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Authors: Cerys du Lys

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Hunted: An Erotic Retelling of Beauty and the Beast (An Adult Fairy Tale Novel) (4 page)

"What?" he asked, frowning.

"I don't think we need glasses," she said. 

Taking the glasses from him carefully, she set them aside on a small table by the doors.  He'd uncorked the wine from wherever he'd gotten it, so she lifted the bottle to her mouth and drank deeply.  It tasted rich and luscious, with a hint of a floral scent to it.  Danya swished it around in her mouth, savoring it, then swallowed.  She offered the bottle to Everett and he drank as well, grinning.

"Good?" he asked with that same goofy grin on his face.

"I want you," she said.

The beast transformed.  Wanting to please her before, wanting to gain her acceptance, once he had it he no longer intended to play awkward flirtatious games.  He grabbed her around the waist and lifted her into the air.  Before she knew it, they were in a sumptuous dining hall, her sitting on the end of a table while his pulsing cock prodded against her dress-covered stomach.

"I need," he said.

"Yes," she said.  "You need."

He tried to enter her, but she still had her dress on.  Acting gentlemanly for a second, he struggled to lift off her dress without ripping it with his claw-like fingernails.  She laughed and he looked at her oddly.

"Rip it," she said.  "Tear it all off.  Take me."

He snarled and pulled on her plain brown dress.  His claws sunk into the fabric, never touching her skin, and he shredded it down the sides before tearing it from her.  Now she sat before him in only her leopard-looking bra and panties, ripe and fit for the taking by any true beast.

He stared at her long and hard, taking in all of her, waiting.  He seemed to like just looking at her.  She liked it, too; the mounting tension, palpable between them.  His prodding cock throbbing, pressing against her stomach, but doing no more.  She saw his nostrils flare slightly and got an idea.

Inching away from him for a second, she kicked off her sandals and let them fall to the floor.  He watched her as she slid out of her panties and held onto them.  Grinning at the undergarment, she rubbed it against her slick folds and then lifted it towards him.  He strained to control himself, but finally gave into his urges and drove his nose into her hand and the arousal-scented panties.

Everett went wild, truly a beast.  He rocked against her, his cock sliding up and down her stomach.  She inched forwards again until she was on the edge of the table, and at this angle his cock found the folds of her pussy and slid between them, up and down alongside them.  His cockhead moved between rubbing against her clit to poking at her belly button, and back again, grinding against her, while he sniffed frantically at the panties in her hand.

She tossed them away, across the dining table.  Everett looked at her, frowning, but she remedied this by moving his cock downwards until it barely entered her wet slit.  Danya wrapped her legs around him and pulled him in by the waist, feeling every inch of his shaft as he pressed into her.  Everett, unsure from the loss of the panties, soon found his way again.

He pulled her close to him and filled her with his cock.  Danya winced and screamed out at the size of it, but wanted more and more.  The beast inside of her pulled out fast, then slammed back into her, faster than any man had ever fucked her.  He left her slowly next time, every throbbing vein and twitch from his cock exciting her in tantalizing ecstasy, then he filled her up in the same slow, agonizing fashion.

"I need," she said.  Her hands wrapped around him and her fingernails dug into his back.  "I need!"

Everett teased her, pretending to thrust into her, but stopping halfway.  He repeated this a couple times, smiling at her urgent tugs, until finally he gave in and sheathed his entire cock inside of her.  Danya screamed, yelling out her pleasure, and urging Everett on.  He thrust and pounded into her, the soft fur on his stomach pressing against her clit every time he slammed in, building her up and up to much needed release.

Just as she was about to orgasm, he stopped.  Her mind blanked, confused, frustrated.  When she opened her eyes he was gone and she wanted to shriek in anger, but before she could he had his face buried between her sopping folds.  He sniffed hard, devouring the scent of her arousal with his nostrils.  His tongue moved out to lick at her slit while his nose tormented her clit, rubbing back and forth, digging into her pleasure pearl.

Danya climaxed, fierce and slick.  Everett lapped up her juices and covered his nose with her orgasm's scent.  He kept going, pushing her on and on, until she lay exhausted on the table.

"My fucking god," she said.  "Fuck."

Everett wasn't done with her, though.  He jumped atop the table and gently, but urgently, dragged her to the center of it.  Flipping her so her stomach touched the smooth wood, he hurried behind her and then drove his cock into her sore, abused cunt.  She yelped and squeaked, but grinned at his imperative lust.

The table rocked beneath them.  Bent at his knees with his cock delving into her at an angle, he lowered his arms to her waist and roughly grabbed her hips, fucking her faster, using his entire body to forward his motions.  More crude and crass than any of her previous lovers, she wasn't sure if she could handle him, but she desperately wanted to.  Every time he entered her, he grinded himself inside of her so her crotch and clit rubbed against the smooth wooden table.  Her breasts heaved, squished beneath her, wanting to flatten but too large and pert to do anything but act as cushions for her upper body.

Her whole body ached now, her long walk through the woods and his rough handling of her taking its toll.  He pounded into her and her pleasure rose, but she felt like she needed to rest, too.  She clenched her thighs together, her whole body tensing, and squeezed her orgasm forth, needing it despite her fatigue.  When her pussy tightened, begging for his cock, he bucked into her and howled.

Orgasm wracked her entire being and she tightened every muscle in her body as much as she could.  Who cared about being sore later?  This was the most exquisite thrill she'd ever experienced.  Everett's cock jerked inside of her, pouncing like its own miniature beast, and erupted.  The first jolt of cum splattered her insides hard and she expected the second to come just as fast.  Surprising her, he moved back, half-pulling his cock out of her, then slammed back in just as the second jet of cream claimed a place inside her.  Again and again he did this, a third, fourth, and fifth time.  By the tenth, his strength was wavering, but his cum seemed nearly as strong and thick as the first batch.  She felt his warmth inside of her and his seed seeping out of her and onto the table.

Her orgasm calmed, slowing to a quiet thrum, and his stopped, as well.  He buried himself inside of her one last time, laying atop her, breathing on her neck.  She turned her head to look at him and lifted her hand feebly to touch the side of his cheek.  Sniffing at her hair, he lifted her torso up slightly so he could cup her breast in one hand.

This, she thought, was amazing.

As they spooned in their odd position on the table, something strange happened.  A large grandfather clock against the wall chimed the time with four loud peals.  In the center of the clock face a light sparked, appearing into existence out of nowhere, then clambered from out of its timely prison.  It floated nearly six feet off the floor and dripped sparkles like confetti downwards.  The little bits of light spread out and coalesced into the shape of a man, then shimmered bright and blinding.

Danya blinked, but was too caught up in the afterglow of her orgasm and the safe, warm feel of Everett's arm around her and his body pressed against her to do more than watch.

When she finished blinking, the figure of an elderly gentleman wearing a butler's uniform took the place of the shining light.  The gentleman gasped, startled, then looked at the pair in front of him on the table.  He smiled and bowed courteously.

"I see the master has found a mistress.  Has it been a long time, sir?" the butler asked.

"Yes," Everett said.  "Long.  I need."  He squeezed Danya's breast and pressed against her, his half-hard cock teasing her aching body.

Danya wriggled beneath him, feigning discomfort, but if he wanted to take her again right then and there she would have let him in a heartbeat.

"I believe I am the first to return," the gentleman butler said.  "If that is the case, please allow me to fetch you and the lady a meal from the kitchens.  It will take some time, so I do hope you both have a means of keeping occupied?"  He waggled his eyebrows at them, smirking.

"Yes," Everett and Danya said rather quickly.

The butler left, laughing as he went.

"I need," Everett said to her when they were alone again, "but... we wait.  You rest.  Then more?  Good?"

He moved to her side and she nuzzled against his chest.  "Yes.  I want, too.  Is it the curse from the story?  Will me staying and doing this bring everyone back?  Will you change?"

"Yes," Everett said.  His brow scrunched up, thinking.  "I need... for more, though.  You understand?  Not curse.  Curse is bad, but I... want?  I like.  I need."

"I understand," Danya said.  She curled her body against his, as cozy as if she had a warm blanket covering her and was laying by the fire.  "Let's rest.  I'm tired."

"Yes," Everett said.  "Sleep."

Claimed by the Beast

lena scrambled through the gates of the private mansion hidden in the woods just as they shut behind her.  A close call, but she made it, except... her dress was now stuck in the gate.  When she tried to run straight through, to chase after her sister, the hem of her skirt caught between the closed metal entryway and pulled her backwards and to the ground.  She faltered, skidding to a stop, and toppled onto the dirt pathway leading towards the mysterious mansion.

"Dammit," she whispered to herself, watching her sister, Danya, being carried off.

And, she knew Danya wasn't sick!  Her older sister didn't even sound sick, and those letters she'd received all throughout the preceding week, the ones signed by some man naming himself "E," were suspicious.  No doubt this adventure her sister was on had something to do with that, Alena thought.  She knew the story as well as anyone; a man cursed by a witch to look like a beast was living in the abandoned mansion in the woods.  Besides that main detail, the stories varied on the specifics.  Some said he'd eaten all of his mansion attendants after taking the form of a beastly man, while others said the witch cursed them, too, entombing their souls in various artifacts around the house.  One man might be stuck in a clock, while another was a fork, and... well, they could be anything, really.

Alena didn't expect the beast to actually exist, but here he was.  She'd followed Danya into the forest, wondering what her sister was up to, and all of a sudden the man appeared, the beast, and he'd picked up Danya as if she were a trinket for the taking.

Alena thought she should be distressed about the kidnapping of her sister, but it was exciting!  The beast, here, and he was after Danya.  For what?  The letters said he had a need, an urge, and Alena thought she knew exactly what that was about.  All men had needs and urges, and most of the time they involved their cocks.  Which, Alena noted, was a rather fun and interesting urge to have.  She was no stranger to this.  In fact, she loved it.

Despite her older sister treating her like a child, Alena was an adult.  Almost nineteen now, and fully prepared to set out on her own, or so she liked to think.  Her family had little money to spare since her father was a crackpot merchant and her mother had left them a long time ago.  Danya did her best to help out and keep them from living a life of poverty on the streets, though.  Alena appreciated her older sister for that, but still, she wanted more, too.  Not from Danya, but from life.  From everything.

She tugged at her dress.  Maybe she could pull it through the closed gates and get free.  Bracing her feet against the bottom of the iron-barred enclosure, she pulled as hard as she could.  An inch came loose, then a little more, and...

Her dress ripped, causing her to fly backwards and land hard on her rear.  The shock of the fall sent her tumbling to the ground in a heap.  Her eyes went wide, then she laughed at the ridiculousness of it.  She was free, though, wasn't she?  That was good.  Getting up off the ground, she went to brush her dress down and continue on her way, except there was quite a bit of cloth missing.

She glanced back towards the gates.  Most of the lower half of her dress was now stuck between the metal, having ripped when she tried to pull it loose.  Or, only a small part was actually in the gates, with the rest of it trailing down to the ground like a banner.  This left Alena wearing little more than a blouse—the upper remnants of her dress—with only a thin strip of fabric covering the waistband of her panties and the very upper tops of her thighs.

This was not at all how she wanted to approach a mysterious mansion in the woods to confront her sister and the beast and see what they were up to, but as it was she had little choice in the matter, didn't she?

She frowned and headed down the dirt path.


Everett fucked Danya.  He fucked her hard and fast and with a primal urgency, like the beast he now was.  He remembered an earlier time when he would have catered to the every need of one of his potential mates, charmed them completely before breeding with them.  Did he call them mates then?  Was that breeding?  He remembered other words, recalled some other definition and meaning, courting and seduction and coupling.

No, those others before weren't mates, were they?  They could have been, though.  He had sex with women, but they despised other terms.  And the privacy!  Argh!  They needed to perform their sexual acts discretely so others wouldn't discover their—their what?  There was a word for all of this, for everything, but it had been so long since he'd talked with another person, had a conversation with someone, that he couldn't remember them.

None of it mattered.  He took Danya on the table.  She begged him for it, removed her panties and stuffed them into her crotch before shoving them at his nose.  That incited a lustful rage within him.  The scents!  Before, when he was human, he remembered the pleasant scents of flowers and food, but now, as a beast, he knew more.  Perhaps he was still a little human; he could see some resemblance beneath his fur-covered body if he peered into a mirror, but that was it.  He thought of himself as a beast, like the witch who cursed him wanted.  That witch, that curse, was it bad?  He knew it was, but the smell of lust dripping from Danya's luscious cunt and the sweet scent of it drenching her panties was nothing less than sublime.

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