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Authors: Cassandra Zara,Lucinda Lane

I Can't Believe He Shaved Me! (Kari's Lessons)

I Can’t Believe He Shaved Me!

Kari’s Lessons #2



Kari’s Lessons
Erotic Short by Cassandra Zara &
Lucinda Lane


Kindle Edition

Copyright 2013 Cassandra Zara & Lucinda Lane



Please note
: All titles in the
Kari’s Lessons
series feature explicit sexual acts between fictional characters who are
consenting adults aged eighteen years of age or older. These titles are
intended for a mature adult audience.


- X -


“We should totally make out.”

It wasn’t the first time Jenny had suggested this. She
always said that we should do it to put on a show for the boys and that it
would really turn them on, but I got the impression that for the most part it
was just because she wanted to make out with me.

“Sure.” I was feeling rebellious and restless. Since Max had
spanked me (and seriously, I still can’t believe he actually did that) things
had been a little strange. For a start the spanking had actually worked. I’d
been good to my word and tried not to be as much of a brat. But things were
weird between us.

Or maybe it was just me. Max didn’t even acknowledge
anything had happened and just took it all in his stride. That was part of the
problem. Whenever I saw him I was reminded of the mind blowing orgasm he’d
given me while I lay over his knees, my ass still red and burning from my
spanking. I was also reminded of just how hard his cock had been as it pressed
against my stomach.

Max had gone from being the most annoying person on the
planet to being the only thing I could think about. And the fact that he didn’t
seem to be interested in me at all made him even more annoying.

So I was feeling rebellious. I was feeling restless. I’d had
a lot to drink. And when Jenny suggested that we should totally make out to put
on a show for the boys I said yes.

I was already wearing a fairly scandalous swimsuit. When I
had brought it home Max had taken one look at it and insisted I return it
immediately. But I had ignored him and kept it hidden in my room. Now that he
and Mom were out of town and I’d been invited to a little pool party at my best
friend Jenny’s house, it seemed like the perfect time to try it out.

When I first stepped out of the house in the swimsuit I was
pretty nervous. It’s one thing for it to look glamorous and sexy in the store,
but when you’re actually wearing it out in public in front of other people?
That’s when you realize just how small it actually is and how much of your body
you are putting on display.

A thin triangle of shimmering gold material struggled to
cover my crotch. It tapered to almost nothing behind me and I could feel it
riding up my ass when I walked. It was cut really high on the hips, showing off
a lot of way-too-pale skin, as well as having a dramatically plunging neckline
that did its best with my modest cleavage.

When I’d stepped out on the deck you could almost hear the
jaws dropping. Despite being a bit of a troublemaker I didn’t usually wear
anything this revealing and something like this was way out of character for
me. Jenny in particular couldn’t take her eyes off me.

A couple of the boys laughed nervously and I poked my tongue
out at them. I may be a little shy at times, but I know I’m hot. Not like
supermodel hot, but good enough for these guys.

And then, to put on a show for them, Jenny and I kissed.

It was not what I had expected. I had kissed a couple of
boys before and it usually felt like I was under attack. This was different.
Her lips were so soft as they parted and instead of an attack it felt like an
invitation. An invitation to kiss her back. I did, and we explored each other.
Slowly at first, like we were unfamiliar with the terrain, and then with more
gusto. I became lost in the kiss, the raucous comments of those around us
fading to a dull background noise.

When she broke from me I drew a sharp gasping breath and
took half a step backwards. She looked at me with a big I-told-you-so grin. I
was still gasping for air, shocked by the unexpected intensity of the moment we
had shared.

“Show us your tits!”

A moment that was broken by a shout from one of the boys.

“Tits! Tits! Tits!”

Jenny looked at me and shrugged, before pulling her shirt
over her head in a single fluid motion. The boys watching us went wild when
they saw her big teardrop shaped breasts. I had to admit they were impressive.
I stood transfixed for a moment, wondering what it would feel like to cup one
in the palm of my hand.

Then Jenny jumped in the pool and it was just me, standing
there, with a dozen expectant friends watching me. I took a deep breath and
pulled the top half of my swimsuit down, allowing both of my breasts to pop
free. Not big, certainly not in the same league as Jenny. But they were pert
and cheeky and I’d had no complaints.

I dived into the pool to a chorus of cheers and wolf
whistles. I paddled around for a bit waiting for the excitement to die down. It
soon did. The music was turned back up, people grabbed another beer and went
back to sucking whatever face they had been sucking before the show.

I toyed briefly with the idea of finding Jenny again. Maybe
we could kiss a little more somewhere private, but something held me back.
Instead I grabbed a towel, headed inside and called a cab. I used to love
parties. I loved the noise and the dancing and the drinking, but tonight had
been different. Apart from a brief moment when Jenny was kissing me, I hadn’t
been enjoying myself and I didn’t really feel like trying to enjoy myself. I
just wanted to go home.


- X -


With Max away with my mother I had no curfew to worry about,
but for once I would have been home in time anyway. I moped around the big empty
house for a while, but wasn’t in the mood for TV and didn’t have the energy for
anything else, so I turned in for an early night.

Once in bed I couldn’t sleep.

Jenny was only a brief distraction. As much as I enjoyed her
kiss and as lovely as her big soft breasts were, it was Max I continued to
obsess over. Max who liked me to call him Daddy. Max who had spanked me and
brought me to an orgasm so good that I couldn’t be bothered masturbating any
more. It would just pale in comparison.


- X -


I awoke to the sound of some classic rock on the radio and
the smell of coffee. Good coffee. Max? He wasn’t supposed to be home for a
couple more days.

Intrigued I pulled on some shorts, cinched a robe around my
waist and went to investigate. It was Max, sitting at the breakfast bar, eating
toast and drinking coffee. He had his laptop open and didn’t comment on my

“I didn’t think you were getting back until Monday.”

He placed the remainder of a slice of toast on his plate and
glanced up at me. Over the last couple of weeks I’d come to realize that Max
was actually quite an attractive man. I guess it was a matter of perspective,
but previously I’d always found him annoying and that must have made him seem
less attractive.

“Welcome home Daddy. Nice to see you Daddy,” He said, making
it clear he was annoyed at my greeting. Part of our new arrangement was that I
was supposed to treat him with more respect and address him as Daddy.

Whenever one of us said that word it felt like a cold hand
was gripping my chest and squeezing. Max wasn’t my father, but he wanted to be
my Daddy. And while a good girl was supposed to love her Daddy, she wasn’t
supposed to be in love with him. Was she?

But that was where the thrill came from. The fact that this
was something that wasn’t supposed to happen made it so much more of a turn on.
Just seeing him, especially when it was just the two of us alone in the house,
was enough to get my heart pumping. I could feel my cheeks coloring as I
shifted nervously from foot-to-foot.

“I’m sorry. Welcome home Daddy. I’m so glad you’re back.”

“I had to leave early. There was something I had to deal

He sounded serious, all business. I had to admit I was a
little disappointed, part of me was hoping that he’d returned early for me,
that he’d wanted me and had jumped at the chance to be alone with me.

He looked concerned and troubled and I wondered for a moment
if something had happened between him and my mother. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel
about that. However, I didn’t have the chance to dwell on it.

“Take your clothes off.”

At first I thought I’d misheard him. There was no hint of
anything out of the ordinary in his tone. It was all very matter-of-fact.

“I... uhhh....”

“That wasn’t a question Kari,” he said, “take your clothes
off now!”

I was confused and unsure what was going on, but I had a
feeling it would be better if I did what Max said. It wasn’t like I was wearing
a lot anyway. I tugged the waistband of my shorts over my hips and let them
fall to the ground, before stepping out of them. Now I was naked under the robe
and I glanced up at Max to see him looking at me expectantly. I took a deep
breath and opened my robe, letting it slide off my shoulders.

You can’t live in the same house with someone for
any length of time and not catch them in various stages of undress. However I
don’t think Max had ever seen me completely naked before. It should have been
thrilling, but instead I felt very self-conscious. I have an OK body. It’s
cute. Nice boobs, nice ass, slim... everything young and firm. But beyond that
it was nothing special. I got the feeling Max was very experienced and had
probably seen a lot of women. I couldn’t help think that I was just a scrawny
kid compared to the real women he’d been with.

I tried to cover my breasts and crotch in a futile attempt
at modesty. This seemed to amuse him for a moment.

“Someone sent me a very interesting little movie last
night,” he said, before swiveling his laptop around on the counter so I could
see it.

It was just a short clip, filmed on a cell phone at night.
It was blurry, dark and overexposed. But you could still make out me, in my
tiny swimsuit, kissing Jenny before exposing my breasts and jumping in the

“It’s called...” he swiveled the laptop back and squinted at
the screen, “Teenage Attention Whores, and a lot of people have watched it. A
of people. Now I doubt most people would recognize you, but the person who sent
it to me did.”

That was a mystery right there. Who was forwarding Max
videos in the middle of the night?

“So, do you have anything to say for yourself?”

I looked at the floor and gave a half shrug. I still wasn’t
sure why I was naked or what he intended for me, but I thought it best to play
along and try and keep on his good side.

“I’m sorry... Daddy. Things got a little out of hand but...”
I felt the need to say something about the fact that I’d gone home early
because he was all I could think about. That ever since my spanking I’d been
becoming obsessed with him and dreams of his hard cock kept me up at night, but
I couldn’t form the words.



“I thought as much. Do you understand that when you behave
like this it disrespects not just yourself, but your family? Teenage.
Attention. Whore. Is that what you want to be known for?”

“N... no Daddy.” I really didn’t know how to play this or
what Max was looking for. Did he want a contrite innocent? Did he want a
teenage whore? At that moment I would have done anything to know what he wanted
from me.

“And what do you think your punishment should be for this

All it took was that one little word.
. I
felt my nipples pop beneath the arm that shielded them.

“Perhaps you should spank me again Daddy?” I said.

“Hmph.” He didn’t seem too impressed by my eager tone. “I
think maybe something you actually won’t enjoy quite as much. Perhaps some
chores... but as you seem to enjoy exposing yourself so much at the moment I
think you should remain naked. You can start by cleaning the kitchen.”

That was not what I had expected. As I stood there stunned,
he went back to using his laptop, pausing occasionally for a sip of coffee. It
appeared he did not think there was anything more to discuss.

“Now?” I asked.

He nodded dismissively.


- X -


I cleaned the kitchen. Sweeping and mopping the floor,
scrubbing down counters and cabinet doors. Doing this work naked was an unusual
experience. Doing it naked and in front of someone else was a

I felt a deep sense of shame. My cheeks and chest reddened
with a blush that wouldn’t seem to fade. At times the nature of my chore
dictated that I bend or squat in an extremely unflattering position and I’d try
to hide this from Max’s view, mostly by covering myself clumsily with my hands.

And yet despite the embarrassment and shame I felt, I also
found myself becoming increasingly turned on. Perhaps it was
the embarrassment and shame. This combined with my uncertain feelings for Max
only added to my state of confusion.

As I worked I could feel how wet my pussy was. With each
step I experienced my slick and glistening folds sliding against one another.
It felt as if the juices were running out of me and I was sure Max must have
been able to smell it. If that were the case then he must have known how turned
on I was.

As I worked my demeanor began to change. I went from trying
to hide my body, to trying to show it off. I had noticed Max casting the
occasional appraising glance in my direction and I wanted to remind him that
even though he had a tendency to treat me as his little girl, I was actually a
woman. I wanted him to notice that.

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