Game On (The Game Series) (3 page)

Chapter 6

Kyle looked down at his phone.
It was Tara again. She’d been calling him since he left the apartment but he hadn’t answered. He didn’t want to talk to her and her constant calling felt almost like an intrusion. He ignored the call, telling himself that he’d talk to her when he had a better idea of what he wanted to say. Not wanting to be disturbed again, he switched his phone off.

After agreeing to let him watch the interview
, Sandy had buzzed him through the main door and into the precinct. Ushering him through to a side room, she’d left him with strict instructions that he was to remain there and keep quiet. He felt a bit guilty for pressuring her to let him be here, but he needed to hear what Luccio had to say.

Putting his phone in his pocket
, he returned his attention to the window in front of him and watched as Sandy entered the room and sat down at the table across from Luccio. He felt as tightly coiled as a spring, the tension stiffening his shoulders and leaving his fists clenched. He watched as Sandy handed the paperwork for the plea deal to Luccio’s legal counsel. It took him several minutes to read it and the silence while he did nearly drove him crazy.

Once it was signed
, the questioning began in earnest. Sandy started slowly at first, going over old ground and re-establishing what they already knew. Kyle wanted to shout at her to just get on with it, but he knew that Sandy was a skilled interrogator who knew what she was doing. She would get there, he would just have to be patient. Eventually, she brought him around to the subject of Lori. He could feel the tension in the room as Luccio began to describe what had happened.

stood transfixed, his breathing shallow, as he heard Luccio explain that it was a drug deal gone bad. Luccio had supplied a large proportion of the drugs in downtown L.A. through his network of dealers. One of these had been selling product through a staff member at the video store next to the Walmart where Lori had been shopping. The store manager had walked in on the deal taking place and called 911, so the dealer had run. That’s when he had come across Lori in the parking lot and stolen her car, killing her and her baby in the process.

Kyle felt sick to his stomach as Luccio explained
that it had never been meant to happen. That sick feeling turned into disbelief, though, as Luccio kept on talking. He explained that when he found out that Lori’s husband was a cop, he had been worried that, somehow, it would be traced back to him. He’d kept an eye on Kyle through his various contacts and, when Kyle had lost everything, he had stepped in to offer him the job as his head of security to keep him close.

They still didn’t have a name though and that was all that Kyle was really interested in.
As though she could sense what he was thinking, Sandy asked him the one question that they were really here for. Who had shot her?

With a last look at his counsel, who nodded his agreement, Luccio turned to Sandy and gave up the name.
Deshaun Ali.
He had a name!
Kyle felt adrenalin rush through his veins. At long last they would get his wife’s killer.


“I want to talk to him,” Kyle said as soon as Sandy opened the door to the side room.

She looked at him as if he had lost his mind.
“Not gonna happen!”

, Sandy, I’ve got questions I need answers to,” he pleaded.

“You know better than anyone else what would happen if I let you in there! I could lose my job from letting you watch as it is.”
She shook her head. “I’m sorry, Kyle, but the answer’s no.”

He knew better than to push it.
And she was right, he’d already tried their friendship as it was and it wouldn’t be fair to push it further. “Look, we’ve got a name. It’s more than we’ve ever had.”

Kyle nodded.
Yes, it was, but a name wasn’t enough. They would need to find him and even then, Luccio telling them that he was the one who had killed Lori wasn’t enough to actually arrest and charge him for it. They would need more. “So, what are you going to do next? Have you heard of this guy? Do you know where you’re going to look?”

Sandy held up her hands.
“Slow down. We’ve only just gotten the name!”

He knew she was right
. Taking a deep breath, he tried to calm himself down. “Yeah, of course. I’m sorry. Thanks for everything you just did in there,” he told her. “Just keep me in the loop, okay?”

Sandy placed her hand on his arm. “Of course I will.”


It was dark by the time he let himself in to the apartment and he was surprised to find there were no lights on. Walking over to the lamp in the living room he switched it on and was surprised to see Tara curled up on the couch, fast asleep. Watching her, Kyle felt ashamed about the way he had treated her that morning. Crouching down in front of her he stroked her cheek, pushing a strand of her hair that had fallen across her face behind her ear. She stirred under his touch, and when she opened her eyes he could see that she had been crying.

’s wrong?” he asked her.

She looked at him for moment
, then shook her head and smiled brightly. “Nothing, nothing at all. Where did you go? I was worried about you.”

the concern etched on her face, Kyle felt like a complete bastard for walking out the way he had, with no explanation. “I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came over me.” He knew he owed her an explanation. “Have you eaten?”

She shook her head.

“Okay, I’ll make us some pasta.” He’d had time since leaving the precinct to think, to get his head straight. He hadn’t come home right away, not wanting to face Tara and answer her questions. He’d needed some time to himself to figure out what was going on in his head.

Finding a bar
, he’d spent the next few hours nursing a couple of beers and trying to understand his feelings. He’d finally figured out that it had been the guilt that had made him react the way he had. He couldn’t believe he’d felt anger towards Tara, even for an instant. She had not made him fall in love with her, hadn’t made him choose to move forward with his life. No, any anger he felt should be directed at himself for allowing justice for Lori to take a back seat.

Well, no more.
All this had made him realize that he needed to close this chapter of his life if he wanted to move forward with Tara with a clear conscience. And the only way to do that was to find Lori’s killer.

The pasta was simple but good.
He hadn’t eaten all day, having been distracted from his breakfast, so was now starving. He didn’t talk while they ate, digging in hungrily. Putting his fork down after the last satisfying mouthful, Kyle knew that it was time to tell Tara what was going on.

She already knew what had happened to Lori but what she didn’t know was how much it had affected him afterwards.
He’d glossed over his reasons for leaving the LAPD and he hadn’t told her about his obsession leading to him losing everything. He told her now, how the need to find her killer had taken over his life, had led him to sacrifice everything in the search for justice.

What he couldn’t explain, just couldn’t put into words
was how the phone call had triggered the guilt he felt for moving on with his life or how that guilt had turned into anger toward her. Blaming his actions on the phone call, he explained that the shock of it had caused him to react the way he did, an explanation she seemed to accept. He couldn’t tell her the truth. It would hurt her and that’s the last thing in the world he ever wanted to do. No, some things were best kept to himself.


Tara listened as Kyle told her about his family, saw the pain in his eyes as he described the effect their loss had had on him. Her heart broke, but she did not reach out to him, sensing that this would just make it harder for him. She instinctively knew that he was holding something back but she didn’t question him, not wanting to push him away.

There was no question in her mind now that she couldn’t tell him about the message.
She wanted to, she didn’t like keeping secrets from him, but he had so much to deal with right now she couldn’t, wouldn’t, burden him further. No, she would just have to bear this on her own for a while longer. She had survived so much in her life. She would manage this too.

“So you went there today, to see Luccio?”
she asked him, hating the feel of his name on her tongue.

“Not to see him,
to find out what information he had. It was worth it, even though I wanted to reach through the glass and choke him. He gave up a name.”

“That’s great news!
So are they going to arrest him?”


Tara was confused. “Why not?”

Kyle explained that even if they knew where he was, and they didn’t, the best they could do at the moment would be to bring him in for questioning.

“Well, they will find him and he will pay for what he did, I’m sure of it.”
Tara said brightly, happy that Kyle was going to get his wish. Standing up, she went over and stood behind his chair, slipping her arms around him and nuzzling his neck. “The police will deal with it properly this time, I’m sure. It won’t be the same as it was before.” Kyle didn’t respond. “You are going to let the police deal with it aren’t you? You’re not going to do anything silly?” Tara needed to know.

“Of course I’m not.
Don’t worry,” he said, turning and kissing her cheek.

Happy now,
she cleared the plates and took them into the kitchen. She didn’t see the look on Kyle’s face. If she had, she would have known that just waiting for justice to happen was not going to be an option.

Chapter 7

Kyle woke with a start, breathing heavily and drenched in sweat. The nightmare was back. It had been months since he had had it. Since he met Tara. But tonight it was back. It was always the same. He was standing in the parking lot, watching as Lori got shot but not able to protect her. Paralyzed as his wife and unborn child were murdered. The day’s events had brought it all back into sharp focus and he felt completely torn.

As his breathing slowed and the sweat cooled on his skin, he looked at Tara, curled up next to him.
The moonlight streaming through the window lit the room enough for him to be able to see her clearly. He loved this woman with all his heart and he felt disloyal somehow for his thoughts. But he had loved Lori too and the loss of her, and their child, had left him with an open wound that had never healed and he knew, without a doubt, that it would never heal until someone paid.

Needing a drink
, he gently eased himself from the bed so as to not wake Tara and padded through to the kitchen, holding a glass under the tap. His thirst quenched, he returned to the bedroom to find Tara sitting up in bed, the sheet across her lap and her beautiful breasts exposed. Kyle slept naked and, free of any restraints, his cock hardened at the sight of her.

He needed her then.
Needed to lose himself inside her and forget everything. He knelt on the foot of the bed then and she raised herself to her knees to join him. Taking her face in his hands he kissed her, her lips parting under his. He explored her mouth with his tongue, losing himself in the kiss. He felt her reach between their bodies and gently cup his balls in her hand, squeezing them gently as a small groan escaped his lips.

Pulling herself away from his kiss
, she pushed him down onto the bed. With a smile, she knelt between his legs and lowered her mouth to his cock. Gently at first she flicked her tongue along the shaft, up and down, before taking the tip in her mouth. The wetness on his cock almost drove him insane and reaching down, he tried to pull her head down further. She wouldn’t let him and pushed his hands away with a smile. Teasing, she took more of his cock in her mouth. Slow at first and then getting faster, until he had to tell her to stop. He wanted to taste her now so he pulled her towards him.

“Let me taste your pussy,
” he murmured, his voice husky with desire. Turning her back to him, she lowered herself onto his face, her hands resting on his knees. Gripping her ass with his hands, he buried his face between her legs. Her little mewling noises of pleasure made him bury his tongue deeper, until she was panting. “Oh god, oh yeah, baby, yeah” she was shouting, loudly now. He felt her take his cock in her hand and slip a condom on it. He couldn’t wait. He was about to explode.

He let go of her ass and she turned around to face him.
Looking him in the eye, he could see that her pupils were dilated and her lips were parted. Reaching down between her legs she took his cock and gently placed the tip against her pussy, rubbing it back and forth. He couldn’t stand it. Putting his hands on her hips he thrust his hips up slamming his cock all the way into her wet pussy.

She was riding him now, the slapping as their bodies met and the bouncing of her tits almost driving him insane.
He watched as she threw her head back as her body started to spasm. He could feel her pussy clench around his cock and he was lost. With a shout and a final thrust he came, the waves of pleasure rippling through him and never seeming to end. Panting, she collapsed on top of him, his cock still inside her, and he held her close. Eventually he drifted off to sleep again. This time there were no dreams.

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