Golden Crown Series 02: The Twin Dragons

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The Twin Dragons




Come not between the dragon and his wrath.

~ Shakespeare, King Lear





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I looked out the large bay window and then adjusted in the leather chair as Cas sat on my lap and August stared out into the garden. He slowly traced his fingers along the glass as the water rained down in thick streams. He then turned to me and grinned, he looks so much like Ryan it pains me. Both of them do, with an obvious injection of Miko in them and it bothers me some days but not others. I guess it depends on what meds I am taking or the drink in my hand. Today the doctor came early and resupplied me, so now I am feeling relaxed but completely in control of my senses. I never come near the boys when I have been drinking, or at least I try not to. I remember my Mother, right here in this house. Walking around in white, not unlike I do now with a drink of some sort in her hand. I would hate to think that I am now her, as she was me. I cannot be certain. I do know that the last eight years have not been easy, but somehow you settle into a quiet march to the grave regardless of your station in life. Mine is that of a mother now, as I took it on when the boys became my own and call me Mommy, much more personal than I ever had with my own Mother.

I held the book open as Cas watched it with wi
de eyes. He is the curious one. August, as we call him now after he explained that “Auggie” would not do, well…he is impatient and a bit more distant than Cas is. They both seem to have a darkness lurking in them that I try my best to beat back with the love I never received in this tomb of a house. I still try my best to pretend that this is a home although the ghosts of my Father and Miko live within these walls, as well as my mother. I wake many a night in my room, alone and frightened, thinking I heard someone call out my name. Then there is Ryan. What can be said for him really except that he is a fucking train wreck? He loves to pretend we are a loving couple at parties we host. And sure, in public, we seem to hold the attention of everyone around us and he uses it to his advantage. He has taken many to his bed since we married and I find it hard to fucking care for him or anything we may have once had. He claims he stays for Cas and August. Me? I know he stays for what he has always been a slave to…money. It is money that binds us and money that will place us in the grave. I guess the game is to see who goes first. I plan on it being him.

I eyed the dragon on the page, painted so beautifully and br
eathing fire as Cas touched it and grinned. He loves dragons, as does August, and I find it fitting as I often see them as just that. I cleared my throat and started to read out loud although Cas is totally capable of doing it himself. He prefers to be read to by me and I am more than happy to do it.

The Chinese dragon is often associated with water and rain, lakes and rivers. They are divine mythical creatures that bring with them ultimate abundance, prosperity and good fortune.”

“Prosperity?” Cas asked
me and I grinned as I looked down at him.

“Money,” August said as he walked
towards us and then sat down Indian style, placing his small chin on his hands as if to say he is bored, but there is nothing else going on so he will endure it.

“Very good August, it is money, or acquiring it.”

“We have money?” Cas asked me. August laughed as I glanced at him. Sometimes I swear his 10-year-old frame houses the body of a man.

“We have all the money in the world.”

I paused and lowered the book a bit. “Who told you that?”

” August said as he smiled at me and I shook my head.

“We do not have all the money in the world
, but quite a bit,” I said to be clear. “We are not rulers, but mere humans.”

I waited as I normally do. August is notorious for starting a conversation and then going on and on, not unlike Ryan had so long ago it seems. I
mean it had almost been years and yet it seemed like yesterday sometimes when I thought of his smile. I took a deep breath and raised the book up and started to read again.

“Unlike the negative aspect associated with Western Dragons, most Eastern Dragons are beautiful, friendly, and wise. They are the angels of the Orient. Instead of being hated, they are loved and worshipped.”

“We should be worshippe
d,” August said as he leaned back and stared at Cas. I stopped and looked at him.

“Humans are not to be worshipped.”

“But we are dragons,” August said as he smiled at me and I laughed as Cas looked at me waiting for an answer.

“Well, you are not dragons
, August. You are boys, human boys.”

“I want to be a dragon.
Dad says we can be whatever we want to be.”

“Your dad has moments of grandeur,
” I said and August smiled as his intelligence and obsession with reading the dictionary knew what I meant, but Cas was confused.

” August added, and I shook my head as Cas laughed at him and the curse word.

“August, please don’t.”

“That is what you meant,” he said as he stood back up and walked to the window again. He started to trace the lines of water on the inside of the glass and a flash of the heart on the window of the Bentley popped into my mind. I hate remembering shit and I wish that the meds and alcohol would dull it all, but once in love, you tend to find yourself always going back to the well of memories, good ones anyway. I blinked a couple of times as Cas tapped the book and I started to read again.

The Chinese Dragon, or Lung, symbolizes power and excellence, valiancy and boldness, heroism and perseverance, nobility and divinity. A dragon overcomes obstacles until success is his. He is energetic, decisive, optimistic, intelligent and ambitious.”

August started to tap the glass with his fingernails and I looked up at him. He sighed and I watched him closely until he turned and looked at Cas.

“See, the dragon symbolizes power.”

“Yes it does
, but a dragon is a mythical creature, August. You are bound by flesh and bone of a mere mortal.”

He stared at me for a moment like I insulted him and then he went back to tracing lines of water. I have to read into him to
o deeply sometimes, I mean a child of ten could not possibly be this mature, could he? I often wonder what Ryan was like as a child, more like August…cold and hard? Or more like Cas, loving and needy? I wonder if they each took on the trait of one parent and if August is doomed to be Miko’s forever.

” Cas said and I looked at him and then kissed him on the forehead.

The Dragon brings upon the essence of life, in the form of its celestial breath, known to many as sheng chi. He yields life and bestows its power in the form of the seasons, bringing water from rain, warmth from the sunshine, wind from the seas and soil from the earth. The Dragon is the ultimate representation of the forces of Mother Nature.”

Thunder rumbled in the sky above us
, and Cas jumped slightly as did I, but August stood right by the window and watched the sky. He seems to have no fear, none at all and has always been the one to take chances. Walking first, falling first, cutting his knee first, and offering his blood to the front steps as I had done many times over. Cas likes to stay close to me, often holding my hand and showing affection. I think since August turned five, he has hugged me maybe ten times in the last five years. His distance is disturbing, but I keep trying to remind him that I am here for him always. I looked back to the book and smiled.

The Chinese Dragon is often seen as the symbol of divine protection and vigilance. It is regarded as the Supreme Being. It has the ability to live in the seas, fly up to the heavens and coil up in the land in the form of mountains. Being the divine mythical creature, the Dragon can ward off wandering evil spirits, protect the innocent and bestow safety to all that hold his emblem. The Chinese Dragon is looked upon as the ultimate symbol of Good Fortune.”

Cas smiled and tapped the listing of the dragons, his favorite part of the book as each one was accompanied with a picture of the dragon matching the description.

“There are nine major types of Chinese dragons.

The Horned Dragon

The Winged Dragon

The Celestial Dragon

The Spiritual Dragon

The Dragon of

The Coiling Dragon

The Yellow Dragon

And then
The Dragon King”

The last of the nine is the Dragon King, which actually consists of four separate dragons, each of which rules over one of the four seas, those of the north, south, east and west.”

” August said and I stopped and looked at him.

“Four Dragons, just like us,” h
e said and I kept my eyes on him for a moment and then the lightning struck outside of the house and hit one of the trees. It split the thick trunk in half and a fire started. I stood up quickly and pulled Cas with me. We both ran to the window and watched as the tree burned and August watched it as if he controlled the fire in the sky that had rained down on it and I swear to you, sometimes I feel as if anyone could, it would be him.








Chapter One

Skeleton Keys

I sat in my room and drank my tea. I actually enjoy it now, unlike when I lived here years ago and my Mother tried to get me to drink it with her. I often wish I had now, just to add a few more moments of memory of her. I have some, not many, and as the years wore on her she had become less and less a mother to me, the one who had read to me in the same room the boys first shared together, and more of a symbol of what
to become. I stirred my silver spoon and watched as some tealeaves moved on the surface of the boiled water in my cup and then I heard it, one moan then another. I knew as I always did that Ryan was fucking one of the maids in the room next to mine.

It was not my idea that we should share rooms next to one another, this house is certainly big enough that seeing him once a week could have been a possibility, but he insisted that we have a room, shared by one door separating us that we each had a key to
, and if ever we felt the need to ‘pop’ in, well we could. I often unlock the door and step into the small hallway between the two rooms and sit against the wall, I never tell him this and never would. I have placed a hand on his door and felt it, cold to the touch and knowing he was just on the other side of it entertaining himself or someone who did not deserve him. I know it sounds sad and perhaps it is, but it a sadness I carry and always will. I know I often say to him that I stay here out of spite but the truth is that I stay out of love and this tiny flicker of hope I see in Cas, I cannot say the same for August, although I wish that I could.

The thumping began on his bed and I closed my eyes and placed the tea to my l
ips and let it burn me. The searing pain helped me ignore the real pain in my heart as he was clearly trying to fucking annoy me as always. I was actually stupid enough to think he was sincere at one point, when we first moved in next to each other and he gave me a matching key. He held my hand a bit longer that day and watched my expression. I took the key and said nothing, as I was used to doing, and maybe he thought I just did not care, but I do. I find myself caring more now as years have passed and both Cas and August helped defrost a heart I had frozen over with hatred. Change is possible, I was living proof of it and I could only wish Ryan would find it possible to change too one day.

I opened my eyes up as the girl in his room cried out his name and I started to place my tea down and it fell to the floor as I missed the table. I looked up into my doorway and August was watching me, he is now looking so much like Ryan it is uncanny, as Cas looks a bit softer, his lips just a bit fuller than his brothers, becoming an easy way to tell them apart. I waved to him and he stepped in and paused as he heard the noise next to my room also.

“Mother,” he said as he nodded to me and I grinned as the pills I had taken earlier had me as relaxed as I needed to be.

“Come here
, August,” I said as he walked up and then knelt down in front of me and I placed my hand on his bangs and moved them over. He loves to let them grow too long and they hide his beautiful eyes, those of Ryan’s.

“Are you okay?” he asked me quietly. I watched his expression, which always seems to be a bit cold
, but he has traces of compassion in him. I can only hope I gave him enough of me in the upbringing to outweigh the genetic lineage of Miko. She was truly evil as I guess we all can be, but the only thing admirable about her is that she struck from the front and not from behind. I glanced at the fireplace which flanked the wall to Ryan’s room and then looked back to August.

“Of course. Is s
omething bothering you?” I asked him and he sighed and stood up, walking to the window and then peering out at the garden as he often does. He has loved it since he was little and I sometimes wish I could stop time and not allow either one of them to grow any older, but here they are, about to celebrate their 18
birthdays and I can hardly believe it.

“I was wond
ering if I could have something,” he said and I stood up and joined him at the window as it did put a bit more distance between me and Ryan’s bullshit in the next room. Thank God the walls are thick and made of stone. The only noise that escapes is from the hallway and door separating us. I should just have them brick the damn thing over and be done with it. I turned to August and smiled at him.

“You look so much like him,” I said and he sighed and said
nothing back to me. I know that August can be a dick, and trust me we have fought many times as he exerted his will in this house, but one thing he does not handle well is disloyalty. He has come to favor me over Ryan, and it is because of how Ryan conducts himself in the house. I touched his face and he took my hand and kissed the inside of my palm reminding me so much of Ryan. How these things carry on from father to son is a mystery to me.

“Can I
, I mean we, can
have a party?” he asked me and I raised an eyebrow.


“I mean, we are turning 18, I think that we should,” he said as he studied my reaction to him.

I am totally fine with doing it,” I said as the woman in the room next door yelled loud enough for both of us to hear, and he gritted his teeth a little bit. He then hugged me, saying nothing else. As he started to walk out, he paused and looked back at me.

“I guess I have to invite people.”

“You have people?” I said as I laughed, totally playing with him and he frowned at first and then realized I was joking.

“Well, I have someone I want you to meet.”


“Yes,” h
e said and with that he left me with nothing more and I so wanted to know everything.


Ryan pulled the maids hair back, wound in his hand and pressed deeper into her as she moaned.

“Fucking say it.”

“I want you,” she whispered, and he thrust harder as she gritted her teeth.

“I want you!” she said louder as he rotated his hips in a circular motion and she arched her back
, pressing herself into him as hard she could. He slapped her ass and left a welt on it, he then rubbed it as she moaned louder.

“Does it hurt?” he whispered into her ear and she grinned as he pressed his cock as deep as he could inside of her. Honestly it was starting to annoy him. He fucked as often as he could
, but nothing ever compared…well, it just did not live up to the expectation. He closed his eyes and there it was, the face he hated and loved and with it came his involuntary tensing up as his cock trembled and begged to explode. He gritted his teeth and tried to control it, something he was not very good at anymore. No amount of trying could stop him from wanting what was so close and yet so far from him, but with over a decade gone and many harsh words spoken, he knew the chances of opening the small door between two rooms was lost.

“Ryan…you fuck so good
, baby,” the maid cooed and Ryan stopped and opened his eyes up, pissed that she had used his name. He pulled out of her quickly as she yelped and looked back at him a bit irritated. Ryan took a breath and wiped the sweat from his chest, staring at the shine on his fingers, and then placed his hand out towards her. She turned and took his fingers into her mouth and moaned as she licked them clean, but he watched with nothing more than a slight interest at this point and knew humiliation would have made him happier.

“Tell me, how long have you been a whore?” Ryan said and she took his fingers from her mouth and
stared up at him.

“I have always serviced
families,” she said and he stared at her hair and then back to her eyes.

“So was your m
other a whore too?” he asked as he picked up his shirt and slipped it on one arm and then the other. She leaned up on her knees and placed her hands to his chest and he looked away. She leaned in and kissed his chest and he grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back.

“Was she?” he asked again and she looked at him and narrowed her eyes.

“My mom died when I was young,” she said and he sighed.


“She was very sick.”

He stood up and started to button up his shirt, his erect cock protruding from his pants which sat half open. He had not even bothered to take them off with her. She slid to the side of the bed a
nd spread her legs, grabbing his hips and pulling him towards her. The length of his cock slid into her mouth and she moaned, trying her best to bring his interest back to fucking her. He looked down and then continued to button up his shirt. She started to suck him off quickly and he grabbed the back of her head and then as he felt himself start to come, he jerked her head back and came onto her face as she laughed and accepted it as if it did not matter. Truthfully Ryan was trying to humiliate her as he had done to many before her, but she was not showing any signs of caring. He let her go and zipped his pants up as he shook his head at her.

“You have no self

She looked up at him licking her fingers and he then looked at the door.

“Get the fuck out,” he said and she stopped and stared at him for a second longer than needed.

“Ryan,” s
he said and he grabbed her wrist and jerked her upward as she cried out a bit. He dragged her with him as he grabbed her clothing and then stopped at the door. He shoved the clothing into her arms and she stared him down.

“It is Mr. Blackwood,” h
e said and she smiled.

Mr. Blackwood
,” she said with thick sarcasm dripping from her words.

“Leave,” h
e added and she pulled her shirt on and started to button it up.

“You would think you woul
d be nicer to your secret lover,” she muttered and he leaned down to see her face as she smiled and shook her head.

“Secret?” he asked and she looked up at him and grinned as if she had something on him.

“Your wife is right next door,” she said all quiet like it mattered.

He stood up straight and looked her over, then he opened the door up and pulled her out with him as she stumbled a bit. He walked down the hallway and stopped at my door and then stepped in with his whore held tightly.
I looked at the two of them and said nothing as usual. I also held any emotion I felt at bay, as she stood there with one breast hanging out and her hair a mess. Ryan smiled at me and then looked at her.

“I have been fucking her for a month.”

I stepped forward and she looked stunned as if the world was about to go sideways on her.

“Mrs. Blackwood…”

“Bittermend,” I said quickly to correct her. Although Ryan and I were married I never took his name, as the boys last names remained Bittermend also. I assume the conversation would one day pop up with them as to why, but for some reason they never questioned it, and I appreciated that. Perhaps it was that they knew the true fortune lay within the Bittermend name and so they accepted it as they should.

“I am so sorry…he…he seduced me,” s
he said and I raised one eyebrow and looked at Ryan.

“Is this true?” I asked him and he glanced at her.

“She bent over one day and I was horny,” he said and I held in my laughter, as he obviously wanted to play a game with me.

“So, was she not wearing any underwear?” I asked him and he looked at her and then back to me.

“She is a whore.”

“I ca
n see that,” I said and it was then that the maid pulled from him and stared at me.

“Are you not upset at all?” she asked me and I looked at her again.

“Oh, am I upsetting you? I mean, what exactly did you expect? I would assume you threatened him with telling me, or me finding out, or something…correct?” She watched me, and her expression changed from worry to confusion.

“I mean you have been paid well to suck his dick, I should know I write the checks.”

“What the fuck is wrong with you people?” she asked me and it was then that I walked up to her and she backed up against my wall. I stood close to her and looked her over as if I was disgusted and truly I was. I mean, if he were going to replace my pussy with someone else’s, I would think it would at least be of a higher caliber than this shit.

“I guess your hope was for Ryan to love you and leave me…kicking me out
, and abandoning his sons, and for what? A two-dollar whore with no future and a sexually transmitted disease? You are nothing, you came here as nothing, and you leave the same,” I whispered to her and she looked up at me with tears in her eyes. I then looked at Ryan.

“You better ge
t tested, her pussy smells fowl,” I added as I walked away and I could hear her crying. I kept my back to both of them as I stared out at the garden and for a moment I could see the ghostly apparitions of the boys running through it and being so happy. It had been so long ago when the possibility of mending may have been closer at hand. I know with time I have softened my heart to Ryan, but to everyone else? I am stone. I have little emotion to share with anyone except for the boys. I love them fiercely and always will.

Ryan looked at the maid and smiled as she smacked him across the face. Then she looked at me and screamed.

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