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“As does he.”

Armand clicked his tongue. “So he claims.”

“With the same fierce determination and loyalty as you,” she added.

Annoyance streaked his handsome features. “Then he steals my lines.”

She laughed and shook her head.
“Always the actor.”

He reached out and traced a finger along her cheekbone. Her nipples instantly hardened. “Not when it comes to my love for you.” His expression turned serious. “That is all me. No acting required.”

exhaled and felt her entire body weaken at his touch. Sometimes she hated that her body responded so easily.
Especially now when she wanted to be mad at them.
Didn’t they understand what they were putting her
? How it ate her up inside? The stress was wearing heavy on her.

“It isn’t easy to have two men swear their undying love and have to choose between them,” she said softly. Her eyes blurred with the onset of tears, but she refused to let them show.

Armand waved his hand. “Bastian doesn’t even know the meaning of love.”

She narrowed her gaze and tilted her head. “Don’t say that.”

On cue, Bastian walked into the room with one brow raised.
wondered how much he’d heard. Judging by the glare, he’d heard enough.

Bastian moved with a slow, sexy gait to the fireplace and stood in front of it. His long ice-blond hair and pale blue eyes were such a striking contrast to Armand’s darker features. He wore an artist’s shirt that showed off the planes of his chest, and leather pants practically painted on. The nomadic vampire’s preference was for swordplay and games. He too shared a passion for Shakespeare, but more for the darker side of love and the physical fighting than the poetic romance. He had a commanding approach, which is why she deemed him the fighter and Armand the lover.
Though Bastian didn’t need any lessons in how to pleasure a woman.

Bastian nodded her way and then directed another heated glare at Armand. “Have you nothing better to do than hound her?”

“I’d hardly call it hounding,” the dark-haired vampire retorted. “Besides, this is
time to be with her.”

Bastian shook his head and propped his body against the fireplace mantle. “Please, you all but summoned me here with your incessant whining. It interrupted my reading.”

Armand chortled. “Ah, I see.
Trying to win her over by pretending to care about literature and the fine arts?
I know you envy me, but must you mimic everything I do?”

The blond vampire scowled and turned his attention back to her. “My dear, you look lovely this evening. Are you pleased with the fire I started for you?”

She nodded in surprise. So Bastian was working his charm on her with something out of the ordinary. “Yes, I found the house chilly tonight. Winter isn’t too far off. Of course it always feels like winter here.”

“He stole the idea from me,” interjected Armand. “You know that is
style, not his. I didn’t get to it first because I planned to warm you up in other ways. More intimate ways.”

“The thought never crossed your mind,” Bastian said. “And as to your earlier comment of mimicking you, I’d never stoop to your level or try to be like you. If you had some redeeming quality, maybe, but you lack any.”

Armand sneered. “You pretentious prick. I’ll have you know—”

said, though more to herself, and went to the window.

She rested her forehead against the cool glass and looked out to the courtyard in time to see the little girl ghost disappear into the air. A shudder went through her. All this time and the ghosts still startled her. Two other ghosts appeared to her since moving back, though she sensed many others around. There was the cook who chopped food early in the morning, and the carriage driver with his alabaster white horses. The carriage would arrive at the front of the house on any given night and ring the doorbell. He’d then escort an unseen person into the carriage and drive away. It fascinated her as much as it frightened her.

turned and faced the brooding men. “Enough,” she repeated with more emphasis. “I don’t care to be in the middle of your petty quarrels.”

“Sorry,” they mumbled in unison.

She was sorry too. Sorry to be expected to make a decision that caused her tremendous grief.

Armand approached and rested his hand on her shoulder. The heat went straight to her core. “You’re distraught. Let us help.”

Her shoulders raised and then lowered. “I don’t think
possible tonight. My mind is elsewhere.”

“You know what a challenge does to me,” he replied with a cheeky grin.

“And me,” Bastian added.

Yes, she knew very well how turned on they became at the slightest hint of a challenge. Though the thought of being a conquest didn’t appeal to her, the thought of their bodies on hers made her pussy clench.

“I’m sure we can find a way to distract your mind,” coaxed Bastian. “At least let us try.”

she could say no. She couldn’t resist even if she wanted to.

“Very well.”
tried to sound put out, but she knew they weren’t buying it.

“We’ll go easy on you, if you’d like,” Armand growled, stepping out of his pants.

“Speak for
,” Bastian retorted.

She enjoyed watching Armand shimmy out of his tight leather pants. With both of them naked and moving toward her, she could hardly contain her excitement. She loved the way their bodies felt against hers. Even more, she loved being between them. Filled and stretched by their hard, thick cocks at the same time.

Armand reached out and pulled her nightgown up over her head. With his thin moist lips, he kissed his way down her body. Her limbs turned to putty.

Bastian pressed his firm body behind her, his cock nestled at the cleft of her ass. His hands trailed around her until he palmed her breasts in his large hands. She let her body relax into him while Armand worked her thighs further apart. Through the veil of her
she saw him kneel. Her body quivered as he brought his hands up along the insides of her legs. Already she was drenched and they’d hardly laid a hand on her.

“It’s intoxicating,” Armand murmured. “Your scent drives me mad.”

He kissed the smooth thin patch of fine hair between her thighs as the tip of his finger traced her labia.
moaned. She closed her eyes, allowing the moment to take her away. Bastian furthered her arousal by lightly pinching her nipples while nibbling along the slope of her neck. His hot breath like an inferno against her exposed flesh. She pressed back into him even more.
His cock pulse demandingly between the cheeks of her ass.
Much as she wanted to beg them to fuck her, she decided to allow them their foreplay. Tonight might be the last time she was with them both.

Before the sobering thought killed her desire altogether, she let that thought go and focused on the sensations awakening her body.

Armand pressed his fingers into her soaked pussy and delivered a hard wet kiss against her clit. The sudden contact almost made her lose her balance.

“You’re so responsive,” he groaned. “Every inch of you screams to be attended to.”

She wanted to add that two lovers attending to her were far better than one, but acknowledging it now wasn’t the best time.

“I’m curious to know how badly you want to be fucked,” Armand growled and slid three fingers into her pussy. A satisfied smile bowed his lips. “You want it bad. Don’t you.”

“Yes,” she whispered.

He didn’t waste any time. He pumped his fingers in and out of her pussy while rolling his tongue along her clit. She watched in desperation as he removed them and licked his fingers.

“You’re pussy is the perfect elixir to quench my thirst.”

Vibrations of heat ebbed throughout her body. She loved this torture.

Again, he pushed his fingers inside her pussy, making his movements swift and deep. Her legs shook and made it difficult to stand. He trailed her inner thigh with his tongue until he reached her clit and then sealed his mouth over it.

“Oh god,” she moaned.

Armand’s tongue and fingers were persistent in drawing out an orgasm.

She brought her arms up over her head and let them fall loose behind Bastian’s neck as he massaged her breasts, giving extra attention to her nipples. He moved his mouth from her neck up close to her ear, whispering words that made her melt further into him.

“I’ll bet your pussy is flooded with your cream.
All sweet and soaked.”

tensed her muscles and sucked a deep breath in.
Oh god, yes.
At any moment, she was going to drench Armand’s mouth and fingers with her
. She didn’t dare move. She didn’t dare breathe.

“Let it go,” Bastian prompted. “Let it all go. Let me feel your body shudder against me.”

Her vision blurred and then the blessed orgasm broke free.

“Fuck yes,” she cried as her body bucked fiercely.

To add to the pleasure, Armand continued suckling her clit. The extra stimulation made her spasm. If it weren’t for Bastian holding her up, she’d have collapsed.

Armand gave another long, deep drag along her pussy and then smacked his lips. “Your cum is like brown sugar on my tongue, love.
So fucking addictive.
Though everything about you is addictive.”

Armand slid down to the floor and stroked his cock with a tight fist. Her eyes widened. She watched the pre-cum appear at the tip of his cock, reminding her of a flawless pearl against the firelight.

“I want to feel that wet, soft pussy on my cock,” he said, his eyes dark and seductive.

Drenched as she was, her body craved more.

Slowly she situated herself over him. He held the base of his erection, and with Bastian’s aid, she gently eased down over him until her pussy stretched wide apart. She inhaled long and deep until he filled her completely. Armand gripped the curve of her hips and helped her match his slow, steady rhythm. She felt each succulent inch of his cock move inside her.

Aware that Bastian was near, she coaxed him closer until his erection was half an inch before her lips. She reached up and grasped his cock firm in her palm. He growled something she didn’t quite catch as she took him into her mouth. She slid her mouth back to the tip, taking him all the way to the hilt with her lips wrapped tight.

knew just how he liked his cock sucked, and she knew it wouldn’t be long before he came.

“You’re being naughty,” he groaned.

Sweat gathered along his forehead and dripped down to his chest. His thick thighs
were chiseled
to perfection.

“I know.” She went to take him in a third time, but he quickly withdrew.

“Let’s save that for another night, angel,” he rasped. “Right now I want to feel my cock inside that firm ass of yours.”

He moved out of her view and then gently pressed the curve of her back so she bent further over Armand. She heard the faint sound of the nightstand drawer open and shut. A moment later, she shivered at the icy liquid he applied to her anus. Bastian’s finger teased her sensitive opening as he lathered it on.

“So beautiful.
So tight,” he groaned.

He massaged more cool liquid around her sensitive hole, and she made herself relax.

“Let’s see if you’re ready for me.”

Her throat tightened. All she could do was nod her head.

His fingers stretched her anus as he slipped them inside her. “Oh yeah, you’re ready for me.”

Armand stopped thrusting his hips and took to thumbing her nipples while Bastian’s cock rested at the tip of her ass. Any moment the delicious burn would start. Armand pinched her nipples like a vise at the same time that Bastian thrust into her. She let out a high-pitched cry of undeniable pleasure.

They didn’t waste another second. In unison, they pumped into her.
Hard and fast.
Driving their cocks with a force that left her moaning and whimpering for more. For the
several minutes she let ecstasy take her for a ride. The thrill of both their cocks inside her elevated her pulse double—almost triple time. Her body shook so much that she had to hold onto Armand.

They thrust simultaneously, obeying her sharp commands of harder, faster and deeper between labored breaths. Armand pumped his hips up into her while Bastian plunged behind her. A medley of grunts and fuck
around the room. The heat from the fire paled in comparison to the heat the three of them generated together. She loved being this open and vulnerable to them. Loved
the double penetration and how close it brought them
. Loved being the object of their desire
again and again

felt the tide turn low in her belly. Like it or not, she was about to climax. The wicked sensations they stirred within her made her quick to orgasm, no matter how hard she tried to hold back.

BOOK: Immortally Theirs
10.28Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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