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In the Mind of Misty

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In the Mind of Misty

~Lisa Powell~



In The Mind of Misty.


Copyright © 2013 by Lisa Powell

All rights reserved.

This book and or any portion of this book may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the copyright owner except for the use of brief quotations on a book review.

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, places, events, business establishments or locales is entirely coincidental.


To the beauty of love.


I wrote this book in the late 80’s, (long hand). I thought it was to steamy...WOW I was wrong. I revised it in the 90’s and again in 2010 and now 2013.

Sometimes insecurities are all in your head. You feel unwanted, unloved and terrified of the world. You become alone, withdrawn and scared of everything.
All you want is someone to love and cherish you. When someone does come your way that, REALLY, loves you and thinks you are beautiful. You have a hard time accepting that. Especially when the man is so sexy, strong and secure, and he shows you kindness and love. It’s hard to comprehend. But patients and love will come through. You have to believe that.


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Misty is young, she is 20 she still lived at home. She got a good job after she graduated. She had enough money saved for her own place. But she really couldn’t find anything she liked. Her parents weren’t pushing her too hard to move out. But they knew the time was coming. They had to prepare for it themselves.

Mistys sister, Kimmy, were very close. Misty was more quiet and conservative. She always worried about what people thought. Kimmy always told her she was going to turn out to be an, old maid, if she didn
’t loosen up and have some fun in her life. But Misty was afraid, she had her fears and it was hard for her to have that fun.

Misty always had this one fantasy, but she never told anyone what it was. She bought a dress
, just for that fantasy, but she hid it. She would put it on when no one was home, just to see what it would look like on her. She would often day dream of her fantasy man. Kimmy came home one day and saw the dress on her. Kimmy couldn’t believe she bought a dress like that. Misty quickly took it off and put it away. Kimmy tried to get it out of Misty why she bought the dress, but Misty would never tell her.




In the Mind of Misty



“Hey Misty, there is a party tonight want to go?”

Misty rolled her eyes.
“No Kimmy I don’t want to go.”

I am telling you sister, you need some fun in your life.”

I don’t need fun, I like the way I am.” Misty always needed to feel comfortable. She was afraid if she did something wrong, it would be held against her forever.

I swear Misty, you are, an old maid…” Kimmy kept hounding her. Finally Misty gave in just to shut Kimmy up.

It was time for the party and
Misty put on a pair of old jeans and t-shirt.

Kimmy j
ust shook her head. “You will never get anyone going like that.”

“I am not looking to, get, anyone. I just wanted you to stop hounding me.”

Kimmy rolled her eyes,
“Whatever Misty…Old Maid.”

If you don’t want me to go just keep it up Kimmy, I am this far from not going.” She held her thumb and figure about an inch apart.

shook her head and told Misty she would meet her at the party. Misty was okay with that because if she wanted to leave she could. When Misty got to the party, things changed and her life changed.

Vince saw her walk in. He knew at that time, he had to have her. He saw that body of hers and wondered what hidden pleasures were buried deep inside. He had to find out. The way she moved and carried herself, he knew she had great pleasures that needed unleashing. He knew he was just the one to do it. Her face, the way she smiled, her look was tantalizing. He couldn
’t take his eyes off her. He tried to get closer to her, but she disappeared before he could. He so desperately wanted to see her again. He never saw her before and no-one really knew who she was.

Misty walked in and she saw him, her fantasy man. Her head went into a spin. Misty saw that look in his eyes, that lustful look. And he was gorgeous, strong arms, broad shoulders. He had a handsome face, strong jaw line. This is a man that knew what he wanted, hopefully it was her. She didn
’t want him to know how excited he made her, so she had to keep her cool. Never has a man excited her before, like this man did. She saw many girls looking at him, they were whispering, she thought she heard his name but was unsure. Misty got nervous when Kimmy didn’t show, so she quickly left the party and went home.

Misty lay down and started thinking about the man she saw. Could her fantasy really come true? T
hen Misty remembered Kimmy talking to Mark about another party the following night. Mark said that he already made plans for them to go out elsewhere. Was this was Mistys chance? She would never live it down if Kimmy ever found out. Her mind was going crazy and she decided she was going to take a chance. She went to sleep with a smile on her face, hoping he would be there.


It was time for the party and Misty put on her dress, her black leather dress. She took a deep breath and headed out the door. She was hoping he was there. She was nervous, but yet, excited. When she walked into the room, she saw him. He was across the room. She noticed him starring at her. Her heart started pounding. She gave him a slight smile. He smiled back and her heart started beating double time. Misty couldn’t believe he was actually looking at her! Her mind started to fantasize again. What would it be like? Just to be with him even if it was for one night. She never had a one night stand before. She often wondered what it would be like. She wanted to know and she wanted this man to be the one. She wanted one night of wild passion, just letting go and no strings. But could she really go through with her fantasy? She didn’t know.

The party was getting crazy and it was getting hot inside. Misty decided to step out and get some fresh air. She needed to cool down. The night air felt good against her flushed face. The cool breeze chilled her but it felt good.

Vince saw her walk in. And this time she had on a tight, black leather dress, it zipped up the front. He wondered what she had on under that dress of hers. Just the thought of her naked body, sent shivers up and down his spine. He had to find out. He just had to have her. Tonight would be the perfect night. He saw that look in her eye and he knew she felt the same. All he had to do was get her alone.

watched her step outside, this was his chance. The chance he was waiting for. He stepped out the door. He saw her leaning up against the corner of the building. He took a deep breath and went over to her. He started her a little when he walked up to her. She gave him a faint smile. He noticed the cool breeze chilled her and he couldn’t stop staring. She noticed him staring and moved her arms to cover herself. Misty was getting nervous and was ready to go home. She changed her mind about her fantasy. She was getting scared.

Don’t be embarrassed,” he said and with one swift move, he pulled her to him. He could feel her soft body against his. Her heart quickened. She could feel her passion building. She felt his maleness harden. His mouth found hers. He kissed her long and hard. Her head was spinning so fast, she couldn’t believe this was happening. His kiss was more than she ever imagined. Her temperature started to rise. She felt flushed all over again. He pulled her even closer and kissed her harder. It seemed like it lasted forever. It was the best kiss she ever had.

He heard her slightly moan. And at that moment, he knew, she would give into
his desires and his needs. The thoughts of that excited him even more. She smelt so good he inhale to savor her sent. He released his kiss and gazed at her. With one swoop, he picked her up and carried her to a secluded part of the building. He laid her gently down on the grass. They gazed into each other’s eyes. They seemed to know what each other wanted. His mouth found her lips again. She felt his hands find their way to her zipper. He slowly unzipped her dress, until her breasts were exposed. She felt his hands upon them and she moaned. He caressed her breast they were lushes and firm. Her nipples hard and erect he had to taste them. His lips left hers and trailed down her neck and then he found what he was looking for.

started moaning even louder. Then he started to tease her. He took her nipples between his teeth and started to nibble on them. It got her so excited she could hardly control herself. He felt the pleasure he was bringing her and he couldn’t wait to explore the rest of her body.

Misty needed to feel his bare chest against hers. She reached up and pulled off his shirt.
She gasps those broad shoulders and muscular arms. Everywhere she looked he was solid muscle. She wanted to feel, caress his bare skin. Neither of them spoke they didn’t want to break the moment. He couldn’t get enough of her breast they were so lushes and firm. Her nipples were erect. He couldn’t keep his mouth off them. And he could tell she loved what he was doing.

He finally reached her zipper again and started pulling it down some more
. Her naked body was now fully exposed to him, to a man she didn’t even know. A man she lusted for and he lusted for her. His hand started moving down past her belly and rest between her thighs. He could feel the hot, moist, warmth of her. She couldn’t wait for him to go farther. He finally slid his fingers into her softness and she gasps.

He had to feel her he knew she was ready. He couldn
’t wait any longer. He had to have her. She felt his hands leave her body and she knew he was removing his clothes. When he was exposed she reached down and stroked him. He let out such a groan. She couldn’t wait to feel the pleasure he would bring her. He finally positioned himself over her. He wanted to see her face as he started to love her. He gazed into her eyes and with one strong thrust, he entered her.

gasps, her body arched, her eyes closed, her head went back and she let out such a sound, he almost exploded. He had to stop. Her heart was beating so fast, she could hardly breathe. His mouth found hers again and he kissed her in such a passionate way. He kissed her until he gained control again. He finally got control and he started to move. They moved together in perfect rhythm. Their hearts were pounding, their bodies sweating and it was rolling off both of them. Soon they were both ready to explode. Neither one could hold back any longer. When they released themselves they felt such pleasure. Both were gasping for air, either could hardly breathe.

They lay there for a while trying to collect their thoughts. Neither ever felt such pleasure before. After a few moments, he rolled over and gave her a passionate kiss. They both got up and got dressed and they departed. Not a word was spoken as they walked away. They turned back to look at each other. He knew he had to have her again and soon.

It was getting late and Misty decided to leave. He saw her leaving and she got to her car. She was ready to get in and she heard his voice. His low seductive voice, it sent a rush through her body.

What’s your name?”

Does it matter?” she replied and she got in her car and left.

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