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Lead Me Home: Home is Where the Heat Is, Book 2 (7 page)

BOOK: Lead Me Home: Home is Where the Heat Is, Book 2
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One way or another, she was going to be his.

Chloe moaned at the damp taste of his heated flesh. She wanted him crazed, loved it when he lost control. She’d let go tonight with him, let him know how she felt. That intimacy just added to their connection. She wanted him inside her, wanted to feel and taste the excitement she produced in him.

Never taking her eyes from his, she slid more of his cock into her mouth, sucking with firm pressure as she ran her tongue in a slow rhythm along the sensitive underside. He leaned up, watching with dark eyes as she took a little more with each pump of her mouth, his brows drawn with intensity.

Opening her mouth, she lapped at him. “Feel good?”

“God, yes.”

His whole body stiffened; his breaths choppy, frantic. His excitement amped up her own. She was so wet, so ready, she wanted to touch herself, nervous that if she did she would come. But she couldn’t help it, just light pressure, enough to hold her off until she couldn’t wait any longer. She wanted to give him more, bring him just to the brink until he demanded what his body begged for, or until he came.

With a modicum of relief, she doubled her efforts, loving his strangled moans. His balls tightened and she licked at them, sucking them into her mouth while she stroked him with her hand before refocusing her mouth on his cock again. With a deep breath, she thrust down on him, taking as much as she could. He bucked in response, pressing deeper, his hand winding into her hair to hold her there.

She couldn’t take more. The ache beginning in the back of her throat fueled by emotion made her pull back. He tugged her away hard in the same moment and her mind whirled. “No more. No more, doll. You’ll make me come.”

That’s where she wanted him. Ready. Aching. Just like she was. Her legs trembled when she pushed up from the floor to stand between his legs. She unlatched the clasp holding her shirt on and let it drop. The fabric slithered down her breasts and belly to land on his cock still wet from her mouth. She pulled it aside before loosening the clasp on her skirt.

With careful balance, she placed one stiletto against his chest and pushed him back to lie on the bed. He went willingly, a sexy smile curving his lips. Slow, measured movements brought her up along his body, his hands roaming over each new spot he could touch. She dragged her nipples over his thighs and cock as she moved higher, the abrasion of his hair and warm body sensitizing her more.

Then she straddled him, locking his cock between her thighs so she could rub her clit over the heated, smooth skin. His fingers gripped at her hips. “Christ, doll. You’re killing me.”

She leaned down to bite at his earlobe. “I touched myself when I thought about you.”

His cock jumped. “Tell me.”

Excited, she shifted up just enough to take the head of his cock into her aching body. “I’d slide a finger into my pussy,” she whispered. “Then I’d rub it over my clit, drenched, just wishing you were between my legs.”

He pumped up. “More.”

The single word undid her resolve and she plunged down, taking his entire cock. Her body stretched to accommodate him, full and thick, so hard she gasped at the invasion. Shudders of pleasure rocked through her, but she wasn’t about to make this quick. She’d craved this from the moment she’d left Dead End, Texas. Hell, she’d thought of little else than the feel of him deep inside her again and how he managed to wipe away every worry or concern or hard-ass rule she’d followed for so long, if only she could have him like this.

With a small groan she slid up until just the head of his cock remained. “I’d finger myself, faster and faster, wanting it, begging for it, wishing you were there to just fuck me until I couldn’t take anymore.”

“Damn it, Chloe. Enough, come on.”

She dropped down again, rubbing her clit hard against the tight muscles at the base of his torso. “Oh, Nick. You feel so good inside me.”

A sizzling mixture of pleasure and pain pierced at her core. She’d never been so hot, so ready. This man fit her perfectly. Touched her and moved her just the right way until everything else melted away. She rocked, wanting more, knowing she wouldn’t last much longer.

When she would have slowed down to draw the moment out longer, he rolled her so he was on top and slammed into her body with deep, hard strokes. There was no stopping the intense orgasm that gripped her insides and burst with brilliant spasms. The sizzling sensation rocked up through her belly and drew her muscles tight. She dug her fingernails into his shoulders, gasping from the intensity.

Her body trembled and he held still over her, deep inside her, his eyelids heavy as he watched her gain her release from his body.

Then he was moving again. The hard muscles of his body taut, every inch of skin glistening with a fine sheen of sweat. “No way. We’re not even close to done. We have all night.”

Slow measured strokes accompanied the gentle touch of his hands, the smooth warmth of his mouth. He sucked at her nipples, never once breaking the sensual pace of his hips as he moved in and out of her body. He kissed her, slow and hard in turn, varying his movements to match the rhythm of his tongue.

When he reached down between them, stroking her clit with gentle pressure, she cried out with the intensity of arousal the touch created. Her sensitive nerves responded, swelling to his manipulations. But it wasn’t enough. It was too slow. Too measured. He knew what he was doing. Balancing her on the edge, just close enough to drive her mad with wanting.

She reached up, running her hands over his chest, down to his lean hips. The smooth turn and bunch of his muscles moved with each of his thrusts, perfect against her thighs. His easy rhythm as close to making love as she’d ever been. The simple connection formed a thick lump in her throat, years of frustrated tears longing to be shed.

She closed her eyes to hide her reaction.

“So powerful.”

His whispered words, so close to her lips, drew on the last restraint she possessed, and a tear slipped free. “Nick.”

He kissed the tear away. “Open your eyes.”

She did, meeting his soft smile.

“No tears.” And then he moved faster. “No pain or bad thoughts.” Faster still until her body revived, matching his heated thrusts. “You’re safe with me, doll. Just let go.”

There was no denying his request. He moved just right, set a perfect cadence, matched her groans and sighs, until they plunged together into a deep forceful culmination. His cock swelled, finding her womb as he rocked over her. His body pressed against her clit rhythmically, the excitement, the need building to a pinnacle as each hot pulse of his come filled her. She clenched around him as sweet pleasure ripped up through her.

He collapsed over her with a loud growl before he chuckled. “So, what do you think about commuting until you’re crazy enough about me to move down my way?”

Chloe ran her hands over his slick back. Yeah, she would have to check on a transfer to Houston. It might be a little crazy, and a whole lot spontaneous, but what else could she do? She couldn’t sleep with someone else for wanting Nick, and that was as close to love as she’d ever been. Might be the best move she ever made.

Still she couldn’t resist teasing. “Hmmm. I’ll have to think about it. I like the fringe benefits, but I’m not sure Texas has everything I want.”

His hands wound around her back and he tumbled them both to the side. “Not sure? How the hell can you be ‘not sure’ after that?”

She giggled. “Well, some things seem great at first, but it’s got to be a bit like buying a good horse. You have to check it over a few times to make sure it’s loyal. That it’ll always come home to you.”

He brushed a kiss across her lips. “Nah, most horses just need some time, a couple rides and a good lead before they’ll come home on their own.”

“I’m scared as hell, but I’ve had my time, and I’ve had my rides as well. Stepping into actual relationship territory is mind-blowing, but for the first time in forever, I want to do so.”

“That’s all I wanted to hear, doll.” He kissed her hard before meeting her gaze. “Just give me a chance. I’ll show you what can be.”

Chloe closed her eyes to stave off the panic threatening to erupt. Nick Westing was a good, honest man. He could rip her heart out, or fill it to bursting. Either way, he was worth the chance of the potential outcome. It’d just taken some time to see it.

“Lead me home, Nick. Lead me home.”

“Is that an order?”

“No, cowboy. That’s your job, remember?”

His full laugh filled the room. “Damn right. And that’s Master to you. At least for the next twenty hours…or days, weeks, years…”

About the Author

Candi Wall is probably the only person whose real name is more epic than any pseudonym she could have come up with—even as an author! She writes because the voices in her head have to come out somehow. Animal rescue-ess (yes, six years as an Animal Control Officer, and six rescue critters later), mother of four, and soccer mom by day, she spends her free time writing—often on napkins at kids’ games because she never knows when a juicy story will reveal its delicious self. She once wrote a sex scene at a wrestling meet. Shhhhhh!

You can find her at
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BOOK: Lead Me Home: Home is Where the Heat Is, Book 2
10.2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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