Holiday Romance Collection - 6 Books Bundle (Erotic Romance - Holiday Romance) (6 page)

BOOK: Holiday Romance Collection - 6 Books Bundle (Erotic Romance - Holiday Romance)
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        Andie felt excitement thrill through her as he secured the scarf over her eyes, submerging her in darkness.  She was amazed at how erotic it felt.  She could sense how close he was to her, and feel the heat of his body and the warmth of his breath, as he hovered above her to kiss her. 

     She felt his lips on her neck, and she craned her head back to give him better access.  He trailed passionate kisses down to the hollow of her throat, and worked his way to the mounds of her cleavage.  His hands circled behind her back, unzipping her dress slowly, and removed her dress.  She hadn’t been wearing a bra and her bare breasts were suddenly exposed to him. 

      Andie felt Ryan take her left breast in his strong hands, fondling and massaging her in just the right way.  Then, suddenly, his mouth was upon her nipple.  He licked it at first, making it grow hard with arousal, then enveloped it with his hot mouth and began to suckle ever so gently.  Gradually, the sucking became harder, and she arched her back, pressing herself towards him as she panted and moaned with pleasure.  He moved to her right breast, repeating the process, and Andie ran her fingers through his thick hair, pushing him towards her.

      “Another great way for Dominants to control their Submissives is by limiting their movements with bondage.” Ryan said, grabbing her wrists and putting them above her head.  “Being unable to move is extremely erotic.  The submissive becomes increasingly aware of every movement they wish they could make, enhancing all their desires; and they also become acutely aware of every movement being made around them, increasing their sensitivity to being touched.” 

      Andie gasped in surprise as she felt something hard and metal clasp around her wrists, and she realized that it was a pair of handcuffs.  She tried to move her hands, and found that he had bound the cuffs to her headboard, making her unable to move.  He was right, it did make thrills of sexual excitement charge through her body.

       Andie squirmed delightedly in her bonds, as Ryan kissed a trail down her stomach, until he got to her black silk panties.  He kissed her sex over the delicate fabric, and Andie arched her hips, wanting more.

      “Be patient” Ryan chastised.  “The best part of sex slave games is seeing how long the submissive can be stimulated before they orgasm.  The longer you can draw it out, the more powerful it will become and the more pleasure both partners receive.”   He moved his lips down her body, kissing her thighs, knees, calves and finally her feet.  Then he worked his way, slowly back up her body to her hips again.

         “Do you want me to remove these?” he asked tauntingly, and snapped the elastic waistband of her panties.

       “Oh yes.” Andie panted, writhing in her bonds with desire. 

      Obligingly, Ryan peeled her panties off her hips, and proceeded to make love to her with his mouth and hands.  He did things to her that Andie didn’t even know where possible, and she climaxed under the expert touch of his fingers and tongue.

      “I want you inside me!” Andie cried out passionately as she recovered from her orgasm. 

     She could feel his erection against her hip, as he kissed his way back up her body and took her lips with his own.  As their tongues intertwined, she spread her legs wide, wrapping them around his waist, trying to draw him into her.  Finally, she felt the gratifying sensation, as he entered her with one solid thrust.  She was so ready for him, that she almost climaxed immediately.

      He pumped slowly in and out of her, drawing out her climax as he squeezed her buttocks, lifting her hips off the mattress at an angle that heightened her pleasure.  Her orgasm seemed to stretch forever, and she thrashed against the mattress, crying out with ecstasy.  As she screamed out Ryan’s name, it pushed him over the edge, and he climaxed with her, both of them crying out each other’s names together. 

     When they were finished, he released her from the handcuffs and she removed the scarf from her eyes.  She cuddled against his chest, as they both lay recuperating, sweaty and smiling.

       “I never knew sex could be like that” she sighed contentedly.  “I know now why people are willing to be sex slaves.”

       “The question is; would you be willing to be served by one?” Ryan asked.  “I could give you massages and bubble baths and make your every desire come true.

       Andie lay quietly against him, considering the weight of his question.  Feeling more daring than she ever would have dreamed, she looked at him and said “Meet me here next Friday at eight o clock.” 


Chapter Three


        Andie spent the next week learning everything she could about Domination sex games.  She bought books, read articles online, and even watched a few videos.  Some of what she learned was way too hard core, and she threw it out, but a lot of what she learned filled her with excitement.  There was such a taboo against BDSM games, she had always shied away from learning anything about it, but now that Ryan had opened that door for her, she was intrigued and eager to try some of it.  She even bought a new outfit special for their date. 

      When Friday night finally came, she was feeling both nervous and excited.  She was actually trembling as she opened the door for him and invited him inside.

       “I hope you don’t mind, but I brought you this.” Ryan said as he entered her apartment, and presented her with a bottle of red wine.  “I thought you might like a little to help you unwind after a hard week at work.”

      “Perfect!  Thank you.” Andie said, relieved that he didn’t expect her to just jump right into some complex sex game. 

       “May I pour it for you?” he asked.  She nodded her head, and moved towards the kitchen to fetch the glasses.  Ryan said “Please, permit me.”

     It was a humble and gracious request, not the controlling commands she used to suffer under Evan.  She had to admit; she liked Ryan’s chivalry and gladly sat down to relax.  Evan used to always expect her to wait on him for everything, and then always made her feel like she was doing it wrong.  Ryan made her feel like she was someone special who deserved to be pampered and spoiled.

     They sat on the couch together, chatting contentedly while they sipped wine, and she felt all her stresses and insecurities slowly melt away.  When Ryan could see that she was no longer nervous or preoccupied, he decided to increase the level of the game.  She didn’t realize it yet, but he’d already been acting as her servant.

      “You’re so beautiful tonight.  May I please kiss you?” he said, looking into her eyes.

      Andie nodded with a pleased smile, and opened her mouth to him as he kissed her.  He let her take control of the kiss, decide how much pressure and passion to use, and she delighted in seeing how he followed her subtle cues.  After a while, they broke their embrace and he said “Would you like a shoulder massage?”

     Andie gave her consent, and he moved behind her on the couch, sensuously massaging her shoulders in just the right way.  It felt so good, she sighed pleasurably.  She noticed that her dress was getting in the way and a naughty idea crossed her mind.   Feeling daring she said “My clothes are getting in the way.  Remove them, so you can massage me better.”

       “It is my pleasure” Ryan said, humbly.  He moved around in front of her, and knelt at her feet.  He unbuttoned the bottom button of her dress first and slowly worked his way upwards.  Her knee poked out of the dress where the fabric opened, and he planted a delicate kiss upon it with his lips.  Unfastening the next button revealed a part of her thigh, and he kissed her there.  Slowly, he worked his way up, kissing her body tenderly, as her bare flesh was slowly exposed, over her navel, up the curve of her bosoms, to the top of her cleavage.  Once the dress was completely unbuttoned, he removed it from her shoulders, folded it neatly, and set in the table beside him.

     “How may I serve you next?” he asked in a husky voice.  Andie’s entire body was racing with thrills of desire.  She’d never been pampered and tended to in such a way.  Her relationship with Evan had always been about what he wanted to take from her, never what he could do for her.  She was in completely unchartered territory, but she loved it.  Ryan could see that she struggling with what to say, and offered some suggestions.  “Would you like me to massage your shoulders again?  Draw you a bath?  Or I could rub your feet?  Anything you desire, I will gladly do for you.”

     Andie’s eyes lit up at the sound of his suggestions.  “I think I’d like a foot massage.”

       They moved to the bedroom, and she lay on the bed, while he knelt at her feet, sensuously rubbing her toes, the soles of her feet, all the way to her heels.  It felt marvelous, relaxing, and so erotic. 

     “I don’t like you kneeling way down there while you do that.” Andie said on a whim, suddenly feeling mischievous.  “Kneel over here, by my side, while you massage my feet.”

     Obediently, Ryan moved to kneel by her side, and Andie was able to reach his erection.  Ryan groaned with pleasure as she massaged him there.  It gave her a rush to realize she had so much power over him, as she felt his organ throbbing with need. 

       “I see you’re ready” Andie said.  “Now it’s your turn to make me ready.”

       To her great delight, Ryan made love to her with his mouth, hands and fingers; kissing and fondling every inch of her body with skill and enthusiasm.  As he worked, Andie delighted in running her fingers through his hair, scratching her nails over his bare back, massaging his manhood, and even pinching his nipples.  The more she touched him, the harder he worked at pleasuring her body.  Soon, they were both panting and moaning with desire.

        “I want you inside me!” Andie moaned, as his tongue worked expertly on her most intimate folds until she could take it no longer.

      To her surprise, Ryan lay down in the center of the bed.  He said to her “If it pleases you, why don’t you set the pace, and will follow the rhythm that you command.”

      Andie had never been on top before, but the position was one she had always wanted to try.  Awkwardly at first, she positioned herself above him, straddling his waist.  Ryan helped guide himself inside her, and showed her how to move herself atop him. 

     “If it pleases you, you can lean forward, lean backward, or sit straight.  I will move fast or slow as you command.”

        As Andie tried different angles and paces, Ryan took her nipples into his mouth, and suckled them, as he groaned with pleasure beneath her.  When she found the angle she liked best, she rode him with a passion, thrusting along the length of him with wild abandon.  She felt him climaxing inside her, and she lost all control, orgasming with such intensity, she couldn’t believe it.  She clawed at his chest as she screamed out his name.  She could hear him crying out hers too, before she collapsed on top of him, utterly spent.

     “How did I do?” Andie asked, as they lay cuddling afterward.   She traced delicate patterns along his muscular chest with her fingertip, and he held her close to him, as it he never wanted to let her go.   “It was my first time dominating anyone and I hope I did alright.”

      “You couldn’t have been more perfect!” Ryan complimented, kissing her lips.  “The question is; how was I?   If I didn’t pleasure you properly, then I was a poor sex slave.”

       “Oh, you were perfect as well.” Andie grinned.

      “Ahh, too bad.” Ryan teased.  “If I had been a bad boy, it would mean you would have to spank me.”

     “I’ve been reading books about that.” Andie confessed.  “Do you enjoy that kind of thing?”

      “I do.” Ryan said, knowing he could trust her with his intimate secrets.  “Do you think you might like to try playing that way some time?”

     “I don’t know.” Andie said, thinking hard about it.  It didn’t take long for her eye’s to start to sparkle with a naughty gleam.  “Maybe I could try it.”

      “That’s good enough for me” Ryan said.  She loved the way he never pressured her about anything.  With him, she could be her true self.  She fell asleep in his arms.



Chapter Four


      The sound of the telephone ringing awoke Andie the next morning. 

       “Hello?” she said, her voice groggy with sleep.

       “I just wanted to make sure you were all right.” Evan’s voice came over the phone, making her sit straight up in bed.  Andie suddenly remembered everything about last night, and noticed with extreme disappointment that Ryan was gone.  He must have left when she was still asleep. Evan was saying “I’ve been calling you every night since the party, and you haven’t returned any of my calls.  I was so worried about you.”

          “Does it occur to you that I don’t want to talk to you?” Andie said, feeling confident and more than little annoyed that Evan was still trying to run her life.  Her time with Ryan last night had taught her that she was capable of being in control. 

       “I know, but I just wanted a chance to tell you I was sorry.  I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness, but you deserve to know how truly sorry I am for the way I’ve treated you.  That’s all I wanted to say.”

      “Well, you’ve said it.” Andie said and hung up the phone.  A twinge of regret made her wonder if she was being too hard on Evan.  Maybe she should give him a second chance.  The thought sent a chill through her, and she realized she needed to make herself some coffee.  She put on her robe and wandered into the kitchen, gasping with surprise when she found Ryan in front of the stove, whistling to himself as he cooked breakfast.

BOOK: Holiday Romance Collection - 6 Books Bundle (Erotic Romance - Holiday Romance)
6.29Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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