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It forced his attention back to holo-recording. The Mantra's body was now collapsed at the feet of the Trellian general and Grub leader, in a bloody heap of mangled flesh and bone. Kicking the carcass aside, Grath walked over to the general, “It appears we have an agreement then. I should have asked the Trellians in the first place."

The Trellian's face twisted into a wicked grin. “Our payment first and then we will make sure you get whatever it is you want."

Grath paused, walked around the Trellian and then stood facing him again, “Very well, twenty thousand grub drones for your assistance. From now on each time you bring me a new human host, I will pay you as such..."

The Trellian smirked with satisfaction. “And what of the Dregs? How shall I deal with them?"

Everyone in the room hushed and focused all their attention on the three-dimensional recording.

Grath swung around to walk away, he turned one last time, “Do as we have planned ... and make sure noth—"

The audio and image cut off. The last part of the conversation between Grath and the Trellian was anyone's guess. This was not a good thing. Kaden had a bad feeling about what plan Grath and the Trellians had devised. Why?

Jarrow shut the projector off. The mood in the chamber was sullen at best. Everyone had the same gut feeling of dread. As much as Kaden wanted to deny it, somehow, Carina and her arrival on Yor had brought much more than any of them had bargained for.

He feared the worst. If what he suspected were true, then the communal leaders would all rule against keeping Carina on Yor. He looked up at his father who had moved to stand at the head of the table.

Kaden took a deep breath. He did not like the direction this meeting was going. His father cleared his throat before beginning, “Kaden we are in agreement that you should..."

Kaden held his hand up to silence his father.

Jarrow narrowed his eyes on his son for the abrupt interruption, but he backed down.

"It is my understanding that the world of Earth is not a member planet in the Three Galaxies. Therefore, I do not see how the Council could overlook the fact that the Mantra have obviously acquired my Breeder illegally."

Kaden's questioning look did not faze Jarrow.

Zeth spoke instead. “Even so, Kaden, the Council has the right to demand the Mantra return your female to her home world. It would make sense for them to insist we return her."

Kaden pierced Zeth with a hard look. “You saw the holo-recording. It is not Earth they plan on delivering her! And I believe the Council is well aware of that."

Kaden walked around to where Jarrow was standing, “Yor law is absolute, I captured the Breeder. No Dreg or any other male can have a claim to her. The Council's policy is to respect the laws of all member planets and not interfere in cultural and the development of that world's civilization.” Kaden looked each of the men in the eye before he stated his next words.

"I will not give Carina to the Mantra. That is final.” He made sure to punctuate every word as he got his point across

Jarrow sighed deeply and after a long thoughtful moment, he spoke. “I understand Kaden.” He turned to the other two men, “Are we in agreement then that Carina stays and will be protected under Dreg law."

All the men knew what that could potentially mean.

Corbin was the first to stand, “I give my word on my honor as a Dreg warrior and Chieftain that Carina will be welcomed and protected. Both the East and West communes will be safe havens if the need ever arises. I stand in agreement.” He looked over to Kaden and inclined his head

"Well then I have always been in agreement and give my Protection to your Breeder.” Zeth did the same. The only one left was Jarrow.

"It is agreed then.” Jarrow inclined his head. “Carina will stay."

Kaden did not miss the blatant pride in his father's face.

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Carina woke up in Kaden's hut once again, and Kaden was not there. He had brought her back and laid her on the pallet at some point during the night. Her cheeks reddened when she remembered the public display they had created the day before

What was wrong with her? Once again, she allowed a man she barely knew, a man that was not even human to ... to ... Crap; she couldn't even bring herself to say what they had done. The fact that she thoroughly enjoyed it was beside the point. It never should have happened

"The next time we meet Kaden, I'll be ready and you can bet I won't be falling for that voodoo shit you're doing to me!” She was one hundred percent determined.

"Oh good, you are awake."

Carina startled at the deep mesmerizing voice just behind her. She turned around, there was Kaden ... naked ... and oh my God was he ever. Okay let's make that about zero percent ready. Carina turned right back around, grabbed the thin animal blanket, and covered her own nudity.

Her face heated, her complexion could rival a lobster. “Why are you ... um ... you, you know like that?” she tried not to turn around to gawk at his cock

He chuckled and settled down beside her, then traced the indentation of her spine with one finger all the way down to the adorable dimples just above her plump round ass. Leaning forward, he placed a soft kiss on her shoulder

Kaden swiped her ear with his tongue, sending shivers dancing along her spine. “I would like to show you the bathing pools."

Carina turned slightly so that she could see his face. Damn he was gorgeous! “Bathing pools?"

He smiled warmly at her and nodded, then stood up.

His cock had grown and stiffened so that it lay flat against his abdomen. Her mouth watered looking at the thick length of his dick

She slowly dragged her eyes up muscular six-pack abs and well-defined chest until she reached his grinning face

He wagged his eyebrows at her.

She turned her head quickly, feeling the heat burn her cheeks.

"Uhm, well, okay I just need to get dressed and then...” he stopped her mid-sentence and scooped her up into his powerful arms

"No need for clothing adora,” his voice purred in her ear. He then carried her outside.

The two of them were stark naked and he didn't seem to be bothered by that in the least. In fact, he stopped briefly to speak with anyone who had stopped him. Carina hid her face in his shoulder to hide the bright cherry color of her cheeks

She heard a familiar voice call out to her and her head snapped up.

No one had made an effort to speak with her, not since Alura introduced her the day before to most of her surrounding neighbors.

Zya waved happily at her from another habitat located across the trail from her and Kaden's

Her spirits lifted at once and she smiled back at Zya while waving enthusiastically. Thank heavens someone she could hang out with and would actually speak to her. Carina had only been at the commune a few days, but she immediately felt the cold shoulder from many of the inhabitants

Alura had tried to assure her that it was just because she was new and Kaden was to become Jarrow's successor, which would be announced at the harvest celebration. People still are not sure how to approach you, she told her

Carina was not buying it

Alura was not telling her everything, and that she was possibly just trying to protect her. It was kind, but Carina didn't want to be protected she wanted a way out of this mess.

A Dreg Carina recognized as the one she'd seen with Kaden at the starting stalls, came and stood next to Zya. He carried a basket that he handed to her. Zya turned to him and smiled sweetly, the look on her face told Carina that she was truly enamored with him.

She couldn't blame her

The man was tall and muscular like Kaden with lighter bluish skin and a mass of braided dreadlocks on his head that shimmered with silvery highlights in the sun

A few of his dreads reached out and caressed Zya's cheek. She watched Zya blush and sway towards the soft touch. A warmth filled Carina at the site. She was happy that Zya was safe and seemed to be treated well by her Dreg mate.

Not that she wasn't well treated but unlike Zya, she couldn't settle for the status of Breeder. To Zya it was an honor, but to her, well, it felt more like she was only need because she had a uterus

Kaden turned after shouting a few orders to the male he called Zeth and carried her down a small stone stair incline that led to an open basin dug to create a small oblong pool

Water filtered in from a clear stream that ran behind the habitat and was redirected using rocks and logs to create a small waterfall that constantly kept the pool clean and filled.

A green canopy of thick multicolored foliage and scented flowers encased the bathing pool

She marveled at the beauty and ingenuity it took to create something so intricate and lovely.

Kaden sat her down at the edge of the pool and dove in. His dreads unfurled when he resurfaced in front of Carina

"Do you like this?"

She blinked several times before she looked back at him. “It's beautiful,” Her eyes couldn't take in enough of the multi-colored foliage that surrounded them

"I am pleased adora.” He responded using the Dreg endearment for sweetheart. “Join me Carina, let me bath you."

His voice was low, seductive and it made Carina's pussy gush with cream. She knelt down and dropped into the pool, she was surprised to find that it was very deep. She didn't have any footing. She quickly held onto the rocks, afraid to let go and sink.

Kaden sensed her distress and immediately grabbed hold of her so that she could brace herself on his arm

"I'm sorry, I should have warned you. The other side is shallower.” He swam Carina over to the opposite side of the pool.

She was relieved to feel the squishy sand beneath her feet. The water was surprisingly warm and extremely clean. She turned around to face Kaden so she could ask him how that was possible, but he had moved to the other end and climbed out

Damn, he had the tightest nicest ass she had ever seen on a guy. For some reason every time she was around the man all she wanted to do was fuck him into the ground. It was really frustrating, when she was trying so hard to separate herself from feeling anything for him, but he was so damn delectable.

He got out, walked over to the edge of the flowered canopy, and pulled out a long tulip shaped vile from underneath one of the large palm-like leaves. He flipped it up in the air and caught it as he walked back to the pool and dove in again

Carina couldn't take her eyes off the swollen cock bouncing against his navel as he walked back towards the pool. She shook her head a few times to clear it the moment he dove back in the water and swam to her. She purposely turned her back to him so that he would not see the look of pure lust written across her face

She was determined not to let this little “bathing” excursion turn to mind blowing sex. However, the moment he began to rub a sweet rose-like scented soap on her, all bets were off. His caresses were masterful and she could not help but sink back into his talented hands

"Mmm, that feels so good."

Kaden bent his head forward and placed a soft kiss on the base of her neck. His lips trailed tiny kisses on her shoulder and upper back.

She tilted her head to the side. She leaned even further back.

He ran his soapy hands under her arms and down the indentation of her waist, then over the swell of her hips

His touch was soft and gentle as he lathered her belly and rib cage then her full breasts. He took his time rubbing the soap into her tits making them swell and her nipples elongate to tight peaks. Once she was sufficiently lathered to his satisfaction, he cupped some water in his hands and rinsed her off

He moved to stand in front of her. “Such soft skin Carina, you are exquisite, perfect,” his hand cupped mauve tipped breasts and squeezed lightly “and, these...” he lifted them in his large calloused hands and flicked her nipples with his thumbs.

Her breath hitched. She leaned into him.

Again, he cupped some water in his hands and rinsed her breasts and belly. When she was all-clean, he lifted her up and helped her onto a stone step carved into the side of the pool so that she stood in ankle deep water

He set her down on the step.

She gasped and he had no idea what his intentions were, until he began lathering her lower abdomen and thighs. He made his way down one leg, rinsed it off and then he worked his way up the second leg, rinsing it off like the first

Soon he focused on the pale bare flesh between her thighs. Two of his dreads came around his shoulders and began stroking her pussy from clit to anus. Her cunt immediately swelled with juices and she spread her legs wider.

Two vibrating dreads gripped labial folds and pulled them apart.

She gasped softly, “Oh"

Kaden groaned and bent his head down to inhale her spicy fragrance.

Her knees almost buckled when the first swipe of his tongue slid over her sensitized clit. The tiny bud plumped up, letting him know it was ready to be feasted. Two more dreads joined in and started to penetrate her cunt hole with slow shallow strokes.

The outer edge of flesh puckered then spread open as it allowed the vibrating appendages to stroke deeper. Carina cried out. Her pussy contracted around Kaden's lips and dreadlocks. She fell forward slightly, panting as she grabbed hold of his shoulders to steady herself

He repositioned himself so that one of his shoulders was in between her legs allowing her more leverage.

He swirled his tongue over her clit a few times wiggling it back and forth. He groaned his approval when she began to spread her legs wider and rubbed her swollen pink flesh against his mouth

The two dreadlocks still stroking her labial folds quickly joined the two inside her cunt and borrowed deeper, in and out, in and out, faster and faster

At the same time Kaden took her erect clitoris and sucked it hard

Carina almost toppled over as the orgasm took over her body. She could not catch her breath as the spasms continued to spike through her pussy and lower belly. Kaden continued sucking her with his mouth and fucking her with his locks until she finally collapsed over his shoulder.

BOOK: Kaden's Breeder
3.08Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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