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Heaven's Hell [Brac Pack 13]

BOOK: Heaven's Hell [Brac Pack 13]

Brac Pack 13

Heaven’s Hell

Heaven dreamed of the day he would meet his mate and settle down. He had no idea that the bad luck he experienced his whole live was about to give its grand performance. How has the fairy tale romance he dreamed of turned from blissful wishing into the hell he would soon find himself in?

Murdock has always been the playboy of the estate. With an endless supply of willing males, who needs a mate? Then Heaven walks into the bathroom at the club and sees something Murdock wishes he hadn’t.

Now Murdock has two weeks to convince his mate that he didn’t know Heaven existed and win his love or Maverick will execute him. Talk about pressure.

Heaven struggles to get past the images burned into his memory and find forgiveness in his heart before he loses his mate forever.

The only wrench in that plan is the humans who have discovered their existence and are now out for blood.

Each book in Lynn Hagen's Brac Pack collection features a different romantic couple. Each title stands alone and can be read in any order. However, we recommend reading the series in sequential order.

Alternative (M/M or F/F), Paranormal, Vampires/Werewolves

25,277 words


Brac Pack 13

Lynn Hagen



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Brac Pack 13


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Chapter One

“That’s right. Suck this cock.” Murdock rolled his head back. This was the life. Free to fuck anyone he wanted, no mate to tie him down.

He fisted the hair kneeling before him as he shoved his dick further down the stranger’s throat.

He came, pumping everything he had down that warm, cavernous mouth. Murdock zipped himself up then pushed open the bathroom stall of the night club. The twink had been a hot one, oh so willing.

Who was Murdock to deny him?

He danced his way back to the center of the crowd, loving the way the bodies moved, as if the dancers were having sex right there out on the floor. The music vibrated through him, making him hard once again. There was an endless supply of willing males out here, and all were eager to please someone like him. All Murdock had to do was point to a man, point to the bathroom, and they were his.

The part where they hoped Murdock would keep them longer than a fuck barely registered on his brain.

Only one man would have him body and soul—his mate. Since he had yet to show himself, Murdock was going to live the life.

“You want to fuck me?”


Lynn Hagen

Murdock smiled as the twink ground his cock into his hip. He threw his hands into the air, allowing the slim man to hump him like a dog.

It didn’t matter who watched. Privacy was reserved for his mate.

Murdock knew he had a nice body, and he didn’t mind showing it off.

The club felt alive, beating out a rhythm of seduction so intense one could only answer the call.

When the twink slid behind him, he growled and said, “I’m a top, not you.”

“Sorry.” The guy slunk his body back around, swaying his hips in time with Murdock’s, running his hands up Murdock’s chest. His cock synchronized with the beat of the club, his lust growing stronger.

Alpha Maverick had warned him that one day his hormones were going to bite him in the ass. Murdock laughed. It hadn’t happened yet.

He’d deal with that day when it came.

“Bathroom?” the twink begged as he threw himself at Murdock.

The man was all over him, hands everywhere like an octopus.

“Get in there,” Murdock demanded. The little slut was only too happy to run in that direction. Murdock danced a little longer.

Hitching his hips from side to side, letting the music seduce his body and claim him for the night.

He slowly made his way through the crowd, pushing the bathroom door open. The twink was at the sink, pants to his ankles, and bent over, oh so lovely. Murdock didn’t waste any time. No kissing, and no promises or entanglements. This was all about sex. Dirty, anonymous sex.

Murdock pushed his jeans to his knees, not caring who could walk in. Let them. The more, the merrier. The guy was already lubed and stretched. He’d probably just finished fucking someone else.

No matter, Murdock was a timber wolf, unable to catch human diseases. Murdock grabbed his cock, gave a light squeeze for the thrill of it, then guided his shaft into the smaller man’s body. It disgusted him that the guy didn’t even mention condoms. Although Murdock
Heaven’s Hell


couldn’t give diseases either, the man should be more cautious with his fucking life. Murdock would never understand how someone could be so careless with the one life they were given.

“Oh, fuck, you’re huge.” The twink pulled himself further onto the counter, jutting his ass into the air for Murdock to drive deeper.

Murdock grabbed his hips, slamming the guy onto his cock. His eyes closed as his chin touched his chest, letting himself go.

Murdock had learned to ignore the hollow feeling of nameless sex that encompassed him afterward. He just lost himself in the act.

Maybe that was why he took more than one lover in a night. It was the need to chase away that lonely feeling that threatened to pull him under like a drowning, desperate man.

“Harder,” the twink cried as he pushed his hands from the mirror, ramming his ass onto Murdock’s cock.

The door opened, and Murdock was too lost to care who had come in. If he wanted to join, the twink could suck his cock. He froze on the downstroke, and every muscle in him locked into place. Sweat trickled down his temple as he slowly turned his head toward the door.

A young man stood there, about six one in height with a slim body. He was gorgeous, simply fucking gorgeous. Murdock’s eyes slowly closed as he tried to block out the tears that had welled up in the other man’s eyes.

This couldn’t be happening.

The man cried out as he spun around, grabbed the door handle, and fled from the bathroom. Murdock pulled himself free, snapped his jeans up as he pulled the door open, the twink yelling after Murdock as he chased down the gorgeous man.

Murdock pushed his way through the bodies, checking every autumn-brown head, but the man seemed to have just disappeared.

Knocking by a few people, Murdock emerged from the club. He searched the parking lot, but his mate was nowhere in sight.

How could he have just fucked up so damn badly?


Lynn Hagen

* * * *

Heaven tore down the highway, barely able to see as the tears rolled down his cheeks. The image of his mate fucking that man was burned into his eyes. There was no way he was sticking around because there was no explanation that could be given to excuse what he witnessed.

He had dreamt of meeting his mate since he was a little boy, and he knew his mate would be a male. Heaven had planned and planned the perfect life he would live when he met him. They would live in a nice, ranch-style home like his father did. Maybe they could adopt a small child and live the life a shifter dreamed of with his mate at his side. Tonight had been a slap in the face.

There would be no ranch-style home. There would be no child.

And there would be no happy life. A sob broke from Heaven’s chest as he realized his dream had just flown out of the car window.

Heaven steered the car into the driveway, not caring that it ended up on the lawn. He left the motor running as he raced to the front door, slamming it open as he ran crying to his room.

It seemed his bad luck once again reared its ugly head. Ever since Heaven was little, he could remember bad things happening. His father had said it was just coincidence, but Heaven never believed him.

Why was he born with a black cloud over his head?

His mother probably knew and that’s why she gave him the name Heaven, to give him a fighting chance. Too bad she had passed away early on in his life, taking the answer with her.

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