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His Lewd
the Billionaire
(A BDSM Erotic Romance)

Published by Adriana Rossi

Copyright 2012 Adriana Rossi


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* * *

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author or the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in critical reviews.

* * *

“Would you like an in-flight magazine?”

Mary looked at the glossy, erotic cover of the magazine that the stewardess offered her,
Bound and Gagged Quarterly
, which featured a buxom blonde with duck tape plastered over her mouth. Her eyes looked up under her thick lashes seductively.

“Ah!” cried Mr. White in delight. “This is the new issue? I must have one.”

He reached over her lap and took the magazine from the stewardess, who smiled and walked away.

Mary shook her head in disbelief as the stewardess walked away in her bondage suit. She looked at her side, watching Mr. White sink into his plush flight chair as he flipped the pages of the magazine and settled on an article titled: “10 Games to Play with Your Sub.”

“Mr. White?” she prompted.

He grunted to indicate that he was listening.

“Don’t you think that you should tell me more about this meeting?”

The leather chair creaked slightly as he sat upright. “It’s more of a meet and greet for the new branch.”

“New branch?” Mary ejaculated. Had she neglected to read a few emails? “You didn’t say.”

Mr. White gave her a wide grin, as if he had been bursting for the opportunity to tell someone. “We’re merging with Sheffield Malls,” he said in a fast voice. “I made the deal early this week, but it hasn’t been announced yet.”

“What?” she shrieked. The blanket on her knees slid from her lap and pooled on the floor. “Y—you bought our biggest competitor?”

“Yes, I did!” His face cracked into a wide smile, his eyes bright with happiness.

“Mr. White,” she sputtered. “That’s incredible news. Why haven’t you told anyone yet?”

The magazine pages flipped as he turned his attention back to its pages. “We’re going to the meet and greet so that I can evaluate them. Some will be moving to our branch. I was going to make an announcement when we got back. Anyways, it should be in the papers.”

“Here we are,” said the flight attendant, who was carrying a tray with two glasses filled with bubbling champagne. One had a curious, red color.

“Blood infused champagne, sir.”

“Ahh, thank you,” he said as she handed him the glass.

Mary took the other one and raised it. “To the merger.”

Smiling, he tapped his glass to hers and threw his head back, draining it in one shot.

* * *

When the last of the elevator’s occupants left, Mr. White closed the distance between them and pinned her to the wall.

“Mr. White!” she squeaked as he hiked up her dress.

“I don’t care,” he growled into her ear. “I need your sweet pussy wrapped around my cock, now.”

He pulled her panties down her creamy thighs and lifted her so that she straddled his waist. His face was buried in her breasts as he shoved his slacks down and took her bare ass in his hands.

Mary gasped as his cock forced through her pussy, which was soaked with arousal.

The lights on the elevator glowed as they passed each floor, Mary anticipating the moment when the doors would open and they would be caught.

He gave her breasts a wet kiss as he plunged inside her, his thickness parting aside her walls as it drove inward. Her back rubbed against the mirrored elevator. She could see Mr. White’s ass flexing in the mirrors as he thrust inside her, his dark brown locks buried in her tits, and her own face, red and open-mouthed.


“Oh, God!” she moaned as the elevator stopped.

Unfinished, Mr. White reached around and hit the emergency button so that the doors stayed closed. Mary tightened her hands around his neck as he threw his whole body into fucking her. She was so wet that she could hear the splattering sound as his pelvis bumped against her pussy. Mr. White had clenched his teeth together; she could tell that he was holding himself back from biting her. Mary tightened her legs around him, so close to having an orgasm that her teeth ached from clenching her jaw. He groaned into her chest. Then his cock burst inside her and Mary’s pussy clenched around it as she was filled with his thick seed.

She slid down the wall as he released her and hastily pulled on her panties. Mr. White grinned at her, and then pushed the button so that the elevator was moving again. Mary repositioned her dress as the door opened and people filled the elevator. She looked down to her feet, trying not to look too guilty. She knew that her face must be red and that her hair was a mess. She clenched her thighs together, desperate to keep Mr. White’s semen inside.

He beckoned her as the elevator stopped and the group of people stepped aside to let her pass, oblivious to the fact that they had almost walked in them fucking.

Looking down the halls, he gave her a lusty kiss as the elevator doors closed and told her to get into her room and get ready.

When Mary entered her hotel room, she noticed a lovely, white cocktail dress spread out on the bed with matching shoes and the diamond choker.

“Mr. White,” she said to the empty room. “You shouldn’t have.”

* * *

It had taken a couple hours for her to get ready. Showering had been a must after their tryst in the elevator. She wore her hair in an elegant French twist, and applied dark makeup around her eyes. With her frosty, pink lips and her diamond choker snug around her neck, she knew Mr. White wouldn’t be able to resist her.

She clutched a little white handbag and knocked on Mr. White’s door, which adjoined into her room. The door swung open, and he entered inside.

He had chosen a steel grey pinstripe suit with a white shirt underneath and a cold, blue tie. His hair had been carefully groomed so that not a strand of hair looked out of place. His eyes widened as he took in her appearance. He seemed momentarily speechless.

“Should we go?”

“In a moment,” he finally said as he closed the distance between them. He took her face in her hands and kissed her.

Mary kissed back hungrily; his scent had inflamed her nose. His tongue roughly parted her lips and as his hands traveled down her cocktail dress her heart jumped in her throat. Seized by a different hunger, his lips left her mouth to travel down her neck to suck on the nearly healed puncture wounds.

She pushed on his chest slightly and he broke away immediately.

His lips were stained with her lipstick and his breathing was ragged. “Yes, we should be leaving soon.”

He wiped his lips with a handkerchief and Mary disappeared in the bathroom to close her eyes and sigh. She reapplied her makeup and left the bathroom.

“There will be many of my associates at the party, Mary,” he said when she reentered the room. “It is the utmost importance that you behave in a professional manner. Remember that you represent me at this party.”

“Of course,” she said, somewhat miffed that he would think she needed a reminder.

He smiled at her, pleased that she had cottoned on. “Afterwards, there is a BDSM convention in the hotel where I’ve already sold tickets to, ah, people like me who would like to engage in a session with you.”

Mary felt desire inflame her pussy at the thought of her Master selling her to other men who wanted to use her for their base desires.

“Would my Slave enjoy that?” he murmured as he stroked her cheek.

“I only want to please my Master.”

* * *

Mary trembled like a leaf in the wind as the sounds of the party grew louder. She had never been to such an event and despite Mr. White’s bravado and the glass of wine she’d had earlier, she had to fight the urge to tear down the hallway. She stood behind Mr. White, appropriately detached from his side yet always nearby.

In a seething whisper, he had told her what would happen if she misbehaved. He showed her the coiled, white leather leash he kept in his jacket pocket.

“I won’t hesitate to clip this leash on you and drag you out of the party if you embarrass me,” he had said, his eyes blazing, daring her to contradict him.

She didn’t think he would actually do it, but who would stop him? He was now the CEO of the two largest, most profitable malls in the world. He was Matthew White, a genius entrepreneur, an eccentric vampire…the list went on and on. And he was mad enough to chain and fuck her inside the office. No, there were no rules for the rich and powerful.

A spark of desire shivered up her thighs as she contemplated deliberately provoking him so that he would lose control and flay her backside with a hundred of his employees watching. She shook her head. It would be too much, even for her.

Thoughts of invoking debauchery from Mr. White evaporated once the doors were opened to the party. Mary had a view of a wide ballroom decorated in blue and silver. Tables draped in steel blue carrying an assortment of hors d’oeuvres dotted the room, and a live band playing the top 40 songs sang in the back in front of a dance square, where smartly dressed men and women clutching wine glasses milled about.

Mr. White glanced back at her and smiled, beckoning her forward as they joined the party. A waiter hovered near Mary with a tray of cocktails and she seized one. A single raspberry floated in the sparkling champagne and Mary ate it as it flowed into her mouth. The alcohol saturated berry burst over her tongue and warmth flooded her cheeks immediately. Everything became easier to deal with.

A throng of men who noticed Mr. White’s arrival came forward to shake his hand and congratulate him.

“Thank you.”

“Will you be taking anyone from IT?”

“Perhaps, yes. There will be a director position opening soon.”

Mary let the business talk and schmoozing wash over her ears; none of it concerned her. She stood in the background, awkwardly sipping her glass as everyone ignored her.

Mr. White broke from the crowd of people, shaking a few hands, and beckoned her. They were all anxious to please him, hoping that they wouldn’t be fired. She could tell that he was soaking up the attention like a sponge, enjoying the power he held over their heads. Mr. White was nothing but a control freak.

He took her arm and steered her towards a man who stood in the back of the room, apparently alone. He was gazing into his wine glass, ignoring the people around him who attempted to engage him in conversation. His black suit seemed to mirror his despondency, which Mary could feel even fifty feet away. It was then that she recognized him.

Mary rooted herself to the spot, ignoring Mr. White’s grip on her arm. “No, Mr. White,” she hissed. “We’re not going to embarrass him, please.”

But he wheeled around, looking angry at her disobedience but determined to keep a good-natured grin on his face. He let go of his hold on her when he recognized several of his partners staring at him. He plastered on a grin that Mary thought was excessive and waved at them.

Mary stifled her laughter when Mr. White’s blue eyes flashed at her dangerously.

“Let’s go,” he growled under his breath.

“I won’t do it,” she muttered. “Please, Mr. White, be a decent human being and leave him be.”

Her words seemed to wound him. “I wasn’t going to mock him. I invited him here.”

“I think its best just to leave him alone,” she said, glancing at the man again.

“As you wish. I’ll come collect you later.” He swept off before she could say another word.

The disappointment in his voice made Mary’s heart sink. She watched him get swallowed up by a crowd of eager man and women, who all were determined to talk to the new CEO. She felt a punch to her stomach as Mr. White threw back his head and laughed at something someone said. Mary was already forgotten. She hated the jealousy burning her insides, but she could not curb her feelings for her boss, no matter how fruitless they might be.

Mary wandered toward one of the high, empty tables and clutched her glass as she stared around broodingly. She never felt comfortable at parties. Perhaps it was her shyness. Some girls slipped into social events with such ease, drawing everyone around them with their pretty smiles and laughter. She had always envied those qualities in social butterflies that she conspicuously lacked. Women who were gently bred learned these skills from bended knee, and married men like Mr. White. Mary’s parents had given up their dreams to raise her. She did not know what to do with herself at such parties, but she clutched her fingers on the only thing that wouldn’t make her look unoccupied, and drank its contents with quiet anxiety bubbling in her stomach. Once the glass was empty, she didn’t know what to do. She looked around for an escape—angry that Mr. White had left her alone.

“Thank you,” a warm voice said in her ear.

Mary jumped at the sudden noise and turned to see the CEO—former CEO of Sheffield Malls standing beside her. Unlike Mr. White, he had gray strands speckled among his mane of light, brown hair. His eyes were brown and sad, but filled with a warmth that Mr. White could never quite achieve.

“Mr. Gray!” she exclaimed in a squeaky voice.

“Please call me James.”

He spoke with a faint British accent that sent a tingling sensation down her spine. Mary extended her hand and he shook her hand. Attraction singed her hand as though Mr. Gray had zapped her with a live wire. She blushed as she met his stare and realized she had not let go of his hand. His smile remained polite as though nothing had happened.

“I’m Mary, Mr. White’s assistant.”

“Yes, I know. I saw what you did over there and wanted to thank you. You are very kind.”

Her cheeks flushed with pleasure. “Well, he can be quite…overwhelming at times,” she said finally.

The sadness had returned to his eyes and she wanted to apologize.
Sorry that my
boss bought out your company and that you lost your job
Yeah, sorry about that.

“He’s agreed to keep me on an advisory capacity,” Mr. Gray said with a faint note of bitterness as he drained the glass of alcohol and looked at her again. He shrugged in a complacent, what-can-you-do manner and smiled sadly.

Perhaps it was the alcohol or because Mr. Gray looked so sad, but Mary was moved by him. She leaned forward and clasped the hand that lay on the table.

“It’ll be alright, Mr. Gray.”

The corners of his mouth wrinkled again, and his smile tugged at her heart.

“I enjoyed meeting you, Mary.”

He said it with a finality that meant the conversation was ending, and Mary looked behind her in horror to see Mr. White approaching them. She let go of his hand and her arms fell to her side.

“Mr. Gray!” he roared. “How nice to meet you at last.”

Seconds later, Mr. White’s commanding presence was pressed to her side. In all the excitement, she had nearly forgotten what he had planned for her later. A flame of sexual passion ignited her being as she thought of the line of men who would take their turn on her body. She imagined Mr. Gray as one of those men and her pussy heated in anticipation.

Hesitating, Mr. Gray took his proffered hand and shook it. “Mr. White,” he nodded stiffly.

Mr. White’s arm, hidden from Mr. Gray, slid around her back possessively and pinched her flesh through the fabric. Mary inwardly winced.

“How are you enjoying the party?”

“Oh, it’s quite…” he looked around as if hoping an adjective would swoop on him. “It’s very nice.”

“Good, good,” he said, grinning widely. “Well, we’d love to stay and chat, but we have other engagements.”

“Of course.”

“See you soon!”

Mary turned around miserably and mouthed an apology to Mr. Gray as Mr. White wheeled her away. He nodded and lifted his glass in farewell

When they were out of earshot, he hissed in her ear: “What were you doing holding his hand?”

The jealousy in his voice made her smile. “I felt sorry for him, that’s all.”

“He’s my rival, Mary,” he said crossly.

“Not anymore.”

“Yes, you’re right.” He turned around and gave Mr. Gray a derisive smirk.

His hands were straying dangerously low on her back as they left the party.

“Mr. White!” she moaned as his hand brushed the top of her ass. “Everyone can see us.”

At last, they left the party and turned down the hall. He was unable to keep his hands off of her; Mary had never seen him so excited. “I’ve quite an evening planned for you, my slave,” he said with a chuckle. “But I won’t be participating. I will watch and give you instructions.”

They climbed several staircases, excitement fluttering inside her chest as they neared the BDSM convention. Then, Mr. White pulled her inside a bathroom.

“You need to be changed into appropriate slave attire. You should have the necessary in your bag.”

Mary ducked inside the stall and shimmied out of the white cocktail dress. She unclasped the diamond choker and slipped it inside her bag. Tottering on her heels, naked, she pulled on the black leather bondage suit, looping the straps around her breasts so that they bulged. She snapped on the leather, spiked choker and adjusted several of the straps.

“Mary? What are you doing?” Mr. White’s impatient voice boomed in the bathroom.

“I’m scared—I don’t want anyone to see me,” she confessed. Mary was quite concerned that one of the men at the party would see her on the way back to their hotel rooms. The party wasn’t that removed from the BDSM convention.

“No one will, trust me. Now, come out at once. We have a schedule.”

Mary obeyed and let the door swing outward. She saw herself in the mirrors clad in the bondage gear, which left little to the imagination.

“My beautiful slave,” he moaned.

Mr. White adjusted a few straps here and there. Mary felt her heart pound whenever his hands brushed against her naked skin. It was always exciting whenever she was compromised like this, completely dependent upon her Master. He reached behind her and tugged at the strap between her ass cheeks and Mary felt it grind against her pussy.

He shook his head at her. “I’m supposed to bring you untouched to the event. It is hard for me, too.”

The heat of her fully dressed Master enveloped her, and even though he only touched her lightly to adjust her breasts or the suit; Mary found his cold, clinical evaluation of her as erotic as if his head was bent between her legs, sucking her pussy.

He bent on a knee and told her to spread her legs apart, and Mary obeyed, heat rushing to her face as he spread her labia apart and inspected her.

His fingers slipped a little in her arousal. “Ah, good,” he commented. Smiling, he stood up and revealed the leash in his jacket pocket. He clasped it on her collar and tugged. Mary followed, her cheeks burning with shame.

Mortified, Mary watched as two women dressed in dominatrix gear entered the bathroom and took in her sight. They sneered at Mr. White and tightened their leather gloves over their whips.

“Come,” her Master beckoned impatiently.

Mary shuffled forward, wanting to disappear on the spot. The dominatrixes licked their lips as she passed by. She gasped as she felt a small swat on her backside, and looked back to see one of them holding their whip upright, grinning at her incredulity.

“I said,
.” Mr. White, who had seen everything, pulled on the leash.

Mary’s face burned just as brightly as the mark the two dominatrixes had given her on her ass. At this event, her body would be shared among many. This was just the first taste. Mary queued up in a line to join the event, eager to get inside, but Mr. White pulled again and they walked to the front.

“Ah, Mr. Black,” a rather fierce looking woman with excessive rouge on her lips and cheeks greeted her Master. “Please come in, we’re all looking forward to your event.”

Her boss smiled at her puzzled expression. “It’s a pseudonym, darling. Can’t have the world knowing what I do in my free time.”

They passed through a VIP door, and a scene of intense debauchery met Mary’s eyes. The ballroom had been transformed into a massive dungeon, which was separated into makeshift rooms for each fetish: Spanking, Paddling, Caning, Suspension, Flogging. There was quite a line for a room marked “Spanking,” which led to a burly man, who had a girl thrown over his knees.

Mary was frightened by some of the scary scenes inside these rooms. In one, she saw a woman strapped to a dentist chair, electrodes attached to her genitals and nipples as she screamed in pain or excitement—Mary couldn’t tell. Finally, Mr. White led her into a curtained room which read: Group Sex.

She had a brief view of the men lined up inside, but her Master pulled her aside and ran his hands down her arms.

“You’re frightened.”

“A little.” Her voice shook as she listened to the eager, male voices.

“Don’t worry,” he said in a soothing voice. “You have your safe word, and I’ll be right there, watching the whole time. You will enjoy it, I promise.”

She nodded like a good slave. Mary’s eyes met his insatiable, warm gaze and she wanted him to take her like he had in the elevator.

He put a finger to her lips and shook his head. “No, it’s their turn. But don’t worry, I’m already excited.”

He gestured to his slacks, and Mary saw that there was a tent in his pants where his erection rubbed against the fabric. He embraced her, and Mary felt his hot mouth on her neck. “Do you see what you do to me, Mary?”

His hard erection dug into her thighs as he reached down and squeezed her ass. He kissed the throbbing vein in her neck and pulled away. “It’s time to appease the crowd.”

The leash was unclasped from her collar and stuck back into his jacket pocket. He gently tugged on her arm and Mary suddenly found herself in a dark, curtained room filled with jeering, half naked men. A sheet of plastic was laid on the floor and her Master instructed her to kneel on all fours.

BOOK: hislewdkobo
10.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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