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Mainstream Romance


Initiation: Christian’s Kisses

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Chapter One

Club 66


With a boney hand gripping the knob loosely, Xavier slowly opened the door. He looked inside, scanning the room and making sure no one was inside before motioning for Carl and Josh to enter.

The door led to a large bedroom decorated in black, the carpeting a crisp white, free of any dirt or stains. The heavy black curtains on the floor-length windows were drawn, allowing the morning sun to filter through. Even though the light was bright, it couldn’t reach the farthest corners that were still holding onto the darkness.

The manor was filled with large rooms like the one they were entering, but this one was different. It was Master Christian
bedroom—a room that Josh and Carl had never seen. Not many were allowed inside, and it was odd that the Master had brought a few donors up here the night before.

Carl was pushing a cart of cleaning supplies. Both he and Josh were dressed in plain clothes, grass and grease stains on their jeans that showed they worked in maintenance rather than housekeeping. It was odd that there were no maids on this floor today, but they didn't seem to think much of it. It was common for people to disappear around the manor, especially the young women.

"The Master is out for the day." Xavier walked into the room, shutting the door after the two men followed. He was dressed in a crisp black suit and tie, his appearance that of a butler. "I expect everything to be in perfect order before he returns." Pointing to a pile of bodies that lay on the floor, Xavier’s voice sounded slightly annoyed, "Please dispose of these and make sure the carpets are thoroughly cleaned."

"Yes sir." Josh nodded, a nervous smile on his face as he put on some gloves. "We’ll make sure everything is perfect for the Master when he comes back."

"Yes." Xavier bobbed his head slowly. "That is what I wish." After a few seconds, he turned from them and exited the room.

"Whoa." Carl smiled as he looked around. "Look at these digs. Damn." Shaking his head as he bent down next to one of the dead women, he let out a small sigh. "I’d give anything to be this guy for ten seconds." He picked her up, her body falling like a ragdoll over his arm, her long hair tickling the floor. He pulled some away that was stuck to the skin of her face so he could see it better. "Wow, this chick was hot, man."

She was beautiful even in death, her makeup as perfect as her lean, fit body. She was shirtless, her bare flesh cold, and the blood covering her body was soaking his shirt. Carl didn't seem to mind, his eyes locking onto the large wound on her neck.

Carl was a scavenger and happily feed on the scraps of the Master's elites. But unlike them, he drank blood for pleasure and didn’t need it to survive. Josh, on the other hand, was still human and hadn’t been chosen to join the scavengers yet, which was a sore spot between the two friends.

Carl licked his lips as he thought of how wonderful her blood would taste. "Hey baby." Carl held her close to him, sampling the thick clotted blood covering the deadly gash. After licking it clean, he put his lips over it and tried to suck out some more liquid. However, most of it had bled out onto the carpet, and he could only suck out a few drops. "She even tastes good after a few hours."

"Knock it off. We don’t have time for joking around." Josh began bagging one of the other bodies. "We have to hurry up here. It’s going to take forever to clean up this mess."


Carl frowned, grabbing a bag and putting the girl inside it. Slowly closing the zipper, he looked into her face as she disappeared from his view. He helped Josh bag the rest of the bodies and place them on the cart. After they were finished, Carl walked into the bathroom to wash his hands.

"Hey, Josh." Carl came out of the bathroom, holding his palm out to Josh. "Do you got that twenty you owe me?"

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