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Authors: Elizabeth Nelson

Graham's Fiance

Graham’s Fiancé

Savannah’s Romance


by Elizabeth Nelson






rst Kindle Original Edition 2012


A Bristlecone Book


All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2012 Elizabeth Nelson


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Chapter 1


Savannah found herself in a beautiful dream. In it, she was dancing with a prince, a tall man who wore a mask just as she wore a mask. She thought she knew the man’s face, the way he walked, the cologne on his skin. As they danced at the masked ball, the man wordlessly wove a delicious web of seduction around her, pulling her deeper and deeper into a sensual trance as her limbs moved automatically in the movements of a waltz.


His body against hers was magic. The way he commanded her movements made her knees weak. This voiceless, faceless man was the answer to every prayer for love that she ever had, and as they danced around the opulent ballroom, spun past glittering gold tapestries, gilt-edged mirrors, other masked dancers, she knew he would make her happy for the rest of her life.


In bed, her eyes flickered open and she rolled over, her body meeting a firm, warm shape. The lingering strains of a waltz played through her head as she blinked up at the high ceiling of the bedroom where she lay. Graham’s bedroom. The events of the previous night came back to her in a beautiful rush. The sumptuous feast they had shared at dinner. Their wild and satisfying sex play on the dining table. His proposal. She lifted a hand to her throat and touched the collar he had locked there. The smooth gold was warm against her skin. A delicious reminder of what they had done and his soft words to her at the end:
Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?


Savannah drew a deep and disbelieving breath. His wife. The warm body sharing her bed moved against hers while a hand possessively touched her bare belly. A low and rumbling voice.


“Good morning.”


Graham’s husky tones trembled along her skin. She smiled widely, her face barely able to contain the expression of her happiness. He smelled of early morning and their sex from the night before, of his particular masculine and musky scent.


“Good morning,” she murmured and turned into him.


His gray eyes smiled down at her, his hair flopping over his forehead and giving him a slightly youthful, yet sensual look.


“How did you sleep?”


“The best sleep of my life,” she murmured, lifting a hand to touch his slightly stubbled face, fingers tracing the full line of his mouth.


She felt like she’d opened her eyes to a whole new life. This was the first time Graham had brought her to his bed instead of having her sleep in the bedroom down the hall where he had rarely visited her. The morning felt strange and wonderful in so many ways. Even with Graham, her new fiancé, hovering over her with a smile on his face, it all seemed to be the continuation of a dream. A wonderful and amazing dream.


“The first of many,” he said.


Graham touched his mouth to hers, lightly, as if testing the flavor of her morning breath. She sat up in the bed, abruptly self conscious of her mouth’s smell as her hair tumbled around her shoulders.


“I should go brush my teeth,” she said, lifting a hand to her mouth.


Graham shook his head, a minute negation but still she tried to pull away. His eyes hardened just the slightest bit.


“Not even a fiancé for twenty-four hours and you’re already going against my wishes.”


He tugged her close to him and before she could even think to protest, he had a pair of handcuffs in his hand, gripped her wrists, and latched them to the headboard. Savannah was breathless with the unexpectedness of it. The silver handcuffs rattled as she moved.


“I want you here,” he said. “Not in the bathroom. Not scrubbed. Simply available to me in whatever form I choose.” He tapped her chin with his index finger, eyes sparkling with amusement now at the startled look on her face. “Do you understand?”


“Yes,” she stammered, her body already tingling in excitement.


With her arms stretched above her head, her bare breasts were lifted up toward him, the tips hardening in the warm morning air as he watched her with the beginnings of arousal in that clear, gray gaze. He touched her breasts, stroking a nipple with his thumb while he kept her eyes trapped in his.


“You’re very beautiful,” he said. “Sometimes I can’t believe you’re here. With me.”


Savannah licked her lips as his leisurely strokes lit an immediate spark of arousal in her, his soft hands on her breasts, teasing her nipples, the short nails raking her skin and raising goose bumps along her body. Graham shifted in the bed until he was crouching over her, both hands on her breasts now and the spark becoming a flame licking through her limbs into her belly, stirring moisture between her legs.


“Are you with me, Savannah?” His mouth hovered over her breasts. Hot breath teasing and stimulating her skin.


She writhed against the sheets, the rattle of the handcuffs and his hard length over her already flooding her with want and anticipation. “Yes, Graham. Always.”


He made a low sound, triumph and pleasure. Then eased his body down on top of hers, tucking his hips between her thighs, his cock already hard and nudging at the entrance of her pussy.


“Those words make me very happy.” His teeth lightly nipped her shoulder, her arm, her breast, her nipple.


Savannah groaned at the unexpected sensation of pain then groaned again when he licked the offended area, swirling his tongue around her nipple, licking every inch of skin he’d just abused with his teeth. All the while, his cock nudged at her between her thighs. She moaned and opened her legs wider, his tongue and teeth working together to push her desire higher and higher, until the sounds she made were needful and loud in the bedroom, seeming even louder for being in Graham’s room and not the place he’d taken her before.


She called his name as he moved against her, torturing her with his mouth, the firmness of his cock pressing against her but not inside her. Savannah lifted her knees for him, arching her hips, soundlessly begging him to give her what they both wanted.


“Please,” she gasped. “Please!”


She was shocked at how quickly he had pulled the want from her. Soon, she was nearly mindless with it, the rough-tender touches of his tongue on her skin, the promise of his hard cock between her thighs, the approving sounds he made against her skin.


“I like it when you beg,” Graham murmured.


He lifted his head and looked down at her. “What do you want, Savannah?” He pinched her nipple until she cried out. More pain. More pleasure. “What do you want?”



I want you to fuck me,” she gasped, her head moving back and forth against the sheets, eyes squeezed shut.




For a moment, she was stunned by the question. Frozen. Then she opened her eyes and looked into his. “Anywhere you want,” she gasped.


“Good girl!”


Then he shoved his cock into her pussy.




Relief and delectation moved through her in a wave at the first stroke of his hardness inside her. They both groaned at the pleasure of it. He moved again, fucking her in slow and delicious movements, caressing her deep inside with his strength than faster while their sounds of pleasure rose in the bedroom, while the handcuffs trapping her wrists rattled. The fire spun through her and she gave herself over to it, twisting under him, thrusting up her hips to meet his, sound huffing from her throat as he overwhelmed her with his body. The cuffs scraped her wrists, pressed into her skin. But she didn’t care. Nothing mattered except the hot hardness of Graham inside her, the pleasure he fed her with his magnificent body.


She cried out his name, she twisted, she groaned, she wailed. The orgasm flooded her in a gigantic wave. She cried out again as her body spasmed in pleasure, as his sweat slick body moved on top of hers, racing toward its own completion.




He grunted into her throat, his hips jerking between her legs as he came, spilling the fruit of his desire into her. His hot breath scalded her throat as he panted against her.


“Ah, Savannah...”


He said her name as if it pained him. He lifted his head from her throat and for a moment a darkness swam in the gray of his eyes; his face was harder than she’d ever seen it. Then the expression cleared. He lifted his body from hers and unlocked her wrists from the headboard. He threw the cuffs along with the keys into the bedside table that was still gaping open. She hadn’t even noticed him open it before.


As soon as her hands were free, Savannah twined her arms around his neck and kissed him. Graham gathered her into his arms, rolling over until she was on top of him and their tongues twisting together, their legs tangled, the slightly sour taste and smell of their morning breath inconsequential to the lazy heat twirling between them on the bed.


“I can wake like this every morning,” Graham said.


“Me too,” she smiled against his mouth even as he was pulling away from her, laying her into the sheets at his side. Savannah yawned and stretched against him, feeling the heaviness of sleep already pulling her down.


Distantly, she heard her fiancé laugh. Then felt the covers on her body, a press of his lips against her forehead.


Later, when she woke, he was gone.


The blinds were open to let in the full light of the day. The smell of coffee teased her nose. Savannah rolled over in the bed, and gasped. Marie, Graham’s maid, stood at the side of the bed, watching her. The look in her eyes was cool, with a far off heat that strangely chilled Savannah.


“You’ll never be enough for him,” Marie said. “Get used to that idea and your heart will break more softly.”


Chapter 2


Savannah took her coffee to find Graham, unable to put aside the words his maid had spoken so intently to her.


What had the woman been talking about? Graham had asked her to marry him. He had put the gold collar on her neck and said how Savannah, and
Savannah, had made him the happiest man in the world. Marie didn’t know what she was talking about. The maid was probably just jealous he hadn’t chosen her.

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