Keeping It In The Family: Sex with mum and daughter (Salesman Sex Book 2)

BOOK: Keeping It In The Family: Sex with mum and daughter (Salesman Sex Book 2)
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Keeping It in The Family

(Salesman Sex 2)




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Keeping it in the family

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Please note that I use British spelling throughout.  You will see doubled letters (focussed), ou’s (colour) and ‘re’ (centre) as well as a few other differences from American spelling.







Still in his first month as a renewable energy salesman, ex-soldier Jeff was having the time of his life. His sales were well over target and he was earning about three times his old military salary. But that wasn’t even the best of it. He had a job which took him to see horny housewives and MILFs every day and there was something about being a salesman which seemed to make their panties fall off as soon as he got inside their homes.

It was a Monday, so Jeff had treated himself to a late start. Why not, he had earned it! After a bit of a lie in and a hard hour in the gym, he headed out to his first call on the other side of town.

As he pulled up in front of an ordinary looking semi-detached house with roses growing around the bay window, he realised he’d forgotten to call and confirm the appointment. ‘Damn’ he thought to himself. Late starts had a way of breeding lazy habits. There was now a fair chance he had just driven thirty minutes for nothing.

Oh well, he shrugged and slammed the door on his company Mondeo. Striding across the road, he rang the doorbell – nothing! Ringing again, he still got no response so he banged on the glass, just in case the bell was out of order. There was still no answer so he turned to leave, just as he heard someone fumbling with the door catch.

The door flew open and he found himself looking down at a flustered housewife. No more than five foot two; Lucy McGuire was blonde, shapely and a little out of breath. Jeff instinctively leant in to close the one foot gap in their respective heights and got a whiff of the unmistakeable scent of pussy juice. He realised in a flash what he had just interrupted.

“Can I help you?” she asked, in a surprisingly stern voice.

“Hello, Mrs McGuire?” asked Jeff. “I’m Jeff from Sunshine Panels, we spoke on the phone.” He extended his hand.

Lucy hesitated and then took his proffered hand with one that been inside her pussy only a few minutes before. “It’s Ms McGuire,” she said abruptly. “I’m divorced.”

“I see,” said Jeff, meaningfully. “Can I come in?”

Lucy hesitated again and then stepped to one side to let him pass. “Sorry,” she said, “I didn’t mean to be rude. I was in the middle of something.” Jeff walked past her towards the first door which seemed to be the lounge and his customer followed on. “Please call me Lucy, by the way,” she added as an afterthought.

Jeff settled himself down in Lucy’s lounge and had a good look around as she excused herself for a few moments. The house definitely had the feminine touch and he guessed Mr McGuire hadn’t been around for a while. He imagined her bedroom was probably all silk sheets and lacy throws and teddies. He made a promise to himself to find out.

When Lucy came back, she’d changed out of her sweats into something she supposed was a bit more stand offish and business-like. She was wrong, the silk blouse highlighted her rack perfectly and the tight, mid-thigh skirt set off a beautiful set of pins. Jeff found himself drooling as he set up his laptop and shuffled uncomfortably to try to hide an obvious erection.

Lucy sat down opposite him in a high backed chair and looked on expectantly. Jeff slowly appraised her. He guessed she was just over forty but had clearly looked after herself. Slim, blonde, big blue eyes and flawless skin, she was one sexy lady. Patting the sofa cushion next to him, he broke the silence. “You can’t see anything over there, Ms McGuire,” he said with a cheeky grin.

“I said call me Lucy,” she pouted as she took the three steps across the room and delicately sat next to him, smoothing her skirt down over her thighs to preserve her dignity.

As Jeff went through his sales pitch, he was uncomfortably aware of the beautiful woman within his personal space. Her seductive scent filled his nostrils and his thigh brushed against hers every time he moved. As he clicked on to the financial screen, she reached across to point at something and he felt a soft breast press against his arm. His cock very obviously leapt to attention and she realised what she had done, quickly leaning back as far away from him as the sofa would allow.

Looking for an opportunity to lighten the mood, Jeff broke away from his presentation to ask Lucy about the pictures around the room. “Your sister?” he asked of a prominent portrait of Lucy with a similarly gorgeous blonde.

“My daughter, cheeky!” Lucy swatted him playfully on the arm.

At that touch, it was as though an electric spark passed between them. They looked at each other for a moment which lasted for an eternity. Lucy’s lips parted and she nervously wetted them with her tongue; Jeff realised she was his for the taking. Placing his laptop on the floor, he put his hand on her soft cheek and gently pressed his lips against hers.

Lucy resisted for a moment, her sense of propriety offended and then her raging hormones and aching pussy took control and she snogged him hungrily back. Recognising a green light, Jeff devoured her soft lips and ran his hands freely up and down her soft, yielding body.

Still kissing her passionately, Jeff unfastened Lucy’s blouse and slid his hand inside her bra, helping himself to a generous handful of perfect tit. She began to writhe and moan inside his mouth, rapidly losing all control. Jeff reached behind her to deftly unfasten her bra with one hand and then sucked greedily on her nipples.

When he judged Lucy had reached that point where her rational brain had no input on proceedings, Jeff stood up and led her into her own dining room, her breasts jiggling free from her blouse as she walked. Finding a dining room table full of books, he cleared it with a sweep of his arm and lifted the petite woman to sit on the edge.

Rubbing Lucy’s pussy as he continued to snog her, he had no difficulty in pushing two fingers straight inside her. Stepping back, he looked her into her sleepy eyes, wrapped his hand around the delicate material and then with a sharp tug and a ripping sound, ripped her panties straight off.

Lucy yelled out in shock, indignation and arousal. “What did you have to do that for …?”

Jeff interrupted her protest by fastening his mouth around hers and jamming three fingers into her cunt. Lucy gasped but didn’t protest and so, while she was distracted with his mouth on hers, Jeff opened his fly single-handed and in one smooth move, took his other hand out of her pussy and swiftly replaced it with his seven inch cock.

“Ooooh!” Lucy’s moan was straight from the pussy. And then, as Jeff began to stroke inside her, she started to protest. “Please don’t. I’m not on the pill…. My daughter will be home soon…!”

For an older woman and a mother at that, her twat felt fantastic. It was like wrapping his cock in warm velvet and Jeff was determined to make the moment last as long as possible. With one hand on Lucy’s slim shoulder and another on her hip, he slowly pulled her on to him with long strokes. Her complaining soon changed to moans of pleasure and it wasn’t long before her hips began their own motion and Lucy was fucking him back.

The room filled with the sounds and smells of sex. Lucy was now humping her hips up to meet Jeff’s thrusting in an almost animalistic way. Her head was back and she was babbling nonsense about how good she felt. Jeff reached underneath her and lifted, balancing the little woman on his manhood before slamming her back against the wall hard enough to take her breath away. He was now lifting her bodily by his strong hands under her thighs, before dropping her back on to his cock, forcing a cry from the bottom of her lungs each time.

Strong as he was, Jeff couldn’t maintain that position for too long and after a couple of minutes he flipped Lucy over and bent her over the table, enjoying a view of her magnificent arse as he ploughed her from behind. Her buttocks were almost spherical and as he humped her, he parted them gently to look at her cute little rosebud, promising himself a crack at that next.

As he smashed into his conquest from behind, he had an idea. Grabbing his tie, which was still around his neck, he lifted Lucy off her forearms and used it to fasten her arms securely behind her back. As he dropped her back, her ample breasts dropped on to the table top first and acted as a cushion for his humping.

“Do you trust me, Sweetheart?” Jeff asked as he pulled his thick leather belt free of his trousers.

“Oh my God, yes,” cried Lucy. “You can do anything you like to me!”

Jeff formed the belt into a loop and passed it over Lucy’s head, pulling back hard enough to lift her upper body off the table. As her airway closed, Lucy bucked and her cunt clamped hard over his cock. He held her like that that for a few seconds and then released. Lucy dropped down hard on to the cushioning of her big tits and sucked in lungful’s of air. “That was amazing,” she moaned as soon as she was able to talk.

After a couple of minutes of recovery, Jeff pulled on the belt again and was enjoying the feeling of Lucy’s super-tight vagina when he heard a noise behind him. He half turned to see a young woman standing in the doorway with her hand over her mouth, clearly Lucy’s daughter.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” the young woman exclaimed. “Mum, you fucking slag!”

Jeff dropped Lucy back on to the table and withdrew from her, turning to face the intruder, his prick and obvious threat, standing up proud in front of him. He had a good look at the girl: Around nineteen, she was a younger version of her mother with blonde hair, blue eyes and an angelic face. It was hard to tell with the shapeless student clothes she had on but he had no reason to suppose her body wasn’t every bit as perfect as her mother’s.

She was still in a strop though and flounced out of the room, shouting at her mother over her shoulder, “I’m telling Dad!”

Lucy had recovered the power of speech by now. “We’ve got to stop her, I can’t afford for her to tell David,” she said.

“I thought you said you were divorced,” he said, loosening the belt around her neck.

“We’re almost divorced and as I’ve sued him for adultery, he could use this as a counter-claim,” said the distraught woman.

Jeff refastened the belt around the housewife’s neck and used it to attach her firmly to the table. With her wrists still tightly tied behind her, she was left completely helpless and vulnerable on her dining table. Patting her affectionately on the bottom, Jeff tucked himself away. “Leave this to me,” he said and went to look for the daughter.

It didn’t take him long to find her bedroom. It still had a childish sign on the door with ‘Ella’s Room’ in big letters. Pushing open the door, he found she was sitting on her bed staring at the screen of her mobile phone.

She looked up as the door opened and her eyes widened as she saw Jeff. “Get out of my fucking room,” she hurled at him.

“Relax,” he said, walking across the room to sit by her. “Your Mum asked me to come and talk to you.”

“My Mum’s a slut,” she shouted back.

“Your Mum’s a beautiful, hot-blooded woman,” said Jeff. “I seduced her,” he reached over and brushed the hair off Ella’s cheek. “I’m pretty good at that you know. If anything, I’m the slut, not her!”

“Don’t touch me,” she snarled and recoiled away from him.

“Hey, don’t worry,” he said softly. “I’m not going to hurt you.

All of a sudden Ella burst into tears. Jeff shuffled across and put a protective arm around her shoulders and she began to sob uncontrollably. “What’s the matter, Cupcake?” he asked softly, stroking her arm.

Ella turned her head towards him. “It’s just Mum, Dad, the divorce, it’s all too much for me…”

Jeff gently stroked her cheek and looked into the tear filled eyes. She really was the spitting image of her Mum. As he fondled her, he realised she was leaning into him, no longer fighting him. Acting on instinct, he lifted her him towards him, leaned in and took the ripe young lips with his own.

Ella did nothing for a few moments; just passively let the older man devour her mouth. Suddenly she pushed him away. “Where’s Mum,” she said. “Why did she send you to see me?”

BOOK: Keeping It In The Family: Sex with mum and daughter (Salesman Sex Book 2)
4.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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