed my middle one across the excited bump of my clit, sending a spark of pleasure shooting up my spine.  I pushed further, feeling the folds of my pretty pink pussy envelop my finger with moist warmth.  Holy crap, I was as wet as if I’d been playing with my vibrator for a while, another one of my more recent purchases.

With a massive effort of willpower, I dragged my hand back from my sex, ‘accidentally’ caressing my clit on the way out.  Unfortunately, much like a lifelong smoker that suddenly notices a lit cigarette in their hand when they swore they were trying to quit, I soon found my hand back between my legs without even thinking about it.

I couldn’t help it, and as I became more excited my pussy began seeping my sweet nectar even more freely.  I was perilously close to an orgasm, a wet patch spreading under my ass as I moaned happily in my bed.  That’s when I heard a throat being cleared and I looked over to see Mason leaning casually against the frame of my door as if I wasn’t blatantly masturbating in front of him.

“Daddy!  Knock!”

“I did, Tiffany, but you obviously didn’t hear me.  You were a bit busy.”

Mason strode through my room like my personal space meant nothing to him and sat on the edge of my bed with that same look in his eye.  I hadn’t even realised I’d called him Daddy again until then, it had become so natural to me.  I had no idea what to say or do, I had been so close to cumming that I could feel my legs quivering under my covers, which I was clutching tightly over myself as if I was afraid he would pull them back and disapprove of the wet patch I had made or something.

My pussy was crying out for attention, which made it difficult to think straight, it wasn’t fair!  I had been so

“Is there something you wanted?” I asked.

“Good question, Tiffany.  I’ve come for what’s mine.”

“What does that mean?”

“It’s time you knew about the little arrangement I have with your Mother.”

Mason leaned over, so close that I thought he was going to kiss me as I lay there.  The subtle scent of his cologne wafted over me like a warm breeze.  The bottle it had come from potentially cost more than the apartment my Mom and I used to live in and I was unable to stop myself from inhaling his wonderful smell deeply.  Something about the aroma helped calm my nerves, until he started talking again that is.

“When I married your Mother, I told her that you were part of the deal.”

“Part of the deal?”

His face was so close to mine, I was fighting against my instinct to just raise my lips to his and kiss him.  I couldn’t, this was my Mom’s husband… my
.  I was so enthralled by his handsome features that I didn’t even notice his hand sneaking under the blanket until I felt it come to rest on my upper thigh.

“Did you think someone like your Mother would be enough for me?  She’s great, but you’re really something special.  I knew from the moment I saw you that with the right clothes and a shot of confidence you’d turn heads wherever you went.  I was right.”

“I’m… special?”

“Yes, Tiffany, you’re a special girl.  You can save your Mom’s marriage, save your comfortable new life with all the doors held open for you.  You just need to give me what I want.”

I began breathing heavier, so confused by the situation, so desperately horny, every muscle in my body just barely being held back from reaching out to him.

“What do you want, Daddy?”

Mason didn’t answer, instead I felt his warm hand slide up my thigh until his fingertips slipped inside the loose leg hole of my boxer shorts and before I knew it he was cupping my ass cheek and I had my answer.  He wanted to fuck me.

“But… I’ve never… “

“Shhhh, I know.  That makes you all the more special, Tiffany.”

“But what if I’m not… you know… any good?”

“You’ll be amazing…”

“What about Mom?”

“She knows the deal, she wants this life for you as much as you do.  All the opportunities she couldn’t afford to give you, all the respect you deserved… it’s all yours now.  You just need to give me what I want.”

“I… I… OK… what do I do?”

“Just relax…”

Mason stood and I pouted involuntarily when I felt his hand come off my ass.  Without a word he grabbed my blankets and pulled them to the side, letting them fall in a heap on the floor.  I didn’t dare
move, I just tried to relax like he said.  I felt so self-conscious lying there in my tight white tank top and underwear.  Could he see my pussy up the leg hole?  I had no idea.  Would he like that I was completely hairless down there?  I had no idea.  I felt so vulnerable in front of this vastly more experienced man, when all my preparations, mental and otherwise, had been for a boy my own age.

Mason unbuttoned a comfortable looking shirt that could have been worn as part of an expensive suit for all I knew and I watched as his upper body was revealed to me for what I realised was the very first time.  I’m sure my lips parted slightly with lust as I saw the kind of sculpting an expensive personal trainer had been able to impose on Mason’s chest and abs.

The obsidian-haired billionaire looked down on me with unrestrained hunger as his shirt was discarded and he turned his attention to his pants.  I watched, rapt, as he first undid the button and then the zip, pushing his custom made clothing to the ground.  Mason kicked off his socks, leaving him wearing only a tight-fitting pair of mid-rise briefs that hugged a huge erection.

All the sex-
ed classes in the world hadn’t prepared me for being so close to a hard cock.  To know, academically, that when a man gets sexually aroused the blood rushes to his penis is one thing.  To see a long, hard, dick in real life and know the man wielding it wanted to put it inside me was entirely different.  I whimpered a little, half in anticipation and half in fear.

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