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Chapter 4

Tyreese was like a bored teenage boy aimlessly playing with his dick because he had nothing else to do when he heard Sade’s Lexus pull up next door. Running to the window he watched as she pulled a bunch of shopping bags from her car and headed for her front door. Bolting to the door he quickly opened it and called to her.

“Hey Miss Sade! I see you’ve been shopping.”

Struggling with the armload of bags she eyed him. “Hey Tyreese! What are you up to?”

“Not much… I’m trying to fuck something! What’s up with you?”

A devious grin slowly spread across Sade’s pretty face. She stared at the handsome, half dressed man that called to her from the porch next door. Her hormones quickly kicked into gear and her mind considered the possibility of some afternoon delight.

“Come on girl… Stop fronting like you don’t want some of this hard dick.” Tyreese said as he tugged on his erect dick through his black sweat pants.

“You know, you could at least offer me some help with my bags.”

“Fuck that! You’re crazy if you think I’m going in that man’s house uninvited.”

“What? I just invited you!”

“A man’s house is his castle and I’m not going to disrespect Mason in his. So, come over here when you finish. I’ve been thinking about that fat ass of yours all day.”

“You know what? You’re as lazy as hell Tyreese! Many times as you’ve been up and through here with your funky ass! Whatever!” Sade vented before stomping into the house and slamming the door.

Tyreese grinned as he headed back into his house. He didn’t bother to lock the door, because he knew his next door neighbor, Sade would be right over begging for a cup of dick cream. Sliding his unwashed ass onto the expensive contemporary chaise in the parlor he waited for her with his hard, monstrously thick dick in his hands.

His right hand was methodic as it stroked the length of his veiny manhood in an effort to get it ready for Sade’s warm, accommodating mouth. His eyes rolled closed as he continued to slowly stroke himself from root to tip and back again. Licking his hand he added saliva to the mix to decrease drag and the burn of the friction on the loose skin as his hand slipped back and forward. His eyes tumbled around in his head as the sensation of his persistent hand quickly took him to a happy place.

Moments later Sade arrived. She had been there many times before and she knew the front door would be unlocked in preparation for her arrival. She didn’t bother to ring the bell, she just came in and made herself at home. Falling at Tyreese feet she watched as he masturbated in the formal living room without a care in the world.

Her mouth watered as she watched his abnormally fat dick throb beneath the pressure of his strong hand. Sade’s pussy instantly began to pump cream in anticipation of that anaconda slipping and sliding its chubby head in her swollen pussy. Aroused, she found herself rubbing her engorged clit as Tyreese continued to pleasure himself.

“Are you going to sit there all day watching me or are you going to take care of your dick?” Tyreese groaned.

Sade didn’t answer. Her hand reappeared from between her thick thighs and replaced Tyreese’s on his dick. It jerked as her soft hands stroked its stalk and swirled around its head. Noticing a bead of pre-cum at the tip, Sade gave the mushroom tip a hard lick and then an intense suck.

Tyreese’s ass lifted from the silk, ivory colored chaise as she sucked it further into her throat. “Fuck yeah!” He groaned loudly as his hips gyrated against Sade’s mouth. “Handle that damn dick, Sade! Handle it!”

Sade took it as a personal challenge and sucked Tyreese’s diamond hard dick down her throat until she gaged. Gagging, choking and coughing she withdrew it and started all over again. Tyreese rewarded her efforts by grabbing a fist full of her weave to hold her head in place while he face fucked her. Gasping, spitting and slobbering she continued to swallow him whole.

Popping his dick from her mouth with a wet pop she searched Tyreese face. They made eye contact and she descended on his dick again while he watched. She knew how he loved to watch his dick disappear in her mouth one inch at a time. And she loved how it made his eyes roll back in his head like brown, shiny marbles.

“Fuck! You taste so good!” She breathed around his dick.

“Don’t get too comfortable down there. Me and you are about to go upstairs to my room and when we get there I’m going to split your ass open with this Kielbasa.”

Sade grinned as her tongue curled around the purple bulbous head of Tyreese’s dick. “I’m ready when you are.”   

Chapter 5

Suniya entered her family room hoping to be greeted by her live in boyfriend of two years with a welcome home hug and an affectionate kiss. Instead she was greeted by a mess. Half eaten Chinese food, beer bottles and empty containers cluttered her coffee table. The TV blared loudly and the air smelled of day old man must, ass crack and farts.

“This MF is about to work my last damn good nerve! Look at this damn mess!” She grumbled beneath her breath as she immediately began to clean up after a grown ass thirty year old trifling man. “Seriously, would it kill him to throw his garbage in the trash? This is ridiculous!”

It didn’t take long to realize that she was talking to air.  Where the hell is he?” Suniya questioned as she scanned the empty room. “Tyreese!” She called, but there was no answer.

It was a little past seven so she knew he wasn’t in bed. Hell, half the time his lazy ass slept on the couch unless he wanted some ass. As she walked towards the powder room she heard a noise coming from the master bedroom. At first she thought she was hallucinating. So she stopped in her tracks and listened carefully. Then she heard it again.

Tip toeing quietly to the base of the stairs she strained her ear to hear. Her eyes widened as the sound grew louder and more intense. It was a distinct sound which she’d heard before.

“What the hell?” She thought as she processed the sound, unwilling to believe her ears. “Aw fucking hell naw!” She whined as she went to the bar and retrieved Tyreese’s nine millimeter Glock pistol. “This bitch has just signed my damn arrest warrant.”

Dropping the clip, she prayed it was loaded, it was. Popping the full magazine back in she disengaged the safety and slid the slide until a bullet loaded in the chamber. In retrospect she was glad Tyreese had insisted she learned how to handle the gun in case there was an intruder in the home. Little did he realize he was the intruder she’d one day have to expel from their home.

Suniya followed the sound of robust fucking to her master bedroom suite. Her nostrils flared with anger and the pungent smell of dick, pussy and ass. The closer she came to her bedroom the angrier she became. “Four bedrooms with two master suites in this fuckin house and this lazy fucker decides to fuck a bitch in mine! Unfucking real! I’m going to light his ass up like New Year’s Eve if he’s fucking on top of my new three hundred dollar duvet!” She growled beneath her breath as she reached the top of the stairs.

At this point Suniya was as mad as a bitch slapped with a million dollar alimony suit. She was so mad she started to see red blotches where objects should be. Suniya was drudging on a very dangerous path fueled by sheer rage and she knew it. Closing her eyes she sucked in a big breath as she tried to clear the fog of fury that had clouded her judgment. Ironically, the moment her eyelids closed she saw Sissy’s face.

With tears in her eyes the vivid image of Sissy begged and pleaded for her to reconsider her course of action. “Boots, please don’t do it! He’s not worth it and you know it! Don’t throw your life away for this trash. He doesn’t deserve you. Put his freeloading, cheating ass out on the curb with the rest of the garbage. Boots, please put the gun down now! I need you in my life! Don’t do it Boots! Please, don’t hurt nobody.”

“Okay momma.” Suniya breathed as she wiped the lone tear that rolled along her cheek. She entered the bedroom locked and loaded and ready to fuck Tyreese’s sorry ass up!

Now, even though she knew what was happening in the room before she entered, nothing could prepare her for the sight she would discover. Her eyes quickly scanned the rooms as she steadied her aim at the figures that moved on her king size bed. Adrenalin had flushed through her body and heightened her senses. Her eyes spotted one female who she quickly identified as her nosey, hot in the ass next door neighbor, Sade. Sade, whose nasty ass was about seven or eight months pregnant was being ass fucked on top of Suniya’s expensive duvet. Cum stains and ass juice were splattered all over it.

Fury wrinkled her brow as Suniya identified the ass fucker. The second person was a male who Suniya instantly identified as Tyreese. Moving at warp speed he slammed his hard dick balls deep into Sade’s ass without a damn condom. Suniya’s head almost exploded with rage. It took everything she had to keep her from unloading her entire clip into his nasty, inconsiderate ass. He could have at least protected her by using a damn condom. She was officially furious.

Preoccupied neither of them noticed her presence when she entered the room. Suniya quickly rectified that with a pin point accurate shot to the bedside lamp. The glass lamp shattered into a hundred pieces, startling the two lovers.

“The next Mutha Fucka moves is getting some hot shit in the crack of their fuckin ass!” Suniya calmly announced with the gun pointed directly at them.

Frightened, Sade’s big ass scrammed to get up to run but was pinned beneath Tyreese’s bulky mass. Suniya fired a warning shot that pierced the wall just above the center of the white leather headboard.

“Bitch are you deaf and stupid? I just said do not move.”

“Suniya, baby… I can explain. It’s not what it looks like!”

“Tyreese, shut the fuck up and listen! I didn’t ask for an explanation. In fact, I don’t want to hear your voice ever again.”

“Please, Suniya! Don’t kill us! We just got caught up…”

“Seriously, Sade? Really? Didn’t I just say I didn’t want a damn explanation? So, do you really think I want to know why my boyfriend’s dick is shoved up your pregnant ass?”

“Yessss… I mean no… Suniya don’t kill me we can explain, right Tyreese?” Sade pleaded though Tyreese knew better than respond.

“Oh my God! Sade, please do us all a favor and shut the FUCK UP and listen! Okay? I’m serious… Make one more sound and see what happens!” Suniya screamed at the top of her lungs as she fired off another round which hit the headboard just above their heads. Sade’s tear filled eyes bucked, but she didn’t dare make a sound. “So, is everyone listening now?” Nobody said a word. They thought it was a trick question and dared to try the gun slinging sharp shooter. “Answer me damn it!”

“Yes!” They both screamed in unison.

“Good! Now, both of you get up, pack Tyreese’s shit and get the fuck out of my house. If either of you ever speak of this I will unload my whole mag in your ass the next time I see you. It won’t be pretty, you will not like it and you definitely will not survive. You have one minute so move! Now! Move!”

Tyreese climbed off of Sade, grabbed his clothes and shoes and quickly scrambled to put them on.

“Tick- tock, Tick – tock!” Suniya taunted as she watched the naked, disoriented lovers dress at warp speed.

Tyree headed for the closet, but Suniya shot a warning shot in the wooden door frame that missed him by a baby’s breath. She was well aware that he had a backup gun in a box in the top of his closet. “Don’t fuck with me Tyreese!”

“Suniya, can I go home? My husband will be home in a few minutes. Please, I promise I won’t tell anybody.”

Suniya laughed at her. “Oh! I know you won’t! What would you say, Sade? ‘Officer, I was over at Suniya’s house, fucking her sorry ass piece of man, in her bed, on her Egyptian silk duvet when she came home and threatened to bust a hot round in my nasty prego ass!’ Is that how the conversation with the police would go? Huh, Sade? Yeah, I bet your husband would love to hear that! So, by all means, be stupid and open that can of worms.” Sade who knew it was a rhetorical question didn’t bother to aggravate Suniya by answering.  

“Look Suniya, let her go. We’ll sit down and discuss this like adults. This is between you and me, okay?” Tyreese pleaded. “Baby, I love you. We can work this out. One day, we’ll laugh about this whole misunderstanding. Hell we may even tell our grandkids about it, someday.”

“Sade, please leave. I’d hate for your hard working husband to come home and find out what a filthy piece of trash he married and impregnated.” Suniya said as she rolled her eyes at Tyreese and refocused her attention to his partner in crime.

“Suniya, please don’t tell Mason what happened. Please?”

“Sade, get your pregnant roach ass the fuck out of my house before your eggs hatch! Make sure you take Tyreese’s crazy roach fucking ass with you!” Suniya sighed deeply and casually responded. Still holding Tyreese at gun point she announced, “Time’s up Tyreese, you have to go!”

“What? You said I could pack my things! I’m not leaving without my shit!” He based.

“Get the fuck out of my house, right now!” Suniya screamed, punctuating her sentence with a shot at the floor between Tyreese feet. 

Now Tyreese knew better than anyone just how accurate Suniya was with that weapon. Whatever Suniya aimed at, she hit. An ex-policeman, Tyreese trained her to be dead on accurate. If confronted, Suniya could take a man down with one shot. She was a natural marksman. So, he knew not to test her, yet he tried any way.

“Keep firing off rounds and you’re soon run out of bullets. Do you even know how many bullets are left? I bet you didn’t even check the clip when you grabbed it. Did you?” He taunted in an effort to confuse her.

“You know what? You’re even stupider than Sade. Do I look like a fucking idiot? I’m a trained marksman.”

“I ought to know, I’m the one that trained you.” He retorted.

“Then you should know that the first thing I did was check my amo!” She snapped as she fired off two shots in succession that whizzed past his right and then his left ear. “Besides, I only need one to put your bitch ass down forever, so come on Tyreese and try me!”

“Alright! Alright! I’m leaving, but I’m coming back for my clothes and both of my guns. You can believe that shit Suniya Simmons!” He growled trying to intimidate her.

“Fuck you, Tyreese! You’re not getting shit out of my damn house that I don’t give you! Oh yeah, just so we are clear… If I find out your funky, broke dick ass has even ventured on my damn street, I will have my mother hire some thugs to make sure you never even breathe my name again. So bring your sorry, lazy, good for nothing, lack luster, black ass back here for anything and they will never recover your body. And if little Miss Nasty right there has anything to say, I’ll make sure they bury her pregnant ass with you. Now get the fuck out of my house before I end you my damn self!” She snarled like a lion.

“Suniya, just so you know… I didn’t see shit! I didn’t hear shit! And I’m not going to say shit! Fuck you Tyreese, I’m out! Don’t ever call me again.” Sade declared as she threw up her hands in surrender and rushed towards the bedroom door. 

“Sade, wait! What about the baby? You’re caring my son, remember!” Tyreese yelled to her confused.

Sade stopped dead in her tracks and abruptly turned to confront him. “What baby? Naw, Boo-Boo you must be confused. This is my husband’s baby. Okay? You were just dick and dick don’t pay my damn bills! And Sade got a whole lot of needs and wants. Unfortunately for you, dick is just one of them. Our baby… Bitch please! Hell, your broke ass couldn’t even buy my baby a bag of diapers, let alone a diaper bag. My baby is going to Medical School like his father. You can’t even afford to send him to preschool, so fuck that! Like I said, don’t call me no damn more!”

Suniya snickered beneath her breath and then composed herself. “Okay! Everybody out of my house before I forget I’m a Christian and break the commandment that says, ‘Thou shalt not kill!’ In other words, walk out now or get carried out later!”

Like an Olympic track star, Sade made a mad dash for the door and did not stop running until she made it safely inside of her house. Tyreese decided to stay and try to play on Suniya’s emotions. He had no clue he had stomped her last fucking nerve weeks ago. Yes, the dick was good, but it wasn’t worth the headache and the drama. Besides, she wasn’t even getting any.

Tyreese was a womanizing freeloader who survived off the kindness and vulnerability of desperate and lonely women. Suniya knew that Sissy was right. She just refused to admit it to her. Tyreese had been on his way out of Suniya’s life for months, he just didn’t know it. She suspected he was cheating on her, but she just couldn’t prove it until now. Essentially, she was just waiting for the right opportunity to put his trifling ass out.

“Suniya, don’t do this. Baby give me some time to find a job and get myself together. If you put me out where am I supposed to go? You know, I don’t have any money.”

“Try hell, Tyreese. You’ve certainly earned a stay there!” She calmly responded as she motioned him towards the door with the barrel of her gun.

Tyreese eyed Suniya for a long breath and then decided to cut his losses and simply leave. Suniya never heard from him again.

BOOK: It Is What It Is (Short Story)
4.27Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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