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Authors: Niobia Bryant

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Hot Like Fire

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"A well-crafted story with engaging secondary characters."

Affaire de Coeur, 4/2 stars (Admission of Love)

.. [T]his sneaky little romance heats up gradually, then
sizzles until done ..."

Black Expressions Book Club (Three Times a Lady)

"Heavenly Match is a wonderfully romantic story with an air of
mystery and suspense that draws the reader in, encouraging
them to put aside everything and everyone until they have
read the book in its entirety."

RAWSISTAZ Reviewers, RAW Rating: 4 stars (Heavenly Match)

"`Sexy as sin' describes this provocative novel to a T."

Romantic Times, 4/2 stars, TOP PICK (Can't Get Next To You)

"Run to the bookstore and pick up this delightful read. This
reunion story is touching, warm, sensuous and, at times, sad.
But just try to put Bryant's book down."

Romantic Times, 4/ stars, TOP PICK (Let's Do It Again)

"Niobia Bryant has penned an awe-inspiring tale of finding true
love no matter the consequence. Thoroughly enjoyed and
highly recommended, Heated is sure to please."

RAWSISTAZ Reviewers, RAW Rating: 4/ stars (Heated)

.. sassy humor and sexy scenes ..."

Romantic Times, 3 stars (Count on This)

"In Bryant's first mainstream fiction offering, she does a great
job of bringing forth characters that are feisty, diverse and interesting ... Bryant establishes well-developed characters ... Live
and Learn is a pleasurable reading experience."

Romantic Times, 4 stars (Live and Learn)

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For my grandparents
Sally and Clarence Johnson

I bet they're kissing in heaven.


"~Me das este baile?"

Garcelle Santos looked over her bare shoulder at
the tall and handsome dark-skinned man requesting
a dance at the wedding reception of Kahron Strong
and his new bride, Bianca. The man was Bianca
Strong's friend from Atlanta. Armand Touissant.

There was no denying the interest in his eyes, but
Garcelle was looking for nothing more than someone to dance and maybe laugh with. She smiled as
she placed her hand in his and let him twirl her
rather dramatically onto the center of the dance
floor. She actually flung her head back and laughed
as he pulled her body to his while SyleenaJohn-
son's "I Am Your Woman" played.

"You are one of the most beautiful women I've ever
seen in my life," he whispered in her ear, with his
hand at the small of her back.

"Thank you," was all that Garcelle said. She hoped
that was the end of the talking.

But he continued with his compliments, even
trying to press Garcelle's body closer to his. She
stepped back from him, with a chastising smile. As they two-stepped, she looked over his broad shoulder with her beautiful, doe-shaped eyes. All of
Holtsville was in attendance. Some faces she recognized, and others she didn't.

Kahron and Bianca were dancing together in a
playful and sexy way. There was no denying the love
and passion. The fire burns between them so strongly,
Garcelle thought, wishing them well as Armand
guided their bodies into a series of turns.

Bianca's father, Hank, was dancing with that
whacky Mimi. They made an odd pair: he was so tall
and broad, while she was so petite and crazy as hell.
Garcelle just shook her head at that pairing.

Kaeden and Kaleb, two of Kahron's brothers,
stood at the bar watching a pretty, dark-skinned
beauty saunter by. Kaleb said something, and both
men looked absolutely wolfish before they laughed.
The Strong men really were strikingly handsome,
particularly when all four of the brothers were together. Somehow each of them made having prematurely grey hair the sexiest thing ever.

But one was missing. The mean and sullen one.

Feeling mischievous, Garcelle swung her head to
the left and then to the right. How like him not to enjoy
the festivities. When Armand again sent their bodies
into a series of turns that drew the attention of the
crowd, Garcelle caught a glimpse of silver curls and
broad shoulders over in the rear of the reception
tent. Alone. She whipped her head around and
looked at him, only to find that his intense stare was
already locked on her. Her heart raced madly.

He had once angered her when he accused her
of stealing. That day they had insulted each other
like children, and now they barely spoke to one another. But she couldn't deny that of all the sexy Strong brothers, he was the most divine. And the
thought of his eyes on her made her muy caliente.

The music changed to an up-tempo song, and
Garcelle broke free of Armand's hold, grabbed the
full skirts of her crimson dress, and began dancing
the salsa all alone. Soon the dance floor cleared,
and she was left alone to give in to the passion and
electricity of the dance. But she noticed no one. No
one but Kade.

Her eyes were locked on him. Even when she
spun, she would stop so that she was facing him,
and their eyes would lock once more. With each of
her spins, she found he was moving closer and
closer to the edge of the dance floor.

Garcelle enjoyed the warmth of his eyes as she
handled the footwork with ease. The crowd applauded her. She moved her body like a snake when
need be. She gyrated her hips like she was working
a hoola hoop. She danced like her life was dependent on it.

She danced for him, and even though he stood
there, with his hands in his pants pocket, his face the
same brooding and unchanging mask, she knew he
had not missed one bit of it.

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