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“And so it is,” Anthony said with all the considerable hauteur he could summon. “I will precede you to my laird and if he wishes to speak with you, he shall.”

“Oh, he will speak with me,” Murdoch said quietly. The threat in his tone caught at Isabella’s ears. “It is not every man who wishes to hear of the grievances made against him, but the Laird of Kinfairlie will hear mine.”

“We shall see,” Anthony huffed and marched onward, beckoning the knight with a terse gesture.

Grievances? Isabella paused on the stairs to the hall and glanced back, only to find the knight’s gaze locked upon her. What complaint could Murdoch have of Alexander? Her brother was well known for the fairness of his courts and the justice of his administration. She had assumed Elizabeth was correct and Murdoch came courting, but now she wondered.

Anthony climbed the stairs to the third floor and this time, Murdoch waited behind.

Because he was watching Isabella.

Almost as if he dared her to continue their conversation.

Isabella glanced down the stairs, noted the devilry in his gaze, then accepted his dare. She took a step back toward him, mindful of Anthony’s proximity. “What complaint could you have against my brother?” she whispered. “He is honest and just...”

“Then perhaps my brother is in error,” Murdoch said, his tone revealing that he believed otherwise. “Doubtless your brother will tell me the truth.” He said this last as if he did not believe it.

It was his confidence in Alexander’s poor character that nettled her, for it was unfair.

Even though she did not know what had fed his conclusions.

“Of course, he will,” Isabella said, keeping her voice low. “My brother is true...”

“Sir!” Anthony shouted from the third floor.

Murdoch bowed before Isabella. “To my regret, duty calls, my lady Isabella.”

Isabella opened her mouth to tell this man what to do with his presumption, then she saw the wicked twinkle in his eyes. His fingertip brushed the tip of her nose playfully, his gaze dropping to her lips. Isabella stepped backward in outrage at his boldness, but she could think of what to say, he leapt up the stairs to the third floor.

He spun on the stairs, just before disappearing from view, and blew her a cocky kiss.

The man had no lack of confidence in his charm, that much was certain. Or in any maiden’s fascination with him!

Isabella pivoted, her annoyance simmering, and took two steps toward the kitchens where she would gather ingredients for Eleanor’s posset.

Then she halted. If she went to the kitchens, she would never know what accusation the knight would make against Alexander. Her brother shared no confidences now that he was laird.

And Isabella wanted to know this knight’s complaint.

Isabella hurried back into the chamber shared by the sisters, closed the door and waited until Anthony limped back down to the hall. Then she raced to the third floor on silent feet, flattened herself against the wall beside the door to Alexander’s chamber, and listened.


* * *


The Renegade’s Heart

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Deborah Cooke sold her first book in 1992, a medieval romance called THE ROMANCE OF THE ROSE published under her pseudonym Claire Delacroix. Since then, she has published over fifty novels in a wide variety of sub-genres, including historical romance, contemporary romance, paranormal romance, fantasy romance, time travel romance, women’s fiction, paranormal young adult and fantasy with romantic elements. She has published under the names Claire Delacroix, Claire Cross and Deborah Cooke. THE BEAUTY, part of her successful Bride Quest series of historical romances, was her first title to land on the New York Times List of Bestselling Books. Her books routinely appear on other bestseller lists and have won numerous awards. In 2009, she was the writer-in-residence at the Toronto Public Library, the first time the library has hosted a residency focused on the romance genre. In 2012, she was honored to receive the Romance Writers of America’s Mentor of the Year Award.


Currently, she writes the Dragonfire series of paranormal romances featuring dragon shape shifter heroes under the name Deborah Cooke. She also is writing the True Love Brides series of medieval romances as Claire Delacroix, which continues the story of the family introduced in her popular title THE BEAUTY BRIDE. Deborah lives in Canada with her husband and family, as well as far too many unfinished knitting projects.


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BOOK: Kiss of Danger (The Dragon Legion Novellas)
10.89Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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