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In Love with a Thug

Advance Praise for
In Love With a Thug

“Finally a gritty black-on-black love story. Reginald's writing is dynamic and suspenseful.”

L. T
Bestselling Author of
Threesome, Fourplay
, and
Every Woman's Got a Secret

“WARNING: Reginald does it again! Y'all ain't ready for this! But if you are—get your popcorn and lock the door. You will not want to be disturbed.”

Don Diva Magazine

“I've been in love with a thug but never one like this. Reginald L. Hall has definitely put a twist on this!!”

Bestselling Author of

“Reg, do ya thang, dawg. The coolest gay dude I know. This book is gonna hit 'em hard. Do ya thang.”

, platinum recording artist of
Ghetto Love
Still Ghetto

“From the Streetz to erotic gay literature. My boy has proved his point and oh hell yes, this novel has been truly stamped hood-certified.”

, triple platinum album recording artist and former B2K lead singer

“Scandalous, controversial, and captivating! A tale of passion waiting to explode.”

L. W
No. 1 Bestselling Author of
The Ex Factor

“Reginald L. Hall in
In Love With a Thug
delivers a raw, no-holds-barred, roller-coaster of a ride that will leave you shaken and wobbly, but ultimately better because of the ride!”

, Author of
Passion Marks, A Deeper Blue: Passion Marks II
The Messiah

In Love With a Thug
makes you look for love in all the wrong places!”

, publisher of
Convict's Candy, Ghettoheat

“A sizzling, sexy novel that I personally call

, mother of the Legendary House of Kahn

Comment on
Smoking Cigarettes

“Reginald's character portrays a similar character of Winter from the
The Coldest Winter Ever

—The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers

“Reginald's erotic writing brings a new voice to urban literature who can be likened to the queen Zane.”

The Philadelphia Daily News

Praise for
Memoir: Delaware County Prison

“Reginald takes you inside a place that's been kept secret. It's unveiling and down right spicy (hot).”


“Ladies, listen up—fellas, listen up! A tale that set the city on fire!”

—Clear Channel Radio

L. H

Smoking Cigarettes

Memoir: Delaware County Prison

Strebor Books
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This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

© 2007 by Reginald L. Hall

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means whatsoever. For information address Strebor Books, P.O. Box 6505, Largo, MD 20792.

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This book is dedicated to my dear mother and my dear father, the two people who created such a wonderful and smart human being.

My dear mother, Theresa, you are my heart and my soul and the center of my world. I dedicate this book to you for showing me what the true meaning of life is. You have taught me what other mothers didn't. This book is dedicated to you for sticking by me through the ups and the downs in my life as well as my career. You and I have been through hell and back and I love and thank you for everything you are and everything that you will be. I also want to congratulate you on going back to school and obtaining your college degree. You are a strong and smart woman and I want to thank you for raising a strong and smart man. I promise you that before you close your eyes that your dreams will forever come true. We have been down a long road with a lot of bumps and now here's what the end feels like. I love you, Mom!

My dear father, Milton, whom God with His almighty wisdom took away from me too soon. I can never forget the times that we shared together while you were on this earth. Each and every day, I light a candle in remembrance of your strength and your power that was instilled into my brothers and me. Not a day goes by that a tear doesn't fall from my eye when I think of you. But I need to remind myself that you don't want me down here crying over your death. For you, I will hold my head up high and reach for the stars just like you said. The one thing that the MAN can't take away from you is your knowledge and Dad, I know you're watching over me using my brain each and every day. It's been very hard for me since you parted this earth but one thing I will remember is to always reach for the stars and I will always be your
Fat Boy.

Daddy, R.I.P.



First of all, I would like to give a special tribute to all of the people in my life that God has loaned and taken away from me. All of the people left a large scar on my heart and I will never forget all of the good times we shared. I love and miss you all.


Henry Ford Christmas

Luke Blackwell, Sr.

Milton Hall, Jr.

Tyrone Hall

Willie Rutledge

Emma Thompson

Anna May Gresham

Riley Williams

Ms. Holmes

Rasheeda Monroe

Cynthia Thompson

John Ritter

Will Notorious

Mike Notorious

Calvin Finney (55th ST)


You all may be missed but not forgotten.

Now let's get down to the nitty-gritty. You know, some people came at me sideways when they saw that their names weren't mentioned in
Smoking Cigarettes
. I'm here to tell you now, through these acknowledgments, if your names aren't mentioned or missed a certain criteria, that means that I don't know you or we don't get along. It's no beef, I'm just being real.

To my mother, here's to you, kid. Let's make a toast to financial freedom. It's about time and now it's time for your youngest son to shine. To my dad, RIP. You just keep watching over me guiding me in the right direction. I'M TRYING MY BEST.

To my grandmom Chicken, you have given more wisdom and help than one person could give in a lifetime. Even though your life is down in Atlantic City, I'll make sure that you get there every other day even if it means that I have to write ten books a month. I'll make sure that you get there at your free will.

To Grandma and Grandpa Hall, I would like to thank you for putting up with a grandson like me. I know I can be a handful. To my brothers, Rickey and Ralpheal, let's make sure that we take care of Mom together. Actually, it's her time to shine. To my husband, my best friend, my rock, Keyon, words cannot express the love and the patience that you've given me through the years. I would like to thank you for looking out for me when no one else would and I love you for the forever bond that we have that was tried and could never be broken. I know I have been putting you on the back burner while I deal with this book and talk-show but know that I love you and at the end, I'm the one that will have your back. Now that this book is done, you can have my full, undivided attention again. Let's have fun.

Sweet kisses to the one and only girl in my life Kaniyah Macmillan, you are my heart and my soul and I cannot imagine a day with you.

Here, I gotz 2 give a shoutout to my crazy-azz fammilee. These people are the nuttiest set of folks on this side of the face of the earth but I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.

Let me start off my thanking my aunts Diane and Gloria, Connie and Adrien and uncles Frank, Pop and Junie. Duke, I'll be glad when you bring ya azz home and stays home. Make this bid ya last. To my Uncle Pop, I'll be selling you a used car sometime soon. LOL!

To my super cousins, who stuck with me through thick and thin. Romona, congratulations on your wedding, your new baby and your new husband, Hezekiah. I wish you both nothing but happiness and joyful times together. Nicole, you have done a wonderful job in raising your children, Shaneera and Jahbriea. I wish that you continue your life happy and free as you can be. Stanley, what I need you to do is stay strong. Stay strong for your mother and your sister. Just be strong for yourself because as a family we will all get through this together. On that note I'd like to shoutout my cousins, Richard and kids, Anthony and his kids.

To my cousins Marquette and Tamora, I want to thank ya'll both for being there when I needed someone to talk to and giving some of the greatest advice. I'll always be honored. Along with that, shoutout to Camisha, Susan, Andre Jr. and Baby Eric, even though you're grown, you'll always be a baby to me. Hello, Andrea!

You haven't had a cheesesteak until you had one of my Uncle Andre's at Jim's Steaks.

To the best friend in the entire world, Dele. The Africans haven't seen beauty until they've seen you. I cannot live this life without you so hold on, this will be a bumpy ride.

To Janyra and family. I thank you, girl, from the bottom of my heart for sticking by my side no matter what the cost is.

Miesha, a sophisticated lady! I can't even tell you how you got a spot on this page because you are never there when I need you. But one thing I can say is that you're always on time. And a ride-or-die CHICK at that and that's what a young man like me needs in his life. And shoutout to your new baby, ENOCH. LOL! Don't laugh, y'all, it's a cute name (I hate it) but it's a cute name. The Hudson family, I love all of you.

To my gay mother and father; every gay man should have a pair of these. Daniel and John. Thanks for the love and support that you both show me every day. I can't stop loving y'all if I tried. And on that note; I can't 4get my gay brothers—Rantonio; can't wait for the wedding! Hueshaun, Sam and Stephan.

Yo, I gotta get these damn haters off my back, damn! Anyway, sorry for the interruption, now where was I?

I see y'all peekin', thinking I forgot y'all but I didn't. My extended family; my baby boy Rondell, damn, I can't even call you that no more cuz you a grown man, dawg!

Ms. Debbie, Kaira (mother of the cutest set of twins on earth), Maishanna, Fatima, and Tyree.

A special shoutout to Robin and Jeff; when I find my special someone I would want our relationship to be just like y'all. To all my nephews; stay in school. I can't name 'em all cuz it could be more than I know of.

R.I.P. to the man that inspired me to write and stay focused. Malcolm Starks. You will always be remembered.

To the Best Publicist that money
buy: Monique Ford. I would like to thank you for all your support and keeping me focused during the dark times of my life. God has sent you from heaven and for that we have grown to work together and I know that you will always be there even when everything else fails. Love you, girl! And to Nakea Murray, thanks for everything and I'm glad you did what you did to bring me out of my shy shell, love u lots.

A glorious thanks to my fairy godmother Carla for all the encouragement and willpower. You are truly someone that appears in a flash and thanks.

I would like to say thanks to Earl Cox for bringing me into this business to get started on my way.

Roll out the red carpet for Zane and Charmaine and their lovely associates. I thank God for the day when you walked through that lonely forest and tripped over that rock and found me. No one could have done it better. Thanks for believing me and seeing my worth. I won't let you down. I promise!

To KaShamba Williams and Daaimah S. Poole. I love y'all two beautiful women for passing on the knowledge that you've learned from this business to me. Daaimah, you're the only one who actually sat me down and took the time to HELP me; I will always be grateful for that. Also, I really want to give a special thanks to Vickie Stringer. You have taken my hand and guided me in the right direction and I'll bow down to you for that. Thanks!

I have 2 holla at my girl, the girl that could not have touched a piece of paper with a pen better. My big sister Brenda L. Thomas. You go, girl!

Speakin' of paper and pens—we're all in this 2gether. I come from a whole family of writers and there are a lot of us. What? You didn't know? Well, let me remind you Shawna Grundy—I'll check you out at the buffet cuz you know how we can bust a grub, Alyce Thompson—I see you girl, Solomon Jones, Karen E. Quinones Miller, Azarel (you are soooo pretty. If only I was straight!), Hickson, Tracy Brown, Mister Man Frisby, Anna J, Marlene Taylor, Miasha, Asante Kahari, Elizabeth Gore, Tu-Shonda L. Whitaker, Shamora Renee, Chandell Bey, Nikki Turner, Shannon Holmes, Lynnette Khalfani, Lee Hayes, O. Salik-Evans, T.N. Baker, Eric Gray, Rikeem Wilburn, James Earl Hardy, Mark Anthony, and last but not least, my main man Brandon McCalla. Omarion, it was very nice meeting you. Stay real!

Treasure E. Blue & Kwan, you two men are the realest men I know. Treasure, stay on ya grind and you will be the next Donald Trump. Kwan, you are my dawg, stay real.

One Luv to my barber/stylist Niyru for keepin' me looking so fresh and so clean and the coolest Probation Officer in the game, Mary Ellen, shoutout to you for keeping my azz out of jail.

To all the bookstores that showed me love throughout my trying times: Ms. Betty and the entire staff at Ligourious Books, thanks so much for your support. Tyra at Borders Express at the Liberty Place. You know I'll shut shop down for you, girl. A special shoutout to Ms. Emelyn and her staff at Mejah Books in the Tri-State Mall in Delaware. Shoutout to Rita at Borders Express in the Gallery. And mad shouts to Cindy and the whole Staff at Waldenbooks in Long Island, N.Y., Emperiam Books (Tiffany and Zahir).

The radio stations; thanks for all your support, The Dreamteam (Power99), Golden Girl and Qdeezy. Tarsha (Jonesy aka Ms. Jones), Todd Lynn, DJ Envy, Miss Info, and the whole Hot97 staff. WHAT radio—the Wendy Williams Experience, thanks to the entire Experience staff, Power105, and Philly 1003 the beat. Shoutout to Joey Zaza.

To all the street vendors in NYC, thanks for pushing my books and helping to make my dreams come true—Che, Sidee, and Fatima.

Mad shoutouts to Thais, Cindy (congratulations, Grandmom), the Hudson family, I can't forget that crazy-ass Chezy and Bruce (the broke version of Whitney and Bobby), Darylisha, Jerome, Andre, Keith, Wayne, Grandpop, Mrs. Darlene, Robin, Pastor Ricky, Aunt Dar, Tony, Maxwell (crazy ass), Shon, Stevie (boo boo), Shauna, Tamika, Mel Jackson, Young Sir, Sharon, Pooh, Donnie, Neisha, Kyron, Terrence, Alisha and Rasul, Chuck, Keisha, Jorell, Job, Peaches, Tyrea, Diana, Jay-Z, Queen Pen, After 7, Omarion, Donnie Simpson, Kimora Lee Simmons, Charlie Mack and 215 Entertainment, Bow Wow, Dr. Al Mameniskis, Tracie, Gwen, Charles Burks, Jr., Deon, Robert Datner, and to all my readers all over—I thank y'all for the support, letters, e-mails, and the constant reviews. This is the second time around so here we go again. God bless to all and to all good night.


In Love With a


Reginald L. Hall

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