House Of The Billionaire (The Billionaire's Contract Series)

BOOK: House Of The Billionaire (The Billionaire's Contract Series)
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House Of The Billionaire


Angelina Jenoire


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


Copyright 2012 A
ngelina Jenoire
Hamilton. All rights reserved.


Published by
Red Rose Bound, a division of Inception




The Billionaire’s Contract Series



Billionaire’s Contract


House Of The Billionaire


Billionaire’s Request



Chapter One

Kirsty Moore lay on her side, senses acutely aware of her surroundings despite being blindfolded. She could sense Tyler Blake somewhere in the bedroom, could smell the faint, tantalisingly musky aroma of his after shave. She felt like she could almost hear his breathing, slightly quickened as he watched her body, clad only in a white lacy negligee bound on the bed for his pleasure. The rope he had used to tie her with didn’t hurt but the knots that held her wrists to the cool iron railings of the headboard definitely felt solid and strong when she pulled against them. She was Tyler’s completely. Unable to see or move, she had temporarily given her power away to this man who she trusted implicitly.

No other man had ever seen her like this. She had been too self-conscious of her luscious curves to think of herself as a sexual being. But Tyler appreciated her soft, womanly body as if it were a rare and precious gift.

‘Perfect,’ he said from the foot of the bed. His deep, rich voice made Kirsty’s body react in ways she had never reacted to a man’s voice before. She squirmed, feeling little fluttery butterflies of desire in her belly and a taut tightness on each of her breasts as her nipples hardened against the lace of the negligee.

She said nothing but listened to his footfalls on the carpet as he moved around the bed, examining her shapely figure from all angles. In her hyper-aware state, she could almost feel his gaze moving across her skin, from the excitedly-pulsing line of her throat, to the soft, full swells of her breasts tipped with their hard excited nubs beneath the lace, down over her belly to the place where the bottom edge of the negligee lay over her thighs and the rounded curve of her bottom.

He touched her lightly, his fingertip barely brushing across the base of her neck. The initial contact made her jump because she hadn’t been expecting it but then she relaxed into the touch as he moved his fingers down over the soft, full swells of her breasts. His fingertips slid over the negligee’s lace cups, pausing beside the hard nub of Kirsty’s nipple. Please, she almost begged aloud, touch me there.

His finger moved slowly...ever so slowly...toward the hard bud then touched it, eliciting a gasp from Kirsty. She arched her back, pressing her breast into his hand, craving more contact with her sensitive flesh.

His hand moved away teasingly, back up to her neck, leaving her nipple prodding almost painfully against lace. ‘Please, Tyler,’ she whispered.

The negligee had thin shoulder straps that were tied together in little bows. She felt him untie them. Why was he taking his time like his? She needed him. But she knew that his was exactly what he see her squirming with pleasure beneath his touch but totally in his control. He pulled he negligee down, sliding it down off her chest and leaving it in a lacy tangle across her belly. Her breasts felt exposed to his gaze. She knew he could see the desire in her taut nipples.

‘Please...’ she repeated.

Then she felt his lips close over one hardened nub, his tongue rolling over the excited flesh hotly. She gasped and if her hands weren’t tied, she would have grabbed the sides of his head and held him there at her chest, pressing her breast into his mouth. With her wrists bound, she writhed and arched her back further, needing to feel more of Tyler’s hot, pleasure-giving mouth.

He moved to her other nipple, taking it into his mouth and flicking at it with his tongue. The sensation sent tingles through her entire upper body and lit up primal pleasure centers in her brain.

His hand moved down, over the lacy negligee crumpled across her belly, and to her hip. She wore tiny white lace panties that had tied straps to match the negligee. Tyler gently pulled at the bows and the straps fell open, revealing Kirsty to his touch. His hand gently cupped her pubic mound, making her groan as his fingers contacted her wet, swollen lips.

A single finger slid inside her and she rocked her hips against it, taking pleasure from its invasion coupled with the rubbing of his palm against her clit.

Tyler moved his mouth from her nipple, up over her neck to her lips. He kissed her deeply, his tongue mirroring the invasion of his finger. As she returned the kiss, Kirsty rolled her hips desperately, needing him deeper inside her. When he broke the kiss, she felt breathless but she still managed to whisper, ‘Take me.’

He grunted in appreciation of her urgent passion and removed his finger from her, getting up off the bed. Kirsty felt as if she was in a void. She needed him close.

She heard him remove his tie, pulling it through his collar with a sliding sound of silk on cotton that somehow sounded sensuous to her. She barely heard him unbutton the shirt but she heard it fall lightly to the carpet. The metallic sound of him unbuckling his belt made her breath heavier. She heard his zipper. Pants falling to the carpet to join the discarded shirt. She heard him tear open a condom wrapper. She had seen him naked many times before and her mind supplied the details her blindfolded eyes could not see: muscular torso, powerful arms, thick member hanging between his legs. Or was he erect already? Usually the sight of her made him made him hard, something else that had never happened ever before in her life. With other men, she had felt like they were getting excited despite her size and curves. In the case of Tyler Blake, she knew he was getting excited because of them. There was a world of difference in how that made her feel about herself.

The mattress depressed beneath his weight as he climbed back onto the bed. He lifted her legs and she felt his hardness prod against her inner thigh. She wished for a moment that she was untied so she could reach down and feel his girth in her hands, guiding it into herself.

He found her entrance without any guidance, pushing past the folds of her lips and into her body with a powerful thrust that let her know he was just as desperate for this coupling as she was. He leaned forward, placing his hands on the bed beside her hips and rocking his hips back and forth, experiencing her tightness surrounding him. She loved the feeling of having him inside her and she wrapped her thighs around his hips, helping him to push inside her with little pulls of her legs against his muscular ass.

He groaned and pushed deep inside her, driving himself powerfully into her body. Kirsty felt her breath coming out in excited little gasps and her body reacted to Tyler’s thick length by sending little electric flutters through her belly. Those flutters increased in intensity until they suddenly shot through her like a bolt of lightning, tightening every muscle in her body in blissful orgasm. Kirsty screamed out with joy and pulled against the ropes holding her tight to the headboard. Her legs and stomach quivered and her inner muscles clamped firmly around Tyler’s cock.

Tyler let loose, arching his back to drive himself deeper into Kirsty’s tight pussy as he twitched within her. He roared like a lion as he came.

* * *

‘I have to go,’ he said, sitting on the edge of the bed, buttoning the cuff of his shirt. ‘I have a meeting in Milan tomorrow.’

Kirsty sat in bed, her negligee tied properly. She nodded as if she understood but the truth was, he always had to leave after they made love. He had never stayed the night here, and she had never stayed a night in his London apartment. ‘You never stay,’ she said, voicing her thoughts.


‘You never stay the night with me.’

‘Kirsty, I’m very busy. Sometimes I feel like all these business deals are getting out of control. I have to stay on top of them. I can’t let them slip.’

‘Staying a night with me would be letting your business slip?’

‘I have a flight to catch in the morning.’

She said nothing and eventually he turned to face her. ‘What’s wrong?’

She shrugged. ‘Sometimes I feel like I hardly know you.’

‘Of course you know me.’

‘Not really.’

‘Yes, really.’ He stood up and grabbed his jacket from the back of a chair.

‘I know about your business deals...well, I know what you tell me about them. I know you own Inception Publishing and a cottage in Cornwall as well as an apartment in London. What else do I know?’

A darkness passed over his features for a moment. ‘What else is there to know?’

‘There has to be more than that, Tyler. No man is an island. What about your family? Your past? I don’t know anything about your childhood.’

‘We spend time together.’

‘The time we spend together, you’re either reading over my manuscripts or we’re in bed. Business and pleasure combined. Now that’s a way to save time.’

‘That isn’t true.’

‘Isn’t it? It’s how I feel sometimes.’ She felt tears welling up in her eyes and she fought to stop them. ‘I feel like one of those old factories you like to take pictures of. Used and abandoned.’

‘I have to go,’ he said, throwing his jacket over his shoulder. ‘We’ll talk about this when I get back.’ He leaned over to kiss her but she turned her head so his kiss landed on her cheek.

Without another word, he left. When she heard the door click closed downstairs, she remembered when Simon had left her.

But this meant more.

So much more.


Chapter Two

‘And he left?’ Jane Johnson asked after hearing Kirsty’s retelling of the events of the previous night. She leaned forward over her coffee, rapt with the story, even though Kirsty had left out the details of the sex. Behind Jane, a slight drizzle had started and it ran down the coffee shop window in blurry streaks, turning the view of Nottingham’s main street into a smeary mess.

‘He said we’ll talk about it when he gets back from Milan.’

‘Oh my God, when is that?’


‘Don’t worry, love, it’ll all be OK. He’ll come to his senses.’

‘But then what? We’ll just go back to the same routine. He’s so busy with his business and I’m busy with my writing that when we do manage to get together, it’s always rushed. I mean, it’s nice at the time but then he always has to leave.’

‘You should put you foot down, love. Ask him what he really wants. He should make some compromises.’

‘I know. It’s just...I don’t want to lose him.’ She took a sip of her coffee. It tasted cool and bitter.

‘You don’t want to be a doormat either. You’re worth more than that.’

Kirsty shrugged and looked into the dark coffee cooling in her cup.

‘Why don’t I go get us some more drinks and you can tell me about your new book?’ Jane suggested.

‘There’s not a lot to tell,’ Kirsty replied. ‘I’ve got a few ideas scribbled down but every time I sit down to write, nothing comes out.’

Jane put her hand on Kirsty’s. ‘You need a break, love. All this worry is getting to you and affecting your work. Do you want me to see if the cabin is Scotland is available? You can get away from everything...leave it all behind.’

‘That won’t work now,’ Kate said. ‘Going to the cabin to write was a good way to get away from Simon but I don’t want to be separated from Tyler. It would just make the problem worse.’

Kirsty sighed and looked out of the window. The rain had sent the shoppers scurrying off the street and into the shops for shelter. The deserted street made it look like the world had frozen.


* * *

BOOK: House Of The Billionaire (The Billionaire's Contract Series)
7.17Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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